sewed the rip in kj's wrestling quilt, sewed 2 rows on kate's denim quilt, threw my sheets in the washer, sat on the front porch enjoying this fabulous day, then katie & I made a quick juant to lineville 2 see who was at the park. it's almost jeans weather again! think I'll do my fave sweatshirt & denim short combo tomorrow!



left work early 2 go to kj's bb game @ trenton...had heard on radio about construction/delays on Hwy 65. kj got 2 start since ty was late, he ended up playing at least half the game & had a few rebounds. since we got there BEFORE the game started we got in for free, so combined our gate $ with what kj had & got ice cream at McDonalds on the way home.
I am bad about not checking the machine when we get home, kate's friend moriah is a fair princess candidate & needed pictures for her penny a vote cans...had just enough ink in the printer 2 get a few.
kj has practice tomorrow. kevin plans 2 mow hay. kate has decided that this summer is a bust &just won't get any better. this in spite of the fact that we have had s'mores a ridiculous amount of times this summer. nothing says summer 2 me like s'mores & lemonade. I guess summer talks a different language 2 miss kate.
in her defense, we don't have any sidewalk chalk....another definitive element of summer. and bubbles. or fudge bars. maybe she has a point....



we also picked up the dance recital dvd & watched it...awesomeness.

my thoughts....

slept in today, kevin,katie, &I went to walmart, had a 'take & bake pizza' for lunch, we had planned on taking mackenzie swimming, but then she ended up with movie plans, so just katie & I went while kevin mowed the yard. got the paper lanterns put in katie's closet. kj did some amateur surgery on the computer, katie made cakes. (they found new games).
watched Horton Hears A Who again....

picked up senior pictures yesterday!!!

now just need new frames 2 rearrange my kids brick wall of portraits....now there will be 2 seniors up there....and before I know it, I will have 3 seniors up there & a grandkids wall started....



Slept in, played on the computer, cleaned house. burnt some lunch, then started over & made lunch. Katie & I took Moriah swimming at Princeton Pool. we came home, she showered, we watched a VH1 Michael Jackson memorial, then she got ready 2 go dance at the Relay For Life in Princeton. A storm was blowing in, the temp dropped, it sprinkled a bit, the kids all danced fabulously, we watched a bit of Elvis, then headed home. Just out of Princeton Katie spotted a rainbow, so I pulled off the road & we enjoyed it. I love rainbows...they are almost magical. Everything has to be just so to have a rainbow...KJ found Horton Finds A Who on HBO, then Katie found the Kitt Kitterage American Girl movie.
whatta day...


ACT score!

got the email today...KJ's first attempt was what he was hoping for....at least a 24...


dr visit

today the kids got haircuts, then went to Des Moines to see an ENT about KJ's ear. he thinks it is healing. our dr. was worried about it.
so kevin, kj, & katie had lunch @ applebee's. I had granola cereal in a pig barn. well, the a/c office of a pig barn. no need 2 be overly dramatic, I guess....
& it sure feels much cooler today....


ok now I remember where I was going with this....

katie & I rode the bus....I get bus sick, but I don't like driving that far, either. riding the bus just seems easier. anyway, I was watching all the kids. when I was a kid on a bus trip, the cool thing to have was one of those big rectangular cassette players. a full size cassette player. you could adjust the volume, but everyone basically heard it.
now kids all have ipods & mp3 players. they're all in their own little world with their own music. no group singing. no good natured grumbling about song selection. just a bunch load of kids listening 2 their own music. granted, a few kids were texting each other. on the bus. honestly. and a few were recieving calls & talking to people I guess weren't on the bus.
sometimes I feel really old. watching all the kids with the individual music & thinking of 'the old days' when we were all singing "Blow Away"...


katie & I again chaperoned on band trip...a lot of kids didn't go, so we ended up with extra chaperones, I got in free & just hung out with katie & moriah all day...it was a hot one, my girls were wilting by the end of the day, even with all the water I'd poured into them...

deb reads....

so far this summer have read Devil's Gate about the 1856 Mormon handcart expidition....which I had never heard of. can u imagine ur family pushing & pulling a small wagon from Iowa 2 Utah? across the sanddunes of Nebraska...thru the mountains...across rivers....thru the snow....lots of them didn't make it.
have also read Titanic's Last Secrets....
I bought a book the author was selling & autographing at the Titanic Museum that was a reprint of survivor accounts right after the wreck. That told me there was a coal fire before the ship ever sailed. This book uncovers a fatal design flaw in the hull that made the boat break apart at a ten degree angle, causing the people who stayed down below waiting for a rescue ship because only a handful of crew & ship designer Thomas Andrews realized how bad things actually were 2 drown even faster.
Violet Jessup was a crew member on the Titanic who made it to a boat, she later told someone she wished she'd grabbed her toothbrush when she left the boat. She was a crew member on Britannic a couple of years later, she made it to a lifeboat with her toothbrush in her pocket. they had to abandon lifeboats & go into the sea, the lifeboats were getting pulled into the propellers.
you've gotta give this woman some major kudos, surviving one wreck & climbing onto another boat...maybe she had no other job options. maybe she just had no fear. or figured what were the odds of that ever happening again.


fathers day

i did remember 2 apologize 2 kevin 4 forgetting fathers day b4 i went 2 work...but miss kate was the one who remembered to buy him a card when we went to hyvee shopping 4 tomorrows picnic lunch @ adventureland...

buddesse was out again, trying a chain now. so far, so good. she was lying in the road, she is a great white pyranese and could total out a small car if someone hit her...she has developed a wandering thing....not that i can blame her, the whole backyard is a swamp...just need one of those skiff boats & a few big old gaters roamin' round...

we have debated on do we take the dog on vacation or do we leave the dog when we go on vacation...we've looked at hotels on line, we have circled cool things in the colorado guide...but not one decision of any kind has been decisively made. not one. i did realize today that koren is getting married on calamity jane day. which is cool. it will be the first parade kj will miss playing in. and kate won't get 2 ride on the dance studio float or perform with her group. they'll just have to forge ahead without my mega talented children. if they can.



work work work.
sleep sleep sleep.
in true summertime mode now.



another evening of napping.
have moved the dresser drawer painting into the garage.
kj is partying.
katie went to the pool with mackenzie.
big afternoon rainstorm.
a minor tiff with kevin in the few minutes we spent together today.
another friday in dailey paradise.



mailed rachelle's present after work...didn't have a checkbook in the car, so dug thru the change stash...
swept/mopped/swiffered as soon as I had 'the chores' done outside, watered my flowers, checked my email/farmtown/facebook, then played barbies with katie's...not actually barbies, but bratz/my scene. something in her room makes me so tired...probably just the sitting down relaxing spot, she left me in her room taking a nap, then I got up and made supper...bisquick impossibly easy cheeseburger pie & baby potatoes.
kevin brought home the lawn mower & was (-) close 2 being done when the downpour hit.
planned 2 start painting katie's dresser & the flowers on her walls today, but it is so muggy & sticky decided not to. could've hung her new lamps, maybe later...if I can find the hanging hardware they came with...

a birthday

I tend 2 forget my nieces & nephews birthdays.
it's a fact.
the other day at work I was thinking I'd missed Rachelle's birthday.
and not just her birthday.
her 13th birthday.
decided she needed some kind of growing up gift like a necklace. couldn't find one I liked, + I really don't know Rachelle...her favorite color, if she likes/wears jewelry, or what kind...
Katie & I got on JCPenney.com & looked. finally decided on a cool fake diamond bangle bracelet that was on sale. we ordered it a day or 2 after Rachelle's birthday.
it shipped from manufacturer.
estimated 2 weeks.
so found cool musical card 2 go with it & forgot all about it.
it came yesterday.
had to find the card.
find something to mail it in.
now if I can only remember 2 mail it after work...
and this makes me remember that I probably forgot Sarah's birthday in January.
And David Seth & Brent Maverick (not even sure of this nephews name!) & Max & Logan's birthdays are coming up.
years ago I decided we'd only do the 5 of us {& now Cody} @ Xmas, so I was going 2 just remember all the nieces & nephews birthdays & send them gift boxes like my Grandma Pauline used 2 send us kids...she'd stuff a box with candy, bubble gum machine type stuff, stickers, little trinkets or toys she'd found at garage sales or the dime store... I always thought that was cool.
I know I've missed some birthdays. & usually just put some $ in the card when I do remember...
time gets away from me.
and this was before I started on farmtown...



took the extra blanket off our bed...don't need that anymore.
came home from work, started supper immediately, which is very unusual 4 me. but i wanted 2 go to movies at Trenton @ 7:15 so had 2 get on the ball. we had a meal that required 4 shopping trips...steak fries from walmart, hamburger buns from hyvee bakery, tomato & onion from grammys grocery, then tonite got hamburger at grammys grocery on the way home.
Land Of The Lost was great! a good family nite out.
kevin asked me if I had booked our hotel for vacation yet. no i have not.
i have been on farmtown a lot. there have been some comments made in my household in my hearing range that I spend 2 much time there. i am sure comments aplenty are being made when i'm not listening. kevin & katie check my crops &harvest as needed, but the plowing involves a lot of time. finally bought a house at katie's suggestion, then had to do flowers, move a tree, clear a yard, start a fence....



yesterday koren & cody were here, we took them to lunch @ crossroads, then koren went to a jewelry party with katie & I where katie got to be a jewelry model.
tonite we went 2 kj's bb game...another win. they are undefeated! they have a tournament in 2 weeks.
have been working on katie's room...got the grass curtains put up.
i went back to my 'real barn' today, taking this weekend, which will give me the weekend of koren's wedding & reception dinner off.
rented the mercer community building for koren's reception october 17.


the last day

today was my last day at my 'temporary barn.' go back 2 my 'real barn' on monday.
kj took the ACT today. katie is at a birthday party. I have been on farmtown since I got home from work. I will in just a minute go hang her new curtains...got grass ones 2 go with her hawaii mural. will see how it looks.
kevin couldn't sleep today (he works nites) so has the laundry caught up which is sweet.
tomorrow koren is supposed to come over. and have a jewelry party at 3p.m.
ordered kj's sr. pictures (sigh).
last nite katie danced at "Dancing With The Stars" fundraiser at the school with her fellow Redneck Girls.
need to get to walmart but waiting2 see if katie gets home. kj thought it was a sleepover. I thought it was just a day time thing. we are so on top of every situation here. no detail is too small 4 us 2 forget.
supposed to send off katie's shoebox monday...signed her up for one girl scout summer shoebox exchange last year & 1 so far this year. we have rounded up a council patch, missouri postcards, MU Tigers beanie bear, mug, & keychain. need a cherry mash (made in st Joe), martha gooch pasta (made in KC) & an adult small t-shirt with missouri on it...thinking KC chiefs if I can find 1.


kevin said the sweetest thing 2 me last nite...

it was X-rated but oh so funny!
sometimes how much I love him just hits me...



back 2 work, made enough $ on farmtown 2 buy a barn & upgrade to 30x30. now I covet a river (level 27) & a bull (level 32). I am level 24. i have met many interesting people in the market place...oprah...president obama...calamity jane...brad pitt...wyatt earp...have also had a few little farmtown guys hit on me, which I think is kind of funny, but my little 10 yr old plays on there 2, & that bothers me. you can ignore them. one kid wanted 2 be my friend on facebook, I still have the six flags family pic on there, I think he saw koren in the pic. i ok'd the request, he is a cute kid. i told him he must be about my daughters age...he was 27. we had an interesting conversation on his farm about his 2 pigs. I didn't used 2 get how people could get online &get so wrapped up, but I lose hours at a time on farmtown. (when kate's not in the farmtown time warp.) kate & I keep track of each others crops, &kevin checks them in the middle of the nite when he gets home from work. it takes the whole damn family to keep our farms going!

kj is feeling better, he went to BB practice, back to dr. they looked it up, his right eardrum ruptured when he was 4, & again when he was 17. dr thought it looked better, he goes back again next week. he has started eating again & annoying his sister. it was awfully quiet around here 4 a few days.
kevin & I went 2 store after chili fixins, I got into an animated conversation about the stores pepsi collection &auctions, we went off & left 1 of our 2 bags there, got home & realized it, kevin had just headed back when they called from the store. we are both scatterbrained. he got the yard mowed in between showers.
did some more work on the girl scout pillow, just have 2 close it up. cut up katie's first girl scout tshirt for the front, then denim with pockets on the back.
sewed 3 strips of her girl scout patch quilt together. still piecing the last 2 strips together, but was bored with that, so skipped on to the next step.
time 4 old tallulah jane 2 tuck katie in & hit the hay.



sunday am kj was bleeding from the ear that has been hurting. took him to ER, perforated eardrum. he'll see his regular dr. tomorrow. have to run to pharmacy to pick up his antibiotics (they gave us enough to get thru till pharmacy opens.)
called his summer bb coach, he can't play tonite. he can barely walk around the house. he is a sick puppy. the dr was closed friday so kevin didnt' take him then.
we've looked like bad parents before...will probably happen again.

mackenzie spent the nite with katie last nite. i had took the day off to get to the jamesport BB game before 5p.m., but instead am sewing badges on katie's vests & playing around on farmtown.


marcy 3 deb 0

marcy & mackenzie have taken katie swimming 3 times. I have yet 2 get her 2 the pool. princeton was supposed to open yesterday, but wasn't open today, so they went to leon again.
she is showered &eating hotdogs, then we'll get ready 2 get ready 4 the girl scout awards ceremony.


took a long nap after work yesterday, then stayed up till 1:30a.m. on farmtown & slept in today. have a small pond & a llama now...my new goals r a barn & buying more land.
have katie's new junior official clearance blouse washed & ready 4 awards tonite.
found out about a zombie book last nite on farmtown I want 2 find...World War Z.
next project is penciling the hibiscus flowers on kate's walls so we can paint them...found paper lanterns like she wanted 4 the closet. have 2 order grass curtains 4 her windows.
kj has had an earache the last few days & complained a lot. kevin didn't take him to dr friday since our dr was closed. this morning he had dried blood all over the hurting ear, his face, neck, pillow...so going to ER. bleeding from the ear is not a good sign...



had a 3 day weekend planned, but a coworker has a family funeral tomorrow, so traded him this sat. for next.
last nite changed sheets, tonite katie & I bought candy for the GS awards ceremony sun. sewed some, farmed some (addicted to farmtown...kate & I both bought small ponds today!), counted how many badges the girls earned 2 put on my troop blog...etc. didn't make it out to sit on the porch with my mikes hard lemonade tonite, but did sit on the porch with kevin a minute between me getting home & him leaving 4 work.
kj is out on the town after being up most of the nite with an earache. bought 2 small photo albums to put his sr. proofs in...HAVE to get my order made & called in. some days I dont' get much accomplished. my to do list doesn't always jive with my what really really needs done list...I get sidetracked checking emails, facebook, hanging out in the market & inn on farmtown...
did successfully get some laundry done today...my definition of done being washed, dried, & put away. altho some days I have 2 settle 4 washed, dried, on the couch. dishwasher running, toilet cleaned...dog went out to potty, katie is jammied up, & I am hitting the hay.
found a big hibiscus for a model to paint on her walls, need to select some paint colors, & draw the flowers on her walls 2 paint. and order grass curtains for her windows & a hanging lamp for her closet...practically have her room redone. in my mind.

insane ramblings

last nite, did bills, found the candles for GS awards ceremony, made my shopping list,rigged up dog feeders for the big dog pen, which resulted in some excitement when they big dogs got out while I was in the pen, they were bounding around like puppies out in the grass. would love to let them run free, but they are big enough to scare small children & total out small vehicles & they are overly friendly & pouncy. also made time to set on the front porch with a mikes hard lemonade & the mesquitos. the new camp chair I got is oversized (holds up to 300lbs) & much more comfy than my old camp chairs. with my feet propped up on the camp footstool/cooler I got from PSF for working in an accident free farm & my reading glasses, Devil's Gate (book about the Mormon handcart migrations from IA to Utah which I had never heard of before finding this book) & aforementioned drink, the world is my kingdom.
unlocked onions on farmtown. kate is steadily sneaking up on me, & will soon overtake me. she is also busy with her runescape quests.
I have 2 get 2 work, then 3 day weekend! will pack up my few personal belongings today, definitely go back to 'my barn' by June 15th, but could 'get the call' anyday.
mainly my pic of my 3 wonderful kids on my locker in a magnetic frame. somedays I have to look long & hard at that picture to remember why I put up with what I do...



came home & stayed off farmtown long enough 2 clean up the aftermath of the ceiling fan installation in katie's room, & sweep & mop the other floors...then hung out on the front porch in my new supersized camp chair with a mike's hard lemonade, then made 2 suppers...HB Helper lasagna 4 the kids, stirfry for kevin & I.
katie is level 19, I am level 20. she has a house & a barn. I'm working towards a pond & a llama.
her dance teacher called, there is a variety show here in mercer next weekend, & a talent show in bethany. katie is missing dance class, she'll have plenty of dance opps this summer! [if she so choses].

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