the fan club....

mom (of course, I am the official #1 fan), big brother KJ who danced in the father/daughter dance with Katie since their dad had to work & this brought tears to my eyes...grandma Janet, aunt Lisa, cousins Max & Logan, & her best friend Moriah.

she did hair & makeup before...about an hour before recital I realized that Katie had been left off the flower list & had no flower...so went to Walmart & got her a potted sunflower & wrapped it in her fave colors of tissue paper. afterwards, we tried the new Panoromous Pizza @ Pizza Hut. then she went to a party @ Mackenzie's.

the recital

went splendidly...I am so proud of my baby girl!



friday 2 mom & dads 2 see lisa & boys, where logan remarked that I sure use a lot of bad words. he is a wise boy, I do use a lot of bad words.
sat. slept in, took a nap (the joys of taking midol & tylenol severe sinus), then kate & I had lunch @ toot toots & went to dance recital at bethany gym, then shopped @ wal mart.



is the day Kevin finished installing Katie's ceiling fan. it is also the day that we found out the results from Worlds of Fun Dance Festival...the teachers daughter little 4 year old Maggie won 1st place with her jazz dance to Polka Dot Bikini, the teachers son Zane's clog group won 3rd place. katie's group was just 2 points from placing. they did SO good. she is ready to go back next year! she is very interested in hip hop.
kevin's iris are just beautiful.



kevin rented movies for family night, then had to go to the farm for an emergency calf sorting session...I stopped at store on way home from work & made huge thick hamburgers & steak fries for supper...we ate in shifts...putting kevin's in the fridge till he got home...the kids ate, but I was still stapling Girl Scout badges to the little presentation cards I'd made...almost ready for Awards Ceremony!
my 'real' boss Jeanie called me at work today, she is going back to our barn monday. I've been told I'm going back 'before June 15th.'
kevin started installing katie's new ceiling fan today before he was called away to the farm. I need to check & see if I have any more thread, haven't sewed on her quilt for awhile, about 4 rows from having enough strips to sew it together, plus decided to make a pillow out of her outgrown pink Girl Scout t-shirt from her first year.
on my to -list:
1. make a senior picture order...I think I know what I want, kevin is sure I'm spending too much $.
2. call about guitar lessons for katie...see is Chuck Herdrick has time.
3. go shopping with koren for wedding outfits.
4. get on amazon.com & order Lou Colberts book.
5. paint hibiscus on kate's wall
6. find paper lanterns for her closet
7. find a harness for sasha so she'll quit choking herself on walks.
8. get a Panormous Pizza from Pizza Hut.

kj & katie both had friends over today, they are officially bored. kj had his first summer bb practice yesterday, will practice 2x/wk. his coach is kate's new teacher next year.

yesterday kj took katie around mercer to hang up flyers for her dance recital.


and now it's Sunday...

Worlds of Fun went well, the dance was MARVELOUS, it was rather warm & I wore a black tshirt & jeans & got a little overheated & sick on The Cloudbuster, my grand total of rides for the day were 5. not bad for me! took Koren to Texas Road House before we came home. she gifted us with Las Vegas souveniors...Katie got a I love Las Vegas tank top, KJ a stripper t-shirt, kevin a shot glass, & me a Las Vegas snow globe with a funny story.
back to work today, then to see the new Night at the Museum & eat at Washington Street.



yesterday was senior pictures, 4-H, & dance class.
I had a long list of scenic spots for pictures, ended up just doing 'downtown Mercer' & our yard, barn, & pond. who knew we lived in such a scenic spot?
KJ wore his Bengals jersey & jeans, we had some of him & Katie together (in her Chiefs jersey)& jeans, with both of them barefoot. We threw Sasha & Miss Cuddles in a few for Xmas cards. It was interesting. Miss Cuddles doesn't get out much & fears the outside (much as she fears everything) & she's not real sure about Sasha, either...
Katie's closet is painted, don't know when the fumes will die down so she can sleep in her room again, she's back to camping on the LR couch. the closet looks good. we went thru her closet & dresser, Kj's closet, & my closet & came up with 3 trashbags of clothes to get rid of. have to buy a plastic tote to put all Koren's momentoes she left here in the top of the closet into so we can move them to the garage.
Katie is wanting to paint Hibascus flowers on her walls...looking for a stencil or pattern that she approves of. I am thinking of trying 'grass skirt' curtains to go with her Hawaiian mural theme. by the time I get all this done, she'll be ready for a whole new room...she wants a seat built into her closet with storage underneath, kind of like a closet windowseat. this is above and beyond my ability. maybe we can con her dad into doing this & installing her ceiling fan that has been in the garage in its' box since last summer...
have recital signs to hang up here in town, the clothes to dump off, & throwing all Kate's stuff together for Worlds of Fun dance competition tomorrow. plan on taking Koren out to supper & meeting her new cat Watson after we leave WOF.
back to the wild world of hog confinement on Sunday.



found the other missing 4-H papers but haven't made myself read them yet. Have 2 coats of Kelly Lime green paint in Katie's closet, I got a little sick, I imagine from paint fumes. Also had to take a shower because I backed up getting out of the closet & got some bright green highlights. we're going to try silver glitter on the last coat, then do the touchups. she's thinking japanese lanterns for lighting. girl scout planning meeting at the park 6p.m. for awards ceremony.


finally found them

after searching off & on all day for the elusive missing 4-H project papers (which ended up being exactly where I knew they were!) they didn't really tell me much of anything about how to do a 4-H project. 2 of her proposed projects have no instructions. The fair is mid July. I'm sure we'll pull something out of our ...

I went to watch the NHS induction ceremony, KJ did "Character" & served punch.

all sheets have been changed. this is a major accomplishment!

track & field day

katie didn't feel good last nite & had "a problem". gave her medicine, she had same "problem" this a.m. plus a bad stomach ache. she wasn't thrilled with having to compete in all those track & field day events when all she wanted to do was jump rope. + kelsie's grandma was coming in today to make rootbeer floats for kelsie's birthday, & it's clean out your desk day. I decided to keep her home...because you shouldn't go to school if you don't feel good, & I'm pretty sure her "problem" is one of the "problems" they're not supposed to go to school within 24 hours of just in case. I didn't look it up in the handbook, just used my mom sense. She decided about 8:30 she should've went to school. she was on facebook and dog world awhile, now she's Wii Cheering. I am a softie, if I was a stay home mom, I'd have to homeschool my kids because I wouldn't make them go tough it out. I myself go to work with various "problems" & sometimes barely able to function, but I am retarded that way.
have been sewing furiously on Katie's quilt, have one more row of blocks cut out to sew together, then will have to cut up some more jeans. was going to go thru her stack of 4-H paperwork so we could start on a project, I moved the papers when I cleaned, & they're not where I thought they were...great. sold a book on amazon, couldn't find it either, but it turned up. didn't think I had any listed...
kate is wanting to paint her closet lime green & turn it into a reading area or something. may get her closet cleaned out today...right now I'm washing mounds of bed linens & blankets.



made it thru dancing @ Crestview & rehearsal at The Bethany Gym yesterday (+Wal-mart & Pizza Hut in our downtime), took a nap while KJ drove home, walked Sasha @ the park, drug out Katie's denim quilt to work on, watched some spooky shows on Chiller & took a parent/daughter quiz with Katie in American Girl magazine.
slept waaaay in today, let the dog out to play, started back on the quilt. Kevin was up for awhile looking at KC hotel options for Worlds of Fun next weekend....Katie's Dance Competition. the last weekend in May is also devoted to dance...rehearsal Saturday, Let's Go Crazy recital at The Bethany Gym Sunday. then she'll be off for the summer except for a week of dance camp in July & any dancing she chooses to do on her own...she is thinking winning prize $ @ Mercer Co. Fair last year was pretty sweet!
have to throw together something for a 4-H project.
and get the GS Awards Ceremony planned & over with.
I'm thinking would like to take the girls to the museum Katie & I went to featuring Ella Ewing the Missouri Giantess. It's at Memphis, maybe? a good 2 hour drive each way though if my memory serves. probably a bit much.
+ senior pictures...which I have yet to set up because I'm waiting to see when the band trip is...


a quiet evening at home...

kate spent the nite @ kaykays so it was very quiet here. found something in the freezer for kj & I for supper, I wanted to watch an austin powers movie but couldn't find any of them, so tried to watch A Bee Movie, but even after running it thru the dvd cleaner twice it kept skipping, so picked The Last Days of Frank & Jesse James with willie nelson, kris kristopherson & johnny cash.
koren called, she told me she had been in KC Star so I looked that up....
also looked up some girl scout award ceremony ideas online, did some laundry, cleared off my camera card for tomorrow & rounded up kate's clogging outfit. super dance mom will pick her up at kaykays first thing tomorrow, bring her home for hair & makeup, & make sure she arrives on time. no one ever said being a dance mom was easy...
I'm on vacation. elementary track & field day was postponed due to the thunderstorms all day, they'll try again monday, when I can go!
oh, yeah, I also played on facebook.


A Black Tie Affair

as a junior at North Mercer R-III High School,KJ got to help decorate, plan, & tear down the prom. this is his date, the lovely Kodi Ellis, a classmate from the first day of preschool.

re: monster

looks like a rotten feeder pig to me...although some of the pics look like a sea turtle without a shell, maybe...
you have to admit it would be pretty gross to be taking a romantic barefoot moonlit walk on the beach & step on this...

montauk monster

and speaking of the Loch Ness Monster, this caught my eye on my daily yahoo fix before I left for work...

It's back.

Just in time for summer, Long Island's latest fad-slash-biological freak show once again is in all of its bloated, pallid glory.

Reports of a Montauk Monster washing up on a Southold beach are circulating after the www.montauk-monster.com blog posted pictures and video last week of what looks like a beaked, four-legged animal's carcass lying in sand--much like the pictures of the other beaked, four-legged carcass that stirred up so much controversy last summer.

He and a friend drove there and saw a three-foot long animal corpse with a pointy snout and hooves lying in the surf.

"It smelled horrible," Papers said. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I don't think the pictures do it justice."

-Papers said the couple shoved the carcass with a stick into a white garbage bag and took it away. They later told him they'd put the carcass on ice at an undisclosed Southold location, Papers said.

Attempts to contact the Southold couple were unsuccessful, and Papers said he did not want to reveal their identity without their permission.

The tale of the original Montauk Monster gripped the East End last summer as international attention seized upon the mysterious animal body that purportedly washed up on a local beach. As the tale goes, three Montauk friends found the corpse last July on Ditch Plains Beach and snapped a picture of it.

-Photos of ugly and unusual animals

Back then, rumors centered on stories about a dumped carcass from Plum Island's testing labs. Some claimed there could be a shady back story: Perhaps the creature was planted to promote an independent movie?

Now, according to the montauk-monster.com blog, the latest Montauk Monster has been updated and has acquired new baggage suitable for 2009.

"I've thought about the possibilities that this carcass may be carrying H1N1 influenza (The Swine Flu)," Papers writes.

But he admits he is "just as baffled as anybody else."

Papers said he didn't worry about skeptics and nonbelievers. "Whether people think this is old news, there's going to be people out there who are still going to be interested in the mysteries of science," he said.

muskrat, muskrat, candlelight

doing the town & doing it right in the evening...
yeah, I am a Captain & Tehneille fan. I can't spell her name, but I can break into a chorus of My Mama Told Me You Better Shop Around like nobodys' business!

An adult muskrat is about 40 to 60 cm (16 to 24 inches) long, almost half of that tail, and weighs from 0.7 to 1.8 kg (1.5 to 4 lb). That is about four times the weight of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus), though an adult muskrat is only slightly longer. Muskrats are much smaller than beavers (Castor canadensis), with whom they often share their habitat. Adult beavers weigh from 14 to 40 kg (30 to 88 lb). The nutria (Myocastor coypus) was introduced to North America from South America in the early twentieth century. It shares the muskrat's habitat but is larger, 5 to 10 kg (11 to 22 lb) and its tail is round, not flattened. It cannot endure as cold a climate as can the muskrat and beaver, and so has spread only in the southern part of their ranges in North America.[1][2]

Muskrats are covered with short, thick fur which is medium to dark brown in color with the belly a bit lighter. The fur has two layers, which helps protect them from the cold water. They have long tails which are covered with scales rather than hair and are flattened vertically to aid them in swimming. When they walk on land the tail drags on the ground, which makes their tracks easy to recognize.[1][2]

Muskrats spend much of their time in the water and are well suited for their semi-aquatic life, both in and out of water. Muskrats can swim under water for up to 15 minutes. Their bodies, like those of seals and whales, are less sensitive to the build up of carbon dioxide than those of most other mammals. They can close off their ears to keep the water out. Their hind feet are semi-webbed, although in swimming the tail is their main means of propulsion.[3] While most muskrats have brown fur, some with reddish brown, the black muskrat exists in New Jersey and Virginia. The fur is nearly black with light gray under belly. Most of these muskrats exist in marshes near salt water , although some have been trapped in fresh water lakes.

an aquatic sighting

we decided to take Sasha for a quick walk at the city park byour house before dance class. halfway thru our first lap I started thinking shit! we have 4-H tonite too! & kate has drinks or snacks! so we started for the cut thru trail to head back home & check out the ridiculously huge stack of papers on the front of the fridge...when we cut thru by the pond I saw something brown & furry swimming furiously. we stopped, it went under, kate decided to watch for it, so Sasha & I started home, checked the calander, 4-H is next week, so we head back to the park, no more sightings. we came home after some monkey bars time, looked up muskrats on the internet, & I'm fairly confident that is what we got a glimpse of. It was too small to be the Loch Ness Monster. (sigh...)


can he fix it? yes, he can!

kevin has been busy...figuring out why kj's mp3 wouldn't charge...why his satellite had no signal...how to take my printer apart because it had a photo paper jam...finding the missing weed eater string...fixing a car tire...& taking a family walk at the park with Sasha, Kate, & I.


nothing good comes from getting up at 5:15a.m...

(with the exception being my 3 c-sections, & I'm not absolutely certain I had to get up that early even then.)
4 more days of work, exhaustion, & overall pain. then VACATION! a self-imposed mainly hanging around the house week long chillin' event. there is a frantic day of dance on day 1. then we'll wing it.

upcoming Dailey Family events:
Girl Scout Awards Ceremony
KJ ACT test June
KJ senior pictures to be scheduled.
Kate's dance competition Worlds of Fun
Kate dance recital
band trip
HyVee Adventureland trip
koren wedding


mothers day

kate packed a lunch for me to take to work, she decorated my Nilla Wafers box, & put in the mothers day card she had made me @ school. then she called to make sure I got to take a break. I sometimes tell the kids I work harder than I actually do. they're used to my tall tales. I have told them many...that I am Helen Reddy the singer, that I was once an African elephant who was transformed into a person, every movie we watch, I tell them the plot of how the hero & heroine met is exactly how their father & I met. I am already eccentric. just think of how fun I'll be when my memory starts to slip a bit more?


happy mothers day

celebrated a day early since I'm working tomorrow~kevin & kids took me to Coon's Greenhouse to pick out a hanging basket~then we went to Crossroads Bar & Grill for lunch. I had planned on doing mothers day visits & gifts for grandma grace & my mom, since I was going to Save-A-Lot (grandma lives in trenton, mom works there...), have lots of trips coming up & sr pictures, so need to start cutting back somewhere...I am a grocery store snob. I hate to go to the grocery store, when I do, I want to breeze thru buying pricey convenience items. I don't want to plan out meals a week in advance. I don't want to remember what I have at home to go with what is in the cart & what else I need. I sure don't clip coupons, & if I do, I leave them on the fridge or in my pocket or drop them somewhere before the checkout. I don't want to bag my own groceries. It's bad enough I have to pack them in & put them away when I get home. did I really save any $? anyway, I took a long afternoon nap, then did get up & go to Trenton, but I was tired & decided it was too late to do visits. I have been so draggy lately. I am getting too old to get up so damn early to go to work & walk around on concrete all day. honestly. I know I should be grateful to have a job in today's uncertain economy. I should probably also be grateful for the raising gas prices & my vehicle payments & high insurance. I'm sure the Amish aren't snickering at us as they putter up the road in their horse & buggies living 'the simple life.'
why am I working tomorrow? I traded a day with Pat so I could go to Worlds of Fun to watch Kate's dance competition Memorial Day weekend. I took off 18th-22nd, + have the weekend before off + traded for the 23rd. I can hang on till then. once I have "time" to get my hair dyed again, I'm sure I'll feel younger. I'll be able to have younger looking hair, anyway...

Koren sent me an adorable mothers day card.
kate has packed my lunch for work tomorrow for Mothers Day.


mom's day

katie came home from school early yesterday with a headache, & stayed home with one today. since she couldn't go the the annual 2nd graders Mothers Day Flower Sale, KJ bought my 7 plants that katie helped me plant.
got a card in the mail from koren today. my baby is in vegas!
kj also did the chores for me so I could just sit on my butt when I got home.
kate has made me a gift to take to work & open on Sunday.

my kids are the best!

the tech

have been having annoying computer problems since we installed the SecureIt virus control our internet provider offers. then we got FastTrack internet & still annoying problems. the computer locks up continuously, can only turn it off by holding power button in long periods of time. on my way home from work today, Kevin calls with the familiar ? "where you at?" as in how close to home am I, since if I answer the phone, I am in the vehicle (no cell phones allowed in the barns. cell phones are one of the many things that carry germs, pestilence & disease & hogs must be protected from them at all costs.) I had just went thru Ravanna. (about half way home). he had called the online tech, they had sent a real tech to the house, Kevin had to leave for work & the kids were home, but he was wondering when I would get there. I got home, the tech left after awhile, the online tech took over, I had to converse with him a bit, he was yelling into the phone, & didn't seem able to hear my responses, so kept yelling into the phone repeating himself.
does the computer work better? it's only locked up once since we had the exorcism performed, but really haven't been on it that much. I took a nap, conversed with the kids, & brushed MyScene & Bratz hair while Katie dressed them for some adventure. this doesn't sound like a big deal, but just the MyScenes & Bratz are probably easily 50 dolls. easily. when you drag in the regular Barbies (they've moved to the garage most of the time) it is waaaay over 100. she has all her own dolls, + her big sisters dolls + a big shoebox of parts in the top of the closet I can't get rid of, I have this idea of building monstrous horror movie Barbie dolls someday...
oh, people, go eat some pork. we had a reassuring email today from the parent company...and I honestly can't remember the name of who I work for, it was Premium Standard Farms, then Continental Grain, then maybe something else, now Murphy Brown/Smithfield or Smithfield/Murphy Brown....anyway, there is a link...porkfacts.com or something. common sense tells you that most diseases are transmitted by undercooked/raw meat/ or contamination with undercooked/raw meat/juices, etc. you don't get the flu by eating meat. you get flu by getting sneezed on, snotted on,coughed on, kissed by diseased people.
I think the whole problem here is that the world is prepped for THE SUPERFLU. like the 1918 avian flu. I know personally that a health care worker in IOWA has been preparing for the inevitable SUPERFLU for a couple of years, planning meetings, scenerios, stockpiling supplies, training, etc. maybe everyone is too ready for it, & have to pounce on each flu since it could be the one. yeah it's sad that babies, old people, & people with compromised immune systems die from the flu. we're all going to die eventually. and the flu vaccine...they can't prepare in advance for a flu that doesn't exist yet. takes time to grow the vaccine. I don't get the flu shot, altho they offer them free at work so we don't get the pigs sick.
kj is out on the town. he is a teenager now, coming & going all mysterious like. he usually does tell me where he thinks he is going & what time he thinks he will be home.
emailed my fave photographer about setting up SR pictures next month. one of kj's classmates has already had her SR pics done! found them on the website when I was looking at the proofs for Katie's dance pictures. glad that jogged my memory,. Jody is getting ready to move to KC the end of June, so she can do the pics if I get my shit together quickly.


kevin's been busy

he has worked cows with his dad, put a new handle on the storm door, a new seat on the toilet, changed oil in vehicles, been to the bank...



katie came home exhausted from her sleepover, ate pizza rolls, drank a pepsi, & crashed in her daddy's chair.
I had my alarm set on pm instead of am...it's been this way for a week or more, but I've woke up the other mornings...I had to run out of the house, pick up Curtis & drive ridiculously fast to make it to work...
"Waitress" came on after "Journey to the Center of the Earth" went off on HBO, just listening to it, it sounds kind of tragically funny. she hates her husband but doesn't tell him. she saves $ to run away from him. she's having a baby but she's not really happy about it & it's no big deal. KJ & Corey changed channels.
laundry is caught up...as in washed & dried, anyway...


I'm all alone....

kevin's @ work, kate is spending the nite @ mackenzies, & kj & alisha went to winston to see diamond...he called me a little after 10 to tell me he was just leaving over there...
I did let Sasha run outside a while, the chores, lost Sasha's blue leash somewhere, did laundry, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, change my sheets, watch Jurassic Park III, put a video of katie dancing today on my facebook, & make myself kraft deluxe mac & cheese.
I didn't look thru the old letters & pictures aunt mary sent (& wants back) since I've had a headache...or finish up the badge order to send in...or set a date for a may planning 4 awards ceremony meeting & get notes out for girl scouts...or clean house...

dancing on the princeton square....

today was community wide garage sale day in princeton, & keeping with last years tradition, The Dance Studio performed. sigh...katie's very first dance performance last year was "Picture to Burn" with Zane on the square...I had to work that Saturday, too, just like I did this year, so took a late lunch, sped to princeton, watched my baby dance, then back to the wonderful world of hogs.
today's performance was the clog dance to Redneck Girl that she is doing with Rylan & Mackenzie @ a dance competition at Worlds of Fun Memorial Day weekend. check out the video on my facebook! (deb dailey)
kate's mom & dad, grandma janet, great grandma marie, grandpa lije, & lije's friend jo came to see her, her friend moriah & family were also there, because THE BAND played after the dancers....corey, josh, levi, & paul.

Beauty & the Beast

It was magical & breath taking...my son was crazy old Maurice, (& the egg seller, & a member of the mob...), his mom, little sister, grandma Janet, grandpa Lije, & great grandma Marie were audience members...& I was so proud! Every year it amazes me that my son gets up on the stage in front of people to perform...
Katie would also like to act. Her time will come.
Now KJ has some down time, the rough draft of his term paper is turned in, so he just has to make sure his sister gets to Princeton for her dance this afternoon, so I can meet them there, do her hair, cheer, & rush back to work...


Living History Farms

we went here years ago when Koren was a huge fan of Pochontas & KJ was small enough to be packed around by his dad when he got tired...and we returned on April 30 2009 for the 3rd & 4th grade field trip.

It was cool because
a]I love anything historical
b]I love taking days off work
c]the kids had learned a lot about Indians & early settlers in the area
d]all of the above

there's a lot of walking, & most of us eventually started some mild complaining, all 19 of the 4th graders were there, + Mrs. Stark & Miss Kay, & a good showing of parents.

We toured the 300 years of farming: Indian Village, 1850 farm, 1900 farm; & the town of Walnut Hill: the druggist, newspaper, church, doctors office, blacksmith, general store, bank, millinary, lawyer, back then, your druggist was actually a chemist, he not only missed chemicals to make beneficial medicines, but he also mixed paints, toothpaste, cologones, perfumes, etc. you could go to him for health advice & he'd make your medicine. no doctor's visit necessary unless it was something he couldn't make a remedy for. they didn't have to list ingredients until 1906, so they made tooth powder out of talcum powder & crunched up bugs,etc. many of the over the counter patent drugs were addictive, but they didn't understand back then that you could become addicted to medicines.

Victorians believed in balance. they didn't like taking medicines unless they had to. They had formal parlors for company only where they displayed their finest furnishings. the back parlors were the 'living rooms' where children played games & mothers sewed the families clothes. children were seen & not heard. families made their own entertainment....singing, playing musical instruments. They also never left the house with out a hat. My favorite tour guide quip was "That's just the way it was then."

many jobs could be learned by years of apprenticeship: law, medicine, druggist, blacksmith. you could 'read the law' with a lawyer, & when you felt ready, take an oral test with a judge, & he could make you a lawyer. there were few women lawyers in Iowa, starting out in a small town, many lawyers lived in their offices.
the lawyer was also the real estate agent!

the newspaper office put out a newspaper, but their profits came from printing sales bills, ads, funeral notices, etc. typesetting was a very lengthy & messy process!

at the bank, we learned how to test for counterfeit coins (all modern coins would be considered counterfeit by the pioneer standards, since they are all very light). we saw pennies, two cent pieces, & 3 cent pieces.

when we went thru the log cabin, she was taking lunch out of the fireplace...cornbread & chicken stew. smelled good!

the blacksmith was a repair man, fixing farm equipment, etc.

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