tall grass & muddy yard

kevin got the lawnmower stuck not once but twice...but he has a 4wd so just hooks on the big ass chain & pulls it out. the yard looks nice!
all GS nut/candy $ turned in today, Kevin, KJ, & I ran the adding machine & counted, called Sara & arranged pick up tomorrow. remembered to call my mom & tell her about Friday's play & Saturday's dance. swept & swiffered, did laundry, did chores, made supper, unloaded/loaded dishwasher.
kate spent some time in the nurse's office today, allergy symptoms. when I found the note in her bag & asked her about it she said the math test went bad & she needed to lay down on Nurse Mary's cot & get away from it all. and since it's allergy season & eyes are bloodshot & her tonsils are always swollen, she can pull it off. Nurse Mary sent home extensive notes on her visit. Nurse Mary is just too sweet. Katie still misses Nurse Pat who's been gone at least 2 years, but I think Nurse Mary does a great job & I'm glad to have someone fussing over my kids when I'm not there.


I read More Magazine...getting a magazine especially for women after 40 seemed like a good idea, but thank God my sub is about up....they all dress better, live smarter, & look better than me. They travel, make significant job switches 'later in life'...& whine about what they've given up to stay home with their kids (or what their mothers sacraficed...) ok, just one chick this issue so far.
here's my gripe-and you knew it was coming. I'm even prepared to be late to the career I so love to write this down before I forget it. If you don't want to be home, go back to work. That seems much easier than wanting to be home & not being able to afford it. If getting out in the real world with other grownups is so damn important, do it. Take long 4 day couple weekends & dump the kids at grandma's too. they'll probably have more fun there, anyway. just quit bitching about it until my More subscription runs out! You'd think all that time off would give you more time to buy designer fashions, revisit the Italy of your college years, lunch with your sorority sisters & try out all those look younger makeup tips in the magazine...Prep. H. on the bags under your eyes covered with some kind of silicone goop has been my fave so far...although the one about spending extensive time pasting spackle on your legs to cover varicose veins was a close 2nd.
and yea, I have argued with myself, I could quit my job & stay home with my wonderful kids...but they like having satellite & fast track & clothes & food & nice vehicles & the chance to go to college. I like having those things, too...
I don't feel like my mom missed out on anything by spending every waking moment of her life raising kids & milking cows & raising a garden big enough to feed Ethopia. If anything, the poor woman probably would've been better off with a job she could GO to & then COME HOME from. And I guess I don't have a problem with working so much, I was raised to work, afterall...but I really don't like the job I have fallen into. I dream of being a school cook or the Casey's pizza maker. Or a history teacher. but the practical side of me reasons it's only another 20 or so years on top of the almost 14 I have put in thus far...I can do it. And when I'm dead, how much does it really matter that lots of days I want to lay on the nasty shit covered floor at work & cry? now I sound like a More reader...



back to work. back to being exhausted.
KJ had an extra long play practice & declared the drama coaches Nazis.
kate had dance pictures, she looked fabulous.


A Black Tie Affair

K.J.'s first prom. His date was Kodi Ellis, a girl he has known his whole life, which is kind of ironic after he drove all over meeting girls to ask...he really liked Diamond from Winston. He drove the Avalanche to Prom, with Kodi in the front seat & Corey Eastin & Cassie Woodley in the back seat.
Our first tux rental was easy, Terry Bomgardner & Donna Hashman sponsored a fitting, they took care of tux pickup & returns, they even offered corsages & boutonnieres.
they transformed the gym into a magical place.
Prom King was Tim Bomgardner. Prom Queen was Valerie Speck.

and yes, there were a few motherly tears. He looked so handsome. So grown up. He'll be leaving soon...sigh.


kate's earrings

today after school she walked to the beauty shop where she had her ears pierced last Tuesday to have Mel check her earrings. They were way too tight. her mother tried to help her loosen them last nite to no avail, & she wasn't very happy with me. Mel got the earrings loosened, & said she'd never seen a pair shoved that far into the ear. Katie has quit complaining of ear pain. alls well that ends well...

Harrison County Post Office

by W.A. Woodward p. 70

Philip Higdon 23 July 1901
form signed by Philip Higdon Feb 27 1901 asking for new site.
Location: S/E 1/4 26-63N-26W. P.O. 2 1/2 miles west of Grand River and 1/2 mile east of Cat Creek on Route 45156, to be supplied from Bethany at 16 mile distance-Bolton 3 mile NW Oval 4 1/2 mile NW, Thomas 6 mile SW,office 7 mile N. of O.K. S.Q. Railroad.

the KJ Dailey Date For Prom Tour comes to an end...

after a wild week of roadtripping & meeting girls to ask to prom, KJ is taking a girl from his class that he's known his entire life...Kodi Ellis. They were even Mary & Joseph together in a church Xmas program.

Her mother & I put our heads together & thought they should go as friends, I suggested this to KJ, who was soon on the road to Winston to see Diamond. Today Diamond told him she couldn't go, so he asked Kodi. All is well that ends well.

he has requested the Avalanche for prom, & will have his friend Corey & his girlfriend Cassie in the backseat. Need to get outside & clean out the truck & armor all & windex so I'll just have to wash it tomorrow...

Kate & I will go to the Grand March as always. Kevin has never taken one off, not even Koren's senior prom when she was crowned Prom Queen. not his thing, I guess. Koren went to 3 proms here, 2 in Princeton, & 1 in Cainsville.


motherly wisdom is ignored in Mercer...

tonite KJ & Alisha went to Winston to see the girl he is trying to take to prom on Saturday. All out of town dates must be turned in TOMORROW @ school.
in the meantime...we loaned one of Koren's prom dresses out to one of KJ's classmates. she also needs a date. KJ needs a date. her mom & I were chatting on Facebook & decided they could go together. problem solved. I called KJ on my way to work & told him this. He went to Winston after decorating for prom. all my maternal wisdom & meddling is just going to waste...


another teenager in our midst...

KJ has been a teenager this week, coming & going mysteriously...evading direct questions...Kate especially is not happy about this. She worries he won't get enough sleep. What could he possibly be doing? She was very very small when we went thru this with Koren. And I will go thru it again with my sweet little Katie. This I know to be true...

Worth the Wait...

first tulip 2009


the quest

KJ, Corey, & Alisha journeyed to Allerton to find him a prom date, she was willing to go, but ends up she is only 13. so, tomorrow nite he'll journey to Bethany...several of the other guys dont' have dates, so if he doesn't find one, he won't be alone.
he brought home his tux to try on, he looks amazing. my baby boy is all grown up....


K.J.s web page...check it out!


back to work

getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go to a job I don't like is not condusive to me having a good day...


deb's vacation draws to an end...

I have cooked, cleaned, tidied up, caught up on laundry & dishes...it'll all go to hell tomorrow when I have to go back out into the real world.
KJ has been night prowling...looking for a prom date. He actually did ask someone {who had her own prom to go to}. He has another lead that he went to Corydon to meet tonite. Prom is SATURDAY. he is trying, God love him. since he didn't have a date anymore to coordinate colors with, his 2nd mom Terry at school ordered the corsage in black & white, since that would go with everything. which is exactly what I would've said. & Katie might end up with a corsage.
meanwhile, Katie is having sleep problems. she has slept on the LR couch for years. since about the time we got Kj off the couch & into his room. the new couch has recliners on both ends. it's too hard to sleep on. her room doesn't have satellite. she has spent a few nites going b/w her room & the LR dragging her pillows & blankets. last nite we watched a ghost series & got freaked out & she slept with me. which wasn't too bad until kevin got home & I was trapped in the middle of the bed & could barely move. she is not comfy on the couch, but she is giving it a go.
I am on my way to bed & she will be on her own. it's a harsh old world.

an epic adventure...

Kate, Sasha, & I went on a road trip to the Calamity Jane birthplace sign by the Hedgewood PSF units...you can see feed bins in the distance behind the sign, & you can smell the "money". This sign is located on Fleetwood ( I think that's right....)
Legend tells us that Martha Jane Canary (Cannary) was born near Princeton, Missouri, although the site is much nearer to Ravanna, Missouri. But Ravanna was established in March 1859 & her birthdate ranges from 1855-1862. Her grandfather bought this farm in 1856. Per the census she was born May 1855, per her bio she was born May 1 1862. Hey, we all want to be younger...[I believe I got these facts from the Mercer Co. History Book.]
Anyway, we had taken pictures with visiting mascots here once before, & took our Flat Leader from Rochester, NY, & our visiting bear from Sioux City, IA.
I find it amazing that I have always been such a Calamity Jane fan & grew up not all that far from her birthplace...it is on Route C out of Ravanna, & I grew up on Route C that jumps off E & goes the other way.



watched the kids get ready for school---they amaze me, they march around like little soldiers, each has their routine, KJ keeps an eye on the clock to make sure she's on course, then waits until the bus picks her up to drive himself to school. since kevin works nites & is a zombie in the a.m., they know how to take care of themselves. on my days off, I just stay out of their way!
I did some more cleaning...bathroom, the old boiler tub we keep magazines & newspapers in, katie's trunk, a shelf of color books on the entertainment center...found the Gunnison County Colorado book we'd ordered...so getting excited about our vacation all over again...Kevin marked some hotels, I want to see a ghost town & the Black Canyon...
put together the Bunny Disguises for tomorrow's Girl Scout Tea Party...they weren't nearly as easy as they looked in Family Fun, but are quite cute & adorable. I just went ahead & made them & the girls can tie them on their animal. We might also make the Egginamals, but I just bought the stuff & shoved it into a bag, the girls can read the directions, or just do their own thing, which they are really good at & saves me so much stress. See, my stuff never looks like the picture, although I trace the templates & cut carefully & read the directions & have my tongue sticking out like Grandpa Vermal while I put it together. I seriously about had a stroke trying to make a Wiltons Billy The Blue Power Ranger Cake for KJ's 3rd birthday, there were all those stars, I couldn't get them the same size...he thought it was neat, though. I've never attempted a Wilton cake again. there should be a Surgeon's General warning on those things!
found & washed teacups, cleaned off the kitchen table, made Kevin & I lunch, took an 'adult' nap before the kids got home. Sorted the Girl Scout nut & candy orders & made my phone calls.
thinking if the weather holds will drag the table outside tomorrow & have our tea party in the yard.
and of course, laundry, laundry, laundry.
Mackenzie is spending the nite, tomorrow the girls have to dance with a costume change at Pearls II, then come home & get ready for our Teddy Bear Tea Party/Easter Egg Hunt. they had a tea party today & took Sasha on a walk to the school park. Sasha went to bed early.
Ms. Cuddles has been busy batting bunny ears all over the table, hope they dry so I can move them before I go to bed!


a new couch for the Dailey's

Kevin & I made a journey to Bethany & bought a new couch, moving the old couch into Kate's room. ate lunch at Toot-Toots & shopped at Wal-Mart. 4-H & dance class.

spring break for deb

I took off today & tomorrow, plus have the weekend off...so far, have watched the kids get themselves off to school, did some laundry, been on the computer, ate 2 fudge bars, & am still in my jammies....
I have grand plans...cleaning house for Saturday's Girl Scout Tea Party...(& doing all the million & one things for a successful tea party...I go all out on the details, I don't know if the kids notice, but I have lots of fun!)
Kevin & I might go couch shopping today since our couch has developed an ominous creaking sound when you sit in the middle...no matter how small you are...(I have been avoiding the couch lately!)
Kevin did the first mow of the season on our yard & his grandma Marie's yesterday. have flowers coming up everywhere, the trees are budding...looks like I'll have lilacs for the first time this year!!!


last day of spring break....

I took a half day off work, accompanied KJ & Katie to The Shear Shop, where KJ got a haircut & Katie got her ears pierced. She has been contemplating this for a LONG time. Kevin of course isn't thrilled with me (yet again.)
Katie & I took Sasha for a walk at the park. KJ had a basketball game with friends at the park. Sasha chased cats around the yard. Deb & Kevin went to Dollar General & washed the truck.
The sun is shining, life is good.


I'm burning up the internet...

I LOVE FAST TRACK! I can bombard all my 'sites' with pictures! at record speed! (beware...)

the kids are having fun watching videos online, too....

and I can finally get all my pictures in my Snapfish cart...which I haven't gotten around to yet, but I will. I will.

this is a whole new world!

after 25 years, kevin can still pull a rabbit out of a hat...we agreed a long time ago that we really didn't need fast track...but it is SO awesome!

(he also bought me 2 shower "scrubby puffs" when he & kate went to the city to the dentist, since the rope fell off mine & it is always in the shower floor...you just can't buy romance like that!)



kevin picked up katie at school around 11a.m. & they headed to Gladstone for her dentist appt & had lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse & visited Koren at her Wal-greens in Oak Grove. where kevin got a free hershey's candybar with his coke purchase & I'm taking a candybar to work! yeah, me! kate has decided it is too far to drive to the dentist & she will start going to Dr Cox in Trenton with the rest of us. I'll miss the KC trips, though.
I got off the day of kate's field trip, now kevin has to decide if he will take it off as well, so we can send our $ in.
while I was home alone yesterday, I tried to read my Belle Starr western, baked a chocolate cake, made homemade potato salad, let Sasha run around the yard, sat on the front porch, & cleaned house.
kj came home from play practice, then went to the park to shoot hoops & maybe to band practice. he's 'the groupie'. kj & I watched the new Scrubs.
kevin & kate bought Bedtime Stories (which we watched) & Yes Man (which we didn't have time to watch.)



monday I overslept, had to hurry to work. decided to drive thru Ptown on the way home to get dog/cat food from DG. my first clue should've been when the parking lot was full. there was 1 checker, customers backed up to the middle of the store, so it took quite a while to get my couple of items, but visited people in line...Sandy that I worked with @ DD...kevin's friend Gary...Peggy that I work with now...kevin called me, concerned that I wasn't home from work. like I enjoy working till 4 THEN checking risers & driving a million miles home. like this is some bizarre passion of mine, like helping sandbag in floods...nevermind.
tuesday went better. even with all my laying around, got katie's Arbor Day tree from school planted...it had been lying on the kitchen counter in a walmart bag since she brought it home from school friday, they'd packaged it good,the paper towel was still wet! we put it in the 'garden'.
& now it's wednesday. kate has a dentist appt. in gladstone, I couldn't get it off work. they're going without me. I am a big girl. I can handle it. so, I won't get to pop in & see Koren for a minute & give her a hug.
kate's school field trip is to Living History Farms the end of April. will see if I can get THAT off...
she also has several dancing dates coming up...they will dance in the competition at Worlds of Fun May 23, don't have a time yet. I have to work that weekend. will have to call in dead or something. she dances on the princeton square another weekend I work...I think Kevin can handle that one. the recital & practice will be at Bethany at The Gym. sent out notes changing the time of our GS Easter Egg Hunt/Teddy Bear Tea PArty since they dance in Ptown that day.
practices next month change from Monday to Thursday, & they'll quit extra W. of Fun clog practice. she'll miss the last one of those anyway, with the field trip.
I should get a dayplanner, an assistant, & a maid, quit my job, & just drive to the various dance performances/practices/engagements. I'll also need a hot tub & a privacy fence, so I can just unwind when I'm home. I'll call Handy Manny. [I am the only one in my house who watches him...Kate falls asleep with a dvd on, & Manny's usually on when I'm getting ready for work, depending on what channel Kevin was watching before he went to bed...sometimes I get a rousing sermon or some paid programming for an exciting product that somehow I am managing to live without.]


snowing again....

it is a nasty wet mess out there, need to find the dogs food holders to hang on the fence so they're not eating off the ground....have always wanted to build a deck for their dog house, too, so they have a high & dry place. kevin just gives me the same look I get when I mention the treehouse & gazebo we both know I'll never get.
took Jessie home today, so it's just us again.
had a nice 4 days off. wish I had forever off...


the big day...Under The Big Top

kevin found a way home last nite, evidently. the girls all started getting along at some point, then I went to bed. the sisters had to 'leave for Iowa' at 8a.m. first they picked up all the sleeping bags & blankets & folded them neatly in a chair. jessie is staying tonite too, she'll be katie's carnival buddy while kj & I are working. we'll eat sub sandwiches there for supper, then have a fun filled evening of the First Ever Before The Band Carnival Band Champ Contest In The Commons, running games, & cleaning up. then I can start obsessively planning for next year...which will be a Hawaii theme.


the rescheduled sleepover....

after spending the day at school helping set up tomorrow's Band Carnival (& eating lunch with Katie & her friends!), we brought Cassie, Brandy, & Jessie home with us. They played Wii, went to the park, went swimming at the Stacy Center, ate Breadeaux Pizza, watched about 2 minutes of Twilight....played limbo in the dark with their glow necklaces...katie developed a bad stomach ache...there was a clogged toilet & some vomiting...now they are all reunited playing something together.
Kevin called from work, he rode with Doug tonite, who had a family crisis & had to go home, but assured Kevin he'd be back at 2a.m. to pick him up...I told Kevin to call me if he needed to. Will just do the sleep in my clothes # I used to do when Koren was roaming Mercer County in her youth.

also mailed back the wrong wedding glasses & put gas in the truck.


day off #1

it's snowing great guns.
I watched the kids get themselves off to school...they are like a well-oiled machine.
I spent my morning making invites for the GS Easter Egg Hunt/Teddy Bear Tea Party. finished reading "The Shepherd of the Hills", which is not my fave book ever. But I can now say I read it. I left Sasha sleeping in the chair & headed to the post office to mail the GS packages, invites, etc. Went to Fabulous Finds Consignment Store, took in 2 bags, walked out with 1. then to Showme Bargains. then home to make homemade beef stew for lunch.
my plan for the remainder of the day is to sweep floors, dig in the closet for the limbo game which I think is missing a piece, pile all the band carnival stuff by the front door to take to school tomorrow, take kate to dance class, then flop on my tired ass in a chair.
I saw Shirley Slaughter Thomas today at Showme Bargains. we compared notes on where our daughters now live & work.


almost a week without the internet...

Thursday was my half day, I picked up all but 1 of the merchant prizes for carnival, met Kevin for lunch at Crossroads, he picked up the GRM virus cd, damn thing wouldn’t load. He made multiple calls to tech support. No internet. Deb needs her face book & school web site. Katie needs Runescape.
Friday he was on the phone off & on all day. He finally got the right code to start it. But it never would say it was done downloading. Saturday he called tech support & asked for the cd with the updates. They’ll MAIL it to us. This was my brilliant idea, he was trying to decide @ Wal-mart whether to buy Norton or go back to the automatic GRM one. I said isn’t the GRM one easier. Yeah, right. They keep telling us it takes longer with dial up. Like dial up is the most evil thing in the universe. I am ready to drive thru the snow back to Wal-mart, buy the Norton, & install it. Honestly.
Thursday dance class. Friday the Project Fair & Spring Concert. Saturday was the Girl Scout meeting.. The called for snow & sleet did arrive. Had to cancel Katie’s swimming party Twilight sleepover. She wasn’t very happy. KJ left at 5:30 a.m. for District Music Festival in St Joe. He got a 4.
Worked on Band Carnival prep.
Sunday I was sick. There was a lot of moaning & napping going on.
Monday. I’m still alive. Back to work. Yeah, me. Drug the camp chairs out of the garage to set up our ‘outdoor living room.’ Honeysuckle is getting green. Peonies, iris, tiger lilies, & daffodils are coming up. I tried out the Boogie Superstar Wii game…. I got a decent score on Aly & AJ’s Potential Break Up Song.
Katie went out by the dog pen before we left for dance….she got splattered with mud & had to change.
Tuesday. Kate starts MAP testing with the rest of the 4th grade. Kevin & I to Wal-Mart. Bought the pop for the carnival penny pop can toss. Did we buy a new Norton? No. we did buy a microwave. I cleaned the counter under old microwave…ewww. It was a huge old dinosaur, too heavy to move when I cleaned. You can imagine. It came with the house… 1st daffodil bloomed. Katie is reading the chose your own ending Goosebumps book she found the other day…which was read by both her brother & sister. I love having reading kids. Bought the Guiness Book of World Records Wii game & the Now That’s What I Call Music 30 cd for Katie.
Sasha has to pee at night even more than I do. She has a loud echoing bark. She is very insistent that I take her outside in the cold, dark night. I haven’t gotten much sleep the last few nites. It kind of reminds me of the crying baby nights. Of course, I didn’t YELL at the kids. The poor dog gets a piece of my mind every time she wakes me up….where did my patience go? I used to be a saint. I remember myself as a saint, anyway…& I’m sure I’m right.
Wednesday. Kevin talked to GRM again...they have sick techs so working short...he put the old Norton back on, which expires in a few days. Katie & I are temporarily on-line!!!

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