I think I forgot Great Western Bank.



my half day at work, I went straight to Princeton & hit up Crossroads, American Family, State Farm, Farm Bureau, Shelter Insurance, M & M Apparel, The Famous, Country Wood Hearts & Lace, & Breadeaux Pizza for band carnival raffle donations. met Kevin @ Crossroads for lunch. I did some shopping at The Famous, Country Wood Hearts & Lace & Showme Bargains.
after KJ got home from play practice, we went to Terry's house to rent his tux for prom...classic black & white with grey hounds tooth vest, black Windsor tie, white shirt, & black & white shoes. It appears he does have a date with the classmate who moved away (Rae Linn), we ordered flowers too, will have to find out what color & if she wants long ribbons or short. $138 & my son will be stylin'. It was pretty exciting, I was the only mom there, of course, the other mommies let their big boys go do it themselves.
clogging practice at 6:30, the house needs cleaned, behind on laundry, & Katie wants to play Bratz...I found her a porcelain one today.
KJ is making fun of Katie playing Wii & she is losing all patience with him. life is good....



Koren called last nite, she & Cody went to a shelter & adopted a 7 month old male orange cat they named Watson. Koren is very excited. I'm sure Lola is just beside herself, too...



picked up katie from kaykay's house in ravanna on my way home from work, they had a blast. katie is working on her calamity jane report for school. she was on the computer talking to moriah. I have been nagging moriah by email & phone to let me know if she participated in the GS fundraiser, she is the only one left to finish my troop order that I'm turning in monday. she has promised to give it to kate @ church in the a.m.....assuming she gets her brother to take her/pick her up.
swept floors, shook out rugs, picked up mounds of shoes, went thru old newspapers clipping stuff about my kids for scrapbooks, cleaned the corner behind the camo chair, did some laundry, took sasha out to pee about a zillion times, & sewed more on kate's quilt. remembered I had a few 'extra' GS patches, so going to make a few more blocks to put them on, have some of the blocks stay stitched around the edges. kevin changed the sheets today, our blue moon & stars fitted sheet ripped in the middle, so it went in the rag pile. going to use the top sheet as a backing for kate's quilt, & the fitted sheet will be if I need trim, etc. it looks so cool in my mind...we'll see. we'll see.
kj played football at the park again today. kate wanted to watch Matilda. couldn't find it, but did find some scooby doo & barbie vhs's to donate to the couch potato table at the band carnival. we watched Disaster Movie, too.
we'll probably watch a movie here in a bit when she puts the report away for the nite...



katie, sasha, & I attended a blustery 4-H meeting at the city park, while kj & corey were playing a football game. then katie made plans to spend the nite with her friend kay kay after the spring fling fashion show @ school, which was really fun. teachers were models in the fashion show, plus a salad & soup supper, with the proceeds going to the CTA scholarship fund. (community teacher association, I think...)
corey & josh are watching wrestling with kj.
kj might have a date for prom with a former classmate who moved away & texted one of the girls in their class wanting to go to the junior prom.


kate skipped her last diaper derby (which she is NOT a fan of, btw)for special dance class. mackenzie's mom & dad had to work late, so we picked her up at her babysitters & took her, afterwards they played at the church playground for a while till I made them leave, then we went to casey's for drinks & snacks, then they played runescape until mackenzie's mom came to get her.
we had been finding ms. cuddles toys in shreds all about the house, I hadn't really thought about it, kate caught sasha chewing them, so moved the breadbox to another counter & put the box of cat toys on the counter by ms. cuddles food & water. might get her one of those hidey kitty cubes to put up there too so she has a haven from her new sister. putting cat food on the counter & encouraging the cat to get up there, who would've figured. (the dog was eating all her food.) also had to move the plushy collection from my headboard, sasha was reaching up there & chewing on them. I needed to clean house anyway...



the birds are chirping, ms. cuddles is sunning in the window, the tiger lilies & iris are coming up, the lilacs have buds, the grass is getting green, the sun is warm, the sky is beautiful...



kate, kevin, & I went to chillicothe, bought new jazz shoes @ payless, rocks at lowe's to make pet rocks @ the band carnival, & to walmart for asst. other stuff. had supper @ applebee's, got home @ 9:30, kate hit the shower while I got online, she printed off more research for her calamity jane report, I found substitutes for the unavailable prizes I ordered for band carnival & put in kate's bag to go back to school to terry (it was in her bag yesterday, but koren & cody were here, then we went to dance, then it was bedtime...forgot to check her bag....oops.)& kate was in bed at 10p.m. like clockwork, & asleep by 10:01. I loaded the dish washer & kind of put away some of the laundry. it'll all be there tomorrow waiting for me. hopefully tomorrow we will have time to take sasha for a long walk, I'll get the 4 girls called who haven't turned in their packets, fill out the order, & get hold of the chairperson & turn it in. that would be good!



katie, mackenzie, & I to church & the green dinner. we took mackenzie home, I took a nap (surprise). kj came home from dakota's, koren & cody came over, we went to eat at Crossroads. koren looks beautiful! she says they'll have their wedding reception here in mercer now. will have to set a date, get the community building rented, etc. they're staying @ ed & norma's & will be back tomorrow to see kevin.



slept in about 40 minutes past a work day, then had to get up & take cold Rx. cleaned bathroom & kitchen, made the hula hoop of fire, the candy heart pillow kit I got from OTC, carnival signs, spray painted the 2L, picked up Katie, put gas in KJ's car, laundry, took a nap, started vegetable soup for lunch, & now getting ready to dig in the closet for the pinata stick. Mackenzie is here to spend the nite.
might go to chillicothe tonite, or put it off, I found the rocks I want on-line at Lowes. and we're out of trashbags.
Sasha is mangling Big Bird. I got it for Koren's 2nd birthday, it was a pricy gift for us at the time, had to put it on layaway at Place's. It was about as big as she was. the poor bird has been drug around outside, went to picnics, been used as a step stool when Koren thought she needed something out of reach...when KJ came along, he used him as a wrestling partner. Big Bird hasn't had eyes for several years. and now he has a new friend to play with.


the weekend begins...

Katie was a super star in the PTO Show @ Princeton....any mistakes she may have made were simply adorable. she ended up going to spend the nite with Mackenzie, who will spend the nite here tomorrow. assuming Katie makes it thru the nite there. she is feeling better, but hasn't been much for sleeping over lately. I am selfish, but I sleep better when my kids are home.

ran into Melanie McLain tonite, she is going to make something & donate to the band carnival from M&M Apparel. thank you! I plan on cleaning house this weekend, making posters for the band carnival, spray painting 2L bottles for a game, making a 'ring of fire' with a hula hoop & red orange posterboard, & finding small rocks for a pet rock booth. and cutting up more old jeans for katie's quilt, maybe even hitting up a few Princeton businesses that may be open in the a.m. for carnival donations....in all reality, I probably will successfully take a nap or 2. I should set goals that are more easily attainable. getting kind of old to reach for the stars....

I am reading 'Shepherd of the Hills'...it is going slowly. haven't felt good for a few days, plus the stress of trying to remember to wear my new reading glasses...trying to remember where I left my new reading glasses...I especially love to lay in bed & read, can I do that with reading glasses?
plus, altho this is a classic book, a classic Missouri book, even...it is hillbilly dialect & frankly a bit dull. maybe we should've stayed & watched the play. the tour was fascinating. I guess Uncle Willie should've written the book, as well....he was a heck of a tour guide!

4th graders have to write a paper of some sort about a famous Missourian, katie selected my heroine CALAMITY JANE. she was going to JESSE JAMES, but someone else got him. everyone wanted Calamity, they had to guess #s. and my baby won!

I have the stuff to make homemade beef stew. will I?



4:30p.m. band boosters meeting. yeah 4 kelly!!!!
late to 5p.m. parent teacher conference. my kids are so fabulous!
clogging class 6:30-7:00
corey over to Wii with kj & katie....Boogie Superstar, baby!


deb & kevin went to Wal-mart & went Wii Wii Wii all the way home....

left the children home & did a Wal-mart run, we are all dragging ass big time with our colds/coughs/runny noses. I lost kevin at Wal-mart, found him looking at Wiis. I meant to get the kids one for xmas but then I totalled the Monte & didn't we could swing it. but magical things happen at tax refund time....paid for my 2 new crowns...got a Wii & 2 games to start with...there is family comraderie & laughter & even taking turns going on in my living room!

kate is in both county papers this week...front page of The Mirror for Girl Scout Week. inside the Post Telegraph for dancing at Ridgeway.


God Bless Nurse Mary

she has spent a lot of time with Katie at school the last 2 days...kate's throat & head were hurting yesterday, she was there twice for cough drops & tylenol. today she was hit with a basketball in the head & was dizzy, so went to get checked out & lay down. Nurse Mary is good to send home reports....great scrapbook fodder. poor kate. kevin took her out of school early to go to dr., they both got antibiotics---green snot. he was going to take kj, too, (the 1st to get sick) but he had play practice. meanwhile, dear old mom has lost her voice. I just started feeling bad last nite. I'm sure I'll live for a day or two to take care of the rest of them... hell, the dog is even coughing some. this spring/winter/spring/winter weather sucks...throw in daylight savings time & gloomy wet days...
tonite in deb's kitchen: homemade pepperoni extra cheese pizza for kj; steak & broccoli cheese rice for kevin & kate; banana bread for deb. (I started out wanting steak, then changed my mind.) actually, the banana bread smells good, but I'm not so sure now. what tastes good with snot?
the poor dog loves to sit in chairs with people, kevin is sitting down, she'll be with him for awhile, then go sit with kate, then follow me around a while...I'm doing laundry & making supper & filling the dishwasher...because evidently even though I don't feel good either, someone has to keep shit going. and working at home is mucho better than working at work. besides, stiff shots of cough syrup & handfuls of exedrin migrane can cure about any ailment. she stands at kj's door, but he won't let her in to sit in his chair. he's more of a cat person, but he's not above talking for the dog or trying to get her to piss the cat off so they will fight. the cat is afraid of the dog. the dog could care less. ms. cuddles is at twice the size of itty bitty sasha rose.


getting older

gray hair...dark spots on my hands, face, arms...wrinkles, wrinkles, wrinkles...ridges on my fingernails...toenails are getting thicker & curling...skin drier & drier...reading glasses...taking naps...forgetting things...cuts & scrapes don't heal like they used to...heaviness in my calves & ankles after walking at work all day...bursting into tears...varicose veins...losing track of time...short attention span...

the usual mid-40's stuff or something Dr House could build a whole show around????


now kj, katie, & I all have coughs, sore throats & colds. the GS leader mtg. was cancelled, so came home after work & made kj's birthday cake & supper. then off to dance class. kate was at the nurse's office twice today for her cough. she took a water bottle to dance. stephanie had them watch dvds of other dancers, then introduced her new dance test. the worlds of fun cloggers will have an extra practice each thurs. nite from 6:30-7:00. so we're right back where we started from in 4-H...missing every meeting.
kate saw her wonderful new dog doing 'something disgusting' & is not so sure she likes her anymore. 'nuff said.
about bedtime I was toting clothes out to the garage to put in the dryer (why is the dryer in the garage when the washer is in the bathroom? good question. but back to my story...) when doug's explorer alarm went off in the yard. it is kevin's week to drive to work,so doug parked his explorer under the tree where he always does...did a branch fall on it? did someone try to steal it? didn't hear or see any vehicle hit it....kate, sasha, & I went out to investigate in the rain, after a few minutes, it quit. hmmmm. that is a first. wonder what the neighbors thought?
I hope the cold medicine has her knocked out so she can't worry about the thunder. she couldn't go to sleep last nite with daylight savings time & I didn't give her the cold medicine early enough. she had to be draggy today with how she felt + missing sleep. I didn't sleep real well last nite, either.

happy birthday kj

he is 17 today. 17. wow. we have had so many birthdays over the years...koren is 23...kj 17...katie 10. there have been friends parties, pinatas, photo shoots, sleepovers, games, themes...wild west, finding nemo, supermodels, various superheros, halloween, princess, rock'n'roll...trips to the mall...the movies...pizza parties...
there have been DQ ice cream cakes...giant cookies...birthday pumpkin pies...the Billy the Blue Ranger Wilton cake that was nearly the end of me...
banners...rooms filled with balloons...piles of gifts or just a few..
this year we took kj to Walmart as we have the last year or 2, he selects his gift, we take him out to eat. after work today I made him a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate fudge icing & cheeseburgers & shells & cheese for supper. he let me take a picture of him.
the day kj was born it was so nice I didn't wear a coat to the hospital. when kevin brought koren to meet her little brother after school, it was snowing. I was c/o stomach pain, the nurse took a look at the coke & snack mix kevin had left on my bedside table & told me it served me right, get up & walk. then I got lost in the hallway & thought I would just die right there. but of course I didn't. and kj outgrew the jaundice & chronic ear infections & allergies. he did finally sleep all nite. he learned to walk & talk & got a drivers liscence. and here we are. where did it all go?
we have such good kids & I am so proud of them. smart, good looking, basically good human beings. I love that kj's stuck with band & that he loves to read. that he is brave enough to be in drama & on academic team. and that I can still make him blush & groan. and that he will still on occasion give me a hug. he'll also set me straight if he thinks the occasion calls for it. I can count on him to take care of his sister in a pinch.
I am proud of koren's many accomplishments...grades, degree, job, travel, finding a good guy...she is such a cool girl. katie reminds me so much of her, but she has her own personality. her own talents. her own dreams. her own future.
I want to write down everything so I won't forget. the most important thing I have done is have these kids. they are our legacy. they're what we leave the world. and the world is one lucky s.o.b.!



there was the sleepover friday nite. then katie got sick saturday nite. this threw Girl Scout Sunday into array...I was supposed to pick up several girls & take them to/from church &/or pool. katie got up feeling better, but she still has a ragged cough...so does KJ, + he has a runny nose. so, we made it to church, & the same 5 Girl Scouts made it to the pool...
leaders meeting tomorrow @ 5, depending on when I get off work, may just go straight there, then run home & get katie 4 dance at 7:15p.m. tomorrow is also kj's bday, haven't made him a cake or anything yet, will when I get home tomorrow. (whenever that may be...)but will probably put it off until tuesday so kevin will be home, too...we took him out for his bday last tuesday. we never do anything on the actual day. it's the way we roll.
thursday have kate's p/t conference @ 5.
friday kids have off school. kate will dance at Princeton PTO show that nite.

we got on-line & printed out info on dacshunds so we'd have some idea what we were getting ourselves into, the loud barking caused by the barrel chest/unusually large lungs is getting a bit annoying. but hey, at least we understand the cause.

I was digging in the bottom of the closet this a.m. for old jeans to cut up for kate's denim patch quilt, found some of kevin's ripped up ones, & a pair I'd got somewhere that I couldn't begin to get on, they looked about big enough, so tried them on, & I couldn't do any deep breathing, but they fit! one of the benefits of my 'new' job, less break time/less pepsi drinking time + lots more walking = getting into a bit smaller jeans. they're a faded old pair of Levi's. I love old Levi's. they're comfy. I'll pretend they look good on me, too. hey, it's my blog, I can lie if I want to!



it rained & cooled off. mackenzie & moriah have left, katie has to dance this afternoon at the Stacy Center Winter Carnival.
tomorrow~ church at Lineville-Mercer Christian & a swimming party at the Stacy Center with donations for the Women's Shelter at Trenton for Girl Scout Week.
Monday~KJ's birthday & dance class
thursday~PT conferences
friday~no school, katie dances at the PTO show in Princeton



took the day off, it's a beautiful one, too! was at trenton bright & early to get my new crowns put on, pick up my reading glasses & have them adjusted, & do some shopping...then kevin & I went out to lunch @ Dottie's, he got new hoses for the washer, so I can get laundry going...they were working on the water line the other day, when they turned it back on the water was NASTY. I ran the washer & evidently plugged the hoses full of gunk. kevin got his migrane Rx refilled. I shut off the furnace & threw open doors & windows.
katie has planned a sleepover with mackenzie & moriah tonite.
I finished cleaning her room, which we never did get to all week with the various running around, taking kj out for an early bday supper, buying/setting up a new sewing machine to start her girl scout patches denim quilt, getting a new dog, going to the park, dance class...
sasha let me sleep in till 6:40 before she had to go out. kevin took her out when he got home about 3 a.m.
ms. cuddles is still wary of the dog, but will perch uneasily on the edge of whatever furniture katie & sasha are on to make sure what's going on...


a weenie dog

kate recently decided she wanted a little house dog...a guy at work had a year old weenie dog Itty Bitty who needed a new home, already house broke, good with kids & cats, very affectionate. so, we adopted her, she is now Sasha Rose (altho Kevin calls her Spike.) everyone is taking turns on her potty emergency runs. katie is very very happy with her new pet, & Ms. Cuddles is even seeming less annoyed at a new little sister. you still hear the occasional hiss...


kj's early family birthday

the boy doesn't like a lot of fuss, so he got to pick the nite we went out to eat, {options being last nite or tonite, he chose last nite} & to select his birthday gift (a MP3 player & a Fall Out Boy cd). he chose Pizza Hut.
I used to throw huge friends parties, he'd pick a theme...Power Rangers, Pokeman, we'd build the whole party around it, cake, games, pinata~we'd invite his entire class, the boys could spend the nite, & it was wild, wild, wild. a few years ago he wanted to have a pizza party, so we invited some friends to Mercer Pizza Plus where they chowed down & then polished off the cake, too. The last friend thing was taking KJ & 3 friends to the movies at Chillicothe...the movie was Be Cool. they played at the arcade, ate tons of snacks, & sat on their whoopie cushions ALL the way home. he would just rather hang out at home with his satellite, & massive dvd, cd, & video game collections. If he didn't occasionally need a drink or to use the facilities, he'd probably never come out. not that I can blame him...


another monday morning...

made it thru my first weekend & 1st month at wolf 9---kj took katie to church, she donated her wreath. they presented her with a bible & her baptism certificate.
this week shouldn't be so busy...dance class tonite, dentist friday, GS Sunday with church & swimming party sunday.

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