happy birthday kevin

after work katie & I took a scenic drive to Ridgeway, where her clogging class danced at a benefit. she also sang Amazing Grace with mackenzie & won a cool airplane made from coke cans she's giving to kevin for his birthday & a religious wreath she's giving to her church from the auction. stopped at Kum & Go on the way home where she mixed a drink...Dr. Pepper with lime & vanilla. arrived home to find KJ searching for his leftover pizza rolls that katie ate last nite when we got home from bb game. he said the only thing his date & he agreed on was that they didn't need a picture taken at the dance. I used to stay up when koren was young, or at least go to bed in my clothes, in case she called & needed a ride. kate & I fell asleep (in our jammies no less) cuddled up in kevin's chair trying to watch Prince Caspian. she woke me up, we both adjourned to our seperate beds. I heard him come in , but was too tired to roll over & open an eye to look at the clock. I am slipping.


and the girls win!!!!

katie went home with emily after school, I met her @ the game. it was the last home game--the Lady Cardinals were victorious over the Knights, the last performance of the pep band, the last 4-H raffle (katie finally won the BIG chocolate bunny!!!)
another homecoming is history. the loud obnoxious yelling fan sat behind me, but moved between 1st & 2nd quarter, so all was well. kj dressed up for the dance, his date looked nice. of course I wasn't introduced.
I must heat up katie's pizza rolls. we're having a girls nite.
kevin picked the truck up from the shop, the new hood looks real sporty. kevin is quite pleased. I'm probably not cool enough to drive the truck anymore. maybe I never was cool enough to drive it.


busy week

monday I took off to volunteer at the HDC music day snack bar/ran katie to dance class/made it back just in time for concert/& back to pick her up from dance about 5 minutes early.
tuesday---I'm checking risers this week so getting home later than usual (going to work earlier than usual, too.) Homecoming week at school, the kids are dressing up for all the days, Kate requested I get her up before I leave to give her hairdos for her outfits. neither of us are morning people. it's not good.
weds. it was beautiful out, so katie made plans to meet friends at lineville park, stayed there till dark, then came home & made supper. I am so blessed.
thursday--senior spaghetti supper/community pep rally with slam dunk & 3 point contest & an alumni game. found out that kj has a date for the homecoming dance tomorrow nite-she is the friend of the girl jason is taking-kj is not sure of her name. he does know she lives in newtown.


the squirrel

today I was coming home from another fun day of work & saw a squirrel drinking from a water puddle in front of Katie's church. It didn't even flinch as I drove by.
Then I came home & had laundry & the dishwasher & supper. And I found out I'd thrown away the new black ink cartridge kevin had put in the printer this weekend.


you know, I like being home in the mornings

& watching the kids morning routines as they get ready for school, taking a leisurely shower, piddling around cleaning house & enjoying the sunshine...do stay at home moms know how good they have it? lots of people I know say they just couldn't stay home, they'd go crazy. not me. there is always something to do. I have years of real deep house cleaning to catch up on. dvds to watch. books to read. a lounge chair in the yard to lounge in. I could take up sewing again. spend days on genealogy research. take naps. keep my yard mowed. maybe even cook real food. or just do nothing. the possibilities are endless.



we went to church this a.m. poor katie was dragging from her busy weekend, but she got up & at 'em. we hung out at home for awhile then went to church & picked up a carload to take swimming at the Stacy Center, then to Mercer Pizza Plus for supper, then home. I'd forgotten to feed the dogs & cats, so as soon as we got home from pizza, had to run the Avalanche to our mechanic to get the new hood put on tomorrow (hail damage.) get home, feed the very hungry outside long suffering pets, then notice a message on the answering machine from the mechanic, he doesn't need the truck till Tuesday. tough tootsie rolls. it is there.
got kj's dress clothes for tomorrow washed, dried, & packed for tomorrow's concert.
the music teacher called to tell me what time to be there tomorrow for the Music Day concession stand. kj & I will be sharing a vehicle since kevin drives to work, so will have to keep katie @ school, take her to princeton for dance class, since it is their last practice before they clog at Ridgeway Sat. nite (hopefully late enough for me to get her there after work!), then I will run back to Mercer for the concert, leaving Katie my cell phone, she will call me if dance gets out early, but she's usually there until 8:15,which should get the concert about done. I hope. we'll just have to see how it goes. I was going to get her a ride with Mackenzie's mom but forgot to ask her. and I truly can do anything, pretty much. most days.


A Girl Scout Meeting

Morrisa, Mackenzie, Morgan, Jazmine, & Dominique earned Eat Right, Stay Healthy, & Healthy Habits.  Lindsay, Kelsie,Katie, & Breanna earned Looking Your Best & Healthy Relationships. We did the Girl Scout Law in a circle, the Girl Scout Promise, passed around the postcards & pictures we had received, the visiting mascot Hawkeye from Iowa & all the stuff she came with.We did drawings, lucky Morrisa got the 'Friendship Book" (Breanna really wanted it, there was a pug on the cover...) & got to take home Carly Cardinal, who Kelsie had brought back after her visit.  deb took pics of Carly with Kelsie, Breanna, & Jazmine, & had them fill out pages in the journal about their visits.Dominique is taking Hawkeye home to visit her.  This is the first time a visiting mascot has stayed with someone other than us, but the girls are excited about it, & doing such a good job taking care of Carly that I thought it was cool the girls wanted to host.  I had just never thought of it.deb made bags for each girl with their sales package, patches, cards, letters, pictures, & swaps from their pen pals & their new vests that the troop purchased with cookie sales $ to take home.We talked about World Thinking Day, this years themes were malaria & AIDS.  our troop will send a donation to the Juliette Lowe Friendship Fund like we always do.  For Eat Right, Stay Healthy we compared 3 nutrition labels, talked about the food pyramid, asked the girls what their fave foods are, & had frozen vanilla yogurt with their choice of fresh raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, whipped cream. The girls also sampled the Girl Scout Peanut Butter Dreams & Girl Scouts Deluxe Pecan Clusters that we will be selling. We passed around a healthy girl calcium ad cartoon ad we'd found.Favorite FoodsJazmine: macaroni & tomato juiceKelsie: tacos Katie: hot dogsMorgan: nachosMackenzie: chicken & noodlesMorrisa: macaroni & cheeseDominique: carrots, broccoli, celery, meatLindsay: chicken, chicken, chickenBreanna: bacon cheese burgerFor Healthy Habits we did beautiful smile, washing works, talked in a circle about times we'd been happy, sad, angry, scared, excited, suprised, embarrassed, loving, upset; & did we like these calcium rich foods: (recorded group consensus!) milk, broccoli, yogurt, collard greens, cheese, fish, & shrimp were YES.  Spinach, tofu, turnips all got a great big NO.Looking Your Best we had a color party, using card stock 'swatches'; played circle of friends; & talked about hair styles.  We decided that Hawkeyes best colors were blues, hot pink, purples, & gray.Healthy Relationships we played the friendship game where we took turns sitting in the middle of the circle & getting compliments; mums the word where we acted out emotions; & be your own role model where we role played situations.Hawkeyes compliments:Lindsay loved her earrings.Morgan said she had pretty eyes.Kelsie liked her shirt.Katie liked how bearish she was.Mackenzie liked how she was a stuffed bear.Morrisa said she was beautiful.Dominique said she was pretty.Breanns liked her shirt.Jazmine liked how she was a furry fuzzy fuzzball.Usually we get done & the girls get bored, but today we were hopping all the way thru.  Some of the girls took their head boppers home to make.We forgot to discuss Girl Scout Week.  will have to send out postcards...Mackenzie, Morgan, Morrisa, Katie,Kelsie, Breanna, Jazmine, Dominique, & Lindsay will also receive a fun Valentine's patch & the 2009 World Thinking Day patch.the quick question was 'who knows how to use a computer?' we talked about ways to stay safe on-line, then read the On-line Safety Pledge.We made Valentine's Head Boppers & valentines for our pen pals.

Katie saw a giraffe in the stars...

from the backseat of a 2005 Pontiac Bonneville going down Hwy 65 from Princeton to Mercer on the way home from Wal-Mart...yes I just went to Wal-Mart Weds., but then I didn't know that I would sign up for a large Take & Bake Pizza from Wal-Mart for the HDC Music Day snack bar on Monday. KJ also needed dress clothes for the concert, & Katie keeps going thru jeans..she's not outgrowing them, but she is ripping the knees out of them climing trees, etc. and I needed printer ink & photo paper.
Katie & I went down the Easter aisle & she got a $1 pair of bunny ears. they look much like the ears her favorite character Shelley wears on her favorite dvd The House Bunny. she did a photo shoot as soon as I had stuff put away. KJ was amazed that I was taking a shower @ 10:30p.m. I did go back to bed at 8:30 & slept till 12:30, then hurried up & made lunch & picked up a Girl Scout, then did the meeting. Usually the girls finish what I have for them & get bored, but Katie planned this one & we spent so much time on the badge work that we had to hurry thru the healthy snack (frozen yogurt with their choice of fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream), so they didn't all get valentines made for their pen pals, & some of them took their valentine's head boppers home in ziploc bags to make later.
Katie didn't want to go to the ball game so I was a big girl & stayed home, KJ wasn't gone long, they didn't have enough band members show up to play, so they were 'released'.

and I've just been reminded that other people's children can be as annoying as my own...

but I probably shouldn't slap them....one of kate's overnite guests is in junior high. I'm sure her valued friend status is greatly helped by the fact that she is 3 years older than kate & that's cool. she is in 100,000,001 activites...she belongs to many many clubs at school (& mercer has many many clubs/activities for all varied interests!) which means that she has to sandwich kate into her very busy schedule of dancing at ball games, pep band, academic team, & every club she is eligible for, plus her church activities. it's nice that she goes to all the work to do this. today she had to leave bright & early to go to her house & dump her stuff, get her academic team shirt, & then to her grandma's for money to eat (if I could've found any cash in the truck, it would've been hers, just to get away!), then to school to get on the bus for her away academic meet. whew! yea, it's my day off. I do so love to sleep in on my days off,but whatever. it was icy in our driveway. I was driving cautiously as always. she asked me several times to "step on it". I told her in my best mom voice that the truck clock is 5 minutes fast. all is well. of course, she knows me, I am either late or ridiculously early every where I go. there was no early involved today. when she told me "you really need to step on it" things just about went south. in a bad way. the closest weapon was a practically empty can of Pringles. I eyed it. imagine the forensics crew figuring that one out...dents in head consistent with the edges of Pringles canister...blood splatter pattern indicates pissed off mother involved in sleepover...then when we get to school, a minute or 2 ahead of schedule, the bus isn't even there. the kids are going inside the commons to wait. I'll give her credit, she does say please & thank you. & sorry. I wouldn't be a 7th grader again for all the tea in china.
last nite, about 10 minutes after I'd jammied up & snuggled into my bed to watch Madagascar on dvd (the dvd had been lost for some time, & was recently found during the cleaning spree), she has forgotten her contact solution & other necessities. could I run her home just for a minute? ok. fine. it was (unknown to me in the dark house in my jammies) really snowing outside. no big deal. I grab the broom to brush off the car. no dice. have to also scrape the car. but she lives right here in town, no biggie. she comments that no one seems to be out and about. go figure.
aaaaaanyway, the sleepover continues with our remaining guest. our quiet guest who doesn't frantically need to go somewhere right now.
it just goes to show you, if I am this annoyed at one of my daughters friends, she is equally or even more annoying to the mothers/fathers/siblings of her friends. and yet they keep letting her come over. and we will do the same.
motherhood. the toughest job you'll ever love.
and you know, when it's all said & done, it will be the sleepovers she'll remember. one of my biggest childhood memories is of the Epic Sleepover I once threw...sherry, susan, callene, lisa, & cathie. mom had borrowed camp cots from grandma & grandpa. one was destroyed. we were working on a Star Trek Fanzine & writing Star Wars stories... I had never even seen the movie, so I made up a character to be...Diana, who was in love with Han Solo. We also wrote horse stories. must've been late elementary or junior high, since sherry & susan were weeded out of our clique around that time, then about sophomore year I was culled, & it became the Frizzie, Dizzie, & Lizzie clique. they even had baseball jerseys with their nick names on the back, & they each had different colored sleeves, which just killed me. I of course made other friends. but I really wanted a jersey. of course, what would my nick name have been? I really would've looked good in that jersey!
I'm not sure what I made for supper last night, but I can remember all that. guess the short term memory goes first...
(I also really really really wanted the Junior Girl Scout doll with long blonde hair that was in the Girl Scout catalog when I was a kid. never got it.)


friday nite

kate is hosting a rather loud sleepover, she crashed into the cds & got hurt, sounds like someone else is hurt now. I'll throw more clothes in the dryer then go back in my room & hide in the dark watching dvds...finally watched Borat. it was funny as hell, but I guess I'm getting old...another penis movie. it still surprises me...guess I'm not as world weary & calloused as I previously thought...
tomorrow throwing a Girl Scout meeting, I usually hand out stuff to the girls in a circle, but we now have 2 pen pal troops, who have sent us 2 packages each since our last meeting..swaps, fun patches, valentine's, new years cards, letters...so I made ziploc bags for each girl, & put in all that + their new vests, the nut/chocolate/magazine sales package, & anything they may have not rec'd by missing a meeting... katie planned this meeting, another round of healthy badges, which we'll top off by making frozen vanilla yogurt & fruit sundaes...reasonably healthy, right?
then have a home basketball game, Sunday Katie will probably want to go to church, I took off Monday to work in the snack bar for HDC Music Day.
have to go buy the things I volunteered to take Monday, plus KJ needs some dress clothes, I made him wear a pair of Kevin's dress pants & a sweater for the school Xmas program, he just can't go thru that again....


the days keep going by...

weds. kevin, katie, & I took an epic journey to Bethany & ate at Toot-Toots, then shopped at Wal Mart.
thurs. katie & I went to the 4-H meeting, then came home & did some housecleaning for her sleepover tomorrow...and unsuccessfully tried to give Ms. Cuddles a flea bath. we tried this a couple of years ago, I knew better, but in the war against fleas one does what one must. it amazes me that a cat who will dangle her tail in the toilet & lay down in the wet shower freaks when you put her feet in the sink.
she shed big wads of hair all over my clean floor in gratitude. she discovered the dog bed katie had made & hangs out there a lot now...
figured out what bills I was going to pay, & ordered a couple of small wedding gifts for koren.


my day off thus far...

had family eye dr. appts. 8:15a.m. in Trenton, KJ & I both have a slightly weak eye, his doesn't need anything, I'm going to try prescription reading glasses. then off to our family chiropractor appt. where we were put all back together, a quick stop at Brown's Shoes to get Katie new shoes....she loves her old ones, & they have served her well, but they're falling apart. we ran the kids to Mercer back to school, I checked them in, turned in the eye dr. report to Nurse Mary on KJ's follow up appt., waved hi to the 2nd grade Brownies eating lunch, had a quick chat in the hall with the band director about the snack bar for HDC music day, then Kevin took me out to eat at Dottie & Chub's on the square. he brought in the mail, we'd both forgotten to get it yesterday. then he headed to his dad's to round up calves for the sale barn, & I went to Princeton to the bank. Now I am home alone, listening to that damn cat in the basement carrying on like it lost its last friend...
there is a home ball game tonite.



I slept in, then just laid in bed like a lump & stared out the window until katie got me up to go to church. she found out about the sweethearts supper tonite, so invited mackenzie to come over in the afternoon & hang out until the supper, where they served pizza & played games. the girls love bingo!
I let that stupid cat back out of the basement again, combed Ms. Cuddles to slow down the clumps of fur all over my clean floors, finalized the band carnival prize order, games list, etc. to turn in at next meeting.
kj went to chillicothe with friends to see the new Friday the 13th, which he pronounced Kick Ass.
it'll be a busy week:
monday~~ leaders meeting, dance class
tuesday~~ a.m. family eye dr. & chiropractor appt, run katie by the shoe store, home ball game
friday nite~~moriah & mackenzie sleep over
sat.~~aft girl scout meeting, night home game.


The Color Purple

I finally watched it. maybe it was the dark room, or the comfy bed, or the super large gorilla Kevin gave me for Valentine's Day, probably it was the Mike's Hard Lemonade~ but I just didn't get it. Maybe I fell asleep somewhere in the middle. But now I can say I've watched it & that's something I've always meant to do.
I have noticed as the years go by that the only place I can really concentrate on watching a movie is at the movies. there are so many distractions at home....laundry, hungry people, the phone, the clock....

we got the kids balloons & stuffed animals from the school fundraiser for Valentine's Day, I got Kevin a huge singing card, he gave me the aforementioned gorilla that Katie named Coconut Bubbles & a musical Reo Speedwagon card. (our song is a Reo song...we're old school.)

the perfect saturday....

I did get the house clean enough for me...made an emergency thumb tack run [Katie was re-doing her room]. I have cooked. I started The Sinking of the Titanic 1912 Survivor Accounts that I bought at the Titanic Museum on vacation June 2007... might even watch one of my dvds that I got when I rejoined the CH dvd club for the millionth time...I haven't seen Borat, The Color Purple, Into The Wild, Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector...then I will take a shower in my own shower...a big deal for someone who showers minimum of twice a day at work...the world is my oyster!

life in the Dailey house

I slept in & am now attempting to clean house...have cleaned the bathroom sink & toilet, the top of the printer, put the stuff back on the shelf Kevin hung back up for me, used glue dots to secure my Halloween bear collection to the other shelf, & got laundry going. I have planned lunch...cinnamin rolls, bacon & eggs. I have went to the mailbox....the big snow looks like only a few inches, they already have our gravel road bladed. KJ & friends were planning on going to Chillicothe last nite for the premiere of the new Friday the 13th movie, but none of the parents were thrilled with them driving off into the predicted 6" of snow, so they didn't go.
Katie is looking thru the newly arrived Rhode Island Novelty catalog...now I can finalize our Band Carnival order. that damn cat is howling in the basement AGAIN...if it is so unhappy in the basement, why does it keep flinging itself thru the hole in the basement window (from now-gone duct work). or, do the bully cats out there keep luring it to the window sill, then pushing it in? if I go outside, I might as well 'do the chores', then maybe I can get something cleaned in here....the bathroom is the easist to start in, then work my way down the hall to the messier part of the house. just tackling the piles of crap on the trunks, shelf, & cabinent in the livingroom takes forever....the kitchen table needs cleaned off, too, which is where all the other piles get 'temporarily placed'...you'd think after all these years I'd have a more efficient cleaning method. or a maid.



it's snowing, & my happy ass is staying home. the elementary had a Valentine's Party today since their xmas party got cancelled for weather, mother nature tried to take Valentine's Day from them, too...there was a dance, food, games....Katie is pretty mum about the whole deal.
there is a cat in the basement, it is always the same cat. I fed them when I got home & it was outside then. so now I have to go back into the Artic Wilderness to open the garage door & let that stupid cat back outside....the things I have to go thru. honestly. all I want to do is curl up in the chair with Katie, a blanket, & a huge huge huge iced Pepsi & stare at reality tv with her....



took the day off to go the dentist, got 2 temp. crowns, then shopped at The Farmers Wife Merchantile, filled my punch card & saved $15! then shopped @ Pamida & came home. got on line for my Wells Fargo 401k account & put Kevin on as beneficiary. I then fell asleep in the camo chair.
Katie came home ready to fill her Hoops 4 Heart envelope, we hit up Great Grandma Marie, Doug Matthews, & Grandma Janet, she got enough to earn a t-shirt. she also made her Valentine's box, I did the bags of candy for her whoopie cushions. KJ played football at the park & got some nasty cleat scratches.
finally got Grandma Janet's girl scout cookies delivered...now have to 'do the bills'...never did get around to any house cleaning. Kevin put the shelf back on the wall for me, haven't even got the stuff piled back on it yet. where did the day go? and why can't I have more of them?



monday ... back to work....
dance class...

tuesday... H&R Block, buffet at Toot-Toot's (MEATLOAF!!!), Wal-Mart.
refund will cover the Colorado trip, plus we'll pay for my impending dental work & pay off something...or buy something....

wednesday..... stayed home sweet home, helped Katie study for her science test.
she made a valentine's box all by herself. she is a very self sufficient young lady.
and I'm all tapped out on valentine's box ideas...I've done a VCR, a Hershey's bar, Spiderman & Doc Oc hanging off the side of the brick newspaper building where Peter Parker was selling the Spiderman pictures...Sponge Bob...
kj auditioned for the role of Gaston in the school's production of Beauty & the Beast. I am excited! I think my son is quite the talented actor. It always amazes me to see him up there, he was soooooo shy when he was young. and now he's an actor!

took off Feb. 23 & volunteered to work at HDC Music Day at Mercer....the clinic is noon-5, we'll have a snack bar deal, the concert is at 7p.m. AND I WON'T HAVE TO DRIVE 2 HOURS FOR THE CONCERT! this is a big deal..

tomorrow ...took the day off for a dentist appt, will get my last 2 crowns (hopefully). the one tooth has been broken & patched together, he'll pull both & make temps. for me.

friday is the elementary valentine's party, since their winter festival got snowed out, they're throwing a valentine's bash with food, a dance, & games. The senior class had a fund raiser, selling balloons, candy, plushes, flowers, etc. to deliver at school, so got something for both my little valentines.

made my Band Booster donation post cards to mail out tomorrow. the Band Carnival is April 4. I was all gung ho planning an Under The Big Top theme. I have to do things when I'm the mood...or I never get around to it.

the Girl Scout vests arrived, will hand them out at next weekends meeting.

koren called kevin...Walgreens has cancelled all overtime. she is pissed. that 4 hours a week added up....



katie called me @ 12:53 a.m. from Mackenzie's house in Lineville wanting to come home because she had a headache, so I got dressed & went after her, she went right to bed when she came home & didn't wake up till about 11, when she ate a couple of hot dogs, took her antibiotic, & read for awhile, then fell asleep & took a long nap in the chair, skipping the 4-H swim party. I also slept in & took a nap.
changed sheets, cleaned the fridge, made lunch, read awhile. went thru old newspapers.
Lije came & picked up his raffle prize. they were quite pleased with it.
Kevin & I put Budda back in yesterday, she had gotten the gate open. she has stayed in so far today, she is big enough, she can get on top of the dog house & jump out if she wants to. she seems content enough in there with Hayleyi.
the outside cats have spent the weekend sunning on the back deck rail.
we all had a good weekend...


the soup supper

now I remember what I was going to blog....
they had a pretty good crowd at the soup supper, especially for competing against the Mercer Christian Church Groundhog Pancake Supper & a supper at Lineville for a family who lost their home in a fire. Our little community is good about supporting suppers & raffles.
when I left the soup supper, I almost started crying...thinking about KJ raising $ for prom/senior trip...another kid is on their way out the door. I'll be calling him constantly to ask him where everything is...he knows the location of every vhs & dvd in this house. always.
my babies are growing up...

I found this in a catalog today...

You are the poem I dreamed of writing,
the masterpiece I longed to paint.
You are the shining star I reached for in
my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child.
Now with all things I am blessed.


I slept in, I took Benadryl & took an a.m. nap, then took Katie to Lineville for Mackenzie's birthday party, they were going skating at Bethany, which is where Breanna was also having her birthday party, so Katie had gifts for both. I came home & took another nap~pushing lazy to the limit~Kevin made lunch before he went to work. I read my Titanic Voices book, swept the floors, did some dusting. KJ left for the junior class soup supper, I left soon after & ate white bean chili & chocolate pie. Kevin of course works nites, & Katie is at Mackenzie's, so I went alone. I had just got home since no one needed my help there, KJ called, & Grandpa Lije won the raffle prize...a trip for 2 to a resort with waterpark passes, a necklace, & a gift basket! So I called & left Lije a message.
so now I am home alone, planning on mopping, doing more laundry, emptying/filling the dishwasher, & checking my Facebook. I love the chaos & noise of my family, it is so quiet when it is just me, Miss Cuddles, Catty the Fish, & the automatic spraying air freshner in the bathroom that makes a lot of noise when the house is so quiet...



katie looks & acts like she feels much better, she is eating again, her nose is still red & sore, but you can't hear her gasping for air like she was...they had the day off school for teacher inservice or something & she was so happy to feel good enough to go out & play, she snuck into the pasture to climb her tree while I was at work, when I got home we fed the dogs & cats & took a walk at the park, then I took pictures of her shooting hoops.
the new barns not 2 horrible, I kind of know what I'm supposed to be doing...one week I will breed, the next week I will shoot groups of sows, load rooms, hang cards, help wean, etc. one week down, a bunch more to go. I get the next 3 weekends off, since they want me to take the asst. mgrs. weekend, which is this weekend, & they're not making me work since I've only been there a week & I would be farrowing, which I haven't properly trained for in this barn...this will give me an ungodly like 7 or 8 weekends off straight, I will be like a person with a normal job.
the 1st weekend I work there, Katie is dancing at a benefit in Ridgeway, I don't know what time yet,hopefully at nite (I'll just have to work something out)...they are telling me horror stories of being in the barn until 6p.m. weekends, during the week there are 9 people there, on the weekend only 3...which means LOTS of work for the 3 involved. quite honestly, I miss my quiet clean pig free barn, my rain suit, & the power washer wand. the dust & the flies....ugh.
it's a quiet Friday nite, no friends over to watch wrestling with KJ. katie & I laid on my bed under the covers & watched The Corpse Bride...one of us may have caught a little nap. maybe.
tomorrow she has 2 birthday parties, she'll spend the nite @ Mackenzie's...both girls are having their parties at Bethany Skating Rink (she thinks...?) at the same time. Sunday is the 4-H swimming party at Princeton.
Sat. nite KJ's class is having a soup supper at school to raise money for prom. so, I'll be there hanging with the cool crowd.



Kevin took Katie to the dr today...sinus infection. she feels miserable. we went thru her amazing amount of math homework,(long division, tho it probably has a much cooler name these days...) then left the kids home with DiGorno pizza & went to Wal-Mart...got 2 birthday gifts (Kate is invited to 2 parties Saturday, then a 4-H swim party Sunday), 50 styrofoam bowls for the soup supper KJ's class is having Sat. nite, different cold remedies for Katie to try, plus more puffs plus, a new litter box for Ms. Cuddles, Jet Dry & some groceries. Katie had taken a shower & fell asleep in Kevin's chair while we were gone. Kevin thought she was fake sleeping,but South Park was on, & she is very adament about NOT WATCHING THAT HORRIBLE MEAN SHOW, so I had to give it up. KJ had Beary & all her blankets on her. got her put to bed, she drank some cold tea.
Kevin gave me my valentine's day gift early...he got me a HUGE gorilla holding a heart. I have a thing for gorilla's. he had hid it in the closet but was afraid I'd find it. I have to wait until the big day for my card, though.
HDC Music day will be AT MERCER this year! I plan on volunteering for whatever, as it now stands, that will be on my weekend off, but they've already changed my weekend twice in the three days I've been there. this will be the first year we haven't drive to hell & gone to attend the concert. this is also the first year that KJ didn't audition for a chair,so will just take the last chair. there are usually just the 3 baritones, but I digress...and honestly, with all the kids activities, it'd be nice to have a job with EVERY weekend off. Katie has weekend dance stuff coming up...then KJ will have his first prom & I'll have to be home in time so that he won't have to take Katie with him...I've been trying to convince Kevin that we just can't afford for me to drive 'over there' to work, he figured the gas mileage, & told me that it is better the farther I drive. sometimes he is such a joy.


my day

the new barn sucks, as I knew it would. I get up half hour earlier, leave home half hour earlier, get home half hour later....only 18 more long long weeks.
got home at 5p.m. kate had math homework. there wasn't enough time to finish it before family reading nite @6, which we had to leave early to get to dance class @7:15, where I had to drop her off so I could drop off a Girl Scout check at a swimming party at the Stacy Center where the cookie chair person was. Got into dance, she had her taps on & ready to go, instructor reminds me that today is 'tight money' day. I had given Katie a check for dance lessons, had to run back out to truck for tight money. Katie wants to dance at Worlds of Fun Memorial Day weekend. Don't know what my 'new' weekend at work will be. There is a cancer benefit talent show @ Ridgeway Feb. 28th. again, can't commit to anything. don't think anyone in my 'new' barn will trade a weekend, no one there gives a shit if I see my kid dance or not. Gary & Jeanie bent over backwards to help me be a stage mom.
Katie's cold is horrible, she can't breathe. she lost her voice at school, Nurse Mary gave her some magical clear liquid & she could talk again.
she is invited to TWO birthday parties Sat. both are skating parties, one is also an overnite.
Ms. Cuddles pueked up a nasty hairball in her food dish. it's just been one of those days....

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