day is done...

I fell asleep in the chair reading the Titanic Voices book, Kevin got up, we went 'to town': gas station, bank, ate lunch @ Crossroads Bar & Grill, washed/vaccumed truck, Dollar General, Markos, & home. KJ called when we were about halfway home, Katie was worried about where we were. There was a weird noise in the background, he said he was grinding up his little sisters bones but he was having problems with the blender, he'd call me back. then he did his little batshit crazy horror movie villian laugh. later on, he told me what the noise was...one of the noise makers from Katie's new years party.

Katie did chores, made some phone calls, made a video on the computer. Kj brought friends over to watch wrestling, then took them home. I forgot to take a shower...since I shower in & out at work, I rarely shower at home. about 10ish, I realized I had the day off & hadn't showered. Kate fell asleep on the couch in her clothes while I was in the shower. I covered her up. What a good mommy I am...

when I took the cash deposit for cookie sales to bank, they were giving me some grief, my total was off. according to them, $54 off. when we got home, there was a message on the machine, they had recounted, I was only about $16 off. And they had damn money counting machines. And probably didn't have ear infections. Ha.
Kevin called from work to check on me. I feel ok, the dizzy thing is about gone & that was what was freakin' me out. All I need is to fall into something & break my leg. I am waaayyyy tooo fat to navigate around on crutches. I also have to go to the bathroom waaaayyyyy tooo much.

while it is a relief to be done with cookie sales except for distributing the sales prizes when they arrive...we'll be doing the nut, candy, & magazine sales before long. it usually isn't as bad...

my day off

so far, have went to princeton to turn in cookie money, saw 2 vehicles pulled over by highway patrol, mailed koren's valentine card & a postcard to a brownie troop in scotland, kind of sort of picked up the livingroom, scrapbooked, ordered checks on the computer & did the girl scout vest order.


watched the kids morning school day routines. brave little katie gets on the bus alone since her big brother drives to school & she would rather ride the bus with her friends.
books I have just read:
THE GENUINE ARTICLE A Historian Looks At Early America by Edmund S. Morgan
a collection of pretty dry book reviews that I skimmed thru, there were a few interesting tidbits about the Salem Witch Trials, etc.
my favorite thing? this observation:
In pre-Revolutionary monarchial society people labored only out of necessity/poverty.

further proof that I was born out of my time...
THE GOOD JOURNEY A Novel by Micaela Gilchrist
a real tear jerker. the stubborn southern belle spinster in her (gasp) early 20s whose mother sets her up with a crusty old general, they fight & bicker & have some good sex, but can't open their hearts & souls to each other. and he is old enough to be her father. she is jealous of his mysterious connection to the beautiful young Indian girl who translates for him, she thinks they are having an affair & that he is the father of her 2 young children ---you find out at the end, after watching Mary & Bright Sun having to co-exist in the wild frontier of Jefferson Barracks Missouri in the 1820s, Bright Sun's 2 children being shot at point blank range in front of her by the evil little shit whose father is the major of the militia, watching Mary & the General fall apart when he returns as "The Butcher of Bad Axe" after the engagement, & their 2 oldest children dying from cholera in 6 hours, Mary finding the secret Indian medicine bundle in his secret desk drawer & burning it after he told her not to get into his desk..it was made for him by the Cherokee girl... Mary taking the youngest son & leaving him, his 2 most loyal soldiers that he recruited when he formed his regiment taking their first ever leave to find her & tell her the General needs her to come home...
Bright Sun is NOT his lover. she is his daughter from a brief relationship with a Cherokee girl he met when he first joined the service, who was murdered by Black Hawk, because she wouldn't surrender to him & be a hostage, so he took her sister Singing Bird (who he later married) & they raised the infant Bright Sun as their own. the General arrived just in time to see Black Hawk kill his woman, & later Black Hawk arrived just in time to see the General kill his son, & they spar off throughout the book.

Mary tries to do right by her, before she knows the truth, (& since her mother was in a marriage where all 13 children knew daddy was messing around & a good woman does what she must) she gives her some of her clothes & money after her children are murdered so she can go somewhere else & start a new life, & in the clothes, she almost passes for white. AFter the General dies, when Mary finally finds out the truth, she moves Bright Sun in as a boarder, but they eventually become room mates & friends.
At the end, she is dying & the General comes for her, she sees him against the wall of her room, she is embarrassed because it has been so long since he died, she is now all old & liver spotted.
this was based on the real life letters of Mary Bullitt. I found it cleaning the closet---I have book shelves stashed everywhere, & a few times when I started the book, it seemed vaguely familiar, but this is my fave type of book to read, & the farther I went, the more I was drawn in, until I just couldn't put it down.



took a half day & went to dr. ear infection. I've never had one & the dizzy part really sucks. ran to princeton after Rx. kevin picked up the last money for cookies & got ice, I spent all nite trying to get the money right...set up appt. with sara to turn in tomorrow.
katie is doing chores to earn money for something special that she wants to do for someone else. she also made a dog bed for her future dog. and watched The Emperor's New Groove in my room.



today Mrs Stark announced that the Valentines Dance will be a game room instead. now katie is thinking the dance would've been alright...
today was 100 day-the first grade class always makes 100 cookies to pass out to other students who visit their room. katie's class got their cookies & then had to go back to 4th grade for their spelling test. the cookies had pink frosting. tyler is allergic to strawberries, but started eating his cookie. Miss Kay would'nt let them talk during the test, so katie & jessie were writing this to tyler on their spelling test...

1. how
2. come
3. tyler
4. is
5. eating
6. strawberry
7. if
8. he's
9. allergic
10. please
11. don't
12. barf
13. on
14. my
15. folders
16. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Kay went back to first grade to see what the pink frosting was. food coloring. tyler didn't barf. all was well. everyone finished the test.
good thing Miss Kay & Mrs. Stark have a sense of humor. this is Mrs. Starks last year, she has been teaching over 30 years.
kj was headed out to take corey home, no socks. I threw socks at him. he griped & grumbled. why would he need socks...but he put on the socks before I launched into the famous story of how mom & aunt lisa ran out of gas in the winter & had to walk to the closest neighbors, I had on a sweatshirt & tennis shoes....no coat.
got the valentine's order form from our next door neighbor for the school valentine fund raiser, need to get them filled out. still have one girl to turn in cookie money, I have left message after message...money was due in to princeton today, I guess if I can't get hold of them tomorrow nite, will turn in what I have.



I had the wrong date that we go back to 'our barn'...week 23 not week 25. hopefully this trend will continue & multiple weeks will be knocked off on a routine basis!


is just another day in the life of deb...
accomplished today:
1. called damn WellsFargo to get the pin to get into my online account-
2. seem to have swimmers ear left ear. also annoying.
3. OTC order arrived today:
valentine headbopper kit for next GS meeting.
fleece heart pillow kit
50 bouncy balls for my little girls bouncy ball collection.
4. watched new Scrubs & old Scrubs.
5. put away my 'parting gifts' from Wade 3 de-pop. note to self: I am going to
donate Kevin & I's pink PSF 1 year pigs to the Mercer Co. museum if they ever
get where they want donations...it's a sacrafice I am willing to make...for the
good of prosperity...because that's just the way I am!
5. got yesterdays clean laundry pile put away, started a new clean laundry pile
6. unloaded/reloaded/ran dishwasher.
7. counted cookie money


I was down to 3 pair, one too ripped & see thru to wear out of the house...1 pretty much on the verge of falling apart but still wearable as long as my shirt is long enough, the pair I have on that is starting to fall apart & some days are just too tight to wear. I ordered a pair of Levi's from JCPenney's, but hadn't bought any for a long time, I got them way too big, & returned them.
kevin drove to my 'new' barn today, it is 18 miles. the road is curvy & hilly & sucks. it was also snow packed & slippery today. he thought we should go buy my 'unmentionables' to take there, you can shower in & hope they have stock undies in your size, but it's safer (& more comfort of mind!) 2 take your own. kate went along 2 Walmart, she is worried about the proposed 4-5-6th grades Valentines Dance that may or may not be happening, she was going to look at an outfit, but of course, it's all Hannah Montana & HSM3. And she is soooo over that kiddie Disney stuff. she did find a cool pair of fuzzy jammy shorts in the junior section.
anyway.....back to the jeans. I decided I better get a pair, or I'd be wearing my one pair of sweatpants every day. I like plain jeans. Kevin picked out several pairs with stuff on the pockets that would call attention to my butt. like it needs any help. plus I think I'm too old to learn to sit on buckles & big rhinestones & studs. and it makes me teary eyed at how big those damn jeans look all stretched out on the hanger. I like the stores that nicely fold the edges in so they don't look so damn big! you can avoid full length mirrors until the cows come home, but when you pull those puppies off the rack & they look as wide as the front seat of your car...I took 3 different sizes to try on...1 I could get on but I don't like to buy tight clothes, the other 2 were varying degrees of way too big. And I have to admit, it is comforting to realize I can still buy off the rack & find things that not only fit, but can be too big~! and a gal can buy a size smaller if she goes stretch denim. hey, the tag says it all! doesn't matter how you got them to fit, just that they did.
so, kate got the jammy shorts, I put back the jeans & got the least offensive ones in a smaller size. I wanted faded wash. had to get dark wash. I was a bit puzzled at the limited selection. on the way home, I remembered I always buy my jeans at Trenton PAMIDA. They carry the faded wash plain pocket fat jeans I like. Will have to get a pair the next time I go to Trenton...
down to 2 more girls to turn in cookie money.



the Wade 3 team cleaned Wade 4s office today. have 8 girls cookie $ turned in & counted. didn't get the dishwasher unloaded or all the laundry folded, but did get Katie to dance class & went to Dollar General after capri sun, All, Downy, dog food, cat food,Ms Cuddles food, & vitamins.
Stephanie is taking dancers to Worlds of Fun to perform Memorial Day. of course I volunteered Katie. her talents should be shared with the world!~
Kj stayed home while we were at dance & took cookie money & kept track of it for me. good job, KJ!



slept in, sat in the chair & read with Katie, (I'm reading The Good Journey, she was reading a Judy Blume book), then I took a nap, made lunch, cleaned the bathroom & kitchen---cleaning the bathroom was pretty involved, I cleaned the medicine cabinent, & all my baskets in the linen closet. we studied for Katie's science test. I made supper. have KJ's sheets in the dryer. watching the Simpsons.
my husband thought I was unnecessarily grouchy with him. nobody seems to understand why I am so pissed off about being moved to another barn farther away. I guess it's just my deal. I'm sure I will eventually get over it. I usually do. At a certain point in life, you just expect to get shit on. and you are rarely disappointed.

it's snowing....

white lazy flakes drifting from the gray sky & covering my vehicles...
winter in missouri.



I slept in, took a nap, & am ready to go to bed before 10.
I did journey to the mailbox, make lunch, do the 'chores', + some laundry, counted the GS cookie $ turned in thus far. unloaded & loaded the dishwasher.
mackenzie came over to hang out with katie, they spent the day making up dances, I taped them, & they decided mackenzie just had to spend the nite, so ran her home to lineville for clothes.
not that I'm counting, but this is the 3rd weekend running that we've thrown sleepovers. the last 2 weekends were friday & saturday both.
I also worked on my plans for the GS awards ceremony in may. looked thru & tossed the magazine/catalog/junk mail collection on kitchen table. I did not sweep or mop. maybe tomorrow...
katie fell in love with alicia clarks little dog chopper (chomper?)when we were delivering GS cookies, came home & started on a proposal on what dog she wants for her birthday. it has to be a house dog. she narrowed it down from 7 to 3 dogs. she'll just have to have all 3. she has made sure they are compatible with other animals, since she has an elderly one eyed adopted cat that also lives in the house. She has prepared a word document complete with pics of dogs she found cut & pasted into it, with the reasons she needs these animals, the things she will do to prove she can care for them, & a good bit of begging, for good measure. she will do amazing things in the world. she is persuasive & committed & headstrong & won't take no for an answer. she could spearhead an environmental project, or a cure for a disease, or better living conditions for children in 3rd world countries. she could run a corporation. she could do anything. I just don't know how I can persuade kevin that she needs 3 house dogs for her birthday.
kj worked a shift at the elementary bb tournament selling raffle tickets 4 his class fundraiser. he also burned off a mix cd on the computer.
kevin found out today that he'll be driving to work indefinitely. he carpools with doug from princeton. doug has had massive vehicle problems. his newest purchase, a very very very very used mini van, is missing like crazy. kevin figures he has to drive to work anyway...doug may give him gas $.
starting ground hog day I'll be driving a hell of a lot farther to work...at least twice as far as I currently do (and we all know that I think walking across my yard would be too far to go to work, sooo....it's like my dad's famous saying: "If Willie Nelson put on a concert in my front yard, I wouldn't open the drapes." )so I will be spending more on gas, too. life is just freakin' wonderful. supposedly we'll just be exiled till week 25--which is in May, I think. we had to throw away our PIC calender cleaning the office, so I won't know for sure until I arrive at Wolf 9-which just could be another gateway to hell...you'd be surprised how many gateways PSF manages! and if we're happy in the barns they're forcing us to go to in order to keep our shitty jobs, we can stay there FOR FREAKIN' EVER. [kj tells me I shouldn't type in all caps, that is yelling. I know. I like to yell.]
and now it is 10:03 & I'm not in bed. jeepers.



kevin's back to work.
I forgot to tell him the joke I heard on the radio this a.m.
the husband comes in & flops in his chair, telling the wife to get him a beer before it starts. she gets one. after awhile he asks for another beer before it starts. she gets it. when he asks for the third beer before it starts, she can't take it. she tells him that she irons & cleans & he just comes home & flops on his fat ass & bosses her around & he groans & says "and it starts." or something similar. katie & I delivered Martha's cookies & had a nice visit. katie fell in love with her little house dogs, came home, got on-line & researched what kind of little dog she would like to get when Ms. Cuddles is no longer with us. (her exact words.)
I got our sheets changed, picked up the blanket pile from Katie's last 2 sleepovers, they covered half her room with blankets & made it very very comfy. ran the dishwasher, did some laundry, figured out the bills, swept the floors.
kate looked thru some of her overwhelming 4-H project papers. I had already kind of looked thru them. we agreed to tackle them later.
she is also working on the order of the summer sleepover she wants to have, & her next birthday party.
finally got all the Girl Scout moms called to tell them cookie money is coming due.
packaged another book. only have 3 left listed on amazon.com. cleaning out my book collection earned me about $120.


ball game

boys & girls lost, but The Pep Band Rocked!
Kevin had the nite off, so we hung out together on the hard hard bleachers with our brown paper bags of popcorn & our bottled water. Kate opted to spend most of the game in the commons area with friends.
KJ of course was in The Band. they play the National Anthem, in between 1st & 2nd & 3rd & 4th quarters of girls game, intermission, & between 1st & 2nd quarters of the boys game. So he always leaves as soon as they put the instruments & music stands away. He is a very busy boy & has many important non-ball game related things to do.


Rank Peretti/Ted Dekker
deb finished this last nite (the book, not the tv show, I would hate to have that guy for a dr. even if I was dying....)
I started it Sat. pm after I'd drank a Mike's Hard Lemonade & went to bed, I scared myself silly & was hiding beneath my covers in the dark but it just ended up being the classic good vs. evil & good kind of wins...demons, angels, the divorcing couple who just might make another go at it since they survived...blah, blah, blah. I should've kept drinking while I was reading it...it really lost steam there at the end.


The Bethany Awesome Skaters Club

kate, mackenzie, & jessie had so much fun at the church skating party, they want to make their own club, where they will rollerskate with glow necklaces, listen to their favorite P!nk & Katy Perry songs there & back, & stop at Kum&Go where they can flavor their own pop & buy Big Red to chew. told her we'd try to do this once a month. She told me to put in on a document so I couldn't forget. She has great faith in me....


during my many years of motherhood, I have taken pictures, had portraits done, written poems & stories about my children, scrapbooked birthday cards & newspaper articles & pictures, letters to & from Santa...
KJ is working on a webpage at school for a class. I have already spent time going thru scrapbooks & photo albums. He doesn't like having his pic taken these days, there aren't a lot of them. He is very picky about what he includes. I have stashed so many years of so many photo albums & scrapbooks in so many places...have I found all of them? I know there are some in plastic totes in the garage, but they are old. He is tired of old pictures. dug out a few more tonite, he didn't want any of the pics I found, including my all time favorite pic at the Unionville Pee Wee Tournament. It is my favorite all time picture. It is pure genius. It is simply amazing. If I can remember what album it was in, will have to post it on my facebook.
I love him, but sometimes he is such a KJ. honest.
he can be a real deal, just like his father.
who of course I also love, but drives my nutty boo.

birth control

years ago, I put my oldest daughter on the shot. I myself was on the shot for several years, it was at that time the safest, most foolproof thing there was. I was rather smug about this good parenting decision. Lots of her friends had babies, my baby went to college.
She has found a new dr. & wants to change birth control. She finds out that young teens suffer massive bone density loss on depro-nova. you can take calcium & probably get most of it back. she is on the cut off line of age when this could happen. She was on the shot 8 years.
so, now I realize that this wasn't the brightest thing I ever did. granted, the Dr. says this info was just discovered a year or 2 ago. so, my baby was one of the guinea pigs. they did a bone density test on Koren, it was way low.
I don't think they should torture animals with testing, but if they're not testing on animals, then they're testing on humans. and if they don't test on something, then nothing will ever get invented or discovered or fixed.
and yes, I giggle everytime I see the t-shirt with the rabbit in glasses with pencil & paper that says "Stop Animal Testing!"



I slept in, took an afternoon nap, took a few pics of katie & jessie's spa day, went to the hometown grocery store for a few things...never did call the last 3 cookie deliveries to set up times. I did 'finalize' the feb. GS meeting that katie had planned, under her rigorous outlines, each group will earn 2 badges + the 2009 World Thinking Day Badge. can't set the date yet, since I will be at my 'new barn' by then & god only knows how that's gonna go...I have a dentist appt. I'm taking a day off for that, but think maybe there's a home BB game that nite...have to get on the school website & verify.
life gets so complicated....

January 7, 1983

was the day Kevin & I officially met. I was showering in at work the other day (about a week late to officially observe this anniversary, altho we probably did observe it way back when.) when it dawned on me.
we had probably seen each other before, we were both in the group VICA club picture they took on the Princeton football bleachers in the fall. He went to school @ Mercer & was going to Princeton for auto vo-tech classes. I was going to school @ Princeton & in the Health Occ. program. We 'worked' out in various health fields in Princeton so many days a week, the bus that the auto boys rode on would pick us up.
But, anyway, we were on the way to a VICA competition in St. Joe, all dressed in our red VICA blazers, white shirts, & black skirts/pants/shoes. I was sitting with my best friend Shirley Slaughter Thomas, who was also my matron-of-honor. Kevin was staring out the window past me, daydreaming. Shirley made a point of telling him several times to quit looking at me, I was not available. She was recently engaged & had a big showy ring on that she waved around...maybe not intentionally. I don't know. It was just so big you couldn't help but notice it. Kevin's first words to her were something about 'quit waving that fake diamond ring in my face', which is a smart assy remark, which I of course have always favored, so I looked at him for awhile, then I switched places with Shirley from the window to the aisle, Kevin & I started talking, I eventually ended up sitting in his seat with him, we were laughing our asses off. I remember him saying something about the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." By the time we got back to Princeton, I had to pee so bad it was about a disaster. I had a date that nite, so waited at the Snack Shack for him to pick me up. I kept thinking about Kevin. We went to the movies @ Bethany, it was "My Favorite Year" & there was a scene when they showed a movie theater sign announcing "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" & I started thinking about Kevin & couldn't quit smiling. The poor guy I was dating didn't know it then, but it was over. I officially broke up with him on January 20, which was his birthday. I honestly did try a time or 2 before that in person, but he'd reason with me& I have always had a hard time saying NO & sticking to my guns. so, some friends & I invented a VICA meeting at nite, (this was so I could get out of the house. My kids can just tell me they're going some where & then they go. IT was different in the early 80s in the midwest, at least in my house...) about 8 of us met up & cruised around town in an old 4 door car of Michelle Leonards ( I think I have the last name right, her step dad was a Princeton cop or deputy or something.) I remember Tony & Alice & Mike Olson maybe...probably Shana...there was some beer, but I never did like beer. We eventually piled out, & Kevin & I went to the PRinceton arcade on the square. I took off the big class ring I was wearing bound in rubberbands, my jeans were so tight I couldn't get it in my pocket (I couldn't of gotten a dime in my pocket!) so Kevin being a good guy put it in his pocket. Then I got on the phone at the arcade & called Kenny at home, on his birthday, when he was sick in bed with the flu, & dumped him. Then Kevin & I hung out a while longer, & I went home. All was well. So I thought.
In the mean time, Kenny had called my house to reason with me. He was told I wasn't home. So, he told them about my phone call. When I got home, the shit hit the fan. My mom never has been much for lying, & I have a hard time telling the truth even when I have nothing to gain. She asked when I had time at my VICA meeting to call Kenny & dump him. It ended with me being grounded (again.) He did come back to the house sometime & brought back everything I'd ever given him, which was just senior pictures & a stuffed Ziggy. We only went out for a few months. He wouldn't take back the stuff he'd given me. He later called & asked each of my sisters out in turn.
Meanwhile, I was seeing Kevin on the vo-tech bus a few times a week, & skipped lunch & sat out on the old stone wall in front of the high school at noon to see him ride by on the bus & wave at him. We talked on the phone every nite, we were on a party line, all the neighbors could listen in & cough & sigh & click the buttons, there was a 2 or 2 1/2 minute warning buzzer & they cut you off at 3 minutes. so, you had to call back. And I worked at the Snack Shack, so Kevin would come in for supper, & would hang out with me after work until my mom picked me up. At the end of a month, I called mom from work to see if Kevin & I could go out, it was a Sunday, & he took me to see "Best Friends" @ Trenton with Goldie HAwn & Burt Reynolds (?)
I had been a nice big sister when I was still grounded & invited my sisters to the $1 movie @ Trenton, where I met Kevin. Real sneaky, except after we stood outside the theater & talked until they'd locked the doors, I realized my purse with the car keys was inside, they wouldn't open the door, so he took us to Grandma Grace's house & we used her phone to call the theater & she met Kevin.
and we were married September 28, 1983 & are still married. Most days are good ones.
It amazes me that I can remember all that but not if I made supper for the kids or paid bills or whatever.
so, I've told this story a lot of times. maybe when the Alzheimers hits, I can read it & try to figure out who the tall guy visiting me all the time (hopefully!) is.


A Place of Execution

by Val McDermid. I just finished reading this book---had it stashed @ work 2 read on breaks, which may seem a bit rude, but my co-workers are used to it. A teenage girl disappears in 1963 England, the police end up discovering clues that lead them to believe her stepfather has murdered her, even tho they never find the body. They do find the collection of photos he has taken of him with her, showing sexual abuse. It goes to trial & he hangs. Just when I think I have it figured out,they jump ahead 35 years, to a reporter who was about the disappeared girls age & remembers the fear of the local parents when it happened gets the original investigator to help her write a book. It ends with a bang! (if you're reading this book...look away!)
the disappeared supposed to be murdered girl is still alive. the stepfather got her pg. her mom figured it out. then they figured out he was sexually abusing & photographing every child in the little village they lived in. everyone but the sepfather/manor lord was somehow related. they came up with the idea to get rid of him. the girl went to live with relatives & replace a deceased child of theirs. she had a daughter who was raised as her sister, who fell in love with the son of the investigator...the boy who was born the same day the stepfather was hung. the stepfather protested his innocence to the gallows. he didn't kill Alison, but he was a pervert. the mother & the whole little intermarried village put out the clues & let things slip to keep the police interested. they helped strangers search the area repeatedly.
the reporter ends up not doing the book, since it would ruin so many lives if the truth came out. cool ending. but, this got me thinking....

remember my fascination with the Amanda Shirley murder?
(neighbor of my great grand parents Maxwell was murdered in her home while her young daughter was there.) I have always thought it would be cool to 'solve' this & write the book. I have always wanted to write. my poor sisters had to read my early manuscripts.
but...what if a lot of the unsolved historical murders really have a very different ending? what if the Amanda Shirley one did, too? And what if I could figure it out? And change the course of history? What if indeed!



it is colder than a well diggers ass (or a mother in laws heart, as my dad always says!) & yet the Dailey family ventured out in 2 vehicles to deliver girl scout cookies & for KJ to sell raffle tickets for his junior class fundraiser...$1 each, 6/$5 or 13/$10...for an overnite stay at Honey Creek Lodge with water park, a gift basket, a gas card...the grandparents bought him out! the drawing is Feb. 7. this could be the opportunity of a lifetime! (We bought 26 I am sure very lucky tickets!)
anyway, the reason for 2 vehicles? KJ has a great fear of being trapped visiting at the relatives. He has many important things to do, like read his new WWE Magazine.
don't worry, he got it all read.
kate got cookies delivered to Ruth, Great Grandma Marie (dumped Aunt Dea's cookies on her, too!), & Grandpa Lije. We also took along the dvd of Katie's dance recital so Marie, Jo, & Lije could see it.
have to try to get hold of Jared at work who was fired & bought a lot of cookies, Martha, & Grandma Janet. things are going just swimmingly.



back 2 work. had a GS leaders mtg. in princeton @ 5:30, got a drink & snack @ Casey's, drove around town for awhile, then katie had dance class @ 7:15. when we got home, kj had pizza rolls in the oven. kj is making a web page at school for a project, he needed photos to put on it. I found a few this weekend, he was very selective. I found some old pics today, he wasn't happy, but put them in the pile 2 take 2 school tomorrow. reloaded dishwasher, washer, & dryer, made tea, put away laundry, & got kate tucked in. the alarms are set, doors are locked, outside light on 4 kevin...now it's time 2 watch Scrubs.


A Murder in Belmont

finished it today. The whole deal is...a handyman who worked for the authors family when he was a baby later confessed to being The Boston Strangler. He had tried to lure the mother into the basement one day & freaked her out, she bolted the basement door & he left. another day he was being real handsy with one of her art students & she told him that made her very uncomfortable & it better not happen again. they even had a picture taken with the guy in the studio he helped build for them. it was interesting & spooky.

started Candles Burning, a book that Tabitha King finished for a deceased author who died about a hundred pages into the novel. took an afternoon nap, then took katie to walmart jean shopping, her jeans still fit but are falling apart. found 1 pair that fit her right, & she thought they made her look fat. she swears she'll never wear them. they're in the dryer now. we'll just see.

reloaded the dishwasher, caught up on laundry, & all seems well on the homefront. tomorrow is back to school for the kids & work for me, dance class, delivering all the cookies katie sold...4-H on thursday.


I slept in, took a leisurely shower (I have to shower in & out at work & am always in a rush there...), did some 'important things on the computer'...ordered different flea medicine for Miss Cuddles, a cool Wilson basketball in school colors for the 'guess how many' game at the band carnival (& one for my kids, too!), checked my facebook, now it's off to read in my fave spot in the 'family room' where it is nice & quiet & eat some of my beloved Hy-Vee People Chow.
this is really the life...



up & at 'em early to mail a book I'd sold, then came home, laid around reading my latest book A DEATH IN BELMONT, took a nap on the couch, then got ready for the girl scout meeting. katie planned todays meeting, each group of girls earned 2 badges, we had tons of activities, & everyone seemed to have fun!!!
Everyone has picked up their cookies, now have to start delivering katie's.
kate was supposed to spend the nite with jessie last nite, they called about 10,kate wanted to come home & bring jessie with her. after the meeting I took them swimming at the Stacy Center, then we went to Trenton to see BRIDE WARS, then buzzed thru Hy-Vee & came home & built a 2 room tent in Katie's room that the girls are busily arranging. jessie will spend the nite again tonite.
noticed today while the sun was shining brilliantly thru the front windows that they need cleaned again. maybe tomorrow...


my day off....

I had it scheduled pretty tight...hair appt that took most of the a.m., lunch out with kevin, pick the kids up early at school for dentist appt, dentist appt, pick up girl scout cookies, pick up breadeaux pizza, unload the truck, sort the cookies...it always starts out ok, then I get flustered, & by the last few orders, I am way short or long, & have to go back to the beginning & start rechecking...you'd think kevin would just help from the beginning instead of waiting till I'm on the verge of tears to step in. it's the same deal every year...then it was shower, watch Scrubs, go to bed.
katie's xmas party was moved to tues. since they missed school due to weather, it was going to be in the afternoon, but they started in the am since they knew kate had to leave early. which was very nice, they got to snack all day in the room, but she was going to miss the 2nd movie in the afternoon, then there was a problem at lunch that ended in a group hug in front of the entire lunch room involving kate & several other kids, it wasn't her best day ever. at her last KC dentist visit on koren's bday, she had lots of loose baby teeth, & one that looked like it might abcess, but they thought it would quickly fall out, so didn't pull it & told us to come back in case of problems. kevin took her to our dr. a few weeks ago with sores in her mouth, she said if they kept bothering her, take her back to dentist & get the tooth pulled. so, she met our grownup dentist today & let him take out 2 baby teeth that somehow had not fallen out yet, he said the abcess should drain & heal.
kevin cleaned out the truck to make room for cookies, so brought in 2 loads of asst. coats, jackets, & coveralls, so I got behind on laundry again...
today I will go to work, call all the moms to pick up cookies, sort katie's orders out, & tackle the laundry again. I can do it!


edward scissorhands

hadn't watched it in many years, katie found it on HBO & we snuggled up in the camo chair & watched it. you just can't take the sexy out of johnny, no matter what you do to him! kate did comment that whenever johnny is in a tim burton movie, he is made up like a zombie. he can sure pull it off....sigh.
kids go back to school tomorrow. they're not real excited. can't blame them, hangin' at home, stayin' up all nite, sleepin' in all day, who would want to give that up?

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

katie & jessie have discovered yahoo instant messanger...they had great fun last nite. I laid around & read, finished the Stephen King short stories & started The Nymphos of Rocky Flats....he went to Operation Iraqi Freedom a soldier, came back a vampire...wearing makeup & contact lens to be out in the daylight, coffins disguised as murphy beds, pouring blood over their food before they eat it...


The New York Times At Special Bargain Rate

is a short story in the new Stephen King book Just After Sunset. there are some kick ass stories in it, but this is my favorite so far. A widow gets a phone call...from her husband who died in a plane crash. He tells her about the crash, she asks him some ? about where he is, he tells her he's in a Grand Central Station with lots & lots of doors, he doesn't know which one he should go thru, he is worried. He finally tells her he just called to say I love you. then his cell phone is beeping, it finally dies. It made me think of Kevin, if there was a way he could call me after death on his cell, he would. so, I had a nice warm fuzzy moment, then crawled out of bed with my book to make some supper for the kids so I can take Moriah home, she won't want to go, but I need my house back. Plus I have a cold & a fever & could possibly be contagious & sparing her from The Black Death or something. because I'm a good person.
who am I kidding? I'm sure there's no way in hell I'll ever outlive kevin. I am a stroke-and-or-heart-attack-waiting-to-happen. my previous dr. assured me of this about 8 years ago. he might be a bit disappointed that his prediction has thus far not come to pass.

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