New Years Eve 2008

a lot of good things have happened in the last year...koren graduated, got engaged, & got a 'real' job...kj got his drivers liscence...kate discovered dance class & recitals & costumes...kevin's (still!) broken ankle was correctly fixed...deb got the courage to apply for a job she didn't get...this was my first interview in years.
the kids all did well in school...katie joined 4-H...I found time to read...katie had portraits taken...we bought a kick ass car (following one of the not-so-good events of 2008-deb hit her first deer)...we got a dishwasher!!!...we had a lot of family time after kevin's ankle surgery...vacation...got a cool digital camera...katie started making dvds on the computer with movie clips & pics of her & her friends...after an extensive & expensive amount of dental work, deb can really eat again! kevin & deb had their 25th wedding anniversary...katie's scoliosis isn't getting any worse.

I am grateful for the time I have with my kids, for the chance to watch them grow & mature & screw up & exceed expectations. I love to hear their smart ass remarks & their peals of laughter. I love to hear them burst out in song. I sometimes even get a kick out of kate & kj's wrestling matches, tho I usually have to referee & ring the bell before she gets seriously hurt. I love to catch them wrapped up in a book. I still love to watch them sleeping. I am constantly amazed at how smart & wonderful & beautiful they are. what if kevin & I had never noticed each other on that bus trip? or I'd never got to have kids? I often wonder what childless people do with their lives...no pregnancy pueking, sick babies, diaper bags, school programs, homework, sleepovers, parties, dates, groundings, birthday parties, drivers liscence tests, proms, graduations, college applications & tours, weddings, grandchildren...
I love my kids & wouldn't trade them for the world. not even a life of jet setting & extreme skinny...in an alternate universe, I would be thin, athletic, & a good singer!

deb finished Blood And Thunder

An Epic Tale of the American West & has started Stephen King's Just After Sunset, a collection of short stories. The Gingerbread Girl is kind of like reading Saw instead of watching it.

remember the other day when I was whining about finding my ancestors in history books? Well, listen to THIS! He isn't our ancestor that I know of, but he is related to somebody, & this is how he will be remembered by anyone who read Blood And Thunder...Kit Carson was in the army, he had an outfit that was responsible for rounding up Indians to go to reservations, & he had some discipline problems. they listed various infractions, but only one guy had a name:

Lt. David McAllister was caught in bed with an enlisted man while he was Officer of the Day @ Fort Canby. Wow. How would you like to find that? granted, there weren't many white women in a post that far out west, probably just wives, maybe some daughters, but there were Indian & Mexican women. My mind really wrapped around that one...maybe they were just taking a nap or wrestling or something. who knows. I'll believe anything once or twice or maybe even three times.

It all ended rather dismally, Kit had an aneurysm & died about a month after his wife of 25 years, who had just had their 6th baby. The Indians that he had starved & burnt out to get them to the reservation were soon moved by Gen. William Sherman to a reservation on their own land, since they were starving to death & just wanted to go back home. so, he was away from his family & basically killed himself in a job that ended up really not amounting to much. hmmm, how would that feel? I realize you can't honestly compare driving about 8 miles to a job you hate to riding a mule all over the west battling pissed off Indians, but times have changed. And I do have those damnable deer to contend with...

koren has booked a wedding location

here's the link: http://www.gunnisoncrestedbutte.com/weddingsmountain-wedding-garden

she thinks dark purple will be her color. she is also thinking Katie needs a special dress, altho it's just koren & cody in the ceremony. she spent yesterday making phone calls & sending emails...photographer, florist, hotels...
this is really going to happen, people! I already know what next years xmas card photo is! (evil laughter).

the new date is Sept. 19th, which is princeton means calamity jane day, which just makes it even cooler, as I am a fan! will I be a good evil mother-in-law? (I have been practicing for years...)


a strange dream

I have had many many strange dreams over the years, have even bought several dream books to explain dream symbols & themes & scared myself silly. (according to these books, I am pretty much nutty boo.) this one probably had to do with me going back to my beloved job...
but there was shit bubbling up out of the ground, PSF had pumped too much. It was everywhere. It was eating the bottoms of peoples pants, the soles of their shoes. It was like molten lava. Of course, my fear in my dream was it would eat the building we were cowering in. just wait until Hollywood gets a hold of this idea...it'll blow William Shatners spider movie & The Blob right out of the water!


the new years eve party

kate & I did the party shopping trip tonite...2009 glasses & beads, party hats, blowers, noise makers, blow outs, a banner, pizza rolls, popcorn, doritos & donuts.
we made the trip in pretty good time, I hustled home from work, mailed books I'd sold on amazon.com, fed the dogs & cats, grabbed katie, & off we went to the accompaniment of a Barbie cd in our pontiac bonneville, just 2 wild & crazy girls on a road trip.


The Nativity Story

finally watched it today. It was very good. Is Mary the same girl from A New World? The movies & books all blur together.
have my alarm set to go back to work tomorrow. crap. and I have risers, too. whoopee.
katie is still amusing herself with her bouncy ball games, playing Pet Society on Facebook, & finished tying together her skull blanket. she is also planning a kick ass New Years Eve party. As of last week, the depop barns got NYD off. Told her to let me check the email in the morning at work & make sure that hadn't changed, since Kevin is working extra nites this week for holiday pay & won't appreciate a bunch of wild partyers that he's in charge of all day. last year it was Danielle & Kayla, this year she is inviting Mackenzie & Moriah.
all is melting (again).
planning on (weather allowing) going after groceries & her party stuff tomorrow nite. probably should've tonite. kj's pizzas, spaghettios, & shells & cheese are all gone. he is living on pop tarts & peanut butter. kate's faring a little better,since she isn't nearly as picky a eater as he is. but I started watching the movie, then josh & corey were here for awhile...& I do tend to procrastinate. Today was busy with sweeping, mopping, swiffering, reading, & my afternoon nap. I couldn't possibly have fit a Wal-Mart run in!

the final day....sigh

tomorrow I go back to the PSF UNIVERSE...no more sleeping in, spending my days how I damn well want to, or feelings of happy contentment (until my next day off.)
kevin called last nite, they encountered water over the road on the way to work & had to take a detour, cutting them pretty close on time. (he was still there 10 minutes before he clocked in. too close for him.) he said it was raining & snowing. I look out the window this a.m. after I finally woke up, the ground is white here again, too.
kate cleaned her room yesterday. she is a furniture mover like her grandma janet & big sister koren. I got all the sheets changed yesterday & will sweep & mop again today when I get around to it. have beans in the crockpot for lunch. amazon.com is making a deposit in my checking account for the flurry of books I've sold in the last 2 weeks.
still haven't finished my Kit Carson book, tho I've spent many lazy hours laying around reading it. He started out running away when he was indentured (or learning the trade or whatever) & became a mountain man & army scout/guide, then he was a rancher, & now he's fighting in the Civil War! He was married to an Indian girl who died leaving him with 2 small girls, he took the older one back home to his family so she could go to school, the toddler he left at home fell into a vat of something boiling & didnt' make it. He later married a Mexican girl & had 4 children with her. he made several mule rides from New Mexico & California to Washington D.C. with important messages from 'the front' before the pony express & railroad. Can you imagine? There was a lot of desert he had to ride thru, mountains, hostile indians, hostile Mexicans, mountain lions, buffalo herds, etc. Not to be bitter, but if only we had ancestors this well documented...I have found a lot on William Cullen Bryant, but he is a very distant distant distant relation...I think he was the uncle or great uncle of Mary Alice Bryant Higdon McMillion ( probably don't have her last name quite right, I'm getting fuzzy on details since I haven't worked on the genealogy for awhile!) who is I think our great great grandmother. I think.
of course found quite a bit on some other ancestors who luckily were recorded in various county & personal histories. what am I bitching about? at least ALL our ancestors weren't buried in unmarked graves along the Oregon Trail, but I'd still like to go back in time long enough for some answers....who was the father of Cindy Osborns' oldest 2 children? Where did Willie Axsom go when he disappeared? Why did Alexander Axsom come to Cainsville in a covered wagon in the 1880s? What happened to Annie Robinson Bryant after her husband died? Where DID the Axsom's come from? Where there really Indian great great grandma's on both sides of the family? did Ora Axsom (think I have the right name?) shoot himself in that bar or did someone else do it? and this isn't even our family, but WHO did kill our great grandparents' Maxwell next door neighbor Amanda Shirley? I never did find it in the papers, need to get back on that again. How frightened were the Maxwells? Your next door neighbor is found dead, no one knows exactly who or how...you live in the middle of nowhere, no phones to call for help...and how bad did that scar the little daughter who was home when it happened? did she know who did it? and why didn't I break into the house the day we took pictures to check it out or break my leg falling thru a rotten floor before they tore it down? I've always wanted to write a book, & that would be a good one! It would of course be better if you knew all the details, but I guess you could go fiction & make up what you didn't know. would great aunt minerva watch me driving back & forth to do research & think I was casing her joint? I'd like to know the measurements from the highway to where the house was, how far, how long to walk, does the other end of the road come out somewhere, did it ever...find pictures of the old house. will I ever get off the computer & get dressed? stay tuned...


the snow melted....

it rained & thundered...& now it is freezing again.
I got up to go to the post office & have been working on band carnival ideas & prizes...I came up with Under The Big Top for a theme, just have to fly it past the others. thinking I'll even start on my postcards to merchants asking for raffle donations. need to set a date for the next girl scout meeting, too.
also have changing sheets on my agenda for today. I've had enough days off that I feel like a well rested person again...



slept in, took a leisurely shower, then got ready to go to town. liscenced the car, went to the library, Dollar General, post office, & grocery store, then took a nap while watching my The Critic dvd set I got 4 Xmas, then put away all the Xmas stuff & the house is back to normal. well, as normal as we Dailey's ever get...
josh & corey are over to watch wrestling. kate found a bunch of her bouncy balls & a container to put them in. kj must've been bored, he swept his room, even under his chair & bed. which is where most of kate's bouncy ball collection probably was. ms. cuddles has remained hidden most of the day. kevin went back to work. he has a horrible cold. mine is almost gone.
the snow has all melted. there was a terrific fog. now all is soggy & spongy & soppy.
have to package the books I sold on amazon.com today. need to order the Budgie & Sissie's Adventures book written by a mercer county woman about her childhood.

funny stories about xmas 2008

katie this year again told me she didn't really want anything, she circled a few things in the thousands of catalogs we get & made a few vague round about suggestions, so when I read the school newspaper right before xmas & found out she wanted an I-pod, I was floored. I had also spent my xmas budget. I wanted to get a Wii & a new tv for the family room &some games as a family gift, but I wrecked the car & thought better of it. she also fell in love with a mike setup she could plug her MP3 into at walmart. we opened presents xmas eve, kate politely said thank yous & I found a note in her santa stocking that nite...informing me that for future reference she had made a wish list on walmart.com while I was at work, so I could look on there to see what she wanted. 'nuff said.

when kevin, kate, & I went to sunnyview for the xmas tea, we got to grandma's room & she was asleep. we had a whispered conference in the hallway outside her door, what to do? it seemed a bit rude to wake her up, if anyone has earned an afternoon nap,it is Grandma Grace. I pretty much refused to wake her up. katie quietly said 'grandma' at the foot of the bed a few times. kevin wondered aloud if I had the right day & the right time. he suggested several times asking at the nursing station. I finally took the hint & started that way, when here comes my mom marching down the hallway. we told her grandma was asleep, mom went right in & rousted her out of bed, telling her she had company & a christmas party to get to!

kate wrote the santa note & made the santa snack this year. I had a gingerbread kit for her to make,she opted for a Samuel Adams out of the fridge & a the cookies that came in the coke mugs she'd gotten kevin for xmas. her dad played santa this year.

koren loves homemade mashed potatoes. I make it a point to make them for her. when we were at hyvee tues. kevin pointedly asked me if I needed milk or potatoes. I was quite confident we didn't need them. xmas morning when I went to make the traditional xmas french toast (it actually used to be traditional xmas chocolate chip waffles, but I didn't have stuff for that, either...)I realized that yeah, I had milk, but it was past expired. merry christmas to the outside cats. Kevin told me no big deal, tho we live in a rural area that shuts down for any holiday, Randy's in Lineville was open from 4-6. you'd think I'd check to be sure my potatoes were good at this time. nope. koren & cody arrive, we visit, kevin goes to get the milk. I get the potatoes out, there are several rotten ones. not good enough for my baby on christmas. so I call his cell phone. then I hear it ringing. he didn't take it. oh, well, I was alive before there were cell phones, so I find the phonebook, look up the # & call the store. he has just left. I did have a big new box of instant potatoes, which my brother prefers. And koren was still stuffed from eating at her future mom-in-law Norma's house.

I might of already told this one, but here goes. The Christmas 4-H party. Cancelled twice for weather. we decided to go ahead & cut it short if the anticipated coming storm arrived. we hurried home from trenton, I gathered all the stuff I thought I needed: camera, food for the party, the cool 4-H book Lisa had made to show the other moms (THEY LOVED IT & WANT TO MAKE ONE FOR EACH KID!!!), & of course, Nicole's present for the gift exchange. We get there & start unloading the car. I panic. No gift. I was sure I'd picked it up. I frantically search the front seat & back seat. I look up into the dark night sky. Shit. So, I finally go into the house, wait a few minutes, & quietly tell Kevin I forgot the gift somehow, would he run home & get it. He gives me the look, & after bullshitting with the other fathers for awhile, takes off. HE is backing out of the driveway, here comes Katie holding the gift. I call his cellphone, he won't answer. A grandma goes out on the front porch waving her arms, a mom goes out the garage waving her arms. He keeps on going. So I sigh & call kj & tell him to give Kevin the message. Kevin did come back & didnt' say a whole lot. he is a good guy. a good long suffering guy.

I made supper xmas eve, kevin had gotten sirloin steaks. there were 4, only kevin, kae, & I indulge in steak, so there was one left on the stove. usually I cover the pan, but it was hot, I figured the cat has never been on the stove in all these years, it's safe. I go in the kitchen to put my plate away & she is hunkered down on the floor over her still hot stolen steak. I figure more power to her. kate moved it to her food dish. merry christmas miss cuddles.

we went tuesday on our way thru town to deliver the girl scout party canned foods to the food pantry. they were closed for lunch, but it was time for them to reopen. I'm trying the knob & looking in the door, then turn to go back to the car. I hear someone yelling "WAIT!!!", she is running as best she can down the slippery sidewalk to open the door for me. poor woman doesn't make enough $.

we wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year!


family dinner

Bernard &Janet Axsom, John Axsom, Koren Dailey & Cody Wills were our Christmas supper guests. We had ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, hot rolls, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn, & pumpkin pie. Koren brought peanut butter balls & baklava.
We had animated conversations & a game of the new Clue.

merry christmas

I didn't do the best ever shopping job this year, no tears of genuine joy, no gasps of uncontrollable excitement. I know I didn't get into it as much as I usually do. I couldn't make the traditional xmas brunch, milk expired 3 days ago. good thing Randy's is open 4-6 so I can make Koren's homemade mashed potatoes. so, kevin ? I are having Manwich. the kids are having hamburgers since they don't care for Manwich. I slept in, cleaned house in my jammies, & finally got dressed at a ridiculously late hour. I have my promised 4 days off work. the Avalanche is home with a new fuel pump. It's not snowing, freezing rain, sleeting, or drifting. Koren & Cody are at Mill Grove, they'll be here for supper. Mom & Dad are coming, too, maybe even John. Life is good.
We did make it to Grandma's Christmas Tea. Delivered the food pantry donations from Girl Scouts. Mailed the books I'd sold on amazon.com. even hit The Farmer's Wife Merchantile for christmas scrapbook pages. The 4-H Christmas party went on as scheduled (for the 3rd time.)


here I am, wasting the day....

I got up & took NyQuil & went back to bed...slept till 10:30! which is just sinful. btw---there was no school, no party, no bleary eyed DayQuil deb helping excited youngsters glue dot & string beads. Hell, I'm still in my jammies. I am a case. But I do fully intend on getting up, mailing the books I sold on amazon.com, dropping off canned goods from GS xmas party to food pantry, & making the Sunnyview Christmas Tea. All in my fave about to fall apart jeans & brand spanking new stylin' Mercer Cardinals hoody. You'll see the 4 Mercer Dailey's tooling around in them. they would make a cool family pic. that probably won't happen, tho....but we DO look good!


no school

icy roads. according to some facebook posts, no school tomorrow, thus no holiday party. katie is bummed. but if there is no school (will listen to dreary country music to verify school closing....sigh) will find something to do. I can't waste a day off work, afterall...
kevin took me to work & picked me up, plus got up during the day to help Doug get his truck running & out of our yard. kevin is tired. in other news, our truck is still sitting in Lineville awaiting the tow truck....


and the truck wouldn't start.

kevin has the patience of a saint...he spent an incredible amount of time cleaning off the car so we could get to lineville to get the truck, when we got there, it wouldn't start, so went after more heet. no go. he spent a lot of time coaxing the ice ridden hood up. and then the ice ridden trunk. then jumped the truck. then very patiently called our mechanic to tow it in & made arrangements with his dad to borrow one of his 4wd. all without any cussing that I could hear from the warmth of the car. he is really an amazing man.
listed some books on amazon.com last nite after a long vacation, have sold 2 so far.
the history books I read have good resale value & sell really well.
my to read pile is almost manageable now. right now I'm reading BLOOD AND THUNDER AN EPIC OF THE AMERICAN WEST about Kit Carson (I didn't know he was from Missouri!) & the effect he had on settling the west. It's a little dry, lots of detail, but very interesting. I don't read as much as I used to. I've been taking lots of cat naps lately.

a wicked wind is blowing....

it's very cold outside and we are freezing our butts off. the sleepover guest are gone, all seemed to go well. "it was so fun. everyone had a great time. can we do this again next week? it would rock. please! we have so much fun together. i just love sleepovers. we had a dance off with our own dance, karokoe, and much more fun stuff. i love having mackenzie and moriah as friends. we came up with nicknames. moriah was MO, mackenzie was ZE, i was TE. our band is MOZETE. (the pronounciation key is MO-Z-T.) since you have next weekend off, we could do this again. we had so much funand laughs and memories we'll never forget. oh my gosh, PLEASE let us do it again next week. i know it's the weekend after Christmas, but it was so much fun. i just LOVE sleepovers, don't you?we danced to this song by Ciara M.G. we wrote on our arms in pen ink and wrote our nickname. i will put the video on youtube. if you wanna see it my profile is cooleyo118. but really mom, LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said katie.
kevin had some mishaps getting home from work this am. the truck died outside lineville. he called his dad, he towed them off the road & brought them here, where doug's truck wouldn't start, so lije then gave him a ride home...it is freakishly cold. haven't ventured outside yet, but will have to 'do the chores'...which sounds like a big deal but is just feeding 2 dogs & a herd of cats. oh yeah, my dryer is in the garage,which is practically outside. it's a hard luck life! I don't know how those Amish women do it. ok, now I'm being ridiculous...



Katie planned a sleepover for Mackenzie & Moriah, she re-decorated her door...good bye High School Musical,hello John Cena. She hung up black Christmas balls all over her room. she planned games & activities. haven't heard much out of them so far.....all must be going well. she puts so much into organization & doesn't always seem to have enough patience left for the actual event...wonder who she gets that from?


the ice storm cometh

kevin had a fun drive home from work after he got the ice cleaned off the truck~then he drove me to work, where I got to walk risers in the dark & ice since the manager was stranded between 2 hills waiting for her husband to pick her up & take her to work in his 4wd. kevin put his ice walky things on my boots, they really work. no broken hip for this old lady!
the kids got out of school early yesterday in anticipation of the coming weather, & of course didn't go to school today. kevin went to princeton to the bank & picked me up from work, then he went back to work.
josh & corey walked over & played the new Clue game with kj & katie while they watched wrestling. I swept & mopped floors after my nap. kj is in the kitchen making a homemade pizza for him & company. I am looking forward to an uneventful weekend off after working the infamous 12-in-a-row.
I might have to go 'help out at Peach' next week...maybe. No one has officially told me this. am I actually helpful enough to go somewhere else & help people? my co-workers probably have some opinions on that one....
I took tuesday off to volunteer at the school craft room (assuming there is school....) for the winter festival, then mom told me that sunnyview has a christmas tea that afternoon, so will try to make that, weather permitting. the de-pop barns are supposed to get the 25th-28th off. They are going to de-pop 2 more barns at a different site, so our re-pop has been postponed indefinitely, we will probably all get split up & sent elsewhere for the duration, but they promise we will all eventually reunite at our home barn. it's amazing, co-workers who endlessly annoy can seem pretty endearing when push comes to shove....I don't like change. it usually sucks big ones.



all area schools let out early in anticipation of the big ice storm that the weather guys say is headed our way. 4-H has been postponed until Sunday nite. last nite we did a grocery run to be prepared.
today Kevin changed the sheets on our bed today, & that is a true act of love. I hate changing sheets!KJ brought home the Cardinal sweatshirts I ordered for the 4 of us from Athletic Boosters. another true act of love. what a wonderful boy.
life is good.


she hasn't missed one yet...

Grandma Janet made the school Xmas program Monday nite, braving bitter cold for quality musical entertainment...there was vocal music, recorders, xylophones, guitars, rap, & the bands, oh my! Kevin had to work, but I was there armed with a camera & my Dance Mom Xmas shirt.
I asked Kate to please wear the Candies dress she begged for last year at least once before she outgrew it. She did, even tho she is 'not a dress kind of girl.' She looked beautiful. While I was on a roll, I requested that KJ wear the sweater I had gotten him on clearance years ago that he has finally grown into. He thought it was gay, but he did. I got the traditional pictures of my oh-so-happy children by the Xmas tree before we left for the concert. you just can't buy memories like that...but I'm sure a therapist will make money off them in years to come.


it is freakin' cold!

51 degrees when I left for work 6:40a.m.
17 degrees when I came home 4:28p.m.


Saturday Do's & Don'ts

Gary DID come pick up the Monte Carlo, so there is an empty spot in the yard.
Kevin DIDN'T go to the funeral. He just couldn't do it.
KJ DID go out with friends.
deb DIDN't clean house.
Katie DID plan our next three million Girl Scout meetings.

you just never know...

I got home yesterday from another day of powerwashing, hurrying around to feed the dogs & do final Girl Scout meeting prep, & Kevin was talking, but I wasn't really paying attention,then he left 4 work & the girls started arriving, the meeting went fast, then KJ had friends over, & Katie still had a friend over, I ordered pizza & picked it up, start picking up the aftermath of the meeting, & Kevin calls on his break. What he had been trying to tell me was when he went back to work Thursday nite, he found out one of his work friends had been killed in an accident. A bunch of people from work were going to the funeral today. Kevin wasn't sure if he'd go.
I have to work this weekend, a guy from work says he'll come pick up the Monte Carlo that he already paid for, so have the title on the door for the kids to give him if he shows up, KJ thinks he has plans sometime today with a friend...life would be easier if I didn't have to work weekends. Let's be honest, if I didn't have to work at all.


oh, the weather outside is frightful...

the roads didn't seem that bad to me yesterday, but the running board on the truck & everywhere I tried to walk was icy. All the area schools had 2 hour delays, lots of them turned into closings. Our kids went to school, but they cancelled the ball game. KJ is learning all about winter driving...how his car doors likes to freeze shut, how the defroster (when it chooses to work) is a bit slow, how his car really doesn't like to climb hills when it's frosty or icy...he is probably thankful he lives so close to school!
Kevin called Koren since he was watching tv & seeing all the closings down there, she said there was some snow.
The cat becomes ever more reclusive, some days the only way you know she's here is the food dish level & the litter box. I wish I could hide as good as she does! Last nite I laid on the old couch in the 'family room' by the xmas tree...the lights didn't help my headache, the laying around didn't help my back ache...I'm a pig farmer without pigs, just tons of pig shit to power wash down big drains in the pits. I definitely feel my new age + several years.


dancing at Pearls I & Pearls II

there were a caravan of vehicles transporting Christmas entertainment in the form of tap dancing to elderly Mercer Co. residents. signed Katie up for clogging classes in January & ordered her clogging shoes. I thought clogging would be like wooden shoes...it is like super fast tap dancing, there are like tamborines on the bottoms of the shoes...much more noise. usually faster music.
Kevin & Katie went to the dr. today, she thought all the sores & blisters in Katie's mouth were something viral, if they don't go away in a few days, will take her to dentist. Kevin had bloodwork done, he hasn't felt well for several weeks.
need to make my salad. I'll probably top it off with the leftover (?there might be 1or 2 left after the kids eat)....


the weekend goes on & on....

Katie danced at Christmas in the Park in Bethany last nite. It was cold & her poor feet were frozen. I found a spot where I could watch from behind...the xmas lites didn't really illuminate the girls, it was kind of a disappointing deal. THEN I couldn't find her afterward, there were crying children everywhere, Kevin did find her, then they found me, then we did an epic shopping adventure @ Wal-Mart.
we were up and at them this morning to head to Oak Grove to wedding dress shop with Koren. KJ was still not feeling good, so opted out of today's family fun adventure. We ate at Texas Road House, then shopped at David's Bridal, watching Koren try on beautiful dress after beautiful dress, she selected the one she chose the other day. We're buying the veil for her. She is a beautiful bride-to-be. We shopped at Independence Center Mall, then headed back north.
we ate at Toot-Toots on the way home, then we played the new Clue game. That about ended in bloodshed. The family togetherness weekend is officially over. Could we survive another one?


Christmas Recital

it's Dailey Family Fun Weekend, we started off by getting up to attend Katie's dance recital. She did great. I want her to take up clogging and she wants to too, but she won't admit it. K.J. went but was very tired from the school's lock in he went to. He also thinks he's sick. Soon, we will go see Katie's dance again at a park in Behtany. Tommorrow, we will see Koren and go wedding dress shopping. We are going a year in advance. She is bringing a friend with her. So far, she has what she wants narrowed down and we just have to see her with them on. My birthday is Monday, so we will go out to eat. On Monday, Katie has two more dance recitals at Pearls 1 and 2. A very busy weekend. Our family fun didn't start out great because Katie is not a morning person and had to wake up early. plus KJ made a rather rude comment to her that had Katie & mom both furious. Katie got flowers at the recital and so did every other girl but one. It was Katie. Not my Katie, a blonde little girl. Her parents didn't order her any. Everyone felt so bad. The girls were video taped. i bought a dvd and got one for free since I was a parent helper...I ran the cd player. There was playing & pausing, watching for cues, fading music out...quite a bit of stress for a dance mom, but a great seat to watch the recital. The dance teacher gave each kid a gift bag with a Dance Studio 2008 snowman ornament.
Grandma Janet made it. She is Katie's greatest fan. We want to start a clogging group for all of us, but Katie wouldn't be caught dead clogging with her grandma and mom.



it's colder than a witches patootie (don't ask me, my dad always said it. He also said 'colder than a mother-in-law's heart' but since I will soon be a mom-in-law, I don't care for that one.)
Kate had her homework done when I got home. I mailed back my too big Levi's from JCPenney's, took Katie to dance class, turned in the cookie order stuff to the cookie chair in Princeton,& figured out the bills. As usual I figured out that we seem to have too many...
& KJ went to the first home varsity BB game, where he entertained the masses in pep band. I'm a little bummed that I missed it. I have a collection of video clips of the pep band thru the years. then he very nicely gave his friend Corey a ride home.
I have added to my shirt collection this year, I have a Mom's Mercer Girl Scout Shirt, a Mom's Xmas dance recital shirt, & a Mom's pep band shirt.

Katie lost a tooth Dec. 2nd. she has several more loose ones.
I figure as long as I record this somewhere, I'm a good mom. The baby book is hopeless. It's like the Rugrats episode when Didi is trying to catch up baby Dill's baby book. Quite sad, really.

kate has dance rehearsal tomorrow nite, recital sat. a.m., dances at Bethany park sat. p.m., & at Pearl's I & II Mon. p.m. then dance will be done until January. Plus Katie & I were invited to go to David's Bridal Sunday to watch Koren try on wedding dresses. we're a busy bunch. Then I work 12-in-a-row.


today we bought a car

@ Uptown Motors in Bethany~How many cars have we bought over the years?
1. A car from Kevin's grandma for $100 when his truck wouldn't run & we couldn't
afford to fix it anymore.
2. The brand new 1989 Chevy Cavalier 5 speed from Lentz Chevrolet in Indianola.
insurance totalled it out, Koren drove it till it died & now it rests in my
father-n-law's pasture.
3. A recovered stolen Ford pickup truck...sold it.
4. a 1980 Blazer...sold it.
5. 1996 Lumina...still driving it.
6. 1997 Monte Carlo...deb totalled it.
7. 2002 Chevy Avalanche...still paying for it.
8. 2005 Pontiac Bonneville...haven't even started paying for it!



was going to leave work early to renew my drivers licence, but the insurance check came today & our banker won't be back to work until tomorrow, so will just do it tomorrow & leave early once. just need 3 more girl scout cookie sheets & I can get the order ready...


xmas cards

about have them filled out, have managed to lose an address...my address book from high school is falling apart, have put some addresses on the computer. need to get them all in one location.

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