happy halloween

I took the day off to work all day at the Elementary Fall Festival. It seemed to go well,lots of help, especially with the clean up. Katie & some of the kids her age & older grew bored quickly with the game selection, will have to come up with something new & more challenging for next year. They did the parade in the new gym & the party in the old gym, which worked REALLY well. KJ was in the parade with his 2nd grade pen pal Sydney.
His friends even drug him uptown to trick or treat. Kate had plans to trick or treat with 2 friends, but they ran into another friend, a member of our group that I am related to (not naming any names here, mind you) just wasn't in the mood for any more companions. She finally just stayed in the truck while the other 3 piled out to hit houses with porch lights on. Towards the end she got happy again. Jessie is spending the weekend.
We got the pumpkins carved for Katie's birthday party. She wanted to carve a gourd, too, which was harder than one might think. Have some last minute things to do tomorrow--emergency cleaning, hang the caution tape in dining room, bake the giant birthday cookie, plus run to the bank to cash checks & do a stint at the Craft Show 4-H booth. Kate has planned this party pretty much alone, she has planned activities, made schedules & to-do lists, planned the menu...I am just the chaperon. Hopefully things will go better, I tend to run the guests butts off with my many activities, the parties I plan are ideal for really hyper active kids drinking lots of pop. Maybe a slower pace is just what we need.
have all the girl scout cookie sheets handed out but one.
today the bug guy came & sprayed outside for box elder bugs, spiders, etc. There were about a billion and one dead Japanese beetles on the back porch when I went out to do chores. I think we got our moneys worth!
It was 74 degrees when we started trick or treating. you just couldn't ask for better weather. Katie never even put her jacket on.



katie was watching Serial Mom when I got home...then we picked up Mackenzie for dance class, I did a Dollar General run, we took Mackenzie home, then katie looked online for pumpkin stencils, we gathered up kate's costume for tomorrow, tried on my planned outfit, made sugar cookies for the fall festival tomorrow, & loaded the truck with everything I think I'll need tomorrow @ school. we had some issues with katie's black nail polish. it was perfect, then she took a shower & it came off. (it came with the costume.)
katie's X-mas dance recital that was scheduled for 7p.m. on the weekend I worked has been moved to 11 a.m. on the weekend I work, with a nighttime performance that nite in Bethany. They have a daytime practice the next weekend...do I try to switch around or just be a grownup & hope Kevin will take her & video tape for me? I am quite sure everyone at work is getting rather tired of trading weekend days with me because I think I need to watch whatever my children are doing....
I called mom, she is opening a store by the 17th street railroad bridge (I think).



we started the day off early, I got Katie up & did her hair for Red Ribbon Week Crazy Hair Day, we gave her 3 boops, 3 different colors of hair spray, & an ultra girly hair thing, blonde ringlets with sparkles & butterflies, after work I had to pick her up at Grandpa Lije's because her dad had to go help work cows & couldn't wait an hour for me to get home. we came home & redecorated the garage scarier for Katie's party & we sorted thru dress up boxes & got rid of stuff that is too small. We looked thru the new Xmas cookbook at all the scrumptious looking stuff we both know I'll never ever make. (in between answering the door, had 7 out of 12 Girl Scouts pick up their cookie order sheets & their moms sign their permission slips.)


what if...

we all were so tired of the election & the ads & the messages on our answering machines & the crap in our mailbox that we voted for Independent candidates? Wouldn't it be a kick in the pants to the party system & all the $ they're throwing away on this election that could seriously be put to better use elsewhere if neither of them won? It might even shut up the dreary election night commentators for a second or 2. I didn't even know who the 3 Independents (I probably don't have the right word here, but I think I threw the Scholastic News away & my memory is very untrustworthy) were until I was looking thru papers Katie brought home & saw it in her Scholastic News...Ralph Nader, another guy, & an African American woman.
So, there are 2 African Americans running for president this year, but you probably only know that if you have a 4th grader who brings home their Scholastic News.


the recorder

Katie got her recorder today, she is driving herself crazy trying to be the best recorder player ever. Kj gave her advice. I can tell she's playing Hot Cross Buns. Life is good.


left work early to pick up Katie & catch KJ's academic meets, they had 1st & 3rd, so we were in the science room where they hold meets for 2 1/2 hours. It's kind of like being in the audience at "Jeopardy", except I know at least half the contestants. KJ is a starter, he did try to buzz in but the team captain kept beating him to it. So he answered no questions, altho I could tell from his body posture that he knew the answers to a few of them. And I am pleased as punch. Katie was less than thrilled to be my companion. Especially towards the end. All the other meets are away, so this was my big chance to see the live show.



slept in (again), then went to Trenton, shopping at Save-A-Lot, Hy-Vee, & Pamida.
picked up cookie stuff @ Princeton tonite, need to get it all sorted out for everyone to pick up.


The Haunted Barn

was fun...I spent the whole time running our groups game. Katie took Moriah, they worked in the haunted house, played games, had a picture taken (had to donate 2 canned goods per person in photo for food pantry), & went on the hayride. Moriah came home to spend the nite. Boy, am I tired. I slept in till 7:30, fell back asleep till the phone rang about 9...


my kids are so smart!

I love to go to P-T conference & hear them showered in praise. Maybe I have done something with my life...



kate was back to school today, then helped her dad move big hay bales & tackled the backlog of makeup work from her flu day.
KJ has academic practice before school @ 7:30a.m., yesterday he had a history trip to Truman Library in Independence, tomorrow he has an academic meet in Pattonsburg.
Thursday he is job shadowing on the Mercer County Ambulance.
Thursday is also P-T conference & dance class.
Sat. is the Mercer County 4-H haunted barn.
Sunday is GS leader cookie training. (wooo hooo!)
last nite was part one of Miss Cuddles birthday party...she only gets canned food on her birthday (we adopted her in October when KJ was playing junior high BB--) & Xmas. tonite she gets milk (again, special occasion) & her pic in her Hello Kitty Party hat with Katie. I'm sure the cat is glad she was adopted by a family of weirdos. we were out of milk last nite.


Katie has the flu

she missed school today, when I got home, I emailed her teacher that she was sick, so she sent her step daughter over with homework. (Katie's teacher lives next door).
She's gotten some of it done, now she's taking a popcorn & tv break. she feels better, but still running a fever.
(I'm hoping that all the girl scouts here friday nite for the halloween party are not also sick...a girl in her class was out sick friday with the flu.)


He Who Can Fix Anything

has the earring good as new...now if only he'd find time to put the ceiling fan in Kate's room...
it is a beautiful fall day, blue sky, warm, colorful leaves...I had to go to work for a couple of hours to load cull sows, Katie went with Mackenzie & her mom to a pumpkin patch, Kevin went to work, & KJ is at the park playing football with friends.
Kate got her diorama done, I am quite proud of it. She is second guessing like no one's business. It is imaginative & you can tell she did it herself. That was the exact stipulations of the assignment.
found out today that PSF has cancelled the Thanksgiving Turkeys & Xmas Hams due to "current economic conditions". So, the employees who already know they aren't getting raises next year now have to buy their own turkeys and hams. I'm starting to wonder about the security of the job I love to hate. They have NEVER NEVER NEVER took away our turkeys before! I am a huge fan of turkey. Ham, I can take it or leave it, but now I will be shopping for my Thanksgiving turkey. Because what is Thanksgiving with out turkey? (honestly, what is Christmas with out turkey?)


vampire earrings

Katie has the most awesome halloween outfit...the most awesome accessories...& she looked so fierce & was having so much fun last nite when one of her earrings came apart...but we swept the deep dark corners of the garage & found the missing jewel, so we're hoping that her dad "He Who Can Fix Anything" can make it all awesome again...
we were supposed to go on a college visit at TRUMAN today, but last nite KJ decided he didn't want to get up that early, which was a relief since my throat was hurting ( I thought from yelling at over excited having a lot of loud fun girl scouts), but now looks like my sinus thing is coming back since my head hurts, too, & I not only slept in, but also took a nap!
Kate & I did a brief roadtrip to Princeton & took some pics in Princeton & Mercer with Flat Alice from United Kingdom, then Mackenzie came over, I made lunch, KJ had friends over to watch a football game, then they went to the park to play football.



the garage...

I think it is as done as it can get until right before the party! I am rather proud of what Katie & I have done. (we rock!)
tomorrow is dance class, 4-H, & emergency house cleaning for the party since all guests enter thru the house to get to garage.


woo hoo!

today we were told (at work) that the Wade units would start de-population next week. today I quit breeding, now my job is to feed my barns twice a day, sweep, make sure my sows are ok, then wash pig poop filled pits with pig poop water. I have a bright yellow bib rainsuit, blue safety glasses, & ear muffs, I am styling.
kevin, kate, & I went to Cross Roads for supper, their Halloween decor is very very cool! KJ opted to stay home. then we went to Hy-Vee & Pamida & got gas at Snappy's in Princeton. $2.66 (I think).
then Katie & I tackled the garage again, almost got the cemetery backdrop up, will have to buy more thumbtacks. Still have the lights, big bat, & big spider to put up, then need to pick up the house.


& it's a whole brand new week! cool, rainy day. KJ had his first Academic Meet of the season at Ridgeway, he was a STARTER! And he correctly answered ONE question. Kate & I went to the GS Leaders meeting at Princeton, where I learned that the packet of registration forms/checks I'd mailed to KC are lost somewhere...so have to get copies of everything to the SU manager...


The School Variety Show

I left work early to catch the show...it started out with the band playing "We've Got the Beat". MJK (Moriah, Jessie, & Katie) did their dance, they were awesome!!!
Kevin picked up the GS mom shirts for me & liscenced the Monte Carlo.
There are a lot of talented kids in our small town!!!


korens' birthday

yesterday my baby girl turned 23. usually I have an epic poem written, & put it on a scrapbook page with pictures of her growing up. I started writing the poem in my head at work today. I would've forgotten her birthday pumpkin pie, too, if she hadn't reminded me. Kate had a dentist appt. at Gladstone yesterday, so I took the day off (couldn't talk KJ into cutting out of school early to go with us), & we took Koren & Cody to Texas Road House for supper, where she had to sit on a saddle on a sawhorse while she was serenaded by staff & customers for her birthday. Yee-haw! then to Independence Center where Koren picked out a couple of birthday gifts.
so, we didn't get home till 10:30p.m. on a school nite, Kate brought home the work she would miss leaving early, she did her reading on the way there, did her Missouri History at Koren's house, & the rest she is frantically doing today, but she has to quit in 5 minutes to go to dance class at Princeton. tomorrow is the school variety show, I'm leaving work early to go. Kate, Moriah, & Jessie will do the dance they did at Mercer Homecoming. Some of the Girl Scouts said they would do the Girl Scout dance, we'll see.
My 'mom' band booster shirt is done, KJ forgot to bring it home from school.
I have to pick up (or sweet talk Kevin into picking up) the Girl Scout Mom shirts we ordered from Princeton.


Disaster Movie

it was fabulous. honestly. We went to Hy-Vee to get the stuff to make Koren's homemade birthday pumpkin pie (Libby's Pumpkin Pie Mix, evaporated milk, & Pillsbury deep dish pie crusts.) Kevin always gives me shit, why don't I just buy a bakery pie & be done with it? Because I have to make it with love. And Koren loves Libby's Pumpkin Pie Mix & Pillsbury deep dish crusts.
then we went to McDonalds drive thru on way home.


rainy nite

Katie took Benadryl & went to bed early, I'm listening to the lulling sounds of the rain. I love rain as long as I'm inside. I hate rain when I have to drive in it. I have an unnatural fear of hydroplaning. (yeah, I've done it a time or two.)
I was going to try to get KJ to leave school early Weds. to go to KC with us to say HI to Koren on her birthday (& Katie has a dentist appt. in Gladstone.) But he has a physiology & anatamy test AND HDC band auditions. Our new guy starts tomorrow, & we have a part timer borrowed Wed-Friday, but that may not get me a day off. I am leaving early Friday no matter what to watch my babies & the Girl Scouts in the School Variety Show. A mom has to set her priorities...


wild west photo shoot

this morning jessie & katie dressed up in long white dresses & found guns for a photo shoot in the pasture. katie was CALAMITY JANE, which warmed my heart. (I am a true Calamity Jane fan.) jessie was a bride done wrong who had killed her husband & Calamity was helping her hide from the law. jessie thought her name might be ELIZABETH, katie thought she should be ANNIE OAKLEY. got some really good pictures of them, then spent some time picking sticktights & cuckleburrs out of clothes.


goin' on a hayride

I started my weekend off sleeping in....then did some house cleaning, woke Kevin up, & we journeyed to Bethany together in the Avalanche for lunch at Toot-Toots & a Wal-Mart shopping trip. Came home & put stuff away, then picked up Katie's friend Jessica to spend the nite. We went to the Christian Church hayride/weenie roast. I love hayrides. I love it even more when I can take pics of my kids & their friends having fun on hayrides. The girls were a bit miffed by the "have to be 10 to roast your own weenies rule." Especially Katie, who is "practically 10." She decided she wasn't really hungry, anyway, Jessica let me roast her weenie.
Katie & Moriah did a "ghost photo shoot" out in the yard after dark last nite. The original pictures were good, then Katie did some editing on them, adding blood red lips, different skin tints, etc, & now they are amazing! going to try to do my first flipbook on Snapfish. I have ordered pics from them & am very pleased with what I receive.



my kids have lots of them. Moriah came over to practice their dance for the Variety Show next week. Jessie has missed both of their practices, so Katie invited her to spend the nite tomorrow...she assured me that she had asked me last nite & I was ok with it. She thought her 'no friends' ended with September. And to be fair, me letting her have Moriah over to practice was 'having a friend over.'
I found out when I overheard her on the phone telling Jessie how much fun they'd have at the church hayride tomorrow nite when she spends the nite.
The peace & quiet was nice while it lasted!
Josh & Corey are here to watch wrestling with KJ.
I'm going to order from Mercer Pizza Plus. My original plan was to go to Wal-Mart tonite. I had forgotten Moriah was coming over. Kevin offered to get up tomorrow & go with me before he goes to work. (He thinks it'll be cheaper that way, I'm guessing...)So, I 'did the bills', filled out Katie's school book order, did some minor cleaning, & will put away laundry while I'm 'making supper.'
I also cleaned thru the desk drawers & found the Gross Food Labels I'd bought awhile back for our Halloween party! I just remembered them when I saw a set of Gross Drink Labels in a catalog.


treading water

I've made it thru Thursday nite...had to go to work early to load feeder pigs, then load cull sows, then load another room of feeder pigs...took Katie to dance class, she had massive math homework, had to go to Dollar General to buy dog food & cat food before I could feed 'the pets'.
Clark went home on America's Next Top Model. There is justice in the universe. I know the reason she annoyed me so much was that she looks like a former co-worker.
Speaking of work, I think I have entered into an "alliance" with Gary. (I need to quit watching "I Love Money" with the kids. I tend to think in terms of reality shows these days.) It's "us" against "the new guys". You can move up rank pretty quickly in the PSF Universe. People tend to think money's overrated & find ways to not need so much so they can get different jobs.
I have to make tea & fold towels & put away towels. Katie is watching "Pushing Daisies" off the list for bedtime. I put off "doing the bills" until tomorrow nite. Still need to get Katie's book order filled out, too....

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