Forgetting Sarah Marshall

katie selected this dvd to rent on our excursion to Grammy's Grocery. I told her it probably wasn't a family movie. She ended up not watching most of it. I guess I'm getting old, because until I watched Walk Hard The Life & Times of Dewey Cox (or something like that) I had never seen a penis in a movie that wasn't a porn. I mean, you expect some boobs, maybe a few butts, but penis shots...they give me the giggles. Is this the effect they're supposed to have? or have I become some incredible prude? And shouldn't they have some kind of warning about penis cameos? I don't really think 'nudity' covers it. Well, I guess maybe my idea of nudity is different. And how much are these guys getting paid?


something smells really bad, like in the basement coming up thru the duct work. kevin investigated that. the 2 dogs in the same pen are not getting along, we need to get wire & seperate them. kevin thinks they should just learn to get along.
I forgot to buy ice on the way home from work AND just realized that when I mailed in our All State Swaps (for Missouri AND Wyoming!) I was one short on each set, so will have to send in the 2 I made last nite.
Kj took himself to his haircut today after school---another helpful thing our liscenced driver son can do.
It is such a beautiful fall day. Kate is sprawled on our bed watching "A Cinderella Story." We saw it at the movies when it was new, taped it on VHS off the satellite, but couldn't find the tape the other day when she was looking for it, so I found her a dvd at the used book store at Southridge Mall on our date day. She watched it Sunday, Monday, & again today. Best $5.95 I ever spent!
She recently got "Another Cinderella Story" or whatever the Selena Gomez version is called. She really likes it, too. Every kid should believe in the possibility of a happily ever after. I know I still do!


katie helped decorate the 4-H window

downtown this evening. her first 4-H community service.
kevin & I went back to work today, I had originally took the day off, but since we're working 2 people short, went ahead & worked. I'm still taking off October 8th to take katie to the dentist & pop in on Koren to tell her happy birthday.


Silver Anniversary

we spent the day together in Des Moines...we saw My Best Friend's Girl, ate at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse, walked thru the mall & hit the used bookstore, then shopped at Wal-Mart, & did a romantic moonlit drive thru Stephen's Forest.



kevin took the day off for us to spend together, I got up early to go to the post office & mail Girl Scout stuff (mascot & SWAPS), about the time kevin got up, kate had made plans to go hang with friends @ lineville park, then we came home & I took a long nap, then got up & made supper, played barbies, showered, & swept floors.
today was a big day...KJ drove himself to the Barnwarming Dance. this is the first dance he didn't need a ride to/from. our baby boy is growing up (& up & up...)
tomorrow we will go somewhere & do something to celebrate our 25 years of togetherness. kevin was on-line planning a day in Des Moines the other day. I'll just be surprised.


deb took a nap

I came home from work exhausted, I was just going to lie on my oh-so-comfy bed & watch The Love Guru. (I really wanted a nap, but this way it looks like I just accidently fell asleep...)but I couldn't get the dvd player to work, we have a dvd player, vcr, & 2 of Katie's games plugged in, it is beyond my capability to get anything to work. Katie gave it a go, & she got everything but the dvd player to work. So, I decided instead to start reading House of Abraham Lincoln and the Todds A Family Divided By War, & as much as I love Lincoln books, I didn't get very far. Katie woke me up, she'd been bitten by a strange dog she was trying to run out of our yard...I thought I was dreaming. She said the neighbors were helping her (her 4th grade teacher is our neighbor...)
She says her arm is ok, the dog didn't really bite her that bad. what kind of a mom takes a nap while her daughter is defending the yard & facing wild animal attack? She also made invitations for her Halloween birthday party sleepover on a weekend I have to work...
so, about 8:30 p.m. I started a thrown together supper for Kj, Katie, & Corey (our practically adopted son), wrestling is over, Larry the Cable Guy is on, & there is discussion about watching Sweeney Todd.



work, dance practice, 1st 4-H meeting, that we were late to because of dance practice, & we will continue to be late to because of dance practice...
Katie is the Vice-President of Mercer's newest 4-H club, the Northern Lights.
the girls may be dancing at Bethany's Xmas in the Park. more on that later.


college day

Kj went to College Day at Trenton today. College day. It seems like just the other day that Koren was going to college days...time keeps marching on...

recent accomplishments

*going to my first melodrama
*getting the garage virtually clean enough for a Halloween party
*restraining myself from signing up to make 50 more swaps for any state
(have already done Missouri & Wyoming)
*setting up a Girl Scout meeting for next week
*accepting the fact that since this years rules for the upcoming School Variety Show limit the students to appearing in one act, my daughter most likely doesn't want to dance with the Girl Scouts
*somehow fitting into the Levis I found in the bottom of the closet that I couldn't zip last time I tried them on...
*restraining from applying the the City Clerk job which I know would run us short on $


mother/daughter fun

kate & I had so much fun going to the melodrama together last nite, I decided we'd do a roaming photo shoot when I got home from work. The sky was full of huge puffy clouds...we took pics by the new Calamity Jane sign...I am such a huge Calamity Jane fan & I never realized until today how close I grew up to her home place! We also did pictures by Swan Cemetery & the old church ---was it a church in her time? It was close enough for her family to attend. Of course most of the stuff I've read painted her mother as a real "Character", kind of looked down on by the neighbors. Probably not a church goer, or maybe a church goer not welcomed by the other church goers...then we went to Princeton, we cruised by the park to take pics on the Highway 65 Riders motorcyle, but someone was there, so we tried to go to Dollar General thru the square...which was still closed off for Calamity Jane activities...so we had to back track. then we found the park deserted, took some pics, & headed for home.


48th Annual Calamity Jane Day

I left work early, Kevin & I watched KJ march in the band & Katie ride with The Dance Studio girls. I bought the Pioneer Press. It was awesome! KJ opted to ride the bus home instead of staying to watch Katie dance. We met up with Grandma Janet & Aunt Lisa. Then we ate lunch @ Crossroads Bar & Grill. Kate & I went back to town later to catch the melodrama. (ran into Aunt Lisa & Grandma Janet again...). when we got home, no KJ. He didn't drive a vehicle. No note. So I'm guessing he's playing football at the park. I'm just not used to him leaving the house...

& I got another sunburn...

Hi, Sarah!


took the day off

for a dentist appt. Then I had a nice visit with Grandma, she was enjoying the Polka Band concert...they're the ones who come up here for Calamity Jane weekend every year. One of the band members is from Chillicothe, Grandma knew his family. his mother had lived at Sunnyview until she passed away, he thanked the crowd for being so nice to his mother. I walked Grandma to the dining room for lunch before I left, as I was walking away I heard one of her tablemates say, "The grandkids sure grow up fast, don't they?" It struck me as funny.
Then I used the $15 gift certificate KJ won for The Farmers Wife Merchantile,shopped at Hy-Vee, & made a horrible mess trying to eat a Cream Cheese muffin while I was driving home. Katie will be happy that 2 of the 3 My Scenes she ordered from Amazon have arrived. I started making SWAPS for the All-State Swap exchange (Girl Scouts), wrapped the X-mas presents that have started arriving, & am now making lunch.
I can have really productive days when I don't waste half of them at work!


kevin mowed his grandma's yard & ours today, then I came home from work, pulled into the driveway behind the truck, he went out to go to work, then came back in & told me I had hit the truck with the car...I hotly denied this. The Monte liscence plate was touching that huge ball he has on the back of the truck to pull the trailer with. In my defense, I drive so slow-mo there wasn't even a bump.
katie had dance class tonite. They started to learn 2 new dances for xmas recital. She is really having fun @ dance class. They will ride in the Calamity Jane Parade Saturday on The Dance Studio Float, then dance after the parade. I have to work, but got permission to leave for the parade, & go back & do risers. (I gave up on the photo contest...I have to spend some actual time @ work...)
kevin told me the mercer city clerk job is opening. that's a dangerous thing to tell someone like me who really really hates her job.



we met Koren & Twila in Chillicothe & took them to supper @ Applebee's, then Kevin jumped Twila's car that was still at the new Walgreens, then they went back to the Best Western & we went to Walmart. Koren will be there tomorrow, then Tuesday-Thursday next week. The new store opens next Friday. Then they will be stocking their new store in Oak Grove.
smells like something died in the garage, so will start cleaning out there tomorrow after work. The Girl Scout Halloween Party will be here before I know it anyway.



the kids school pictures turned out good for school pictures.
Koren called from Chillicothe, she is in the Best Western with her new friend from work, we will take them out for supper at Applebee's tomorrow. She'll be in Chillicothe setting up the new Walgreens this week & next.



Katie was baptized at the Lineville Mercer Christian Church this morning with her mom & best friends Moriah & Mackenzie attending. Then we went to Princeton & did some pictures with the mascot & flat stacie we are hosting from Maryland. Koren arrived about 8:30p.m., she will be in Chillicothe for a few days helping to set up the new Walgreens store. Cody called her at 9:30p.m. to tell her he'd left his car/house keys in her purse & was now stranded in St Joe with the friends they'd spent the weekend with. So, she is headed to St Joe & will stay at the friends again & go to Chillicothe in the a.m. from there. the poor girl is tired.
we'll meet her in Chillicothe Tuesday for supper.


The Grounding

it was bound to happen...too many friends, not enough down time.
There was an incident this evening, I did the "I am so disappointed" speech. I even threw in the infamous "Girl Scouts are our sisters" speech.
One friend went home. The other friend is spending the nite as planned, but starting tomorrow, Katie has no friends over to play, visit, practice, or spend the nite. For no reason. For one month.
This is a punishment for Katie, & kind of a treat for her weary family who would like some peace & quiet. The short order cook/photographer is ready for a vacation.
I almost wonder if this was Katie's way of stopping the madness. She has the same problem I have with telling people "NO."


slept in,then cleaned LR for the GirlScout meeting, also cleaned some in my room. The girls had a blast making pet rocks. Mackenzie is spending the nite, Moriah had to go home but now is back. The air is heavy, the sky is overcast, looks like it could just pour.
Need to put away all our meeting stuff & clean off the kitchen table & take out the xtra leaves. KJ has a friend over discussing football.
heard from a Brownie mom that the PSF Peach units have been told to use their vacation days, they may have to shut them down because their lagoons are full & there is no where to go with the water because of the incredible amt. of rain we've had. They were told the Wades were next. (I work at Wade 3). A few weeks ago they told us to conserve water at all costs, because if the lagoons get too full, they will de-pop the barns. I hate my job, but I like the $...


rainy day

deb is home for the weekend! I laid on my bed & watched the end of Stick It with Katie, then came to the startling realization that I have an Outdoor Adventure Girl Scout meeting scheduled at the park tomorrow, & it is a muddy mess outside with more rain predicted, so started cleaning house in case we need to have it here. Kate invited Moriah over, they are redecorating the 'family room'...which has also been the 'dining room' and 'katie's room'. I keep thinking the next time we buy a tv, we'll give the LR one to one of the kids & move one of their little 13" ones into the 'family room' with a dvd player. we seem to be a very tv orientated family...playing games, watching movies, or obsessively watching House marathons. (hey, not me. House annoys me. I could actually go into a Dr Cox rant from Scrubs, which I do love, but I'd lose my place & embarrass myself.)
anyway, the girls creatively angled the old couch in the corner, & shoved her boxes & boxes of dollies & stuffed animals behind...that is my kind of organization! out of sight, out of mind. but now there is no room for the glider rocker...


Christmas is coming!

Katie's christmas dance recital is scheduled for December 6th!
Kj's academic team practice starts next week.
it's getting dark SO early...
the days are a blur.
& the nites aren't long enough for me to get a good nite's sleep...
but other than that, life is good.


family chiropractic appt.

I know that I feel better, anyway! Then we had the family meal deal at Pizza Hut & experienced the helpful smile in every aisle at Hy-Vee.
I've put away 3 loads of laundry, & groceries, & goofed around on the computer.



it has been a long weekend filled with friends, 1st kj had a nasty cold, now I have the nasty cold, & I think Katie is coming down with one, too...I overheard her telling Moriah today "My mom's not really lazy. She's just lying down all the time because she doesn't feel good." And cold meds make me sleepy.
making supper, then Moriah goes home. (hopefully not to be replaced with another friend...)
I am glad that the kids friends feel comfortable here. But sometimes it would be nice if it was just us Dailey's...


I tackled the dust bunnies

& I think I won! cleaned Kj's room, something I rarely ever do, but it was like a horror movie in there. I also cleaned thru my girl scout stuff, throwing away old stuff I don't need for this years record keeping, & checked my box for next weeks meeting at the park & took down the water logged tent & hung it back over the clothesline to dry (again). it wasn't all fun & games, I also took a lengthy nap.
Kelsie was over for awhile, then she & Mackenzie left & Moriah & Corey came over.
If we ever get the house to ourselves, Kate & I need to watch the rest of the 2 hour season premiere of America's Next Top Model.
now I'm off to finish reading the footnotes in the Custer book.
Moriah has hinted that she would like supper, Katie told her we had an early supper (it was actually a really really late lunch--about 3p.m. when the girls got home from the park.) so they're eating poptarts. I didn't eat lunch & am kind of hungry, too, but I am also tired & lazy, so will just eat a few crackers & read.
maybe we'll make chocolate chip cookies... (Betty Crocker mix).


mackenzie spent the nite with katie last nite, josh & corey came over to play football at the park with kj & watch wrestling.

by finally reading last weeks paper I discovered that the first ever photo contest will be held at calamity jane day. I of course work that weekend, photos must be entered that a.m. between 8-10 a.m. I already have pictures in mind that I would enter. How much would I have to bribe KJ to get them there for me? my mom & my friend martha keep telling me I should open a photography studio, in my little dream world, I would renovate the old Arbucle's store on the mercer square, of course keeping the name Arbucle's since it is a part of mercer history & it doesn't do much good to change old names in small towns...case in point...it may have said Mercer Pizza Plus on the door for many years, but we all still call it Green Cow. I also like the name Arbucle's. But since I have to live in the real world, I will go thru recent pictures & select some & plot on how to get them there. I could always go into work early & then leave for a bit & go back...that is exhausting, but I'm sure people have done more than that to chase a dream...
I'm thinking a pic of kate & friends at the carnival, & one of kj & friends playing football.

in other news, my friend at work is 'seriously contemplating alternate lines of employment.' having someone to make catty remarks to sure makes the day go faster. I guess I'm a big girl & I of course will go down with the ship...


kj has a nasty cold

& got his magazines sold. katie started her new dance class & has mackenzie scheduled to sleep over tonite. I am thankful I have the weekend off. we're all exhausted from homecoming & the weather change. I have found my sweatpant stash, katie has started wearing her new long sleeved shirts.
today was the first "we have a new teenage driver" insurance payment. wow. it was high on a 96 lumina. some 16 year olds drive new cars.
time to go to work & load the cull sows. life just doesn't get any better than this...



koren called, she will be in chillicothe in a couple of weeks to help open the new store, we will meet her for supper. she is getting settled into her new place & has a new best friend @ work.
katie had homework.
kj hustled & sold 3 more magazine subscriptions...they're supposed to sell 10 each. he's got 7! and a friday deadline.



took my half day at work & got my highlights done again---took a quick nap---katie found a video of her as a baby that we watched---kevin made supper while I cleaned the floors---I even got sheets changed yesterday! woo hoo!

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