Kj & I started our day at 7a.m., being the only 2 volunteer band boosters cleaning up trash on the square. I came home after Katie & Morgan, back to the square for the girl scout sponsored baby show. Kevin came uptown, Kate hung out & played kid games, Kj came up to march in the band, Kate & I ran Morgan home, then to our hosue so Katie could change shirts, then I hiked her & Kelsie down to the Dance Studio float. Katie & I got sunburned at the parade, we waited around uptown for our Pizza Plus order to get done, then came home, ate, & I took a nap. Kate woke me up to go back uptown for the carnival. She did armband nite again, played a few carnie games, ate a carmel apple, Kevin & I split a funnel cake. It was a long day.


Friday Nite On The Town

we were uptown a bit early to get our wristbands & beat the crowd, Katie, Moriah, & Mackenzie hung out waiting for the rides to start, then it was a frantic race between the Swings, the Slide, the Paratrooper, the Rocket, & the Buckets. Katie rode with Mackenzie, Moriah, Kelsie, Kayla, Jessica, Breanna...she ate a hotdog & had a sno cone. She at one point felt really sick & asked to go home, but after about a half hour, she was roaring to go back & had the time of her life. (that's the jist I got thru the camera lens, anyway...)
Her last ride on the Rocket, her flip flops flew off & out the rocket...one of the carney's very nicely found them for her on the ground under the ride. In the dark, no less. Katie declared that the Rocket was more fun in the dark.
I got to hang out with my 'grownup friends'...Kayla's mom & dad, Jessica's mom, Corey's mom...& I love to watch Katie having fun with her friends, & being free to run around with out having to watch out for cars. All the cables on the ground can be a bit dangerous, but she's never tripped over one yet. I, on the other hand...
KJ has again boycotted the carnival. His friend Nick worked as a temp. carney tonite, he is a real nice guy & great with kids, his ride was full all nite long.
Kevin took the weekend off. Tomorrow is Band Booster Trash Pickup on the square at 7, Girl Scouts run the baby show on the square at 9:30, Katie will ride the Dance Studio float in the parade, & KJ will march with the band. Will Katie be up to another nite of rides?
Every year I try a new carney treat...onion blossoms, friend twinkies, fried Snickers, fried Oreos, potato twists, this year it was chicken on a stick. Quite tasty.

Homecoming part 1

it started raining late afternoon, putting a real damper on Katie's planned nite of stardom in the Local Entertainment. We had thunder and lightning. It cleared off & all went well...she danced with her girl scout troop in their brand new t-shirts we had made @ M&M Apparel in Princeton...sang a duet with Moriah... danced with MMJK (Moriah, Mackenzie, Jessica, & Katie)...and danced with her dance class, the 2 Princeton girls didn't show, so the instructor Stephanie & her adorable & very talented 3 year old daughter Maggie who always practices with them took their spots. We bought $20 of raffle tickets, & won a $15 gift certificate, a sling backpack, AND a fire extinguisher. And Cassie that we bought raffle tickets from for Miss Mercer won, too!
KJ's friends drug him uptown for awhile, but we missed him. He walked back home. He was a bit upset that I exhibited bad parenting by letting Katie stay out so late on a school nite. they only have a half day today & it's only Homecoming 3 days a year.
Katie got to hang out with her friend Justin some, too!
Her portable fan club of Grandma Janet, Grandpa Lije, & Jo, + her mom were all there. I taped so much that my batteries gave out halfway thru her last performance. Tonight she'll have an armband, so will take tons of friends pictures for her scrapbook.



another day in the life of the dailey family....kevin moved cows, mowed a yard, & had a dentist appt...kate had school & dance class, then she had to make an emergency trip to lineville to say goodbye to her friend justin who mackenzie thought was leaving today, but won't leave for a few days. they made plans to meet at the carnival in mercer friday nite.
kevin picked up the girl scout shirts today, got 7 of them delivered, kate says she will hand out the other 5 at school tomorrow.
deb had a phone call from a girls mom who was interested in joining our scout troop, found out that a vehicle has been secured for Little Miss & Mister Mercer to ride in for the homecoming parade (our troop is in charge of the baby show), I have one definite & one last resort if no one else will do it, call me judge (my mother!) I have one girl who will help at the baby show if I pick her up & bring her home.
we got all kate's cds & shirts in a bag for tomorrows variety show. hopefully, all will go well. kate has worked really really hard. she is one talented little girl.
fall dance class starts next thursday. life should be calmed down by then.



katie, moriah, mackenzie, & jessica met at the park again after school to work on their dance. katie sets this all up on her own. i just show up after work & watch the results.
she has dance practice at princeton tomorrow for her jazz class, so they'll be ready for the variety show thursday. she'll ride on the dance studio float in parade sat.
I called on the girl scout t-shirts, they'll probably be done tomorrow. (yeah!)
fall dance/jazz starts next week.


dancing fools

kate had arranged for jessica, moriah, & mackenzie to meet her at the park after school to practice their act for the homecoming variety show thursday, this act has evolved from a taylor swift song into a taylor swift song AND a vanessa hudgins dance (we emailed the person in charge of show to see if any spots are left open). if she succeeds, this would put miss dailey in the variety show FOUR times....dancing with her jazz class (as far as we know), with the Brownies, with MMJK, & singing with moriah.
mackenzie's mom was at the park with them when I got home from work. she wants them to practice again tomorrow. I told her that was the absolute last practice, we're taking wednesday off. the carnival runs 3 nites, which means I'll be hanging around the carnival for 3 nites, plus the epic variety show, picking up trash on the square, running the baby show, & the big parade. I'm starting the week off tired.



Katie & Jessica went to church with Moriah, when Jessica's mom came to get her, she wasn't here, so they had to come back after her in the late afternoon, they are contractors & were building a dock at the lake they wanted to finish today. Moriah came home from church with the girls, they again wanted to go swimming in the lake & I again told them no, & Katie didn't talk to me for awhile. They made lemonade & gingerbread.
KJ & Corey played football at the park.
Kevin took the movies back to Randy's, he was supposed to yesterday, he forgot, then I was going to have Koren take them, since she was headed to Randy's when she left here, but I forgot to ask her, then I was going to take them back when I took Moriah home, but she wanted to watch Alice Upside Down, & by the time it was over, Randy's was closed & Moriah was late getting home. On the up side, Lake Placid 2 was good. Katie was worried that it was too scary for me, but I can handle Lake Placid. I'm not that big of a weenie!



slept waaaaaay in, then Koren called, she & Cody were in town for a friends wedding,so they came over to visit. Katie had Jessica scheduled to spend the nite, Mackenzie came over to play, then Christina & Christina came over, they left, the girls were bored, so we went uptown to do a photo shoot, Kate wasn't in the mood. Not at all. (she wanted to go swimming at the lake where Jessica lives. No lifeguard. I tried to explain to her that I don't feel comfortable taking other peoples kids somewhere where I am the one responsible. I'm not a lifeguard.) All area outdoor pools are closed. The Stacy Center indoor pool was closed. When we got uptown, we found Moriah, Hannah, & Abbie. We took some pictures, got some drinks, & headed home. Mackenzie left, Katie, Jessica, & Moriah went to the park to play with Lindsay. KJ was at the park playing football with Corey & Levi. We finally got Moriah out of here a little after 10, she didn't want to leave before ALICE UPSIDE DOWN was over.
in the meantime, I got some scrapbooking done with some of the cool papers I got yesterday. & I went on line to get our free Farm Bureau picture from the fair.


where's that damn tooth fairy?

took the day off to get my permanent bridge put in, & the tooth that I thought was loose is, so he'll do a temp fix on it since I have reached the max dental & it's all out of my own pocket now, & will get a crown next year.
I also dropped off Girl Scout flyers @ school, hit the post office, shopped at Pamida, The Farmer's Wife Mercantile, & Hy-Vee.
Kate met friends at Lineville Park,we just got home & the phone rang, so she went to meet a friend @ Mercer Park.


the first day of school

this the first year I haven't taken Katie to school on the first day. (Martha had all day CPR class, Gary is still light duty, & it was going to be a busy enough day with 3 of us, let alone 2...) so I had to be a big girl & get on with my life.
Kj is driving Katie to school. It worked well today. They both came home with tons of first day paperwork & forms. We have ordered school portraits & Katie's first book order.
Both their classes have new kids.
Katie is in 4th grade, our next door neighbor Mrs. Stark is her teacher.
KJ is in 11th grade.

Moriah came over to work on their act again tonite.

Kate was very excited, she had a invitation for the National Center for Early Academic Excellence in honor of her Maturity, Academic Excellence, & Outstanding Leadership Potential. She was invited to a workshop in Illinois "summer 2008". (she missed it.) she was nominated by her 3rd grade teacher Mr. Eldridge. you know what they say, it's an honor just to be nominated. I'm sure there will be many more awards in her future!


the last day of summer...

kj had friends over, they played PS2/XBox, played football at the park, watched wrestling...Katie had Moriah over, they are working on a duet for the Mercer Homecoming Variety Show, plus they're both song writers & had to compare their latest work.
AND today Katie finished her 2nd book in her series...Leslie's Sweet Sixteen.


Katie's End-of-Summer-Party

this is the 2nd year, but she had different best best friends that she invited...we started picking up Mackenzie, Justin, & Kelsie approx. 11a.m. & got the last friend back home 8:30ish p.m.
in between, we took pictures by the mural in downtown Trenton, played at Moberly Park, spent several hours at the Trenton Family Aquatic Center, ate @ Pizza Hut, ran a lot of quarters thru the machines @ Pizza Hut, brought all our prizes back here, where they hung out in Katie's room & tent, then watched a dvd she had made for Justin, who is moving away soon.
it was a long day, but they seemed to have fun...



after work, I had grand plans to go to Bethany Walmart, my camera card kicked it last nite, so needed a new one + some other stuff. I got in the truck, no drivers liscence, so I was waiting (20 minutes...)for KJ to come home in the car. he had the OTHER car, my dr. liscence was in the car Kevin drove to work. which I knew to begin with. so, I found cash, sometimes at Walmart they'll ask for your dr. liscence when you write a check. buzzed thru my list, went to Wendy's for the Frosty Shakes Katie had seen on tv, we agreed they looked better on tv. I talked her into a quick side trip to Bethany Memorial Park to take a picture with the Michigan Stacies we're hosting on the covered bridge. they have made lots of improvements to the park, but we were still sucking down our shakes & the park was very full of people. maybe some other time. we stopped at Lake Paho on the way home for another Stacie picture.
KJ had 3 friends over...2 were female.
tomorrow is Katie's big end of summer swim party. I tried to put her tent up in the yard, the ground in hard, I gave up. she thinks I'll get it up tomorrow morning.


dance recital

The Dance Studio did a recital at Pearls II in Princeton, Katie was fabulous. Her mother & Grandma Janet cheered her on. She has a lot of fun dancing with Kelsie, Mackenzie, Stacie, & Ryan.
she was especially happy that Mackenzie's dad said she could come over for awhile afterwards. They are happily modeling in her room.



day #2 off work. family chiropractor visit in the morning, then some shopping, McDonalds drive thru, & home for my day off nap. Kevin went to the hayfield, his "happy place." Got the annoying squeal on the Avalanche fixed.
Kate has been online playing Runescape with Mackenzie. While talking on speaker on my cell phone.
I forgot yesterday, yesterday Katie donated $1 to a honey charity of some sort & the Iowa State Fair Honey Queen helped her make a beeswax candle. I thought that was major cool. Katie wasn't nearly so thrilled with it, tho she did appreciate that black was one of her candle options.
now I need to chop up the cucumbers & zuchinni I got from Martha @ work,will make cucumbers & onions, I'm the only one who'll eat them,but I do love them. Will make bacon & biscuits for supper so we can try out the Creamed Apple Cinnamin Honey Spread we bought at the fair.


our day at the fair

Katie & KJ had never been to the Iowa State Fair before today...it was rainy & chilly,but we went. The actual fair parking lots were already full when we got there, so parked in a private parking lot & hiked thru the puddles. Kate was the only one bright enough to take a sweatshirt...
we started off with the petting zoo, then walked around, did the livestock barns, the Ye Olde Mill ride which has been there since 1921, the Sky Glide, ate lunch (none of us tried the on-the-stick offerings, which went from porkchops to fried pineapple!), checked out the Butter Cow & the Butter Shawn Johnson (Olympic gymnast from West Des Moines), got our picture taken with a python at Snakes Alive!, Kate & KJ rode Ring of Fire, wached the chainsaw artist & the tomahawk thrower, walked thru Pioneer Hall & the old tractor display, checked out the museum buildings...
Hy-Vee gave us free tickets to the fair, food coupons, free attraction tickets...
the only blip in my day was that my family once again refused to do an old fashioned portrait...you'd think I would just admit defeat. I'm just not that person.
afterwards we back to school shopped at Famous Footwear & JCPenneys.

the tiredest mom

last nite, got home from work, did "the chores", then laid on my bed to read awhile before dance practice while Kate was still in her jammies playing an online game with her friend Mackenzie. KJ woke me up 11 minutes before dance practice at Princeton. We were late. I hadn't been late for awhile & was being kind of smug about it...that'll show me!
listening to the rumble of the trash truck---not something I get to hear every day since I usually spend Tuesday mornings at work. Had to peek thru the curtains to see what was going on!
today is Iowa State Fair day, looks like rain. Need to start getting the other family members up & at them. I am excited about seeing The Butter Cow. My dad always told me how his Grandma Shafer took him to the Fair & he saw the Butter Cow. Did we see it when we took Koren when she was small? All I remember was the Pioneer Village.


like mother/like daughter...

I recently read "The River Wife". I just knew Koren would love it & meant to take it to her when we went yesterday to help her move. I was telling her about the book, she said, "The one where the girl is trapped in the cabin in the New Madrid Earthquake? I got it from the library. I loved it."


koren moved to Oak Grove today

we saw her new Wal-Greens store, we shopped at her new Wal-Mart.
She has a really nice place.
There are lots of cats for Lola to watch thru the window...


dance practice

kate gave them a choice of 2 songs...they didn't pick our favorite. had 8 girls practicing, it was a nice evening, not too hot.
kate rearranged her room today, she inherited that have to move everything around constantly gene from her Grandma Janet. Koren has it, too. I move furniture to clean, or to shove the Xmas tree somewhere, or maybe if we get something new. I like things to stay the same old same old. I rearrange pictures on the wall when I take them down to paint.
KJ has taken over doing the chores this week. It's nice. It only saves me minutes a day, but I am very lazy.


back to school shopping

got most of it done today @ Wal-Mart, Kate got her school supplies, 2 pairs of jeans, & a couple more t-shirts & a cool jacket. She just needs more jeans & gym shoes & maybe school shoes. KJ still needs jeans & maybe school shoes.
it has cooled off big time...I am thankful. the hot weather really knocks me on my butt in the barn.
Katie spent the nite @ Mackenzie's Monday nite. I picked her up Tuesday, their house is so roomy & so clean, it was kind of sad to come home to my cluttered, lived in house. Just keeping the middle of the livingroom floor clean is a major victory, on the good days, the trunks, printer, & kitchen table are also cleaned off.


baby it's hot in the pig barn

not as hot today as yesterday, of course, but the heat headache won't go away...throw in some cramps, & it makes for a fun day.
Kate spent last nite with Mackenzie, I went to pick her up today, they had written songs & did a concert for me, then I watched their trampoline tricks, then Mackenzie & Katie went with me to vote, & Mackenzie came over for awhile.
KJ has Corey, Josh, & Nick over watching wrestling.
Koren got a place rented in Oak Grove. She moves in Saturday.


slept in!

I worked yesterday for MArtha, who had a wedding, & she'll work for me next Saturday (originally I was going to a family reunion on my dad's side in Cainsville on Sunday, but then Koren told us she was moving on Saturday), so I have a 1 day weekend this go round.
the manager has a family wedding, so I'll work a Saturday for her, she'll pick up my Mercer Homecoming Saturday, I was trying to figure out which parents to try to stick with running our time-honored 'volunteer' spot at the Homecoming Baby Show...
plus I can help with the Band Boosters picking up trash around the square fund raiser on Saturday a.m. & send the kids for the other 2 days.

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