katie & I went to the 2nd nite of the Kids Cruisade, she had a lot of fun.
I hope we're ready for tomorrow nites Girl Scout meeting at the park! I need to go thru the bill box, too...& I had to get up extra early for a feeder pig load, my butt is dragging.



Kevin got the lawnmower stuck so good that I had to pull him out with the truck. (a feat that even I haven't managed to accomplish yet, I just run up trees & clothesline poles & thru flower beds @ high speed...)
Kate went to the 1st nite of a 3 nite youth rally at the Lineville Mercer Christian Church. She had fun.
Koren will move Sat. Aug. 10. we're scheming to get the day off.
KJ reminded me that he needs new jeans for school. Kate needs all her school supplies except notebooks & folders....set her up with a bunch of Happy Bunny ones I found at Pamida. She needs jeans, as well.
He set up a facebook account. I have one, Koren is my only friend. I sent KJ a friend request, he didn't accept or deny, he just deleted it. You can feel the love...

family movie nite

Batman The Dark Knight. I thought it would be too much for Katie, but I was outvoted on seeing Step Brothers...Heath turned in a good performance. He's my fave Batman movie villian so far...
ate at Pizza Hut & tried the Chocolate Dippers.
then drove home in the rain.


the funeral

kate & mackenzie stayed up late watching dvds...they slept in till 10:30, Mackenzie went home early afternoon, when Katie & I went out to feed the dogs & cats (which we grandly call "The Chores")she found her favorite kitten Baby dead. She & Mackenzie had just played with Baby that morning. We had to have a funeral, it was very tearful. This is the 3rd grave under the tree behind the garage. She took a magic marker & wrote their names on their piles of rocks today...Starlight, Phantom, & Baby.


the book worm

I've done a lot of laying around & reading lately....
1.The River Wife
2.How to Fossilize Your Hamster
3.Desperate Passage The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West
4.Lincoln Legends Myths, Hoaxes, and Confabulations Associated With Our Greatest President


yesterday I went to the dentist for my 'temp' teeth, they're making another permanent bridge. Slept in today, then made lunch, Katie invited Mackenzie over, we went to Princeton Pool & Lake Paho where they both agreed the goose poop was gross & stinky. (some of the stink was skunk.) Mackenzie is spending the nite, so should rouse myself to make a kid friendly supper. It feels like a restaurant around here sometimes....and lots of the friends are even pickier eaters than my own wonderful children.



it has cooled off. a new girl joined Katie's dance class, making 5 girls.
We went to see Hancock last nite, not what I expected, but a good movie.


back to work

today was the day. came home, finished mowing the yard (kevin was going to finish, but was concerned about the missing gas cap on his dad's lawnmower. I put gas in it last nite, but can't remember if the gas cap was on when I filled it, or what I might of have with it, so looks like we'll be buying a gas cap...life with me is always an adventure!)
last nite we picked apples off the tree in the backyard & were going to make a pie, but I got too tired, so we're going to make a pie tonite after I get off the computer. that's my story, anyway. when we did the tour at Watkins Mill, we got to see 19th century life up close...they had a drying shed, they collected the fruit, pared it, & built a fire in the drying shed...it had to be kept at a specific temp. for a specific time (someone had to stay up all nite to tend the fire) because that might be all the food they had for the winter. makes you think. kids Katie's size would crawl in after the ashes cooled & clean out the drying house. Katie also could've crawled down into the ice house pit to pack the ice in sawdust. There were all kinds of interesting chores for a girl her size. The youngest girl who worked at Watkins Mill started when she was ELEVEN. boys could start at NINE or so.
kj has a friend over, they've played football at the park, & are now settling in for a Sims game.


Katie & Zane won the talent show!

at the Mercer County Fair last nite....there were only 2 acts in their age group...the other being Zane's adorable little 3 year old tap dancing sister.
She had her mobile fan club there: mom & dad, grandma Janet & grandpa Bernard. They split the $50 1st prize.
Today's my last day of vacation...it's raining. Katie had grand plans to go to the pool...
Got a letter from school today, I was one of the 18 applicants that didn't get the job. But that's ok, I already have a job. Life is good. (I read this on a shirt at Cabela's.) And my tap dancing daughter won her first talent show! Yeah!


the vacationing Dailey's...

we hit the road Tuesday morning, drove to Watkins Mill at Lawson, we'd never been & it was very interesting, we of course did both tours. (KJ commented on the heat, as well.) found out that several scenes from RIDE WITH THE DEVIL were shot there. awesome. I had wanted to check out the 'new' slave cabins at the James Farm, but we didn't get there. Kevin gets tired of me wanting to go places that I've already been. We had lunch at Longhorn, then drove on to Great Wolf Lodge in KC, KS. We checked in, our room was HUGE. private balconey,even, it overlooked the huge loud A/C unit & the employee's smoking area. We did the water park, ate at Camp Critter, played miniature golf, spotted Santa on vacation, shopped, & caught part of the Great Clock storytime. I had grand plans for Katie to try Magic Quest, & for the kids to go to the arcade, you just need more time to get it all done. Maybe we'll go back sometime...the beds were very comfy, I usually have trouble sleeping in hotels, but I told Kevin we could just move into this one & come home when the credit cards were maxxed out...
We got up early Wednesday, the kids ate leftover pizza from supper (room had fridge AND microwave...very fancy for us on vacation!), Kevin & I went to the Bear Claw Cafe (I probably have the name wrong), then we shopped at Cabela's, then on to Worlds of Fun, it was upper 90s & the water rides felt good!
They voted against my fave WOF activity, the old fashioned picture. I was miffed, but of course very understanding, & we got a family picture on The Timberwolf, & one of the ones they took when we went in. I wanted to get pics of us on the Viking Voyager (Kate ducked her head so KJ would get soaked), & on the Mamba, but there were hands in front of my face). We all agreed to leave, we all got some degree of sunburn, since I didn't pack my usual bag of stuff thru the park & we just sunblocked when we got there. We ate lunch at Coasters. When we went in Snoopy was greeting guests in a red, white, & blue vest. I had left my good camera in the truck since I was going to be riding, & bought a mail in camera in the park. My kids had no interest in Snoopy (KJ informed me that Snoopy currently has no shows on TV!) No one would go pose by him. My kids just don't get Snoopy. I guess you have to be old to find him adorable...We went to the dog show & Katie petted 2 of the dogs after the show. All the performers were rescued dogs, this couple has 23 dogs!
on the way home we shopped at Walmart & ate at Toot Toots in Bethany. Then home to laundry & hungry pets (didn't hire the neighbor to babysit since we left yesterday & got home tonite.) I have a thing on vacation where I used to pack trash bags (now I pack the monster size ziploc bags) & all our dirty clothes go in them, so I just pack them into the bathroom when I get home, & don't have to wash any clothes that didn't get worn. I am seriously lazy! And I am glad to be home~



Kevin's first day of vacation, he spent it in the hayfield. He really knows how to unwind, huh? Katie spent time exploring the Summer Shoe Box Exchange Box she got from Katie in Hattiesburg,Mississippi, hula hooped awhile, then went swimming with Mackenzie @ Princeton Pool, & had 2 dance classes.
We started packing today, Katie is a professional packer. She was done first.
KJ had Corey, Josh, & Nick here to watch wrestling, he says he'll pack tonite. We're going to Great Wolf Lodge in KC,KS tomorrow, to Worlds of Fun & then home Weds. Not a lot of packing involved, but vacation always goes better if you take what you need...I am a creature of comfort. Once upon a time we went on an overnite trip & I forgot my pjs. Not cool. Or comfortable...I was pg with Katie, the 4 of us were in 1 tiny room, KJ was in bed with us & Koren slept on the floor. Looking back, pjs probably wouldn't have made it all that much better...



slept in, took katie & kelsie to the pool, cleaned out the truck & found suitcases. did a lot of laying around & reading (THE RIVER WIFE), & had a real Sunday family dinner---roast, potatoes, & carrots.
we replaced the computer awhile back, then were having problems with the monitor (we'd kept the Dell flatscreeen), so kevin dug out the old IBM "fat ugly monitor" as katie calls it, but by golly, we can get on the computer again!
tried to superglue the aliens head back onto its' body (kate won it yesterday at the arcade at the brownie year end party at fast lane bowling in chillicothe), suceeded in gluing my fingers to the alien & each other, but that was about it. will let kevin aka mr superglue try it tomorrow. it cost 150 tickets, so katie had to play a LOT of games to win it...after she was successful, she gave her other tokens away to girls who had run out, which I thought was rather sweet of her. It is so cool, & she is so proud of it....


a busy week....

Koren called late Tuesday nite, she'd been in an accident coming home from work, she was ok, she wasn't so sure about the car. Wednesday Kevin rounded up a car trailer & a vehicle (Grandma Marie's Explorer, since we still had a car in the shop), we headed to St Joe as soon as I got off work & took Koren & Cody out to supper @ 54th Street Bar & Grill. Kevin had planned on loading up her car & bringing it back to have it worked on, but Cody said he'd take care of it.
Thursday nite Katie & I went to Grandma Janet's & Grandpa Bernard's to visit Lisa, Max, & Logan.
Friday nite ditto.
KJ has been fighting a bad cold all week, he went to a friends to spend the nite last nite, came home with barely a voice. Drs. office was closed.....he's being a brave little soldier.
My vacation officially starts Monday (it's my weekend off...). a total of 7 days off! Yeah, me!


a new day to dance...

today was the 1st day of summer dance class...2 of katie's very very good friends are taking the jazz class now, she was laughing & smiling & shaking her butt like no one's business! it's a brand new song, a brand new dance...
katie has meanwhile made up the annual girl scout dance for the mercer homecoming variety show...george thorogoods Bad To The Bone. All by herself! And it is amazing! wow.


the ghost cat

long long ago at some point in my childhood, I had a cat named either Tommy or George. There were 2 big orange tiger Toms, don't remember now which was mine (maybe neither was?). They were there, they'd leave forever, then they'd come back.
Recently Katie pointed out a huge orange tiger tom to me in the yard. she wondered whose cat it was.
I told her maybe it was the ghost cat of Tommy/George. We went with that for awhile, making up stories of why he came back after all this time. (We're big into ghosts & make believe...it doesn't hurt that I'm somewhat crazy....)
Then she asked our neighbor Morgan if it was her cat. It was. His name is Jinxy.
So much for my ghost cat...
but it did bring back something from the past that I'd forgotten. Tommy/George lives on.

dancin' queen

today Katie had 2 fabulous performances at the Princeton Alumni Banquet, complete with costume change! Kelsie was still here, so went along as our guest. I was proud as ever, taking a good spot to video tape since Kevin was trying to get some sleep (he picked up an extra day for the holiday week.)
I had never been to an alumni dinner before, I didn't even know it was an annual event (this was the 27th). I parked & hiked, figuring the good places would be gone. Princeton school has changed 100% since I went there, all new buildings, a new football field, & the parking is somewhat better, but there is never enough good parking. There were a lot of empty spots at the tables, & most of the alumni was rather elderly....they asked for graduates to raise hands when they called your year...there were just a handful for the 80s & 90s. Lucy Hall was there, she is 99. Class of 1927. Kim Hertzog told us to eat for free after the kids danced (1 mom/instructor, 1 mom/fan club, 3 mega talented dancing kids.) The food was good. Of course the meal featured pork loin...every major meal in Mercer County seems to these days.
Katie starts her new dance class tomorrow nite---just jazz this go-round. She has 1 friend joining her, & another who might.
She & Zane will tap dance at the Mercer County Fair Talent Show July 17th. I think she's on break till then.
This weekend wore me out. Trying to get her ready with friends here when she has much more interesting, important things to do...hurrying up to get there, then waiting, lugging around the bag of clothes, fighting for my taping spot...
Kelsie kept asking to go swimming, I kept telling her I was too tired. She kept giving me that look.



dancing the nite away

Katie & Zane tap danced at the Princeton 4th of July (held on the 5th of July). It was their biggest audience to date! Mom, Grandma Janet, Grandpa Bernard, & Uncle John were there. Grandma sang in the Sweet Adelines. The girls opted to leave early & go play at the park. It was easy to keep track of them with their glow-in-the-dark necklaces & bracelets!
She had a full day of friends, Kelsie was already invited to stay the nite, Mackenzie ended up coming over for awhile, too, we set the tent up in the yard.


4th of July

I worked all day, Kevin had to work all nite. Kate was rarin' to go to the park for the 4th festivities as soon as I got home. It was HOT. her best friend Justin was there,+ Moriah, Christina, Kristina, Dominique, Morrisa, & Philip. She had a blast. I made two treks home, once to find the missing hotdogs KJ was wanting to make his guests Corey & Josh for supper/put my hair up/get a chair & blanket & my camera to lug back to the park. I found my friend Ruth there. As the evening slowly drug on (they had a supper, homemade ice cream, a few drawings), I had spent the $ I'd taken, so walked home to get some more because then they were selling 3-D glasses to watch the fireworks with & I needed a water. Katie & friends made a zillion laps around the park, played with the kittens Moriah & Christina had brought to the park, posed for pictures with their 3-D glasses on, & went off by themselves to watch fireworks on blankets away from their moms. She declared it "the most fun ever."
I booked our room at Great Wolf Lodge for vacation. We'll go down the nite before, then spend the next day at WOF & come home, since Katie will have a talent show to dance in the next day.

katie conquers the monkey bars!

the monkey bars have always given her trouble. she has tried off & on over the years...lately she has been going to the park & practicing, so the other nite she asked me to come watch her, & the girl can do the monkey bars! This is a big deal!
she met Kelsie at the park last nite, I went over to check on her about dusk, no girls. My heart stopped for a second, then I saw the lights at Kelsie's Grandma Sheryl's across the way, all was well. I took a flashlight, we walked home instead of driving, & watched the fireflies.
after we got home we got online & looked at hotel options for our upcoming vacation to Worlds of Fun, we're going down the nite before & staying in a hotel with a pool. we didn't select one last nite, Katie found spa packages & all kinds of cool stuff. It will just be the 4 of us, Koren has to work.


3rd place in Milan Tournament!

Katie had another awesome game, I find it amazing that a girl who had no interest in softball previous to May has practiced & developed some skills. And she has DETERMINATION.
Katie & I walked uptown & then to the school park, KJ picked us up when he took his friend Josh home, then Katie had a message to call Kelsie, she met her at the City Park next door (Kelsie's grandma lives on the other side of the city park). I did some cleaning. I congratulated myself on finally finding the solution to the clutter pile by Kevin's La-Z-Boy. we'll see how good I did....

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