sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...

@ tonite's installment of the Milan Tournament: the girls lost their first game of the season to a Unionville team, 9-10. Katie had THREE runs! the loss kicked us out of the first place shot, so had to play for the chance to go for 3rd place. They won that one against Green City, 10-9. Katie had a run that game, & fielded a ball that resulted in an OUT. I cheered, I videotaped, I took pictures, I gossipped with other moms.
play again tomorrow @ 6p.m.


water pressure

got home from work, no water pressure. everyone we've talked to on our side of town has no pressure. kate just had to walk somewhere, anywhere, & I had walked all day @ work, so I'm hanging out getting ready to watch my new Futurama dvd (was going to watch it last nite, but we rented something something the Spartans), kate is walking next door to the park to shoot hoops, corey & josh are over to hang out with kj & his 'new' x-box. kevin is of course going to work.
thinking I'll eat some of the cinnamin popcorn (it's made at the popcorn place at trenton, we buy it at hy-vee.) I did clean the LR floor last nite, now I notice that the sun shining thru the picture windows shows how dirty they are....(sigh.)
can't do laundry or dishes. awww, shucks. my favorite hobbies. darn the whole water pressure situation....


go cardinals!

kevin caught a few hours of sleep, then took katie & our neighbor morgan to their tournament @ milan. katie got sick on the way, so daddy had to go shopping to get her new shorts, & wet ones to clean her shirt up, & she went on to have her best game ever...2 @ bats, they got her out at first base, AND she had a run! I was so excited! they play again monday @ 5:30, I'll have to leave work early.
the lawnmower was here when I got home from work (we borrow the in-laws) & was out of gas, so had to run to lineville after gas (and soft serve ice cream!), threw a turkey in the oven & mowed the yard. the house smells heavenly. really really really need to sweep the floor, the sunshine really shows the dust. have laundry to put away...the fun never ends.


dance fever

tonite was the variety show @ Eagleville, it started on the square, kate was excited about the rides, which she was going to do as soon as she danced. we had taken her real clothes & everything. I was all caught up in the small town charm, we lived there once upon a time when koren was born, long long ago, on a street with no name, & I naively thought we would live there forever, our kids would be Shamrocks...now Eagleville has road signs!
And of course we don't live there...
anyway, the sky kept getting darker, the wind kicked up, they moved the variety show 2 blocks over to the school gym. the rides & games were gone, they did move the popcorn machine...
katie & zane had to wait forever to dance, they were marvelous. A girl in the bathroom complimented katie when she went to change...I thought that was cool, a compliment not from her dance teacher or family.
we hung around & watched a lot of the talent show....lots of cool acts. we left a little after 9, ran thru mcdonalds drive thru, then put $93.50 in the truck in princeton on the way home so kevin, katie, & our neighbor morgan won't have to stop on the way to milan to the 10:00a.m. tournament game. I'll be hanging out in the exciting world of hog confinement.
next weekend will be busy. the 4th of july at mercer park, the 4th of july in princeton that is actually the 5th of july kate & zane dance, then they dance again the next day at the princeton alumni dinner...she will dance with zane, & do her jazz routine with her instructor for the 1st time in public...


rain rain go away

katie's make up softball game was cancelled today...
so we're having a dance practice instead, since neither zane nor katie will have games tomorrow nite, they'll tap dance at a variety show in cainsville. stephanie
(dance teacher) has them on the program for princeton's 4th of july next weekend, & they've also been asked to dance at the princeton all school reunion deal.
corey is over playing X-Box again.
kate's team is supposed to play at 10am saturday in the tournament, kevin has taken the day off (if they get to play...the whole when-did-we-move-to-the-rainforest-deal), since it is my weekend, & no one gets off on their weekend, no way, no how. And I won't ask after my last weekend when I took my lunch to see kate's first ever recital. (a softball tournament in milan is a whole different ball game...ha.)



I wore my 'lucky' outfit (mercer cardinals long sleeved tee & jeans)to the school cook interview today....they had 20 applicants for 2 positions. Hey, it's an honor just to be considered. They'll make a decision at the July 14 board meeting.
the whole thinking I may have one foot out of the barn deal has put quite a spring in my step, I tell you!
katie is swimming at princeton with mackenzie. corey is over playing x-box with kj (kevin got a deal on an x-box & tons of games from a co-worker). kevin is 'at the farm.'
we plan on going to trenton to see Get Smart tonite.


katie hits one

& made one run at tonite's game. it had rained off & on all day & sprinkled on the way over, & was pretty overcast the entire game. Kevin & KJ arrived from West Des Moines top of the 3rd.
had a message on the machine from kate's dance teacher, there is a variety show in cainsville friday nite the kids could dance in, our tournament starts friday nite, & we are undefeated so far, if we win the make up game thursday, wouldn't play our first tournament game until saturday am. then she could dance. so, stephanie will pencil the kids in, if we don't play friday, will meet stephanie at cainsville & warm up, then the kids will tap. they have a practice weds, will dance at princeton's 4th of july celebration.
moriah is over. {i could shower & hit my nice, freshly laundered sheets early...}
would that be considered rude with a guest over?


I had taken the day off to go to Des Moines with Kevin to his ankle surgeon & migrane dr follow up visits...we were going out to lunch, the whole 9 yards. then they rescheduled a make up game for 4:30 @ Unionville. His last appt is at 2:10, no way to get back. So, KJ went with Kevin, I stayed home with Katie, we slept in, & I was supposed to take her to the game...when I woke up, it was sprinkling & thundering...we'll see...
the tournament is this weekend, I can't get out of working. Kevin will try to get off Saturday. KJ may have to take her to Milan. Assuming of course they don't get rained out...
(remember the drought?)


katie hits one!

she actually made a run, hit a foul, & scooped up several in outfield & tossed to the pitcher!


the old swimming hole

Katie took Justin swimming @ Princeton pool...a perfect day for a swim. Now we're home eating Digornio Pizza....


friday nite @ the park

Katie was going to VBS, she wanted to get there early, but they were still setting up for the picnic, so we went to the park for awhile, Justin was there, & later Danielle, Emily, & Jessica, they played, I took tons of pictures & a couple of digital camera movies, I bought them ice cream from Randys, Justin's dad bought them a pizza from the Steel Wheel Saloon, they had a heated basketball game, then it was lightning & everyone went home. we were there 3 HOURS! (never made it to VBS.) if the benches were more comfortable, I could just about live there...with all the rain, it's tricky to find a grassy comfy spot to sit...I walked around with a wet butt at Bordertown Day last weekend as punishment for finding a comfy spot to watch the kiddie parade!
she was painting on a birdhouse @ VBS Thur. nite, I was kind of excited about putting it on the front porch, so will have to find her another birdhouse to paint, unless some nice person brings it here...stranger things have happened!


a thunderstorm blew in...

so another softball game was cancelled & katie is going to VBS.
all 3 vehicles are home from the garage!
I am downright giddy, I have an interview for a Mercer school cook job on Weds. I probably won't get it, & it will probably pay a lot less than I now make, but I am just all kinds of optomistic & cheerful!


don't mess with the zohan

it was hilarious! honestly!
the southern chicken sandwich at mcdonalds is ok...
kevin mowed our yard & his grandma's yesterday, he's been letting katie mow some & she is very excited. she had to show me what part of the yard she got to mow.
she finished her 1st book of the summer (as in writing a book) & has started on her 2nd.
kevin turned the a/c on yesterday, too.


katie's got game

she had 2 runs & 2 fouls. her daddy was umping 1st base, her mommy was cheering madly in the bleachers.
kj did his 1st solo drive---he picked up his friend corey @ the lake, they picked up katie & I at chub & dottie's where we had a celebration supper (kevin had to go to work). And someone left katie's softball visor in our booth. will have to go back & pick it up...
one of the rained out games is rescheduled for tues. @ unionville. someone said the tournament is in milan the next weekend I work...kj may be the chauffeur/fan club there. there are so many shitty things about being a working mom...I always traded around to get off the days of kj's tournaments, a kid really needs their mom on tournament day! my boss's kids play bantam ball, they'll have a tournament, too. maybe some miracle will happen... I did make it to katie's 1st dance recital, after all.


BIG t-storm

cancelled katie's planned swimming, so we just brought mackenzie & justin here instead, where they made movies, took pictures, shot hoops, & did all kinds of stuff off katie's list. (she is always prepared...)


bordertown day

mackenzie spent last nite, kate wanted to hang out with her at bordertown day in lineville. we watched parades & the gurney race. kate had tons of friends to hang out with --- justin, emily, danielle, mackenzie, nicole --
she had a snowcone & split funnel cake & the brownies emily won at the cakewalk.
she ended up staying with emily to go to a ballgame tonite. we set up a swim date with justin & mackenzie (if we can get hold of her) for tomorrow.
so, I left with 2 girls & came home alone. will run by the school later to see if the game is home, emily knew her brother's team played newtown, but not if it was home or away.


a friend over

Mackenzie is staying over with Katie. I came home from work, we went to Princeton Pool (1st trip of the season). Then they played at all 3 parks by the pool. Then I had to have a Pepsi. They are now shooting hoops at our park. Tomorrow they want to hang out at Bordertown Days in Lineville, IA. So, our visiting Stacies from Crosby, TX are having some fun now!


my baby got his liscence today!

I knew he could, I knew he could, I knew he could!
He took his test @ Trenton today. Kevin had left me a message, I called him back on my way home from work, he didn't mention the driving test. I asked him point black. He told me to ask KJ. I called home, Katie told me to ask KJ. I got home, KJ met me where the hallway becomes the living room, showed me his license & gave me a big hug, then went quietly back to his room.
I had to scan a copy of his intermediate license for my scrapbook---scanned all koren's permits & licenses, too....
do you remember back in our day, you had that pink piece of paper forever, then your license finally came in the mail, right about the time your pink piece of paper was falling apart? even little small town Princeton can give you an instant license now. Unreal.
katie had another softball game cancelled tonight. (2nd in a row...)


rain rain go away

Unionville called off tonite's game...Kate talked to her coach.


katie goes swimming

@ danielle's house---several of her friends have trampolines AND swimming pools...(& kevin thinks our kids are spoiled!)
we saw a rainbow!
I bought kj some man flipflops with matching hat @ Dollar General---he wasn't excited about the flipflops, katie liked the hat. I figured that he & his dad could wear them out to the mailbox & trashcans...


the first dance recital

I've been a mom a long time, & it still amazes me how nervous I get before my kids do new things...& how I can't quit grinning like an idiot when they do these new things well! The dance recital went well---there are 4 students taking lessons---2 are the teachers kids.
Katie had her mobile fan club there...mom, dad, bubba (kj), grandma janet, great grandma marie, grandpa lije, & his friend jo.
she did the tap dance duo with zane. they plan on doing this again at the princeton 4th of july celebration & the mercer county fair talent show. on calamity jane day, stephanie (the teacher) & katie will do a jazz dance.
my children are SO talented!


driving Miss Daisy

KJ won't be doing it with out a liscenced driver in the front seat. he came SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo close to passing his first attempt at the driving test! Now he knows what to work on, & is pretty sure he will do it next time.
Going back in time, his big sister also had to try try again to get her liscence. The first time gets rid of the jitters....
katie has mackenzie over to visit. they requested pepperoni pizza 4 supper. josh & corey just arrived to visit kj (aka watching him play guitar hero. katie decided she will wear the new dance outfit tomorrow, which requires little girl pantyhose that we dont' have, & I have to work tomorrow, so will make a Wal-Mart run after everyone goes home.


katie hits a foul

her only hit of the game. she is getting a bit discouraged. kevin umped 1st base. deb worked in the snack bar alone. I have decided the snack bar has too many options...walking tacos, nachos, nachos with chili, hot dogs, hot dogs with chili, hot dogs with chili & cheese...


family nite out

katie helped her great grandma marie bake cookies while her dad & grandpa were mowing yards. we went to trenton to pizza hut & to see the new Indiana Jones movie.



kate had dance practice tonite, found out that her dance is saturday at 12:30p.m.---while I'm at work. kevin will have to save the day....



slept in, found the mothers day card kate made me @ school going thru a stack of stuff she brought home on 'clean out your desk day', & some school book order books & book fair books cleaning out her shelves on the entertainment center, cleaned floors... kevin & I picked up the flowers @ Springer Chapel & Cat Creek, then ate buffet @ Toot Toots & shopped @ Wal-Mart. I took a nap, kate worked on the Girl Scout dance 4 this fall, I took a nap, then supervised kj's parallel parking lesson.
I tell you, this is the life!

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