katie returned from danielle's, tonite's game was moved from 6p.m. @ princeton (land of the baseball swamp) to 5 p.m. @ mercer, kate had her mom, grandma janet, grandpa lije, & his friend jo there to cheer her on. Kate hit a foul ball. grandpa & jo took her to Mercer Pizza Plus afterwards for pepperoni pizza & orange sherbert.
deb made it to the post office today & mailed 2 packages to koren & other assorted stuff that had been piling up. did more scrapbooking today & worked on next years girl scout meetings....just have 2 more months to plan...


so what did deb do?

watched Knocked Up, did some scrapbooking, shuffled stacks of papers around, took kj's friend home...

all alone...

kevin went to work, kate went to spend the nite @ danielle's, kj's friend corey is here,but they went to the park to play football. I am all alone. what shall I do with this time? watch "Knocked Up?" read? work on next years girl scout meetings? goof off on the computer till bedtime? worry about all the things I have time to do until I'm out of time to do them? (that's usually the winner....)



Kate played games on the computer, went to dance practice, & got a friend to meet her @ Lineville Park.


Katie's First Softball Game Ever!!!!!!

She hit 2, she scored 2 runs! Kevin had the night off, he was 1st base ump, KJ & I cheered. we celebrated with Mercer Pizza Plus take out.
I picked up the Glamour Shots @ Princeton & the cookie sales prizes, got a few of them handed at the game.



we headed over to Adventureland for a fun-filled Band Boosters Trip...I suckered (I mean, convinced)Kevin into coming along as a chaperon, so we dressed warmly for a rainy day, KJ rode the bus up, Kevin, Kate, & I drove. We all ended up soaked & freezing. Kate opted to go with a group other than the ones Kevin & I had, she spent her day on water rides with big girls (she rode the Ragin' River 10 times in a row!!!!!), when we met up with her for a picnic lunch,she was literally purple & her teeth were chattering. I traded her wet sweatshirt for one of my big ones out of the car that about covered her head to toe, when Kevin found her at the end of the day, it was soaked, too. She changed her clothes in the car, wrapped up in a winter coat & a quilt I found in the trunk,then we went to Applebee's & ate good hot food, kept the car heater cranked, & came home to "jammy up." She is a good sport. She does think that next year she'll hang out with mom or dad. Band trip after next, she'll be a BAND KID. our 3rd band kid. I started chaperoning trips when KJ was in 5th grade band....will be doing it for years to come.



softball practice was rained out, so we relaxed until dance class, ran to dollar general, ordered pizza, & worked on the Batman puzzle.



started in Mercer @ 12:20p.m. the kids came home to an empty house, dad was helping grandpa, mom was @ work.
yesterday I had a half day off work, so went to see the afternoon portion of the elementary field day...got to see kate in the Dizzy Bat Race, & learned from several girls that she is in love with her classmate Justin. took some chaotic pictures of piles of kids, until one of the teachers came over & we got in trouble for being too loud & not listening when the teacher yelled @ us to quiet down! At the awards ceremony I learned that Katie won 3rd place in the Gunny Sack Race! Then it was off to ECW/Smackdown Wrestling at Des Moines. We sat on the floor this year, 11 rows from the ring, behind 2 kids that stood on their seats most of the time, & an incredibly tall guy. Still got some pretty cool pictures...Colin Delaney, Big Show, Kane, The Undertaker, Edge, Batista, Chavo, Finley & Hornswaggle, Matt Hardy, CM Punk...it was fun. We wrestling fans get pretty crazy! The kids were both still not feeling real good, KJ got a bad headache from the explosions & the flashing lights. Kate was just exhausted. Took us half an hour to inch out of the parking lot afterwards, we were home @ 12:30a.m.
today was the last day of school, KJ won the top award in Personal Finance (math class), & rec'd pins from band, academic team, & drama, & a letter in band.
our new iris seem to have all survived the winter, have some really pretty ones right now, they're just getting started.


to the dr.

kevin took the kids to dr. yesterday am....upper respiratory infections. kate & I made wrestling posters...found out some other Mercer people are going....Phillip out of Katie's class, our neighbors, a couple of high school kids.
kate cleaned out her desk yesterday, & borrowed cleats from a friend for softball.


happy birthday kelsie

kate & I heard about Kelsie's party at the girl scout awards ceremony---we heard "5 o'clock", "ice cream," & "Nim's Island." when I got home from work, she was in the dog pen playing with her dogs, so had to shower, we cruised around & didn't find anyone,so headed to Corydon to the castle park waiting for time to meet them @ the movies, then they showed up at the park & she got to play with Kelsie, Lindsay, & Nicole. Kelsie's mom told me her nephew had asked his girlfriend to marry him, then we reminisced about our engagements & buying our rings.
the movie was magical, although it did play on my worst fear that I'll leave the kids at home alone & some diaster will occur so I can't communicat with them or get home to them...I'm sure I'll never take my boat out on the ocean trying to discover a new protozoa, but in my nightmares, it's usually a wreck where I die...or a flood...Lisa loaned me a book about an earthquake in Missouri where the world basically split up into chunks...I also read a book about the wildfires in Minnesota, where basically all the woods they logged went up in smoke, & I've seen I Am Legend...& Red Dawn.
I loved the beach scene where the obnoxious, mostly tubby tourists were on holiday. Edmunds mom reminds me of me...I dont' dress that flashy, & I can't fill out a lowcut shirt like she does, but that is how I act when I'm on "holiday."!
Kate still has the cold, so had to go to the bathroom & blow her nose several times, plus her stomach really, really hurt. When we got home, I got her to eat a little, then her stomach was better. She feels bad & is all stuffed up, I know she's not eating much.


saturday in the park

Corey & Josh came after KJ to play football at the park, Kate decided we would walk, then we watched the game. It was very relaxing, the sunset, the frogs croaking, the occasional neighbors cell ring tone...


kate still has her horrible allergies/sinus thing/& or horrible cold, she made it thru school, 1 1/2 hour softball practice, 1 hour dance class, & a trip to Trenton Hy-Vee. she looks like the cartoon girl on the Puffs Plus commercial with the red nose. Have Girl Scout awards tonite, then she has the weekend off. If she feels up to it, will take her to see Nim's Island. then Monday is school & softball practice, Tuesday is school & to Des Moines for wrestling, & Weds. they have a half day of school & start their summer.
Now that KJ is done with his endless practices & track meets, he is back to hibernating in his room, with occasional journeys to the kitchen for water & food.
I have first load cull sows & I'm 'in charge' today, so better hit the gravel road. I keep nagging at Kevin to take Kate to the dr. He's home (although trying to sleep) in the day time, our clinic is mainly open mornings, & I work 7-4, plus driving & shower time, so unless I take a day off, I can't get her there...of course, she could somehow fight her way thru it & eventually get better, but she is miserable.



left work early for a band boosters meeting, kate's softball practice was cancelled, so decided to go to Coon's Greenhouse & buy a cool container of flowers for mom (my thinking being that if I put off delivering a new batch of roses like the previous batch that is now starting to look not so new & shiny...)so I have a big container of flowers on the front porch, plus we bought cool flowers that we planted here.
left a message for mom, she called back, she will be in Mercer to bank tomorrow & said she'd stop by & pick up her mothers day gift...how sad is that? honestly.
kj brought home his flower & note today, his teacher found it & kept it alive for him. (the same English teacher who helped koren write the essay for the $2500 PSF Scholarship that she won!)
so, we hung out in the greenhouse a while, I love the smell of the flowers. we came home & walked at the park. kate is finishing up her homework, kevin is watching BB on tv. (BB is boring enough when you're there, unless one of your kids is out on the court, then it's nervewracking!)
the band boosters Adventureland trip is scheduled for May 27th.
got the cake ordered for girl scout awards, pick it up tomorrow after dance class.
kids last day of school is next weds.


katie's cold

is getting worse, she asked for cold Rx twice after school...then voluntarily went to bed a bit early.


happy mothers day

I never did get the roses delivered, about 9 p.m. kate asked if she could call grandma janet & tell her happy mothers day, she told her we'd bought her roses & would bring them over in a day or 2, then promptly set to work making her a mothers day book...

deb rambles

friday was kate's all day field trip to hannibal.  a lot of other mommies & daddies went, but not kate's.  she came home with lots of pictures, lots of souveniors, & said it was lots of fun...I've always meant to take a 2 day trip to hannibal. saturday was koren's graduation...Magna Cum Laude from Missouri Western State University.  She starts as a Walgreens Asst Mgr Trainee May 19th, she'll train in St Joe 4-5 weeks, then move to another store.  family attending: her grandpa lije, great grandma marie, lije's friend jo, grandpa bernard, grandma janet, uncle john, her mom, dad, brother & sister, cody's mom norma, & cody's dad ed.  kevin led his dad to koren's, I got in with john to guide him there, I was talking & missed the turns, but john, mom, & dad got the st joe tour...the 3 places koren lived, the place she sold blood when she first started school, the Casey's she worked at for 2 days...she threw an after party with her friend & fellow grad jody...koren made the meat & cheese tray (remember she worked @ Hy-Vee deli?), they also had veggies, dip, chips, drinks, & cake.  some of her college friends & their st joe friends were there as well. cody counted 26 people in their little duplex @ one point.  they had planned on having it a park, but it was overcast & sprinkly.  there was an estate auction going on down the street, her guests couldn't get to her house, so her friend Officer Dave called for a car to come & take care of the traffic situation. deb took family pics with the grad.  WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR BABY! & not just for her excellent grades & sheer determination & working her way thru school, but she can walk in stilleto heels like a pro!
I wanted to play miniature golf, but no one else did, so the 4 of us went to eat @ 54th Street in St Joe, when we came out, it was pouring. koren, leslie, jody, & lydia had plans to bar hop, then they were having a sleepover @ korens. koren & jody had on little halter dresses, they looked beautiful. they were all wearing these heels...mothers day I slept in, then did some random cleaning.  kate went to play at a friends house.  she had written a mom essay at school & forgot to bring it home, so she made me a scrapbook, & bought me a teddy bear & candle.  kj had bought me a flower at school with his own money, & wrote the mandatory mom poem in english class, but the poem & plant never made it home.  it really is the thought that counts. koren gave norma & I cards & told us our gift was her graduation.  (this really would work as a mothers day gift for my mom & grandma as well!  their first granddaughter & great granddaughter to graduate from college!)  I bought a vase with 3 red roses at walmart last night, thinking I would visit either mom or grandma & give it to them.  we'll see.  I'll probably just end up with a nice vase of roses~I mean well.  I was going to print off a pic of koren's grad for grandma, but kevin & I got into an argument in the ink aisle @ walmart about what kind of color ink our new printer takes...my guess was closest (left my list at home on shelf by front door), but we went with his guess, my reasoning was he bought & installed the printer, & his memory is generally better than mine...but there will be no picture for grandma printed today!
we got a high school graduation card from our niece Leah Michelle Dailey. she is graduating in Georgia & has been accepted into the college of her choice. they're all growing up...



kevin got the kids on the bus, spent the morning @ therapy, got the truck fixed, &helped @ kate's softball practice before he went to work. I went to softball practice, took kate to dance class, then to meet friends @ the park in lineville. then she showered, we made Digornio pizza, got kate's sack lunch ready & her little backpack with her camera, MP3,etc by the door.


& the dishwasher is in!

while I was @ work, the kids were @ school, & Kevin was either @ therapy or working cows again, Dennis came, put in the dishwasher, & I am doing the trial run...I feel freer already!
I went to the park with the kids & took pics of them playing football with friends. then burned a cd off my camera & deleted all the pics off the card except the ones I'm printing.
so, another day in my fascinating life is coming to a close. good nite.


his uniform is washed & ready to return to school. Someday I'll pick up his track bag from by the front door & return it to his closet.
The kids are counting down the last days of school. The days go faster & faster, & I seem to spend all of them @ work...Kate's field trip to Hannibal is Friday. I always thought I'd go, but have decided we'll go on a long weekend when I can do what I want @ my own pace, it's a long drive, & they have to herd the kids from one activity to another. And I am a hard core dawdler. Until this year I've went on all her field trips, I always worry the kids will lose their $ or drop their tray @ McDonalds & not have enough $ to buy more food, or that they'll want some souvenior they're just short of cash for...but she does well on her own. It's not any easier letting her grow up than it was with Koren or KJ...



kj's last track meet, I thought we'd go, but Kevin had message on my phone when I got off work that we were mowing grandma maries yard then ours. (lije ended up helping him mow both, but no track meet.) while mowing grandpa found morel mushrooms & 2 baby bunnies that kate played with until they ran for a brush pile.
then we came home, were walking on our road, & kate found a teeny tiny ran over turtle.
in my mind,good moms watch everything their kid does. I have made 1 track meet in 3 seasons of track. not my idea of a good mom! kj says he doesn't care, then tells me who else's mom went. but I did do 2 academic meets, & all his spelling bees & elementary & jr hi & summer basketball games & pee wee & bantam games, & all his soccer games, most of his boy scout meetings & trips, school concerts, 3 HDC band concerts, family reading nights, & went on a lot of school field trips...I guess I'm not a total washout.



kevin is excited about katie playing this year...he has attended both of her practices so far. I went after work, he was already there. Then he left to go back to work. The FIRST DAY BACK. I ended up on the field holding the ball on the end of the pipe for the girls to hit, & some of those girls can hit HARD. That probably advanced my carpal tunnel a year or two. I really need to learn to say NO.
kj walked home after track practice. he has a meet tomorrow.
Came home & put on shorts. bought shaved ham & turkey & chips for supper. and ice cream and ice cream cones...iif I'd remember to buy charcoal, we'd be grilling. have my 'outside living room' set up (chairs & a footstool on front porch) & put my houseplant outside.
kate brought a friend home after practice. we're starting the week out exhausted & still running our butts off.
kevin folded laundry before he left & stacked it all over the couch. I went out & took pictures of dandelions, violets, apple tree blossoms, tulips, daffodils, & koren's crab apple tree.
the new dishwasher is still in the garage in the box. our fix it guy hasn't had a day when he was rained out from his outside jobs to get it done. now the spring monsoon ends....I guess I should be grateful I'm not carrying water in a bucket.



kate went to the birthday party last nite, they sent cake home with her. (I have a severe cake addiction...) After sleeping in, we did a family walk at the park this a.m. Kate took a friend swimming @ the Stacy Pool. I planted the seeds from my "Thanks for Being a Girl Scout Leader" gift, worked on the Girl Scout Awards Ceremony & realized that I am short a badge, when I swore I had them all...I decided instead of presenting them in a ziploc bag, I'd tape them onto poster board. Katie & I also made Girl Scout Promise & Girl Scout Law bookmarks for the girls.


made it till the weekend...

katie's guest finally left. while it is great that katie has so very many friends of different ages & likes, I sometimes feel like a bed & breakfast. last nite they rented a horror movie, we went to dollar general to buy a gift for a birthday party katie was attending this afternoon, we ordered pizza at breadeaux for supper.
the girls did a photo shoot.
the alarm went off, kj blew off his all day track meet. he was tired & not sure he felt good. I told him that I was sorry...we would home school him & get a female foreign exchange student so he could just hang out in his room all day, I could even call home health & get him a potty chair to keep in his room.
katie tried to pep talk him, she told him how important it is to finish what you start. very wise little girl. he didn't get out of bed. he can be a deal some days.
katie's guest finally got up. I had to go to the bank to pick up Girl Scout stuff. Then we did photo shoots @ Princeton parks, the square, Lake Paho, & in Mercer. I am always happy to take her picture,of course. Our guest stated that she'd never had lunch @ the place on the square. I said 'not today.' She then told me that Mercer Pizza Plus would be good, too. I replied, 'we are going home to make lunch.'
She told me she really liked pizza. So I say,'I spent $38 on pizza last nite. We're eating at home.' Katie was quite embarrassed.
They never got the movie watched last nite,so had to watch it today. then they had to finish a game. katie had a ride to the party, but she blew them off twice, so I took the friend home & took Katie to the party. The friend asked if she could go to the party with Katie (she had already signed the birthday card!), katie told her she couldn't invite her. The friend asked what time we were picking her up to swim tomorrow....
kevin is working cattle at his dad's today. he really learned his lesson...



the 'big storm' didn't seem to do much damage. kate has a friend spending the nite.
kj did tutoring after school, his grade is up enough he can go to the track meet tomorrow. (we talked to a few other parents at NHS induction, kj's not the only one having trouble in that class.)
I have the weekend off! Yeah, me! have to buy a birthday present for the party Katie's going to tomorrow, & pick up Girl Scout stuff @ the bank (our service unit leader works there on Saturdays), & figure out how I'm going to make little scrapbooks to give to the girls at awards...& if I want to have awards at the park, or try to get the community building...& make invitations...& figure out the ceremony...& set the date....
I did remember to pick up the conditioner I'd ordered from the beauty shop, it was on my list yesterday, but didn't get around to it.



left work early to see KJ get inducted into National Honor Society (is he the only kid who gets inducted into NHS the same week he gets a deficiency slip & is ineligible for track meets?) then we let kj drive the lumina home, & we watched the remainder of katie's first ever pee wee baseball practice. Now we're home eating a quick supper & off to the spring concert! whew!

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