kj had an all day track meet, then completed his spanish assignment, a restaurant brochure.
katie had her dad teach her how to play baseball. (practice starts thursday.)
kj will be inducted into National Honor Society Thursday.
so far today, deb hasn't yelled at anyone! (not even a pig!)

keep on keepin' on

KJ has been accepted into National Honor Society! Induction is this week (invitation from school said FRIDAY MAY 1st?)
KATE has decided to play summer baseball. I threw away the original form, she got another one @ school, but lost it...so sending her $ & shirt size 2 school tomorrow.
they know me (& are used to my very unorganized parenting.) In my defense, I mean well.
KOREN & her friend Jody are planning a friends/family after graduation party complete with cake @ a ST Joe park..
KEVIN is walking w/o crutch! He should go back to work Monday.
DEB filled out a job application & will mail it in! (you have to start somewhere...)


glam girls

kate & I had glamour shot appt. tonite at the former Wanda's Wear building in Princeton. Kate's pictures were FABULOUS! she was singing along with the music while we were previewing our pictures, the guy told her she was a good singer. Kate kind of shrugged,he told he that he knew music, & asked her if she knew what an 80s hair band was. (her dad has an 80s hair band cd collection...). he was in Industrial Zoo in St Louis, they opened for some tour acts & stuff. Kate thought that was cool. He had a picture of the band he showed her. I liked the way my hair was done...but just took the free picture.
our yard rec'd the 1st mow of the season today.



grandma janet came over tonite with pizza & chicken drummies from casey's...katie was very glad to see her. she has been worried about grandma. she went out in the yard & made a daffodil bouquet for grandma.
I recently read DEADWOOD...I had seen an on-line blip about it featuring Calamity Jane. It was a cool book, with a very interesting word for the all-important male member. (you'll just have to read it.)
I am now reading a book about Caroline & JFK, Jr. I have learned that before his fatal plane crash, he had broken his ankle, & was still on painkillers, plus medicine for a thyroid condition & ADD.
Koren had watched the movie JUNO. kate wanted to see it, I watched it with her. Good movie, made me cry.
working on a program for this years Brownie awards ceremony, the girls want a candle ceremony & cake. LOTS of cake.
I requested an application for one of the school cook jobs.
have been on my yahoo groups trying to find places to send the rest of our Flat Stacies to. Some of the girls (Katie included) made several flats each, & I'd like to get them each on @ least 1 trip.


froggie long legs

katie found a little frog on the front porch, she captured it with her bug collecting kit, we took pictures of it, & then she released it back into its natural habitat (the toybox on the porch). kj had a track meet, kevin, kate, & I walked at the park & shot hoops.
both school cook jobs are opening at the school for next year. I'm thinking I'll pick up an application, maybe even fill one out...maybe I do deserve a better job. at least one where sows aren't trying to knock me over...
although I've always thought that if I quit, I'd get a pet pot belly pig.


back on line

after about a week of computer woes,kevin took tech supports advice, instead of fixing computer, he bought a new tower. all my life is on my old computer. addresses, genealogy, notes to myself, brownie records...so now I'm basically screwed. how does one live without their favorites list? I should be grateful that I have the computer back, but all I can think about is that Vista sucks. the keyboard doesn't feel right...(I have a huge problem with change.)
kevin back to dr....he'll go back to work in 2 weeks.



kj is @ a track meet, he has 3-in-a-row this week.
kate to dr yesterday--upper respitory infection/antibiotics.
got the estimate on remodel for dishwasher, kevin thought it was reasonable, so thursday before/after my dentist appt., will go purchase dishwasher.
new shocks on truck, my car is getting new tires. kevin & I have been working on picking up limbs in the yard, have it about knocked out. the wind was too bad today.
kevin dug the spots for my bulbs, put in the (very very wet) soil we bought to 'cure'. made a dress up box for this saturdays brownie Mom & Me Tea. kate picked out the buttons she wanted for her bling rings (one advantage of being the bossy-woman-who-takes-over-everything's daughter). Still penciling sayings on the napkins for the girls to trace in marker, & have to drag out real teacups & wash. will wait till Sat. to set up tables.
physical therapist told kevin to put away the cane & put full weight on the walking boot. he still cheats & hops around the house on crutches when he has the boot off.
kids have friday & monday off for spring break. sunday we go to St Joe to see Koren get her Scholastic Key @ college.
our wrestling tickets came in the mail!



did get some of the stuff crossed off my weekend to-do list:
lasagna is in the oven, made the Wal-Mart trip, bought dirt & compost to plant bulbs, took some pics by the newer murals in Chillicothe, kids got their homework done, I got my sheets washed & the bed re-made, swept, swiffered, & mopped.
cleaned out the cabinents where we think the dishwasher will go.
didn't get the yard raked, the bulbs planted, the kids beds changed, Katie's room cleaned...
there's always tomorrow...
or the day after tomorrow...


10.000 B.C.

Kevin & I went to the movies in Corydon tonight. 2 of KJ's classmates, Dakota & Jennie, were there on a date. KJ stayed home with Katie, who has a bad cold & spent the day in her jammies alternating between napping on the couch & in our room.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

It was a breath taking performance...KJ portrayed Humpty Dumpty & a Card Soldier.
His fan club included Great Grandma Marie, Grandpa Lije, Jo, Grandma Janet, his mom & dad & little sister Katie. Then he went to a birthday party @ Corey's house.
Katie has a horrible cold, her throat hurts, dosed her with Benadryl & she went back to bed.
Girl Scout badges arrived today (the majority of them..have one more event left before Awards Ceremony, so have to order a few more badges.) Have been sorting & double checking. Kevin thinks I should take a break & make lunch.
It was snowing when we got up today.
Kevin called & made an appt. for our 'fix it guy' to come & make an estimate on remodeling to install a dishwasher... I have always wanted a built-in, Kevin thinks a portable would be better. So I need to clean out cabinents where we think it will fit. (Big talk from a woman who hasn't got the broom out in a few days...tracked in dirt, the cat found the little ziploc bag of catnip for one of her X-mas toys, dust bunnies....)
After we had our taxes done & sent in, got an amended W-2 from Matrix (Kevin's disability). So, called H&R Block, Jan amended our taxes, & we now get an additional $600 back. Mailed in amended forms today.



katie went to danielle's to play. kj fell asleep on the gym floor at the full dress rehearsal for the play (he'd already had track practice...)
tomorrows track meet @ trenton was called off because of the rain.
kevin was watching American Idol because "there's nothing on tv." how sad it that, being unable to turn off the tv even when nothing is on to watch.
I was in the mood for lasagna for supper, but only had 5 lasagna noodles, so we're having cinnamon french toast & pepper bacon instead. just not what I was thinking about all day @ work while my mind wandered....



kj skipped track practice & drama practice, he didn't feel good. I came home from work not feeling so whoopie, either, kate has a very stuffy nose, & kevin has a migrane. koren called, she has turned in her 2 weeks notice @ Wal-Mart. she has had enough. (I know that feeling so well...)
kate & I went to vote (senior citizen tax & school board members), then shopped at Ragan's Grocery. I was #149, kevin was in the 70s. kate was a bit upset that she couldn't fill out my ballot. she thinks the whole have to be 18 thing is just unreasonable!



kevin had therapy today, then he went to the lumber yard & got stuff to fix the leaking toilet & leaking shower.
kj is at a track meet, the bus left school 10a.m.
kate almost didn't get off the bus, had a sub driver, kate didn't stand up quick enough at her stop, the sub bus driver took off, she let kate off at the neighbors & she had to walk back home (not that far, but it's just the point.) kevin thinks he'll call & talk to the principal tomorrow.



kate had a birthday party at the stacy pool~I had forgotten all about it...someone said something last nite @ the band carnival, I had to work today, Kevin took her to Dollar General to fill a gift bag with gag gifts like she likes to do---flarp, rubber chickens, silly string, whoopee cushions, etc---then took her to the party.
kj picked up his friend corey & they're having an animated conversation in his room.
I need to buy massive amounts of dirt to plant the flower bulbs I bought from kj's class fundraiser that have been in a bag on the kitchen table for the last week.
I need to spring clean. I need to make supper.


band carnival 2008

Kevin sold tickets, KJ worked games, I floated games & worked the prize table & ran around like a chicken with my head chopped off making sure we did the "Pirate Gold" drawings on time....had 12 bags of pirate gold (tokens for the prize table) that the kids could win in a free drawing....& going thru the 'guess the candy bar guesses' for the basketball. Kate played bingo & cake walk & did the glow room & her other favorite games. She seemed to have fun. The kitchen did a sub sandwich meal this year instead of the old menu, it seemed to go over really well. All in all, things seemed to go well. KJ was right, this year I didn't order the Cat In The Hat Hats for the prize table...kids really like the Cat In The Hat Hats. Put them on my list for next year...I donated several prizes for the raffle, we won 2 of them back.
our obligations are winding down now...kj has a track meet in trenton I intend on going to, spring concert, the school play next weekend, still have some girl scout stuff, but the cookie sale is over & done & I should just be able to kick back & relax & maybe even clean my house. got our floor tickets for next months ECW/Smackdown telecast in Des Moines. I wanted ring side, but I missed the first day of the presale & they were gone. We'll be in chairs 10 rows from the ring. something different, the other 2 times we were up in the seats.



kevin & I spent the day @ school prepping 4 band carnival, with a break to eat downtown. we took the kids to McDonalds 4 supper, then went to see SuperHero Movie @ Trenton. kevin was up on his foot a lot, it's bruised & swollen & huge. cleaned thru our dvd & vhs collection 4 donations to the couch potato booth @ the carnival.


katie came home with a tangled necklace in a box...from her friend Justin. (who maybe is her boyfriend Justin? She is a little secretive.) Somehow one of the other girls got hold of it & the chain was hopelessly tangled, kevin got it untangled.
she learned some new moves at dance class, she is doing a tap dance duo with the instructors son Zane to a country song, & a solo to High School Musical 2 "Fabulous" for jazz. It has a lot of fast moves & has been frustrating her. She'll get it. They just created this dance room @ the Stacy Center, they put up the wall of mirrors since the last class, it is really cool. She is a bit disappointed that her friend Kelsie isn't taking class with her, we took her to the 1st one, but she won't be going anymore. The instructor wants to take them to dance at Pearls later this month, & they will tap in the talent show at the Mercer County Fair this summer.


it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

got off work late, the sky was so blue & the air so crisp, Katie wanted to go to Lineville to play with friends, so we went to the park looking for friends, she found Danielle & Justin. They played a Mars game where they ran around in their socks & hung upside down on the teeter totters to blast off, then they were various kinds of cats. Then we went to Danielle's house, where I watched "The Sophie & Savannah Show" on the trampoline. It was quite amusing. Then she went back to the park to shoot hoops. Took a bunch of pictures. I love to watch Katie with her friends. And, once again, I didn't get the floors swept. There's always tomorrow...
Her entire class, the principal, & superintendent listened to her radio interview today, Kevin listened @ home, & Grandma Janet & I each listened @ work. She was marvelous!
KJ brought home an application today for National Honor Society! Awesome! I was in NHS, Koren was in NHS, Kevin should've been, but Mercer didn't have NHS back then. Lisa (Parmenter) Derry is the sponsor. She is the Mercer School Librarian.
I bought flower bulbs from KJ's class fundraiser, they are here. I 'm thinking I'll make a flower bed around the tree by the mailbox with most of them. I'm also thinking that Kevin is the bulb planter/gardner in our family. But I will get some dirt & read directions & muddle thru the best I can. That's my motto in life!


The Dailey News

MAP testing has started at Mercer for the next 2 weeks. Today Kevin went to school to keep Katie company while she did a phone interview with KAAN Radio, Bethany, about the upcoming Band Carnival!
The school play is next Friday at 6:30p.m. KJ thinks he almost knows his lines.
Kevin started going to physical therapy @ Princeton yesterday. He is now walking with the boot & 1 crutch.

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