koren comes to visit....

bearing gifts from her England trip...bottles of Coke & Pepsi for Kevin & I, a shot glass for Kevin, a hand blown glass necklace for Katie, a package of freeze dried food packed for an artic expedition for KJ, a bag of candy bars from England, a stained glass Tudor ornament for me. We looked at her pictures. We listened to her stories. We were amazed. She is leading such an exciting, eventful life. She is at a crossroads of job interviews & choices, choices, choices. Our little baby is all grown up.


kj had a rough day

his 1st district music contest didn't go well-he didn't have a lot of time to prepare with track practice & play practice-it was a tough piece & the only practice he did was the mandatory classroom practice with his teacher. He hasn't brought the baritone home since his freshman year (or maybe even longer....)
He got the lowest possible score, the judge even gave him pointers on playing his instrument at the end. He redeemed the day buying a video game @ the mall on the way home. He was less than thrilled to come home & discover Katie had an overnite guest, so he has confined himself to his room.
Katie took Kelsie on a tour of 'her pasture'. Now they are writing a newscast.
Kevin is watching stupid crap on TV. KJ is in the shower. I'm seriously thinking of laying on my bed & looking out the window.


I am jealous

yesterday was the Jefferson City trip, I was a grown up & went to work instead of following the bus down. This is the first of Katie's class trips that I've missed out on. I was okay with it, until she came home & told me that Kayla's mom & dad & Whitney's mom went. I am happy for them, & sad for me. I want to do everything. Katie had a wonderful day except for someone stepping on her shoelace & making her fall down & scrape up her finger. Her favorite thing was the Archives Alive show.
Going to Lee's Summit to have my 'interesting' broken tooth removed by an oral surgeon. Have to leave a few minutes before the kids get on the bus, Katie had a long day yesterday, they left @ 5:30 a.m. & got home @ 8:38 p.m. I'm sure the whole
3rd & 4th grades will be very quiet today! Have Lije lined up to come over in case we don't beat the bus home. KJ will have track & drama after school.


katie goes to the dentist

she had one little cavity. She has the best teeth of the Dailey clan. Tonite is dance class, thanks to the magic of the internet, her jazz shoes & KJ's track shoes we ordered both arrived in time, but her friend Kelsie can't go to dance, & without a friend, Katie isn't very excited about the whole deal anymore, so I'll probably have to figure out some way to help Kelsie dance.
KJ went on a science trip to KC today for an autopsy exhibit of some kind. Sounded really cool.
Tomorrow is Kate's 3rd/4th grade trip to Jefferson City, they leave @ 5:30a.m., will probably just go to work after that, since I'm only working 2 days this week, & am probably behind.
The cookie $ (the correct amount, even!) is turned in to Cookie Chair. The last Band Booster Carnival Merchant Raffle prize will be delivered to my house before the carnival. All is well in my little world.

the cast comes off

went to Des Moines yesterday to see Kevin's Dr, the cast came off, the walking boot went on, he gets to put weight on it & find a physical therapist. Kate was supposed to hang out with Grandma Janet after school while we were gone (KJ had a track meet, so he was gone, too....), but she ended up 'vacationing' in Liberty Hospital, so called in the other grandparents, Lije & Jo. Kate got to ride the 4 wheeler & visit Great Grandma Marie & eat leftover pizza & play with the farm animals.
KJ's 2 events were the 800 & the long jump. He has decided the 800 is for tall long legged skinny guys who aren't packing around all the weight he is & that he sure didn't practice enough on the long jump. In true Dailey tradition, he is rather hard on himself. I am proud of the effort he puts in & his love of running.
Dad called last nite to report that Mom is still in Liberty, but should come home today.
Today we go to KC to see Katie's dentist. On the way, will try to collect my *L*A*S*T* band booster carnival donation since they were closed yesterday when I was finishing up my list. I put it off longer every year. I am truly a pathetic Band Booster. I mean well, but I should join Procrastinators Anonymous. We all know I'd never make it to a meeting....



Sat. we went to the matinee of Horton Hears A Who, took pics with the visiting Flat Stacie from California by the Girl Scout Mural in Chillicothe, bought tap shoes for Katie's dance class, went to Wal-Mart, & ate @ Applebee's. I had the brilliant idea to wash all the sheets & blankets before we left, our 2 loads of flannel sheets usually need 2 runs thru the dryer to get dry, so was still drying sheets after we got home about 8:30, but we did all eventually get to bed. (I have one 'good' set of sheets for each bed, then the backup sheets that are about toast, so usually put the good sheets back on...it's my system.)
Easter I put together Katie's requested 15 clue hunt to find the big chocolate bunny. We went out to Grandpa Lije's for supper, where Katie visited the baby goats, baby calves, chickens, & the puppies. Kevin & Kate went for a ride to check cows, I laid Kevin's crutches on top of the ATV while they were gone, because I figured they'd bounce out the back of the truck. I wasn't thinking about the overgrown Great Pyranese puppies, when they got back, Katie ran in the house & said "Way to go, MOM, one of the puppies ate Dad's crutch!"
They'd chewed on the hand piece & gouged it good, & chewed a piece off the arm rest thing that Lije found. Lije electrical taped it back together. I'm sure this episode only makes Kevin love me more....
This week have a Band Boosters meeting, trip to Kevin's surgeon, Katie's dentist, KJ track meet, Katie class trip to JEff City, & get the cookie $ turned in. 6 girls have turned theirs in so far (out of 15). Katie just has one more delivery & I have to figure up what the extra cookies cost.


the dentist

will have to go to oral surgeon in KC to have the root of the broken tooth removed, it broke under the crown, the roots are crossed with another tooth's roots, it looks like it is abcessed & growing into my sinus cavity. am I a lucky girl or what?

life in the deb lane

parent-teacher conference went well--KJ& Katie both have excellent grades.
I picked up kj's track shirt that I knew I ordered & KJ was equally sure I had not ordered. Then I visited the band director & got another permission form to sign for him to attend district contest Saturday since he never brought the original home. Also found out the date of the school play because he couldn't remember. Kate was busy on the phone before we went, she took her BB to school & shot hoops with Kelsie on the playground. They wanted Kelsie to spend the nite, but the rule is no sleepovers when Mom has to work the next day unless you're teenagers (probably not a fair rule, but my thinking is KJ will have to watch Katie, & he doesn't need another kid to watch, as well).
We took Kelsie to the first dance class @ Princeton. We arrived 4 minutes late. The girls had a blast, they need tap & jazz shoes. The Stacy Center has put together a 'dance studio'---a long narrow room with the tap boards on the floor, & there will eventually be mirrors on the wall.
The 1st crown I broke 3 years ago that was glued back in is loose again. Going to dentist today to get my 'temp' crown for the broken one that had to be yanked, & replaced with a bridge. My teeth are embarrassing...I have had them worked on over the years, & I can eat, as long as I'm careful, but when this last crown broke, it was my primary 'chew' spot...so had to chew on the other side where the other crown is, & ta-da....more dental work in my immediate future...it's always something. Kevin offered to go with me today since the shots sometimes make me a little sick. I have to work a half day first. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!
Tomorrow planning a family outing to see Horton Hears a Who & look for jazz/tap shoes at Chillicothe Payless, will also check when we have Katie in KC for dentist Weds. The teacher said she could order them if we can't find them, but they'll cost more. Even my cheap husband said it would probably be cheaper to just order them than to drive all over looking for them with gas prices the way they are....


rain, rain, go away....

school bus routes back to hard surface roads only starting tomorrow...I have been seeing Robin Redbreasts, *s*p*r*i*n*g* is definitely in the air...am looking forward to the dusty gravel roads of summer instead of the rutty muddy roads we're driving now.
spring break is down to 2 days after all the snow days. last day is slated for May 21, a half day. I want to take the kids to wrestling in Des Moines the night before...
have parent teacher conference & kate's first dance class. I go back to dentist & kj goes to district music contest this week.
next week kate has dentist appt. in KC, kevin has dr appt in des moines, kate has a field trip to jefferson city, I have a band boosters meeting, & the brownie easter egg hunt.
koren is receiving a scholastic honors key at college next month. She's been busy doing job interviews.


diaper derby

the game I'm referring to in previous post is of course Basketball.


Kate hadn't played since 'the incident' in preschool...she has been practicing & was all pumped up to play...there was a problem finding a shirt for her to wear that wasn't too girly. she guarded & ran the court, no one would give her the ball. She was very disappointed. all our wonderful little darlings are so hard on themselves, they set the bar so high that no one can do what they think they should be able to do.
koren called, she is home safe & sound from London.
Kevin is spending his 'free time' downloading songs for Katie's MP3 player. she thought she needed one for the Jeff City trip her class is going on. it is one very very long ride, I thought the MP3 player was a good idea.


school goes back to regular bus route tomorrow, Kevin has battled the mud taking the kids to & from school, having to clean his crutches everytime he goes outside. I'd worried about him slipping on the ice, I never thought about the mud...
Katie & I had a band boosters meeting today, the carnival is taking shape nicely. I gave some of my merchants that I had to pick up donations from to Cathy, she got her list DONE & my list is still where it was the LAST meeting...I have to get on the ball. took a day off to take Kevin back to see surgeon, will just have to get what I can before we leave...can't skip out of work early like I used to...the bosses girls are playing elementary basketball, she is leaving early to make games. Princeton has horrible curbs all around the square, the last few years I've relied on Kevin to step in & save my ass, but on crutches I can't ask him to do it..
..Still have to deliver Girl Scout Cookies....
Kate says she'll play in the Diaper Derby Friday-the last time she played was in preschool. She got wiped out by one of her own teammates & has had no interest in playing BB until this year.
KJ is busy with track practice & play practice.
Koren has emailed twice from England, she did the Jack the Ripper walk, has been to plays, ate in a crypt...she is supposed to get back Friday.


why did kevin wake me up from my nap?

he had supper ready, which was nice,then I tackled the dirty mud tracked floors, & laundry, then got hold of the cookie chairs ex husband who had sold 6 boxes of our leftover cookies & got them ready to be picked up...I helped katie study for her tests tomorrow...she is learning things I'm quite sure I never even knew~
then I decided to check my yahoo groups--all girl scout stuff. i had to log in, & couldn't remember my id/password, kevin told me what they were, but he told me HIS login/password, which of course won't work on MINE. took me about half hr. of cussing (I was close to tears, some days I should just turn off the alarm & pull the blankets over my head & stay there) to figure it out. but did get a reply on flat stacies, will send 2 to SC.
also got a lot of emails from the troop we sent 2 stacies to in NY, went thru all the pics, & found our 2 girls pictured at the 'Our Chalet" Switzerland table at their World Thinking Day. that was cool!


kj's bday

it was my weekend off, but had to cover 1 day because we're short, so went in early Sat., worked a half day, came home & threw a Brownie Fun Day PJ Party for Girl Scout week, then took KJ to Chillicothe for his birthday, he chose where we ate (PIZZA HUT), the movie we went to (SEMI-PRO), then went to Wal-Mart & selected a PS2 game & a dvd for his bday present. today I slept in till 7, put together one of the girls sashes she gave me yesterday, picked up 2 girls, & snuck into church for Girl Scout Sunday just after it started...brought several girls home for lunch, then took a carload to the swimming party at Princeton, then took them all home, Kate is working on her homework, KJ left with friends, we will have his birthday party when he comes home---brownies & ice cream.



Koren flew out of KCI yesterday afternoon for London, England! She comes home March 14.
My baby graduates May 10 11a.m.



we all know that I am not especially fond of my job. I traded p.m. risers with Martha, since I have to leave early for a band boosters meeting next week, which is my riser week. a simple trade. no biggie. I would get home a few minutes later. the road we drive to work has went from gravel to muddy to deep rutted clay tire tracks down the middle of the road. kind of hairy, but everyone was 4 wheelin' in and out in orderly fashion. until today. someone buried their vehicle on top of a hill. one truck went around. another tried to go thru the field & got stuck. I was in the group that meekly turned off their vehicles & waited. The 2 trucks behind me waited a while, then backed up & went out the other way. I kept in touch with kevin on the cell---I hate backing up. I have a real complex about it. But, after waiting 40 minutes in the same spot & watching the 2 vehicles behind me back up, I took a deep breath & started backing up. Had to back up a hill, no visibility. Then back up another hill. no visibility. then used the LRM graveled turn around spot to turn around. It seemed like I backed the Indy 500, but it was probably a quarter mile or so. the gravel road goes out another way, I'd never been that way, so called kevin to see where I'd end up at. It was not nearly as bad as the road I'd been driving. it's more miles, but most of them are highway, & it took about as long as I've been inching down the mud road tearing up the truck.
so, finally get home, we decide to plunge ahead with the planned walmart trip. kj stays home. have to wash the truck, the headlights are so muddy we can't see. then eat supper & head to walmart. we progress thru the store, the tailgate won't open. kevin assures me it's froze. I of course can't get it open, he does. I load the truck. tailgate won't stay shut. he messes with it a while. I end up moving all the stuff to the back seat. then had to get gas...kevin got out his tarp strap & fastened the tailgate shut. looks classy. but on the plus side---he noticed that the service engine soon light that has been on awhile is now off.
got home late & threw off kate's whole bedtime routine.
Set my alarm early to drive the other way to work. kevin assures me the road will freeze back up, it'll be fine. but I wonder how bad they messed up the road getting that guy out. or did he ever get out? will it be like the Dr Suess story where they build the interstate by pass over the 2 guys? do I want to find out on my way to a place I really don't want to go anyway?
the answers to these & other questions on the next episode of Soap.



kevin took kj to the dr today---it's not the upper respiratory flu going around, just some kind of sinus thing. the kid is miserable, but he says the Rx is already making him feel better. he doesn't like to miss school, this is the 1st day he's missed this year. dr. wants him to stay home tomorrow, too. we'll see...
kate has a friend over. she told me she had a horrible day @ school & needed danielle to come over---so I said yes. kevin is not happy...kj is sick. why does katie need a friend over? so why doesn't katie ever ask him?
because he'd say no!


the longest weekend...

slept in again, Kate & Kelsie decided to go uptown & do another photo shoot, so we trekked up there, walked thru mud, puddles, snow, ice...took pictures on the railroad track, by the old depot, etc. they picked up as many rocks off the tracks as they could carry in their shirts. then they came home & had to change pants & shoes to go back outside & lay on the chaise lounge wrapped in big sweatshirts. I think they went thru every pair of shoes Katie owns. Then Moriah came over for awhile, & Josh & Corey came over to run at the park with KJ, then they played football in the mud.
finally everyone went home, & Kate & I watched the 1915 silent movie "The Birth of a Nation", which was our big weekend plans to start with! we didn't make it all the way to the end, Katie has to take her shower at precisely 7 p.m. precisely. she's been a bit droopy today, hopefully just overtired. She had a friend over to play last Thursday, I think, who went home from school the next day with the flu. (one of my co-workers went home early Thursday with the flu.) I'm just waiting. The flu bug is lurking around every corner...


Fools Gold

I thought in honor of Leap Year, we'd go out on the town...kj was tired from track practice & wouldn't leave the house. kate, kevin, & I had supper at Washington Street Food & Drink in Trenton, then went to see Fools Gold. (I really wanted to see Semi-Pro, but was out voted...). It was fun.
today Kate & I took Kelsie swimming at the Stacy Pool. then we went to Dollar General AND Casey's for snacks. we stopped at Ragan's Grocery in Mercer for Kevin's requested steak, I'd already had the girls posing with the 2 NY Stacies by the Welcome to Mercer sign, the Calamity Jane marker in Princeton, & at the pool. I thought it'd be cool to have a picture at the RR crossing in town. katie wanted pictures all around the square, they tromped thru mud & snow & puddles. I wasn't going to argue with a kid who would willingly pose for pictures...Kelsie ended up spending the nite.

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