family reading night

I always look forward to these at school----tonite featured The Guitar Man, a local musician/guitar player...he did a Bingo song using kids names, etc. It was fun. Kevin elected not to spend his birthday hopping on crutches thru our icy driveway to the truck to go to school where a kid would inevitably fall on, trip over, or otherwise bump his leg.
School has went to Hard Surface Roads only, which means Kevin has to get the kids to /from school.


ahoy maties, college graduation is near

I am excited, I wanted a pirates theme for the band carnival, the other 4 grown ups at todays band booster meeting thought that was a good idea, so we changed the names/details of some games: the duck pond became The Treasure Chest, & Dino Dig became Dig For Buried Treasure. I presented my already prepared prize order of mainly pirate themed prizes, & we'll soon be walking the plank, me hardies. (ok, so I've watched Pirates of the Caribbean a few too many times...)
koren called, MWSU graduation is Saturday May 10th. I'll have to take a big box of Puffs Plus. her trip to England is fast approaching, too. She's been interviewing at companies & worrying about insurance & buying a house & a new car.


Baby Buddesse Dailey

I forgot to tell how she got her name....her daddy is Budda, her mom is Sissy. She looks like her dad, so Jo was calling her Buddesse. Katie wanted to name her Baby. Katie's nickname @ home is Boo, (the little girl from Monsters Inc. who made the same squeal Katie made when she was little), so Kevin calls the dog Baby Boo. And Dailey is self explanatory...& now you know the rest of the story,without even listening to Paul Harvey.

to des moines we go...

got the kids off to school, then did some errands in Princeton & picked up some Band Boosters carnival donations, to West Des Moines to eat at Chile's & go to Kevin's dr. appt. they took off the cast, took out staples, & put on a cool new red cast.
Lije & Jo brought over Katie's Great Pyranese puppy, Baby Buddesse Dailey. they also brought the kids pizza for supper. we've been depending a lot on the grandparents lately...


the days keep going by...

we threw a Brownie meeting, went to the last ballgame of the season, to the HDC Music Day Concert @ Gilman City (KJ had auditioned & earned 2nd chair baritone), he tried out for the school play Alice in Wonderland & will be Humpty Dumpty & a guard. Katie went to Grandpa Lije's & picked out a Great Pyranese puppy to keep...grandpa was supposed to bring it today, she is very anxious. I squeezed thru the frozen-in-the-mud gate into the dog pen to put straw in Haley's house, & drug the old barrel she used to sleep in by her house & put straw in it for the puppy. She had a hard time choosing just one puppy.
Kevin has a followup visit in West Des Moines tomorrow. I took the day off, will run to Princeton & try to get some Band Booster Carnival donations picked up---our weather cancelled meeting is rescheduled for Weds.


Lunar Eclipse

last nite was a lunar eclipse, the 3rd grade is studying the moon & sun in science, so they were all hyped up. it was cool. we rec'd flat stacies from bronx, ny, they watched the eclipse with us.


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

we had to take kj's friend corey home...the curve by our house was drifted bad, that was the worst spot. I'm not a winter driver, I've always relied on kevin to get me to & fro in bad weather, but now of course I'm on my own. wonderful.



katie took red & white beads to school for her class--they won 100% participation for red & white day & had their picture on the wall in the commons! kate sat by us for most of the game---usually she disappears & reappears for $ or permission to do this or that. I dont' think kevin really enjoyed the game, his foot was hurting, the bleachers were uncomfortable, he had the cast propped up on my leg off & on...there is one home game left.
kj is on student council, he has been decorating for the homecoming dance, & had to help clean up afterwards...he called about 12:30a.m. for a ride home. when I got there, he offered to drive, & reminded me that next year, he won't need a ride, he can drive himself. & he's right.
on the bright side, when the kids are all grown up & gone, I'd like to think I can leave, too...now we stay here because we like the school, blah, blah, blah, but it would be nice to start over somewhere else, with a new job, new places to go, etc....there are other jobs around, but I don't want to drive 30+ minutes each way, & it just doesn't make sense to get a job that I don't hate that will pay less $ & cost more gas $...altho on many of the endless days I spend @ work this argument doesn't sound real convincing...


happy valentines day

ordered the kids HUGE happy valentines day balloons to be delivered at school, kate's came home, kj gave his to his friend alisha because 'she wanted it.'


homecoming week

kj is on the Student Council that sponsors Homecoming, he is decorating after school this week for Friday's dance. Kate is dressing up for all the special days (KJ won't). Monday was pj day, kate even had fuzzy slippers. Tuesday-rock star day, she put together an outfit. today was gender-bender, she wore kj's huge Chiefs jersey over her clothes. tomorrow for super hero day she will be Super Girly...dangly earrings, lots of pink, sparkles on her face, tons of beads. Friday is spirit day---Red & White.
after work I had to take truck to our mechanic for oil change...something kevin always does. then had to run to dollar general to get brown markers to finish up kate's valentine's box (A HERSHEY'S BAR). got her treat bags put together, all her stuff by the door....whew! It's already been a long long week & it's only 1/2 done. Friday nite we will go to the ball game, will have to go early to get kevin a spot in the 'gimpy' section, where the people with walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, canes, etc. sit.


alls well that ends well...

kevin's surgery seemed to go good, he got bumped twice there, since it was an outpatient surgery center & the patient before him wasn't in good enough health, so the dr. had to travel to her hospital for surgery, then come back. we were still home @ 8:30p.m. mom was here after school for the kids & took them out for supper & made sure homework was done.
they had to cut off some bone at the break, since he'd been walking on it, the edges were rounded instead of sharp, so they made them sharp again & used the cut off bone for a graft, then put in wire & screws to hold it all together, surgeon thinks it'll work. plaster-cast-no-weight-bearing-for-5-weeks. the driveway was a slick mother, good thing he's already a crutch expert...
I am a small town driver, Des Moines makes me nervous, altho we took 5N in & looped most DM traffic, & 5S out & looped most DM traffic...& there really didn't seem to be much traffic. kevin didn't gasp or grap the dash handle or anything like he did the last time I drove him home from surgery in DM...I figured he'd sleep all the way home, he was wound for sound, & requested McDonalds on the way home. the pain pills wind him up, but I don't think he could sleep without them...


katie goes off the deep end!

yesterday katie made a snowman all by herself! my happy butt wasn't even in the yard! today she was swimming laps from 4' to 10'. she's never went in the deep end before. first she asked the lifeguard if her friend danielle could go off the board. danielle wouldn't go ask if katie could go off the board, so kate had to go to the lifeguard again to ask if she could go off. Of course the lifeguard said she could use the board. the kid is a pro! she does an awesome cannonball! I am one proud mama.

those darned kids...

koren claimed herself on her taxes this year...we still could've claimed her as a college student, & got a little tax break, but oh, well.
kj has suddenly become a teenager (he's almost 16!). to make a long story short, the fish tank is in his room. his fish died long ago, now katie has a fish in the tank. she wants to visit the fish. he needs his privacy. she shoves on one side of the door, him on the other. he picks her up & forcibly removes her from his room. she starts pushing on the door again...all I ever had to do to resolve this (besides threats & screaming) was move the damned tank. it is on a cart on wheels, even. no biggie. finally today I had enough, yanked cords out of the plug in, wheeled it back to its original spot in the diningroom, & told kj if he wanted the years of dustbunnies cleaned up, he better do it himself, as I didn't want to interrupt his privacy. and his stack of clean laundry will now be placed on the floor outside his door, instead of in his room on his trunk for him to put away.
I decided that today was the day to take the Visiting Brownie Flat Stacie pictures so I can get film developed & get them mailed back. katie thought it would be too embarrassing to pose for these pictures holding laminated paper dolls herself, she invited a friend, who wanted to bring her big sister. they're playing in katie's room waiting for the pool to open...they posed by the Welcome to Iowa sign (danielle lives in lineville, she's on the missouri side, but what the hey, we were that close...just a few more blocks to the Iowa sign), the Welcome to Missouri sign, & the Welcome to Mercer sign. will also do pictures at the Calamity Jane Roadside Park, Stacy Center Pool, & Calamity Jane marker on the Princeton square.
have 2 more nagging phone calls to make about cookie order sheets, I'd like to get them turned in tonite since Kevin has to be in des moines for surgery tomorrow @ 12:15.


my 4 day weekend...

the kids had another snow day yesterday, but back to school today. I took today off to get our taxes done, tomorrow is the big Make It Try It meeting where we'll make Brownie Soup, cookbooks, & Flat Stacies here,& Monday is Kevin's surgery.
have already done some scrapbooking & laundry this morning, I have 1 1/2 more hours until I have to head to Bethany, who knows what I could get accomplished? The world is my oyster....


another snow day...

kevin got to fight the roads taking me to work...the kids got to sleep in...
then when kevin came to pick me up from work he got to pull one of my co-workers out...


winter sucks...

kids got out of school @ 11:30...
snow, rain, thunder, snow, rain, sleet, slush...
on top of mud ruds...


When The Mississippi Ran Backwards

Empire, Intrigue, Murder, and the New Madrid Earthquake
by Jay Feldman

Finally finished reading this book...it had lots of interesting stuff in it, & ended with the 1990 predicted earthquake in December. We were living in "the zone" then,we bought earthquake insurance, I didn't let Koren out of my sight just in case. And nothing happened. According to this book, there was no chance of that December quake, the guy had nothing to base his prediction on, & real scientists were debunking him, but the media caused a frenzy & then it all kind of went away. I remember watching the news, a guy on a bridge was singing a song he'd written for the earthquake that never happened.
Just brought back some memories I forgot I had...

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