I got one of those phone calls tonite...usually I just hang up or listen a sec & say "not interested" & then hang up...but for some reason I let her do the routine of how I'd won this fabulous internet shopping spree with no obligations...she was doing a survey & asked what my occupation was. I said, 'farming.' She asked me several more times, so I switched to the more professional sounding 'agriculture'. She responded with "huh?" So I said, "I work in a pig barn." She starts laughing uncontrollably. Then she asked me if I was raising the bacon or making it. Ha Ha Ha. Like I don't know how ridiculous my job is without some paid phone hack laughing at me.
One day I know I will snap & I will quit my job. I might even briefly run away. Being a responsible grownup is dreary. I gave Kevin notice...I had told myself I would quit & go to school when Kate started kindergarten. Wasn't an option. Told myself I'd quit & go to school after KJ graduates. (2010). Today I made myself & my husband a promise...I will quit on my 50th birthday. So he has plenty of time to take the insurance. I figure that will give me a year or two for school, & I'll still have 13+ years to have yet another career.



Kevin met the ankle specialist today---surgery on Feb. 11th---they'll put in screws, he'll have a plaster cast. He is the one condemned to hopping on crutches forever again---& all I can think about is how this is going to screw up my life...
am I some kind of a wife or what?


Heath Ledger is dead

I am a huge fan, & was quite shocked when I went to my Yahoo page to check into my girl scout groups that I belong to & he was a headline...he was only 28.
Kate brought home an awesome library book---Ghosts of the White House. Right up my alley.
Kevin, Katie, & I are yelling @ each other trying to communicate over the loud a** tv. Kevin really seriously can't hear. When he watches tv, it slowly makes the rest of us deaf....KJ is in his room with a friend playing some PS2 game...I can hear the music in here, too. (over the tv...)


my life is so exciting....

Tuesday---leader meeting
Weds---Brownie meeting/trip to Wal-Mart in a snow storm.
Thursday---got postcards ready
Friday---mailed postcards...home basketball game-Kate & KJ each had a friend stay over
Saturday---mailed more post cards...post office gave some back that enthusiastic Brownies had signed over the addresses & I had missed when I went thru them, put new addresses on them... Katie & Kelsie swimming at the Stacy Pool, where they are painting cool Finding Nemo murals.


my week

worked the weekend. my mouth still hurts from the extraction...went to dr. after week for my 'mom checkup', have lost 6 lbs. since last years exam. (better than gaining, I guess....)
the thinking day postcard exchange has really took off---put an innocent little post on the site that I had leftover postcards...had 95 emails after work....ran out of postcards, so now having to turn people down. our little brownies might get writers cramp from signing all these babies!


an outing

I overslept, then asked Kevin to drive me 2 work after the fun ride I had coming home yesterday. When I returned home, KJ asked if we could have pizza 4 supper. He's asked that several times here lately...so I told him if I could get the car backed out of the snowdrift in the driveway, I'd make the call.
I've probably mentioned that my defroster/a.c. has quit. Kevin found a little dash thing that defrosts enough that you can see to drive. But you have to keep wiping the condensation off the inside of the windshield. Keeps life interesting. Not quite as interesting as driving an Amish buggy, I guess...( I think of this each time I drive my car in adverse conditions....)
Kate is watching the America's Next Top Model marathon. KJ's in his room watching wrestling. I just finished reading "Heart Sick"---a serial killer novel. Kevin is of course @ work. But it's just like he's home---he has 2 things set to record on the dvr, so we have to watch 1 of those shows, watch a dvd or turn off the tv. Not that I'm watching tv anyway....


more snow...

the kids got out of school @ 1:00. I had such fun driving home in it, & now I'm in for the night...


bad teeth

Took today off work to go to dentist, planned on having the crown glued back in, eating lunch out with Kevin (maybe the renovated Crossroads @ Princeton, if my teeth felt up to it), then whatever (wink, wink, my husband has been feeling ignored lately...)
I smugly thought when I had all that dental work done, that I was DONE with dental work~yeah, there'd still be cleanings & x-rays, but I don't have many real teeth left to go bad~I thought I was in the clear.
So, the crown that came out~not enough tooth to glue it back on. Had the remaining tooth pulled, it has to heal, then will have a permanent bridge made.
It seems kind of self-indulgent to spend that much $ on my teeth, but I know how many teeth I have, & the only back ones I have to chew with are right where I lost this tooth~& while I do need to lose weight~I don't want to eat pureed steak.
So, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my pain pills, came home, crawled into bed & took a long long nap. Talk about "me time".


another crown comes tumbling down

shortly before our big South Dakota vacation in 2005 I was chewing on a Jolly Rancher @ work & broke a crown. It got glued back in, but has given me some trouble since. I learned a lesson & quit Jolly Ranchers cold turkey. But that's been awhile back, & I bought my seasonal bag of Valentine candy hearts (with the sayings on them) & was crunching on them today & broke a crown on the other side of my mouth.
You really can't teach an old dog new tricks...


in the backyard we can build a snowman...

we built 2...we did them "my way" with wigs, hats, beads, sunglasses, etc., then we did them "kate's way" with leaves & bark & twigs. then she destroyed them.


National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets

took in our 1st movie of 2008 @ Trenton. It's a cold one out there, the path I shoveled yesterday for the sleepover guests drifted full, had to make a new one for back to school tomorrow.

and it's official...

koren called right after midnite...they had bought the ring & had it sized, her thing was that he had to slide the ring on her finger after he proposed...she has been carrying the ring with her so when he is ready...he proposed to her at midnight, put the ring on her finger, & now they are "officially" engaged! I thought it was rather romantic. kevin grumbled a few things...even though we know our little girl has grown up, we still fight it every step of the way...
HAPPY 2008!

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