enough is enough

drove to work in blinding snow, drove home on snow covered roads, scooped a snow path to the house for katie's sleepover friends...the snow thing is getting old.
The Brad Pitt Jesse James dvd comes out next month...pre-ordered on amazon.com. I've been waiting for this a long long time!


finally friday~

survived another snowy day of work, Katie went to a friends house, then brought the friend home with her to spend the nite...then the friend burnt her finger taking her own Banquet meal out of the microwave (breaking a time honored Dailey family rule), so this has thrown the production of their movie even further behind than the supper break they took (resulting in said burn) when the camcorder battery charged...no wonder Hollywood productions cost so much! Honestly!
The gist of the movie is that the girls are New Years People, responsible for the safety of everyone on New Years Eve. They have computer databases & everything.
Got all traces of xmas safely stored back in the garage for next year. Still dragging boxes out of Katie's room to garage so she can clean her room (all Barbies, Bratz, My Scenes, their 2 trunks of clothes, their trunks of furniture & cars & shoes & boots & accessories that she doesn't need anymore.) When I cleaned the garage for Brownie Halloween party, I threw all the unused lids off her trunks up in a corner on the ledge over the staircase to basement...so now I have to climb on a chair, then up on the chest freezer, then onto ledge to find the matching lids to put on the boxes since the cats will not stay out of the garage (& concrete in front of garage is cracked & shifted so door won't shut right).
I thought I'd have to work tomorrow, but the boss asked someone else to. Yeah, me! 2 whole days off, then I work Monday, chaperone Kate's New Years Eve party, & have New Years Day off.
Kevin had his ankle xrayed again, they want him to see an orthopedic specialist, to be on the safe side, one view they took still showed a crack or gap or something. They're setting that up. Now I get to worry some more.


deb can't drive...

I got home from work---Kate has decided she will have a New Years Eve sleepover party--with 2 friends. Kj wanted to pick up his friend Corey. I tried to beg off, Kevin had took the 4wd to work, my car was covered in snow & the doors were froze shut, so KJ got the doors opened & cleaned off the car. I made him stay home with Katie (the lake roads are notorious in winter & I would rather be stranded/& or dead by myself while my kids were safe & warm @ home)I did fine until I was in sight of Corey's house, the hill up to it was a lot steeper than I realized, until my car started spinning & going sideways & backwards. I took a couple of good runs at it & probably could've made it, but I could smell burning rubber & the car sounded like it was going to blow up, so I eased up just a sec & that was it. Corey's nice father came out & backed the car down the hill & aound the sharp curve & brought it in another (less hilly) way. The road under the fresh snow was ice. (duh...we're actually having winter this winter...)I honestly can barely back out of my driveway. So, I told Corey just to bring clothes & spend the nite, I wasn't up to taking him home, Kevin can take him home tomorrow in the truck.
have to volunteer again to work a 1/2 day of my weekend off since we still don't have a weekend kid. I'm hoping KJ will consent to work on my weekend when he turns 16 until he is comfortable with the job & then I can eventually have more days off.
took down the outside decorations last nite ( a tiny tree, & santa & reindeer tree faces) but have yet to start in the house. I went thru the Current catalog we got looking for valentines for Katie's class, & found a xmas tree storage bag so ordered that. The box is a pain, takes about a roll of tape to hold it together, & of course it never went back into the box like it was when I got it...


locks of love

Kevin took Katie to the beauty shop today for a locks of love haircut...her hair is now almost touching her shoulders. her hair is now bouncy & swingy & she is very happy with it.


insurance is good

insurance is a necessity. insurance is one of the reasons I go to work everyday. But it sucks when you have to call the tollfree line on a claim & try to form comprehendable sentences. Even when I write down what I'm going to say, I can screw it up...
kate is refusing to go to tonites ballgame, so will just drop kj & corey off & pick them up. I guess I can be a grownup & miss one pepband performance...
yesterday I was the only non-school-employee volunteer in the craft room at the school xmas party, sent off the world thinking day postcard exchange badge order, went to Dollar General, bank, picked up my wedding rings, ate the new pizza hut pizza, shopped at Orshelins, then went to see Alvin & The Chipmunks.
then today it was back to work...
I should so be a stay-at-home mom...


it's only tuesday?

monday--my riser week---hiking the risers in the snow--with a flashlight in the a.m. when it's still dark---again after work with wet hair---
home varsity BB game--pep band played, & there was a Band Boosters meeting--we had to go. kate wasn't in the mood. she tried really hard to convince me she had to stay home & do her homework. she finally grudgingly came along. (we really need a live-in nanny for such occasions.)
tuesday--risers in the dark--risers with wet hair---the school xmas program---ran out of laundry soap--so bought more at princeton p.m.--& therefore am behind on laundry. I do 2-3 loads everyday to stay caught up. livingroom needs picked up again--kate has a project going on & it's taking over the whole floor.
kevin picked up his gun from shop & had his ankle x-rayed again.


and now...

it's snowing...a lot...on top of the piles of broken tree limbs & frozen slushy roads...



kids went back to school today--in history kj's group is researching xmas around the world---somehow kj got volunteered to bring an egyptian food & a decoration. we made a feta cheese omelet---talk about stink. the beads fell off my little decoration. then the kids tried the stinky feet omelet cold. they weren't real impressed. they had found a recipe for a whole roasted camel--a medium camel stuffed with a goat, 12 chickens, eggs....
1st home BB game tonite--went to watch the pep band play after kevin pulled my car out of the yard w/ the truck---he parked it away from the trees when the ice hit, ice started thawing, & the car was parked in a mudhole.
the kids are arguing while watching wrestling.
last nite kate couldn't go to sleep, I couldn't stay up any longer, I found
the bear
for her. she reported this morning that she did go to sleep &
the bear
the bear
has been with us for years, we took our honeymoon for a day at Worlds of Fun, last day of the season, wearing our winter coats. all the shops had stuff on clearance, kevin bought 2 bears for the babies we planned on having...the small brown bear that I have sewed back together several times & all 3 kids have slept with, & the big brown bear that no one ever really latched onto that lives in one of my family history rubbermaid boxes in the garage with first haircut wisps in baggies & plaster molds of baby hands & feet & baby books & videos of the kids.
koren called last nite, her electricity was back on!


snow day part 2

left early for trenton, ate lunch @ washington street, went to the jewelry store to drop off my wedding rings for some work & to size them up to where they don't cut off circulation. then to our family dentist appt, then onto the family chiropractor appt, then shopping @ pamida & hyvee, then home again, home again, jiggity jog.


snow day

no school: ice/freezing rain. Koren called, her electricity has been out since 6a.m. Ours went off during the night, my alarm didn't go off, I was late to work. It went off "50 hundred times" today while I was @ work, according to kate. we have a yard full of cool old trees. lots of limbs in the yard, & popping & cracking & creaking & crashing. kevin parked the vehicles at the edge of our yard by the neighbors...one of the only places where they aren't under trees. have the lantern going in case electricity quits again. we've been lucky so far...
took tomorrow off, kevin, kj, & I have dentist appts in trenton, then we all have chiropractor appts after.


katie wants a little sister.

she always has wanted a little sister. she understands that I can't have any more babies. and she's ok with that. we can just adopt one. preferably a chinese or black baby because they're so cute.


it's snowing

kids got out of school early. deb wore her backless tennis shoes & packed them full of snow....(some people never learn. it does occasionally still snow in Missouri...)



today was KJ's big day---driving to Liberty in drivers ed. It's a big deal considering most of his driving is done in Mercer, pop. 300some. Today was the 1st time he's been on the interstate. He got to eat chicken strips @ Applebee's, too!



have a shopping excersion planned for tomorrow after the kids get home from school---supper @ Applebee's, winter boot shopping 4 katie, massive driving practice 4 KJ. we've all been looking 4ward to it...kevin is exhausted, he is back to full shifts & massive mandatory overtime...I worked the weekend & my butt is dragging...we'll see how it actually goes.
wednesday KJ & a classmate drive to Liberty & back with their drivers ed teacher.
friday is the first home varsity BB game--kj will have to play in pep band,& I'll have to go watch him. they got awesome new pepband shirts this year.
katie is working on a map of the Mercer square...after Sabrina the Teenage Witch is over, we'll go & make sure she has everything in the right place.
I got the xmas newsletter typed, kate has it decorated, now just need to get it copied, find the wallets I had made, buy xmas stamps, wait 4 the address labels I ordered to get here, address the envelopes...


christmas insanity

I have been a bit manic about Xmas this year. I have planned & shopped & wrapped & decorated early. I have dug out Xmas videos, dvds, & cds. I made my family watch Shrek The Halls. I plan outings to all the new holiday movies. I have bought tons of Xmas candy. I have also filled the calander with Christmasy things to do...tonite's was the all female production of Ms. Scrooge at Princeton...
after this a.m.s ice storm & having no electricity @ work for hours on end...I was still set to go. Till I got home & Katie really didn't want to go. I tried to sweet talk her into it. She just really didn't want to go. So, instead I called for pizza & ran to the grocery store to pick up necessities.
All 3 vehicles are just home from the shop for various ailments. I was driving the Monte just uptown--it started missing again. It died twice on the way home. I barely made it back. I was thanking my lucky stars that Katie didn't let me talk her into driving to Princeton...

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