happy halloween

spent the day at school, prepping 4 elementary fall festival, ate lunch with katie, helped her get ready 4 costume parade, & worked @ the festival....I think it was the best festival so far, had lots of helpers, & no disasters. {someone did steal the plate of leftover cookies I was bringing home....} katie won the coloring contest!!! she went trick-or-treating & to the haunted house with 2 friends, all the girls wore black & boots. they looked cute. the local gas station had a free BBQ going. the friends & I were rather scared @ the haunted house, kate was a lot calmer than we were. a skeleton touched her "buttocks"....and a witch with a fake knife poked her there. when Scream jumped out of the closet, kate said "hi". she said, "hey, how rude!" when they grabbed her. it seemed like there were about 300 people in that tiny house!
kj had an academic meet.


friday nite

KJ is on Student Council, so had to go the the hayride & dance they were sponsoring tonite. Kate has a friend spending the nite, Kevin took us out to supper. Now the girls are spying on us with their walkie talkies.
Kevin had a dr. appt. today, the dr. told him to take off the walking boot, start walking, using a cane if he needs to to start with, & in 2 weeks they'll see how he's walking. He's in a lot of pain right now. I always found it ironic how I took things for granted every time I had surgery...just getting out of bed was a struggle somedays...picking up your baby...doing laundry...
I think we're ready 4 tomorrow's Brownie Halloween Party.
I slept like a baby last night---took a swig a mite over the stated amount of nighttime Triaminic cough & cold. Kevin said he'd go pick up KJ @ midnite, but he's already sacked out in the chair, so I better hold off on the medicine. His friend Corey will probably need a ride back to his house @ the lake.
He said the Academic Team is talking about dressing up for the meet on Halloween day. He thinks he'd wear the Jamacian hat with dreadlocks & some sunglasses...


and my cold is back....

just what I hoped would happen, of course...
made a Jesse James scarecrow for the Werewolf Woods. KJ has consented to be the Werewolf. Kate wants to have a "not scary" walk thru the woods for the little girls, then a "scary" walk 4 the ones who want to...where KJ will growl & grab someone.
think we have it all ready to go.
the face paint for the school Fall Festival somehow got cancelled....reordered it. it should get here in time...
having breakfast 4 supper-french toast & bacon.
KJ's PS2 is on the fritz.
Kate has a friend over.


today I was thinking

while I showered out at work for my half day...do these things exist anymore?
1. Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo
2. Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
3. Boone's Farm Tickle Pink Wine
4. Heaven Scent perfume (maybe it was Heaven Sent...it was my favorite until I started going out with Kevin, he claimed perfumes & smelly shampoos gave him headaches...)



I was one of 2 leaders who went to the Girl Scout Leader meeting tonite...had to go get gas anyway. Taking my half day tomorrow, getting my fall highlights done, then going to the home academic meet to watch my son!
having lasagna for supper...the best kind...Stouffer's. we tried all our experiments for the Brownie party. they all worked but 1. Kate was looking over her seed beads on the LR floor, I kicked the box, I swept them into a pile, but have yet to pick the teeny tiny beads out of the dust bunnies. the days get away from me. Kevin has a horrible cold, I am getting another one.
it's Red Ribbon Week at school, Kate is trying to put together a cowgirl outfit.


everybody's workin' for the weekend

Friday the kids didn't have school. Kevin took them to the chiropractor.
It's my weekend to work...
got the lights put up in the garage & started decorating our pumpkins...so far have a witch & a cat. Was going to have a pirate, but can't find the pirate scarf, so will probably use KJ's knit Jamacian hat with dreadlocks instead.
Katie went to a friends house & then had a friend over.
KJ wrote a report on Caeser Augustus for World History.
I made homemade chicken pot pie for supper last night.


parent teacher conferences

our children are doing wonderfully in school!
A's & B's.
another rainy wet day.
got the Brownie fall product sale stuff turned in.
Breadeux Pizza 4 supper.
Kate went to play @ a friends, KJ gave a friend a ride home & took me on 1 of the driver's ed routes, we got to watch a train at the crossing. I love to watch trains lumbering through rural crossings.



KJ had an academic meet on this rainy day.
Kevin did the Brownie Fall Product Sales Order.
Katie sewed on her quilt & worked on her spa birthday invites.
Deb ate Washington Street leftovers from Friday for supper.


halloween is in the air...

the brownie party & school party are coming together.
Katie & I are still decorating the garage.
She is very inventive.
I love the cat pumpkin she made!
and her Dead End...Beware sign.
I made a Halloween display in the hallway.
We have little suction cup bats on the front door that keep falling off...
tomorrow KJ has a health career fair to go to during school.
the bookfair is at school this week.
academic meet at Pattonsburg Weds.
parent-teacher conference Thursday.
I have risers all week so have to get up a little earlier.
& it's my weekend to work.


the game plan

last nite KJ drove us to Trenton to eat supper @ Washington Street Food & Drink, then we went to see The Game Plan.
Today it is raining...making breakfast, then plan on doing some shopping in Princeton for an old sheet to make a ghost or 2 (Mom's store), birthday presents for Miss Cuddles, & shop at SJ's Warehouse since we haven't been there in awhile.
Kate has homework to start on, then will probably decorate in the garage. I got on-line & found an incredible Werewolf Costume for the Werewolf Woods. All our old scarecrows are looking a bit rough, the poor devil guys rubber mask is all ripped & broken...we bought it when KJ was a little fart.
My part of the school Fall Festival is going well...need to round up some parent volunteers. Trying to convince Kevin that it would be fun way to spend an afternoon...


I'm up early

to go load feeder pigs. This is the life!
I also emailed the art teacher asking her to do the preschool-sixth grade Halloween coloring contest for the Fall Festival again, & have to do a prize order for the festival to turn in from Oriental Trading Company. will try to do that tonight. I'll write myself a note....


academic meet

I had told KJ I would make every effort to get to the academic meet @ Cainsville tonight. It started @ 4:45, I went to work late so I could go to the Fall Festival Committee Planning Meeting @ school, I got home from work @ 4p.m., fed the dog & cats, threw Kevin's tennis shoe @ him, & bribed Kate into my way of seeing things. We got to school just in time for the meet to start, but it was on the THIRD floor & of course Kevin is still on crutches, he hopped up all the stairs, & we missed KJ, since he got to start the meet & play one quarter, then he was done. It was very interesting, Kevin knew a lot of the answers. Will leave work early in a couple of weeks to go to the Mercer meet. We then went to Bethany Pizza Hut where the waiter wrote our order on his hand & then royally messed it up, but we ended up with hot pizza & we were starving, so all's well that ends well. Now Kate is watching Pushing Daisies, which she really loves.
I joined the Columbia House dvd club so we have a stack of cool dvds to watch, but no time. Kate wanted to have a friend over this afternoon, so moved that to tomorrow. She wanted to have a friend spend the nite last weekend, but we were going to St Joe for Koren's birthday, so put that off till this weekend.
Jody called & left a message that my proofs are ready, so will do that tomorrow. The days seem like a blur. We got a good start on the Werewolf Woods last night, still want to make a big ghost to hang up, & have to decorate the garage. Hopefully it'll all get done.
It's like that car commercial....zoom, zoom, zoom


another day in the life...

kj seemed to have fun today @ the Renaissance Fair. I've always wanted to go....maybe next year. Kate & I started on our Werewolf Woods---then had to go pick up kj, he had to drive 2 friends home, I started feeling crappy & it was almost dark, so I helped kate study for tomorrows science test & we called it a night on the woods. maybe tomorrow...
I love the cooler autumn weather. the leaves are starting to change.
the kids are arguing about how to kill zombies. does life get any better than this?


the garage is finally clean (enough)

Katie had a playdate, so I got the garage finished, a Kirby guy showed up & shampooed our couch, KJ got in a lot of driving, to & from Lineville twice, to & from the lake once. Koren called, she had community service for a fellowship today, & KQ2 News was there & interviewed her. Of course, with dTv, our local channels are KC, so we can't get it. But, cool, nonetheless. Kevin & I did a grocery run, found 3 cool pumpkins---plan on making a pirate, a witch, & a skull pumpkin with directions I found in a magazine. When time permits, will drag out the scarecrows & stuff & decorate the garage & "Werewolf Woods" for the Brownie party. Found a board to make our "Werewolf Woods" sign, just need to get paint & do it.
Almost have my xmas shopping done! Of course, I just shop for Kevin, Kate, Koren, KJ, Miss Cuddles, & Cody.
Koren's birthday pumpkin pie is cooling, Katie is in the shower...the kids have portrait appts in Princeton in the a.m...then we head to St Joe to take Koren out for her birthday.


a warm fuzzy mom moment

today was the All School Variety Show, I took a half day off work, & Kevin, Mom, & I went. Katie sang & danced to Best of Both Worlds with the Brownies, then sang True Friend with Kelsie, & Keep Your Eyes Wide Open with Emily. She was WONDERFUL! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! Kj played in the band.
Hannah Montana would've felt warm & fuzzy, too, if she'd heard the dozen or so of her songs different kids sang! there were 3 High School Musical songs, too. Most of the kids in Katie's class were up on stage in 1 thing or another. Those kids know no fear! the show ran a little over 2 hours. Kj brought 2 friends home, Kate just 1.


a little shut-eye...

When my kids were little, they rarely slept. Well, not when I could sleep. When I worked nites, KJ slept all nite, stayed up most of the day. When I went to days, he stopped sleeping nites. moms get really tired. when Kevin worked 2 jobs & didn't have a day off for over a year, Katie slept with me so I could get some sleep. That was a long time ago, & now she is a big girl. Kevin (in normal times) is only home 2 nites a week, & the "mom" nites Katie went to bed, I went to bed, & everything was fine. Kevin has been home awhile, he watches tv while Kate goes to sleep. I still go to bed, no big deal. He was really tired last nite & went to bed early. I went to bed. Kate woke me up at 12:30a.m., hysterical with insomnia. Got her calmed down & back to bed about 1:30a.m. I used to live on virtually no sleep. Then I went thru some bad insomnia. Since we got the new bed, I've been sleeping like a baby. And I'd forgotten the long nites & blood shot eyes, the yawns that feel like they're pulling you down into the very surface of the earth. It all came back to me last nite. Sometimes you just don't know how good you have it...



katie & I cleaned on the garage more today...I clean the house by dragging stuff out to the garage, then I clean the garage by dragging stuff out to the trashcans.
kj had his 1st academic meet today...they won one, they lost one, he answered a couple of questions & scored some points. football questions are his strong point.


KJ & Corey were in a rainy football game @ the park today with a bunch of kids.
His 1st academic meet is tomorrow @ North Harrison @ 4p.m. I wish I could go, I've never been to one. They'll have one in Mercer the end of the month, will leave early & go to that one. This week I have left early to do a Brownie Dance Practice for Friday's All School Variety Show---Katie will dance & sing to Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds with the troop, & sing duets with 2 friends....Hannah Montana's True Friend with Kelsie, & Anna Sophia Robb's Keep Your Eyes Wide Open from Bridge to Tarabethia (sp.) So, I am taking a 1/2 day off for that. Monday is Koren's 22nd birthday. we plan on going down Sunday to take her out to eat. The kids have Jody pics that a.m....hoping for good weather for outside shots. Monday KJ has a class trip to the KC Renaissance Fair...something that is on my list of things to do.
Katie has settled into 3rd grade. Having her daddy home full time for awhile helps, they have homework well under way by the time I get home. He even checks it for her.
She has been busy with other projects, as well, designing a popsicle stick house, writing song lyrics, & we've been testing the recipes she found for her spa birthday party.
I've been cleaning the garage for the Brownie Halloween party we're throwing. It's time for Ms. Cuddles birthday party, too, we adopted her in October. Need to get my Xmas shopping done, too. I have a "pretty much what everyone wants list."
I'd have more time to get all this stuff done if I didn't have a job...

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