a whirlwind week

thursday kevin & I journeyed to walmart after groceries. before we left, kj slid the monte carlo off a gravel road & went into the ditch, it took my timid-little-old-lady-driving 3 tries to get it out. had to smoke the tires. then I made him get back in & resume driving. I was going to try to talk him thru getting out, but I am awful at directions. it's just easier to do it myself.
friday was anniversary date nite-kate was a bit miffed that our anniversary was more important to us than her friend danielle coming over to play when they had a 1/2 day of school. we went to trenton, ate at pizza hut, where we always ate on high school dates, & went to see 3:10 To Yuma.
so, today, after I got home from work, kate had invited 2 friends over. she & kelsie are going to sing hannah montana's(or maybe miley cyrus's, now she sings under both names)True Friends in the school talent show friday. {the brownies are also singing & dancing to hannah montana's Best Of Both Worlds} in between numerous fashion shows, they have practiced, & either are really good or just did a sitcom improv for me to make me think they were practicing...after all these years, I am still easily fooled...kj drove me out to pick up the girls, then he drove me to the lake to pick up his friend corey so they could play football. I try valiantly not to grab the wheel or push my imaginary brake or the one that really makes him shake his head & sigh...the grabbing my chest & gasping. but it is hard sometimes.
kate called me @ work today & left a message on the machine...dad had leaned his crutches against a tree & was mowing the yard & she wasn't responsible if he got hurt. he also has been dragging a chair into the bathroom & showering without me spotting him the last 2 days. stubbornness has its uses...
kevin has a horrible headache. he isn't enjoying all the company much.


dr/dentist day

we kept Katie out of school today, Kevin had a.m. xray & dr appts, she had afternoon dentist appt. in Gladstone.
Katie had no cavaties. They showed us an xray of all her teeth, she has tons getting ready to push their way thru. They're even seeing wisdom teeth. And she has the same nice big teeth KJ had, so braces are a definite possibility.
Kevin can put his foot on the ground (contact.) He can eventually very slowly start putting minimal weight on it. He goes back in a month for xrays & a follow up visit. Dr has him off til at least mid-Nov. He also said he might have to use a cane for awhile after he gets rid of crutches, for now xray shows it's mending, so he keeps the boot on & we get on with our little lives.
I signed up Brownies to dance at next Friday's All School Variety Show. Got the 13 original girls registered last night, + 1 new girl, & another new girl whose form I didn't get picked up.
Katie & I are planning a Halloween Party here for the troop.
Since Kevin will be home, I will try to convince him to do the ordering & paperwork for the Girl Scout Fall Product Sale that runs OCtober 1-15. Plus I bought 4 newspapers today for him to go thru & find wreck articles for KJ's drivers ed class. He will be more than happy to go back to work---I am the queen of finding piddly shit for him to do that makes my life easier!


so I dont' know what day it is....

other than that, I am basically a good person...


today kate & I were supposed to ride up with mom to meet brenda's newest baby. then brenda called mom yesterday, the girls had been sick, so she was requesting only adult visitors, so kate & I didn't go today. instead I slept in (again), cleaned house, did laundry, made lunch, watched the rest of the Megasnake Sci-Fi movie, & katie & I cut out the rest of the quilt blocks for our brownie sewing badge coming up, then she started sewing her blocks so I could get a time frame. I love my days off!


a low tire day

had to go to work early to load cull sows---had 1 million pig related things to do---left work & had a low tire, so drove home slowly & stopped in the gas station on way home & got that fixed (I am the worlds worst about changing tires, I can't get the hub cap off, or I can't get the lug nuts off, or I can't get the jack to pop up...I am such a girl sometimes....) one of the Yearbook kids was there, so got our yearbook ordered. For every thing I cross off my list, I add 2 or 3 more.
I want to take Grandma flowers tomorrow for her bday, but I don't get home till 4:30 or so...I don't remember if Hy-Vee still has cut flowers. I might be able to hit Princeton flower shop before they close. Sunday we are going with Mom to meet Brenda's new baby. I meant to call Jody our picture person & get the kids portraits done Saturday....probably too late 4 that now....but need to call & get something set up.
---KJ & his friend Corey were walking by, they have Academic Team Practice after school every night. Kate is finishing her homework & has a friend coming over. She got her foot soaked (sore big toe that the Dr. looked out) & her Rx taken (antibiotics for infected toe & tonsils). Kevin has folded the laundry that I so lovingly left by his chair for him this a.m. life is just peachy.



Kevin is a huge Sandra Bullock fan & often watches Premonition in bed while going to sleep. (remember, he's now home every night...)
This movie always makes me feel guilty. She is a stay-at-home mom, she of course looks fabulous even when they dress her frumpy. She jogs, she inventories her pantry making a shopping list, she puts little stickers on the patio door, she cleans the house, she sorts her laundry...I try to keep a running supply list on the fridge, then transfer it to front door, it usually never makes it to the vehicle, & if I get it that far, I either forget to take it in or forget it's in my pocket.
Yeah, I know she's just a movie mom living in a rambling old fantastically clean house. But she's making me look bad!
I have pledged to spend my day off cleaning house. I have so far looked thru a few newspapers & thrown them away, stripped the beds, & started laundry. I keep picking up the Grundy County History book. Then I look around & sigh & haven't got a whole lot accomplished. And it'll soon be time to make lunch, then have to make sure Kate does her homework....& it'll be bed time before I know it. The days get away from me....


another parade...

we're short @ work, so I "volunteered" to work half a day today, Kevin rode with KJ while he drove to school to get on the bus, I made it to Princeton when the bus was unloading for the band to march in the Calamity Jane Day Parade. Only about half the band showed up. They performed valiantly. Then Kj put in gas @ Casey's & drove home.
Kevin & I journeyed to Bethany Wal-Mart. I always compare it in my mind to the pioneers going after supplies, although it is of course much much easier for me to drive to Wal-Mart. Kevin stayed on his crutches this trip, he got pretty tired towards the end.
Kate & KJ both have bad colds/allergies. She opted to skip the parade today. And to skip Wal-Mart. She's been busy making scrapbook pages.
I read about a lot of cool stuff in Trenton in the new Grundy County History book---the oldest house in Grundy County & a historic stone bridge---both at Crowder State Park---the Grundy County Museum---I'd like to get down there while the weathers cool & check it all out, but who knows. Kevin worries that I spend too much time helping him do things....(I just look at it as yet another excuse why I can't find the time to cook or clean...)



Kevin got bored today, so got his immobolizer off, put on his jeans, got his immobolizer back on, & went for a drive. When I got home, we ran to Princeton to cash refund checks, for me to sign the new Girl Scout Account at the bank, & to Dollar General. He put gas in the truck, I went in & ordered him a Philly Steak.
Katie remembered to bring home her school pictures, KJ as usual forgot his. Corey came over to play PS2 with him, then they went to the park to play football with Levi. Katie did her homework, tried on her jeans to make sure they still fit (they do) & I made supper.
I usually just make supper once or twice a week---I always try to cook on one of Kevin's nites off. The kids & I eat a lot of heat in the oven stuff & sandwiches. Dishes are minimal. Now Kevin is home for awhile, there's a lot more cooking going on....and dishes....I'm like a real mom now!


sept 12 2007

I just got home from work, Kate wanted to go to her friend Danielle's house, she said "I bet you'll be glad to have me out of your hair." That seemed kind of odd. Then she told me on the way there that I should "just go home & rest. We all think you need some rest."
so I get home & tell Kevin, he says he told her that mom was extra busy & didn't need to be running her all over...
I got the yard mowed last night after the Brownie meeting...."helping" little girls make handkerchief dolls seemed like a good idea...Kate & I had a lot of fun doing ours, but it was rather a nightmare yesterday. Several of the girls said they'd keep their dolls forever. we ran out of time, so didn't get to use much of the scrap ribbon & lace I'd accumulated for it.
I went to school yesterday to pick up my little Brownies, I made it for the tail end of the all-school 9/11 ceremony.. The band had already played the nat'l anthem, they'd had a moment of silence, & were singing God Bless America. The Spanish teacher, Mr. Frost, is in the Reserves, he spent time 'over there' after 9/11 & also helped in NY.
Grundy County history books arrived today.


wheelin' around Wal-Mart

Kevin decided to accompany me to Wal-Mart tonight...we slit a pair of his old jeans so he could wear them over the immobilizer-he had been wearing shorts, but it turned off cold . he used one of the courtesy wheelchairs & wheeled himself around like a champ, altho it manuevered about like an Aldi's shopping cart....
then I came home & tackled laundry & dirty floors. put all the stuff 4 tomorrows Brownie meeting by the front door. It's My Favorite Doll show & tell-so Katie had to get Annaleise (My Size Barbie) dressed up & her hair done.
I have about a million things going & nothing under control. But I do have 4 Mike's Hard Lemonades in the fridge & Midol in the cabinent, so there is NOTHING I can't handle!


Kj gets his drivers permit!

I thought he could drive us uptown to get celebration ice cream cones. Kevin thinks drivers ed is the place to learn to drive, not in our vehicles. So, he's a no-go. he doesn't think we should go anyway, because Katie has a friend over & that will make Kj nervous...so, I guess he can drive Katie, Danielle, & I uptown after awhile...in spite of the fact that Kevin thinks it's a bad idea...I've never let that stop me before.


kevin's ankle

he went back to dr. for 1 wk checkup & xrays. dr. showed me on a skeleton where kevin broke his ankle....he took off the bottom piece of the long bone, where the foot hinges in. a very crucial part, absolutely vital for weight bearing. he goes back in 3 weeks for xrays & to see dr. it should be healing by then. Dr. expects that after 6 weeks, he might be able to start putting weight on it. the ankle is a long way from the heart....less circulation=slower mending.


labor day

I always have to work on Labor Day---4th of July---Memorial Day---Thanksgiving---Xmas---the "holidays" that bum me out the worst are my kids birthdays---the most important days in my universe.


mercer homecoming

Mercer's Homecoming Carnival is right up there with Kate's birthday & Xmas!

Thursday nite Kate bought an armband for 3 hours of rides, with a break to dance on stage with her Brownie troop as part of the "hometown entertainment." Friday nite was another armband. Saturday a.m. the Brownies ran the baby show, we came home, then took KJ to school to get suited up to march in the Big Parade, came back after Kevin & got him as close to the square as we could, then I parked the truck & caught up with them, carrying a chair & footstool 4 kevin. Kate got invited to ride on one of the church floats with friends....I always find it ironic that I spend so much $ on sunblock & we always forget to put it on & get fried at Homecoming...KJ bought an armband & went to the afternoon carnival with a friend, then I took the friend home, & Kate & I were back at the nite time carnival. Sunday a.m. KJ & I helped Athletic Boosters pick up trash around the square. He was also a good sport & did a grocery run with me today, we met several of the rides leaving town on our way back. And another Homecoming has come & gone....

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