I saw on Yahoo that it's the top grossing movie of summer. I kicked in some box office money on it....it was funny, but embarrassing to see with my teenage son. The previews didn't look that bad, so I took kate, too, she spent most of the movie with her fingers in her ears & her face shoved into my side. (lots of sex jokes.)That was also embarrassing. Not one of my better mom moments....



kate & I both thought it was an amazing movie! you just can't beat John Travolta in drag---he makes a prettier woman than I do...
had to work an hour late because of the "heat", when the gestation barn reads over 90 degrees someone has to stay until it reads under 90...I tell myself my kids aren't the only PSF orphans around....& at least their dad has a normal job with days off every week so they get to see him. I know that I spoil my kids, buying them dvds & cds, taking them out to the movies & out to eat....& that it doesn't make up for the time I'm away from them. my friend Martha at work is looking for a different job, too...we're dreamers.


High School Musical 2

Katie has waited all summer for it to come to Disney Channel, & tonight was the big premiere! And the Jonas Brothers are on an all new Hannah Montana....couldn't get much cooler for a star-struck-eight-year-old!


the 2nd day of school

kate decided that maybe 3rd grade isn't so bad after all...


back to school

kj is in 10th grade
& was elected to student council again
katie had a rough 1st day
she's not so sure about 3rd grade...


The Last Weekend of Summer

KJ had a friend sleepover Friday nite, then Saturday Katie went to a birthday/swimming party/sleepover. Sunday night we went to see Underdog at Trenton---it was pretty hot---and the a/c & defroster in my car don't work---but I'm driving it while all other vehicles are busy---so, we braved a ride to the movies, it started storming while we were there, got the kids Sonic to eat on the way home. I drove about 45 the whole way, there was awe-inspiring lightening, howling winds, slashing rain, deb wiping at the windshield with her hand---Kate doesn't like storms. She wasn't having any fun on the way home. But we arrived safely. Kevin called while we were @ Sonic, he had heard a tornado touched down in Princeton.


babysitting Lola

koren & cody are going to colorado on vacation, so koren brought lola 'our grandcat' to stay with us. by the time I got home from work, lola was hid. she resurfaced & there was some hissing under the kitchen table, so lola went to katie's room with all her stuff, & ms. cuddles has the roam of the house. (they are both spoiled only cats, but lola has claws & ms. cuddles doesn't. + ms. cuddles only has 1 eye. she has enough problems!)
after really hating my job for a long, long time, I finally got brave enough today to call about a secretary job here at mercer school---that was already filled. I will start applying 4 stuff. I will. If I didn't have to shower at work & fight crappy winter roads & work with sweat running into my eyes all summer & stay late when it's over 90 degrees & dread every night time phone call because I might be getting called out to the barn 4 whatever---what would that be like...
katie wrote a healing spell for kj & put it on the front door---& his swelling is going down. I thought that was sweet. he is eating real food. he never did take the 'real' pain pills. he's tougher than I am!
kj's friend corey is here. he's part of the family now.


kj's wisdom teeth

they parted ways yesterday morning at Lee's Summit. So far, so good, he got a little sick on the way home---over a 2 hour drive---I had to change the gauze rolls a couple of times on the way----and found out that GermX DOESN'T remove blood from fingernails worth a hoot! swellings not bad today, he's eating chicken noodle soup, pudding, & spaghettio's. he thinks he'll try real food tomorrow.
he doesn't seem as miserable as koren was when she had hers done...
he's a brave little soldier!



the kids get a bit annoyed at me for naming days...
last summer we took them to Omaha Zoo right before school started.
Today I took Koren & KJ to Corydon Aquatic Center. Took lots of
cute pics of them. Then we shopped at Hy-Vee, got KJ a personal
pizza @ Conoco---Kevin called when we were about 10 minutes from home.
Katie's friend Kelsie is @ her Grandma Sheryl's wanting Katie to come
play. She left, KJ helped me put groceries away & we did a driving lesson---
today he left the driveway! pulled into the yard, backed out, & pulled into
the driveway again. By then, his friend Corey had showed up. So they're in his
room playing PS2. It's hard to get the kids away from their friends long enough
to do anything with them...


"Mom, it's smelled like fart in here all day!"

this is how Katie greeted me when I came home from work & a quick grocery store run.
(the source of the fart smell is the roast in the crock pot!) I'm guessing she won't be wanting any for supper....

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