family fun day

we started this tradition in 2005: spending a day in St Joe in late summer hanging out with koren. today we
liscenced koren's car
shopped 4 back-to-school clothes @ Old Navy & Kohls
had lunch @ Famous Daves
the kids went to see The Simpson Movie,
Kevin & I saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.
(kevin is not a simpsons fan. i can't wait to see spiderpig when it comes to dvd!),
a video game shop where kj browsed & bought games
Stone Cold Creamery (the cool ice cream place in the 'new mall.' I am awful with names, but it's something like that...)
There was a near mutiny about playing miniature golf.
Two family members professed that they really didn't care for miniature golf.
then one of them won a free game!
all in all, a wonderful day of family togetherness!


a medical kind of day

I had to take a full day Medic First Aid Class for work today. I thought about getting down on my knees on the rough carpet at the PSF Center, putting my butt up in the air to lean over a dummy...& I dressed in capri pants & a huge long baggy t-shirt. Some of the girls had on shorts & teeny tiny tank tops. Some had on the lowrider jeans that let people look right down your butt crack & they were trying to save the dummy while hiking their pants up. they looked cute, though.
Kevin took Katie to the dr. today---tonsillitis. He had poison ivy & a sinus infection. His dad has poison ivy, too...they figure they got it while digging out the plugged up baler...or maybe the plugged up mower....
SO YOU WANT TO BE A SUPERHERO premiered tonight. It's one of my shows I have to watch. then the satellite sound went out...have picture, no sound. Katie is frustrated. She doesn't know that once upon a time the TV wasn't that important, some days it wouldn't even be turned on. Back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.


a fun filled day

we went to Hy-Vees Family Fun Day @ Adventureland--free parking pass, free tickets, $10 each spending $. we did water rides, the circus, the magic show, the roller coasters, the waiting in line, & ate @ Applebee's on the way home. We bought 2 magic tricks @ the show to learn & got a picture on the log boat ride (I get my amusement parks confused & can never remember the name of rides in each park...). my entire family declined the photo op when you go in---so they HAD to do the log flume picture. We had already done the old fashioned picture in Branson.
So, now I'm off to work in the rumbling thunder, then straight to the dentist after...another fun filled day?



my Grandma Grace had to move into the nursing home, so my mom & aunts have been going through her lifetime of belongings, cleaning out the house, garage, & shed. Grandma was the keeper of the family history, compiling facts, obits, dates, letters, photographs. I am so grateful for that. She got me interested in family history when I was a newlywed, she loaned me her typewriter & asked me to type up her handwritten notes for her. Grandma kept Grandpa home & took care of him. Her parents moved in with her paternal grandparents when they were married & cared for them until their deaths. That was the way it used to be. Of course, the average life span was much shorter then...
I know Grandma is receiving excellent skilled care. I worked in nursing homes. It's not the worst place in the world to be. But after years of taking care of yourself, having your own schedule, it would be hard to adjust to.


it's beginning to look a lot like xmas....

no, I haven't flipped my lid. my xmas present arrived in the mail today, I tried it on, & my, how marvelous I will look in my new Pepsi hoody sweatshirt after I open it this holiday season! this is the 3rd gift I've purchased so far, the other 2 are wrapped...1 for kevin, 1 for koren & of course I can't say what they are---I am the master of Xmas secrets---usually because I buy the gifts so early I forget what they are! every year I make some kind of goofy homemade gift tags---I've done brown grocery sack gingerbread men, decorated construction paper xmas trees, posterboard xmas ball ornaments...this year our gift tags are aluminum foil stars. how classy is that? {sometimes I really just amaze myself!}
now if I could only manage to finally get my favorite Xmas episodes of Family Guy & Futurama taped so I could watch them @ will...



Koren & Cody were in town 4 the weekend to go to a wedding. It's always a nice surprise to wake up in the a.m. & find Koren asleep in a chair & Animal Planet on the t.v. Just like the good old days.


katie's super summer sleepover

we picked Danielle, Emily, and Nicole up around noon and headed to Prairie Trails Aquatic Center at Corydon, Ia. The girls went down the slide, swam, played ping pong and tennis, ate a snack. They listened to Miley Cyrus on the way there, Hannah Montana on the way home. 92 degrees and sun.
Katie's planned menu was Breadeux Pizza, Breadsticks, and Brownie Bites, Lays Potato Chips, Sour Cream, Lucky Charms and Milk, and Chocolate Chip Cookies filled with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream rolled in Mini Chocolate Chip Sandwiches { from the American Girl Website.}
Katie also had activities and games planned, she even made her own credit cards!!! But it's hard to corral a bunch of 8 year olds, even if you are an 8 year old yourself...they did play babies, spa, office, the fortune wheel, the truth or dare wheel, went outside and came running home from the park because they saw lightning...Danielle decided to go home and left about 9:30. Of course Katie understood, sometimes she just changes her mind about spending the night, too. At 10:20 p.m. Katie told me they were "having a hoot." Doesn't get any better than that!
Long-suffering KJ pretty much kept to himself.


katie blogs continued...

I've already decided what I'm gonna get for my birthday & christmas. I just got my hair thinned. For my birthday I want this American Girl doll that's very detailed. She has blonde hair, & it's layered, & she comes with earrings. Blue eyes, no freckles. For christmas I want Mary Kate & Ashley videos & tv shows. I'm going to have the pool party sleepover whatever . I'm inviting 3 friends not including me. we're going to go to the corydon pool. on november 2nd I'll be turning 9. Now I can do that really high karate kick. whenever I grow up I want to be a chef or a beautician or a singer or a chiropractor or an actor. or a traveler.

School supplies

Wal-Mart had the school supply aisle all set up---& the lists posted---so bought the kids school supplies. 4 once I am on top of it. Kids got haircuts today, it is rainy & cool & feels like autumn {my favorite season--when I can wear shorts & sweatshirts.}
Katie is revising her birthday & xmas lists---the new American Girl catalog arrived yesterday. This weekend is her swim party sleepover---she has cleaned her room & we have all her requested food bought. I kind of laid down the law this summer on her sleepovers---I told her she could have 3 friends over in the middle of summer--& it came a lot sooner than you would think. It has been so nice having my kids & my house to myself---she still has friends over to play & kj still has his friends that come over & stay---but it has been quieter than usual. waaaaaay quieter. life is freakin' sweet.


The Circus is Coming!!!

after taking my mandatory hearing test 4 work 7 months late----had to go to Dollar General for Dog Food & to see if they had any more of the cute camping stickers left so I can make a scrapbook page for our meeting last night---AND THEY DID! as amazingly exciting as that was, there were little coupons on the counter---free child ticket with paid adult admission to the circus! In 2 weeks! In Princeton! Strangely enough, the kids weren't nearly as excited as I was...


deb just read

I will read anything about Abraham Lincoln or Jesse James or William Cullen Bryant---biographies... historical novels...dry scholarly works... Andrew Johnson was the vice-president when Lincoln was assassinated. He took over at an impossible time.
I did learn that the average white American had a life expectancy of 41 during the Civil War.
It always amazes me the # of diaries & personal letters & newspapers & photographs preserved from that era. I always wanted to be one of those historians on sabbatical from their university position writing books on just uncovered important historical documents...but instead I read them.
Think I'll read the new Billy the Kid book next....
At work I have The Gravediggers Daughter in my locker. I like to read on my breaks. I know that is considered rude. So I do it when I'm the only one in the office, usually weekends. My favorite thing about the long-ago data entry clerk job I had was that breaks were staggered, so I had half an hour to read everyday.

Katie Blogs

I improved my swimming when I went to the corydan pool in summer school. we visited
Aunt Mary @ Grandma Janet's. I showed her my designing book. I might start my own band. The band think is really serious because we might have tryouts. I have a summer job @ my friend Kelsie's Grandma's. I do stuff in the basement like clean it & decorate it. Everytime I do something I get $2. I work on it with Kelsie. I'm reading a series of Little Genie Books. There's 4 of them.
Summer school was all field trips on Mondays. There will be a Girl Scout meeting tomorrow. I've been in Girl Scouts for 3 years.


july in the hog barn isn't always fun {as opposed to every other month in the hog barn!}---had to stay 10 minutes late yesterday & 90 minutes late today---until the gestation barn dropped below 93 degrees---there are mister fans & drippers, but the girls still get warm. I shouldn't complain--last summer the had-to-stay temp was 90. most days will hit 90 in g-barn.
made little baggies of rock mix & taped together the plastic/newspapers for situpons for tuesday nights Brownie camping meeting.
kevin bid a different job @ work, so now has different nights off---which royally screwed up the family fun day I'd set up with koren--since he now has to work that day & has no more days to use until october. not even for our anniversary...sigh. so, either koren will try to get another day off & I'll try to get the same day off, or it will just be some of the family. katie was concerned...if dad doesn't go, do I know how to drive to St Joe? he was thinking of trying to switch our Hy-Vee Adventureland trip to a Weds.instead of a Sunday, so he wouldn't have to take the day off, but then I would--& since the managers husband had another leg surgery & can't legally (DWI) drive himself to Liberty for Dr. Appts...it's all a mess. I actually miss my old original manager. God help me! I got to pretty much come & go as I pleased. Not any more.


pizza 4 supper

after a long hot day in the hogbarn, I decided to call our local pizza place & get supper. I kind of lost track of time & apologized 4 being late. She told me she wished I'd been later, my pizza had burnt & she was starting over. So, I ended up getting upgraded from large to boxcar 4 free, + she threw in the 6 breadsticks/6 cans of pop for $2.50 more 4 free. Quite the deal. I read an educational toy catalog that gave me exciting opportunities to play with my kids & be my own boss! but I can't remember the website...I know it's a toy party I went to when Koren was small. And since someone here in town is already a Toy Consultant, a town of 247 probably doesn't need 2 Toy Consultants. But a mommie can dream...
Once Upon A Time I was my own boss & sold Avon. I was also my best customer.
I saved Cinnamin Sticks 4 katie. last time I ate them all! She is swimming at a friends house. Last night she played @ a friends grandma's house till after dark.
kj has a friend over PS2ing.
koren called last nite. cody wants to get married next year. in Jamaica. the original plan was getting engaged after college, getting married after grad school. but then, I was married & a mom by now. I think I have enough in my 401k to borrow to go to Jamaica...that'd be 1 heck of a family vacation! & I thought South Dakota was a trip!


the permit test

kj went to princeton & took the written permit test for the 3rd & 4th times....you can take it twice daily. he only missed 7 on each test this time (5 to pass), but was pretty happy because last time he missed 11 on each test. he had several friends there today that didnt' walk out with permits, either. KJ is such an upbeat kid, nothing much gets him down. I am proud of his resilience.



from kate's latest issue of J-14:
you email your name, address, phone # to winit@j14.com & put the name of prize you want in the subject line:

Bratz autographed Bratz soundtrack

Last Mimzy last mimzy dvd & hairspray ticket

Sweet 16 DVD aly & aj super sweet 16 the movie dvd

Thunderpants (starring Rupert Grint from Harry Potter) THunderpants DVD

good luck~ in the past, my massive contest entering have won koren a my little pony gift set from a tv station in des moines, kj a gameboy game from lays potato chips, & a fiona (of shrek) action figure from cartoon network. plus random area raffle prizes...

Robby Benson

it's weird how something can take you back years---yesterday kevin & the kids were watching I LOVE THE 80s on VH1---they showed some pics of Robby Benson---I'd forgotten how hunky he was! the big blue eyes, the perfectly styled long black hair---I told Katie that High School Musical MegaStar Zac Efron is the modern day version of Robby Benson. she just gave me one of those looks...

found on amazon.com...


(can't wait to get a tv turn to watch them...even with 4 TVs, 3 DVD players, & 3 VCRs, it's hard to get a turn!)


Independence Day

"The fourth of July has not quite dwindled away; it is still a great day-for burning firecrackers!!!"Abraham Lincoln letter to Judge George Robertson, August 15 1855


the dailey's buy a grill....

it's true, in our 23 years of marriage, we've never had a grill. I'm throwing a brownie meeting next week, & I need a fire to make s'mores. so we got a charcoal one, my husband the handyman built it, & we tried it out tonight. pretty awesome. of course, i dropped the first hamburger on the ground, so the Haley The Big Black Dog got it.
fireworks are booming all over outside. we'll go buy ours tomorrow after I get home from work. Lineville Iowa is where we always go, the town is just full of striped tents, it looks like the circus moved in! they have cool big blowups that I mean to pose Katie by every year....& I WILL get it done this year (I hope I remember to take the camera!) & then we'll get soft serve @ Randy's in Lineville. Kate is watching fireworks at Kelsie's grandma Sheryl's tonight.
A girl @ work talked to someone in one of the Lineville fireworks tents---who said sales are $10,000 off from last year. so, we probably can't expect a lot of freebies tossed in our sack...

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