june 28 2007

vince mcmahon wasn't dead. chris benoit is.


katie goes to hy-vee

on today's summer school field trip, they toured Chariton Hy-Vee Warehouse where Kevin works, then went to the pool in Corydon.
Kevin spent all day in the hayfield, then mowed his grandma's yard & came home to mow ours, but took time out to listen to Katie talk about her day. They got to see Kayla's dad working in the freezer. Everyone thought that was cool.
You might be thinking...whoa! wait a minute! why is kevin mowing your yard, too? because we're borrowing a lawnmower instead of trying to keep ours running. it's the newest Dailey mower, self-propelled & something I'd rather not run thru a fence or into a deep ditch....things that somehow happen when I get on a riding lawnmower.
it feels like summer in the hog barn now. taking my half day tomorrow & plan on taking katie to the pool.


Epic Movie

is now on dTv----stayed up till 12:30 a.m. watching it---then got up @ 6:00a.m. to go to work---I actually lost the dark circles under my eyes on vacation, but have managed to get them back. Anyway, I LOVE Epic Movie---I am of course a huge Johnny Depp fan---Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character---& the guy who plays Captain Jack Swallows in Epic Movie is GOOD. Plus "Stifler's mother" is a main character---she's in lots of the movies we watch----American Pie, A Cinderella Story, A Series of Unfortunate Events---will have to go see the Adam Sandler/guy off King of Queens as life partners....there's a Brad Pitt Jesse James movie coming out sometime,too, that Koren had heard about...
Now, if Johnny Depp would play Billy the Kid or Jesse James...that's the ticket.


movin' on up

last night we celebrated Fathers Day (Kevin had to work on Fathers Day).
We ate supper @ Applebee's, bought a ceiling fan @ Lowes, saw the new Fantastic 4 movie Rise of the Silver Surfer, & shopped @ Wal-mart.
Kevin had a migrane dr. checkup in Des Moines today, & bought a cool blue ceiling fan for our room. he fixed leaky pipes in the basement, took out old living room ceiling fan, put up new fan, took out our bedroom ceiling fan & put up new fan. one of the old fans goes to kitchen, one to Katie's room eventually---the kids rooms have recessed lighting-putting the fan in Kj's room was a BIG deal.
when I first got home from work, Kevin was relaxing on the front porch in the nice breeze, so we had a Mike's Hard Lemonade & a Michelob Amber Bock happy hour. KJ had fed the dog & cats & done laundry & watched Katie while Kevin was gone. Katie did dishes & finished cleaning up her scrapbook collage project that has dominated the livingroom. All I did was pick up KJ's friend & took him home, kind of make supper, & put the thus-received vacation pics in photoalbums & scrapbooked, & change our sheets. The pics our tour guide (she offered, honestly!) took of us on our cave tour turned out really well, plan on getting one made into a xmas wallet. We did several tours that posed you for pics & sold them to you in cool keepsake folders---she announced a picture spot, then put her hand out to take your camera. totally free!
KJ is convinced that Mr. McMahon isn't really dead. (Wrestling is a BIG deal in our family.) Katie thinks they paused the tape so he could get out of the limo before it blew up. I got onto a wrestling fan website---one of the posters said that Vince was probably hiding out with Eddie Guerreo (I can't spell his name, sorry, Eddie!).
Which reminds me-we were somewhere recently where Katie was talking to a friend. She was telling them about how Jesse James really didn't die, he hid until he was 100 & then told his story & we'd seen it all in a museum. It's cool that she pays attention to the history lessons we expose her to on vacations. Not that I believe that old fart was really Jesse James, but it was a cool story & a cool wax museum. There were 2 Jesse James displays at Branson Ripley Believe It Or Not---one was a mailpouch he'd stolen that was hidden in the wall of a cabin for like 90 years or something---& then a big display of newspaper articles about men claiming to be Jesse in later years.


the last day

& so my vacation comes to an end~9 wonderful days of not-going-to-work~
reading~going to the pool~sleeping in~taking naps~the good life.


the pool

katie had fun swimming. i was cold just sitting there watching her!
She made a new friend, who is the daughter of a woman I worked with years ago. I also worked with her ex-husband, & have a hospital baby pic of this little girl. She gave it to me the day I bought the 1st home pregnancy test with Katie (Kevin didn't think I was pg, so I did 2 home tests, then went to the Dr. Kevin went with me, since I wasn't 'acting pregnant.'----but that's another story.)
so anyway, it's a small world. another girl katie was swimming with is the daughter of someone I knew from high school.
I'm really enjoying sleeping in. need to get on the housework, though. honestly! if I was a stay-home mom I probably still wouldn't have a clean house.
found a magazine article about making oven mitts from jean pockets---taped it to the fridge in my "TO-DO" gallery. so, it's just as good as done. Just because I taped an ad for Worlds of Fun The Patriot ride up there next summer....& some of the recipes have been there longer than that....


left sunday a.m., got home weds. p.m. did everything on our list, plus a few more cool things we found....I love Branson! lots of the attractions offer photos in a holder ($20)....we got these @ Shepard of the Hills, Titanic, Ride the Ducks. We did Hillbilly Picture at Mo's Old Time Photos. Hollywood Wax Museum, Branson Zoo & Aquarium, Predator World, Kirby Van Birch Magic Show, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Cosmic Caverns @ Berryville, Arkansas...{I made the kids pose by the "welcome to Arkansas sign...Grandma & Grandpa Brown took their 3 girls on a family vacation & posed them by state signs...I just love those pictures!}, National Fish & Wildlife Museum & Worlds of Wonder @ Springfield. & Koren's college tour at Springfield.
our hotel had an outside pool & hot tub...only Kate &KJ were brave enough for the pool.
Kate petted an alligator & a snake, fed pygmy goats, potbellied pigs, donkeys, a llama, a Shetland Calf. Kirby & Bambi Van Birch signed a stuffed tiger 4 her. She especially had fun quacking on the Duck. (I think KJ really enjoyed that, too.)
It was a lot of fun, but I think Koren was a bit relieved to get back to her own life.


kj's permit test

he gave it the old Dailey try----you can take it twice a day, & he did. In his defense, I read thru the book helping him study & driving has changed a lot since the days when I took my test in a horse & buggy....I'm amazed that I can actually drive w/o knowing all the acronyms, etc, that the driving book is chock full of.
His older sister had to take the driving part twice. KJ has just set the bar a little higher for Katie....what can she do to top either of her siblings?
made a chiropractor appt. for tomorrow am...i really hurt myself riding rides @ Adventureland. ran into Koren & Cody tonite @ Bethany Wal-Mart.

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