kj & I went on the Adventureland band trip, he now officially (he thinks!) has a girl friend, Valerie, who will be a junior. (he will be a sophomore.) I chaperoned 3 5th grade girls. Kate & Kevin went fishing.
need to get ready for vacation---find suitcases, vaccum & wash truck, line up the pet sitter, buy film---


let the bodies hit the floor...

after a full day---mom & daughter chiropractor appts, shopping at Pamida (kate scored clothes) & Hy-Vee, doing a recall on the Avalanche at a dealer in Indianola, eating at Applebee's & buying summery shoes @ Famous Footwear, yesterday was our BIG day at WRESTLING ~ SMACKDOWN & ECW filmed live at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines...ECW aired live last night---kevin watched our Tivo of it, & if you pause during the crowd scan on RVD's big entrance, you can see kevin in his bright yellow shirt & kj next to him! The SMACKDOWN will air Friday night. We had 4 signs that were obnoxiously huge...."honoring" CM Punk, Finlay, Kevin Thorn, & Edge. we were a ways back.. I was on the KISS CAM with the complete stranger next to me, we just sat there like idiots until they went on to someone else. (kevin & I were in the outside seats, with the kids between us.) we booed & cheered & generally had a good time. I like checking out the other signs. And listening to smart ass audience remarks---my own husband told Chris Benoit (one of his faves-he likes the old school wrestlers) to rip off MVP's arm & beat him with it!
we got home @ 1 a.m, I had to be at work by 7.
We saw SHREK THE THIRD----I love the Shrek movies. Snow White & her animal friends taking on the evil trees---priceless. This weekend I'll have to go see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Johnny Depp expects it of me.
now kate is waiting on me to play barbies. she has been sequestered in her room getting ready ever since I got home from work...


summer began at 12:25 p.m.

for KATIE & KJ~
school's out for the summer!
we're going to des moines tuesday 4 ECW/Smackdown live wrestling---they'll do the ECW part live on tv, & tape the Smackdown for Friday night.
KATE is signed up for a summer school trip & wants to do the summer reading program at mercer co. library.
we have vacation planned for 1st week of june---there will be a family fun day to st joe to hang out with KOREN at some point~
& would like to do a brownie get together or 2, as well.
KJ isn't playing summer bb. think he plans on playing his PS2 all summer.
I will at some point set our tent up, no one ever sleeps in it, & eventually a storm will blow in & knock it over (I'm not much of a tent-putter-upper.)
KATE is starting her summer off with a birthday party/sleepover @ KELSIE's house. her mom hung up a sheet & got a projector so they can have movie night later. how cool is that?


some mommies just never learn

taking a friend shopping is always a bad idea. no exceptions. ever.
so, took one of kate's friends shopping with us today 4 another friends birthday party tomorrow. they had fun, i guess. one of the things i pride myself on is that my kids know how to properly behave in public places. {not today}. wasn't the worst excursion ever, but i had kind of planned on doing my own thing after work, not entertaining another guest. it's great that my kids are social. it's just wonderful. kate has a birthday party tomorrow after school. it's a sleepover. i'll run her stuff up there after work. she probably won't stay. but that's ok. one of these days it'll just be me & the cat& the laundry piles...& these days will seem like paradise. i always try to be supernice to the guests, hoping that the other mommies will treat my kids the same way. {and knowing how charming my offspring can be @ times....}



we saw SPIDERMAN 3---i have SUCH a problem proofreading before i hit send---

life in the fast lane

spring concert, school play, brownie awards ceremony & family reading night (kj won $20 hyvee gift card in a raffle!) went well. tomorrow is kate's class field trip to blank park zoo in des moines that kevin & i are going on, then will buzz directly from there to graceland college at lamoni, iowa to watch kj's last track meet.
last day of school is next friday. koren called today, her chicago trip went well. she went to a speak-easy dinner theater show (based on prohibition), & to the Field Museum where she got to see a real T-rex skeleton & actual mummies. she's taking finals this week.
kevin had to detour coming home from work this a.m.--water across the highway. lots & lots of rain here. our world is pretty soggy.
took kj & kate to see the 9:45 p.m. show of spideman 3(2hr 20 minutes) @ trenton sat nite---kj got home from his trackmeet late, that was the ONLY nite he could go, he thought...i'm still dragging around. (i had to work this weekend---got home 1 a.m., got up for work @ 6a.m.)
kevin's working on the back yard, filling in the holes that the late, great Snoball The Big White Dog dug over his 11 1/2 years living by the great big tree.

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