yesterday I stopped on the way home from work to pick up a friend spending the night with katie-kevin meanwhile had left me a voicemail that kj told him that katie had went to play with a friend whose grandma lives by the park. stopped by that grandma's house on the way home, no girls. they'd just talked to them at the park. did a slow drive by. no girls. so, we pull in the driveway, kevin & I have a porch conference, & the girls magically appear from the park, Lindsay runs to meet them, & they're all at the park. Took Lindsay & Kate to MEET THE ROBINSONS. I loved it! they were bored this a.m. & wanted to walk uptown. So I gave them some cash to get a drink at the grocery store on the square & sent my phone with Katie. She called every block or 2 to update me on their progress. They stopped off at Lindsay's grandpa with the golf cart on the way home. Katie thinks that life is very unfair that Lindsay has an Ipod AND a grandpa who lets her drive a golf cart. She came home for awhile, then got picked up to go to a birthday party where she took an overnight bag, but has called home twice to see if I need her to come home for anything. KJ, meanwhile, has had friends over to shoot hoops, they left, & now are loudly playing PS2 in his room.
Today I drug the plastic box containing the strips I'd put together for Koren's denim quilt...I went on a huge quilting rampage in 2005-making a denim quilt for my bed, a pieced Lil' Bratz quilt for Katie, & a wrestling quilt for KJ. then I started a denim quilt for Koren...I have sewed 6 of the 13 strips together. I backed each denim square with a flannel square, so when I put it all together, just have to wash it & it will be a quilt. (undoubtedly a homely quilt that will see a lot of shelf time...) I did a lot of squares that I considered cute---sewing on lace, buttons, embroidered patches, jeans pockets, belt loops, designer labels---
have also finished the Brownie Award Ceremony Rainbow Candle Ceremony Candles (fastening colored ribbons onto taper candles), & put all the text in the Award Ceremony Scrapbooks---ordered the badges. just have to make color copies of them to put in the books with the matching badge requirements & all will be ready.
I even drug in one of my many very heavy rubbermaid trunks from the garage that I fill with Dailey treasures & grandly call FAMILY HISTORY TRUNKS. I went thru all contents & made an inventory list to put inside box---& found the %^$&*! shot record of kj's that I couldn't find when I needed it for his school physical. Being the wonderful mom that I am, I found Koren &Kate's records, figured out the ages they had shots at, & improvised. It was reasonably close....
next week is school book fair, spring concert, KJs school play, 2 all day trackmeets--the next week I (& probably Kevin) are following the bus to Blank Park Zoo inDes Moines on Katie's field trip.
Koren has set up a visit at Springfield college she wants to get her Masters Degree at. Will do that on vacation. Monday is her last day of classes. She rec'd the Barbara Sprong Leadership Challenge, so will get a free credit hour next semester. She is always hustling.


track meet

I'd really like to go to one of KJ's track meets. I didn't make one last year. Not looking good this year, either....they cancelled the Thursday night meet @ Trenton because of the rain (& skiff of snow). They competed at Corydon today. Kj came in 3rd in one of his heats, & they didn't get last in ANYTHING! He really likes track. I should get a pic of him in his track uniform, anyway....
I'm staying up too late transcribing family documents...I have to work the weekend...& finish getting ready for the Brownie Easter Meeting...& make the awards ceremony scrapbooks....got the cutest little notebooks @ Dollar General to make them in. Have to finish planning our vacation to Branson (with a sidetrip for Koren to tour a college where she'd like to get her masters), & a trip to the Iris Farm I mean to go to every year, & we have to decide if we're going to wrestling in Des Moines next month....KJ's favorite wrestler C.M. Punk will be there. He is voting *Y*E*S*. And Kj is getting anxious to take his permit test...he has been 15 a whole month already....what is the deal? Princeton just announced that they'll now test on the FIRST & FIFTH Fridays.....so he can' t go the THIRD Friday like I had planned....Kevin has to take him unless I take a day off. I took Koren for her permit test, & her first driving test attempt. I'd just rather not go thru that again...


rain rain go away

I know we need the rain. I'm just tired of cleaning up tracked in mud, walking thru mud...mud, mud, mud.
actually got the living room cleaned tonight with kate's help, after a shopping trip to Dollar General for Brownie Easter Meeting supplies & a bag of birthday gifts for one of Kate's classmates. she is famous for filling a gift bag with Dollar General gifts---the farting goop, slinkys, cool pens, squishy balls, etc. we played barbies & horses.
good thing we had leftover pizza hut from last nights pizza/movie night----i never did get around to making supper. honestly, how can a MOTHER forget to make supper?
then I started the videotape of old family pictures & documents borrowed from Grandma Grace that I will eventually burn onto dvd, & typed a bunch of stuff in a word file that I will fwd. to Lisa, anyway.
I have learned so far: our great grandma Maggie Webber was a Mormon. Our grandma Grace Brown had 100% spelling awards 3 years running. she had a perfect attendance award. and a reading award. she was a very bright girl.


and another one bites the dust...

and Band Carnival 2007 is over.
have one more dance practice, then a performance for the Brownie Dance Team Thursday night.
Will have an Easter meeting in the next week or 2. Things are winding down.
Had to turn furnace back on. It got downright cold.
Kate & I picked up yard today in prep. for the first mowing.
Katie survived Terra Nova Testing.
KJ's busy with drama & track practice.
All Girl Scout Cookies are delivered. Somehow I ended up collecting $ & filling out deposit slips; the leader will be out of town for a couple of days.
Kate & I are working on our first ever Brownie Awards Ceremony. Will start out with a Rainbow Candlelighting Ceremony, then do the Promise & Brownie Smile Song, present badges, awards, give the girls each a Brownie Year Book that I'm working on (got the idea off the web), doing a summary of each badge we earned, who earned it, & making a copy of the actual badge to put on the page, with quotes from the girls, etc.
Kate thinks someone should do a speech at the Ceremony. I think she' s volunteering. She thinks EVERYONE will want to do a speech. We should vote on it. We have a very democratic troop, lots of voting & pinky swearing. Katie's not the only little girl in Mercer trying to run my life....

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