kate & I picked up the last 3 raffle donations today. (I admittedly didn't put a lot of effort into it....mailed out 55 letters asking for donations, had several calls for me to pick things up, hit up the ones who always say yes, & just let the rest go. I think I got about 25 donations~several donated more than one thing, so it amounts to quite a bit. kate has stacked up every cake, brownie, & cookie mix we have to bake for the band carnival---it is THIS saturday. ALREADY. I want to do a cool new clue easter egg hunt for kate that was in a magazine--easter is ALMOST HERE ALREADY. have been buying eggs & fillers for the brownie easter egg hunt 4 awhile.
did some actual housework today, too---i love the spring weather, capri pants, open windows, fresh air, green grass, sunshine...kids get april 5-9 for easter break, they added 2 days onto end of year for snow/sick days.
wrestling will be in des moines again in may. kj's new fave wrestler is C.M. Punk. when we went last year it was Rob Van Dam.
I got a cool idea from a girl scout website, working on a sample try-it book, if the leader likes it, will make more. I'm writing what we did to earn each badge, will put in a paper photocopy of each badge, & who earned it. I'm going to get a quote from each girl about what they like best about Brownies & put that in there, too. I have a taking turns story they did, & what they want to be when they grow up from Careers Day. (have a lot of future princesses, pop stars, supermodels, a vet, a magician, a monkey trainer, an archeaologist, & a future president of the united states-my kid, of course!)


march madness

I had the flu 2 days this week~kate was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection~kj now has drama practice in addition to track practice. koren had fun in paris.
brownie dance practices are going well. the girls are really quick on picking up moves.
kate went to a skating birthday party today. she rarely gets to skate, she's not a bike rider, either. she wasn't exactly sure she would go. but, she was ready when they came after her {where was her mother? at work}, when she gets home, we have our last 'civilian' order {as opposed to family order} to deliver, then to walmart for groceries & the stuff on my list for next saturday's band carnival, which I still have several raffle prizes to pick up for....HAS TO BE DONE THIS WEEK! i can't procrastinate any longer. I can use the flu as an excuse, I guess, but that was only 2 days out of the last 6 weeks....my name is Debbie, & I have a problem. I can't organize my time. & now I'm trying to figure out why Disney DVD Club sent me TWO pirates of the caribbean dvds---I already have the dvd. I did order Katie a cd....last week I got a book club order I'm sure I never ordered, with books I wouldn't read...spending lots of time at the post office. (back to the time management issues.....)


girl scout cookies

helped sort them tonight. what a deal. now "just" have to deliver & collect....
found out Weds. that the leader said the troop would dance @ a Relay for Life benefit April 5. Kate is hard at work on a new dance to a Bratz song...BestFriends. It's adorable. do the kids have time to learn it? the girl scout scrapbook I'm putting together is already way overstuffed....going to have to start a 2nd one....
we broke free from Princeton & decided to have our own award ceremony this year. (yeah, us!)...
do your kids watch THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY on disneychannel? London Tipton always claps her hands & says "yeah, me!" I've picked up that annoying little habit.
have actual green grass in the yard. flowers by the mailbox are poking up, too. i think they're lilies...you'd think i could remember what they are, but i am surprised by them every year!


where has the time gone?

picked up 2nd batch of raffle donations today. still have another stint or 2 of pickups...plus my shopping list of carnival supplies. & keeping track of my receipts....
it is so beautiful & sunny & springy. the mud is drying up. the birds are singing. kate is shooting hoops in the driveway again. it's already TRACK season again....where has the time went?


just my luck

took kate to trenton 3 weeks ago for an a.m. "Depression Era" photo shoot with "American Studios, Inc." out of Chattanooga, Tn. they were running 3 hours late. we had a brownie mtg. to host. we ended up being about 3 min. late after katie's promised mcdonalds drive thru run. she had fun, wore a guazy white dress, made some friends. so, go back tonight after work to pick up this picture & probably buy the proofs. no. they were there LAST WEEK. no one called me. there is no phone # on the card I have. just an address. so, I'll write them. probably nothing will happen. & pictures of my daughter that I was willing to buy will be gathering dust somewhere. I am such a sucker for cool photo promos. NEVER AGAIN. we will stick with Jody's Little Photoshop of Princeton. She does a fabulous job, I know where she lives. I am always happy with the results. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. {just not a lot of new tricks....}


~Katie goes to a last minute birthday party~

I was at work just having the time of my life~Katie got a phone call inviting her to be the guest of the party girls big sister~& Katie, keeping up with her reputation as the perfect party guest~found some of her things, wrapped them up, asked her sleeping dad for permission to go, & was waiting at the door when her ride arrived.
The package of Canadian penpal letters arrived today~we have a meeting the 10th so we can write back. the girls have been beyond excited since I mentioned the possibility of Brownie penpals~& we can tie these in with other activities to earn Try-its~yeah, us!
dishes & laundry beckon. they're always lurking in the background~

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