tax refund shopping...

took the day off, we had breakfast, drove thru Pershing State Park, did a tour where they made our mattresses, also bought a headboard, & a single bed for kate. then birthday lunch for kevin @ applebee's. walmart-where we bought our longed-for dvd recorder---i have the dream of burning all the vhs of the kids growing up onto dvd---grocery shopping---new balance shoes for me---{kevin smiled & told me i can wear them when i start working at the nursing home-the new boss has made pretty plain how she feels about her entire crew-i can't afford to quit-but if i get shit-canned, all bets are off!} then came home & drug mattresses & box springs in & out & tackled dust bunnies---& made beds. then to the girls district game.
in an amusing sidebar---kevin was waiting in the truck for me after applebee's, he looked down between the seat & the console & found---the bills i thought i mailed last week, that evidently slid off the deal & went under the seat & i conveniently forgot about---
have already had 2 positive replies to my band carnival donation letters! will mail the other 1/2 tomorrow.
kate wasn't thrilled with her new bed. she's still sleeping on the couch. will probably have to put a satellite receiver in her room like we did kj's---what a parent will do.


snow again

when i finally woke up this a.m.---i am the queen of sleeping in when i get the chance!--there was snow on the ground. katie & i cuddled up in the big chair with a quilt & watched Spy Kids 2 on Disney Channel. koren & cody were over for awhile this afternoon & we watched our RV dvd. the wind beat against the house all day.
kj starts track practice tomorrow----this school year is rapidly spiraling to an end. major events left (for us!) are family reading night, band carnival, spring concert, a few brownie meetings, & the school play.
kevin went back to work valentines night. he told someone there that we were going to the Titanic Museum in branson for vacation, the guy told him they had a 3 hour wait. HA! i waited that long for kate's old fashioned portrait @ trenton! a long wait doesn't scare me! (i'm sure kevin realizes that gives me more time for souvenior shopping & picture taking! that probably scares him.)
i cleaned lint out of the outside dryer vent, the dryer now works again....it gives us spells, some little thing will fix it for awhile. kevin has decided it's because we bought an off brand floor model to save $. you know....
"you get what you pay for"
so, didn't run right out & buy one with the tax refund. the drivers side tires on the avalanche keep losing air. that got bumped up on the importance scale. our mechanic is trying to locate a set of tires. he fixed 3 holes in the back one, it still needs air all the time.


HDC Concert

It was awesome. Had to do some hydroplaning thru the downpour to get to Newtown. Kj had on his dress clothes when we arrived, complete with the tie that he tied himself...he did a demonstrative speech a while back in school on tying a tie. I myself don't know how to tie a tie. The kid has outsmarted me yet again....
One of the songs was REVENGE OF THE DUSTBUNNIES, complete with a vaccum cleaner solo. We spotted his baritone at his seat, so were directly in front of him.
District BB at Mercer next week, Kevin will get to go to 2 games on his 2 nights off. He loves BB games.


A thunderstorm in Mercer today. Kate has a friend spending the night-Emily. The one she wished for Christmas could be her sister. The girl she desperately wanted to take to SOMETHING I CARE ABOUT SHOW & TELL at last weeks Brownie meeting...we were working on our CARING & SHARING try-it. Emily couldn't come, so she had to settle for her Amazing Allyson & Fur Real Chimp "Kate".
KJ has HDC band at Newtown tomorrow. We'll go the the 5 p.m. concert. I really like doing the fun mom stuff like that.
Had a Band Boosters mtg. last night before the girls home BB game. Our Band Carnival is March 31st. Kate's big idea this year was THE GLOW ROOM---a room made out of black trashbags where the kids can put on their glow necklaces won at the carnival & just glow. Other moms came up with a Toy Walk (like a cake walk, with used toys), a pirate game---Walking The Plank, & Hillbilly Golf. Kate also thought we should have a theme, she made me a list, we all liked MARDI GRAS. And we're adding some sort of competition among band students to be BAND CHAMPION....just for fun. A series of skill challanges every day in their band class, then a pie eating contest or obstacle course or something the night of the carnival, with the prize being a Jester Hat. We're also doing old fashioned pictures....one of the moms is an amazing amateur photographer. should be a lot of fun, & it's even on my weekend off!
we called the mattress factory in Laclede & they put our name on a king firm mattress that we'll pick up Tuesday. They make them right there. (yeah, we got our tax refund....)


I am a mom with the boring name Debbie. When I play with my youngest daughter, I am Tallulah Jane Huffenstuff. (Katie corrected me, it's PUFFENSTUFF!) I have worked the last 11 years in a corporate hog barn. {enough said.} My husband of 23 years works at a HyVee warehouse. Our oldest daughter Koren is a junior at Missouri Western State University in St Joe MO. Our son KJ is a freshman at North Mercer R-III. Our youngest daughter Katie is in 2nd grade at North Mercer R-III.
I am involved in Band Boosters & an assistant Brownie Troop Leader.
We live in a small rural community in northern Missouri.

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