enough is enough

drove to work in blinding snow, drove home on snow covered roads, scooped a snow path to the house for katie's sleepover friends...the snow thing is getting old.
The Brad Pitt Jesse James dvd comes out next month...pre-ordered on amazon.com. I've been waiting for this a long long time!


finally friday~

survived another snowy day of work, Katie went to a friends house, then brought the friend home with her to spend the nite...then the friend burnt her finger taking her own Banquet meal out of the microwave (breaking a time honored Dailey family rule), so this has thrown the production of their movie even further behind than the supper break they took (resulting in said burn) when the camcorder battery charged...no wonder Hollywood productions cost so much! Honestly!
The gist of the movie is that the girls are New Years People, responsible for the safety of everyone on New Years Eve. They have computer databases & everything.
Got all traces of xmas safely stored back in the garage for next year. Still dragging boxes out of Katie's room to garage so she can clean her room (all Barbies, Bratz, My Scenes, their 2 trunks of clothes, their trunks of furniture & cars & shoes & boots & accessories that she doesn't need anymore.) When I cleaned the garage for Brownie Halloween party, I threw all the unused lids off her trunks up in a corner on the ledge over the staircase to basement...so now I have to climb on a chair, then up on the chest freezer, then onto ledge to find the matching lids to put on the boxes since the cats will not stay out of the garage (& concrete in front of garage is cracked & shifted so door won't shut right).
I thought I'd have to work tomorrow, but the boss asked someone else to. Yeah, me! 2 whole days off, then I work Monday, chaperone Kate's New Years Eve party, & have New Years Day off.
Kevin had his ankle xrayed again, they want him to see an orthopedic specialist, to be on the safe side, one view they took still showed a crack or gap or something. They're setting that up. Now I get to worry some more.


deb can't drive...

I got home from work---Kate has decided she will have a New Years Eve sleepover party--with 2 friends. Kj wanted to pick up his friend Corey. I tried to beg off, Kevin had took the 4wd to work, my car was covered in snow & the doors were froze shut, so KJ got the doors opened & cleaned off the car. I made him stay home with Katie (the lake roads are notorious in winter & I would rather be stranded/& or dead by myself while my kids were safe & warm @ home)I did fine until I was in sight of Corey's house, the hill up to it was a lot steeper than I realized, until my car started spinning & going sideways & backwards. I took a couple of good runs at it & probably could've made it, but I could smell burning rubber & the car sounded like it was going to blow up, so I eased up just a sec & that was it. Corey's nice father came out & backed the car down the hill & aound the sharp curve & brought it in another (less hilly) way. The road under the fresh snow was ice. (duh...we're actually having winter this winter...)I honestly can barely back out of my driveway. So, I told Corey just to bring clothes & spend the nite, I wasn't up to taking him home, Kevin can take him home tomorrow in the truck.
have to volunteer again to work a 1/2 day of my weekend off since we still don't have a weekend kid. I'm hoping KJ will consent to work on my weekend when he turns 16 until he is comfortable with the job & then I can eventually have more days off.
took down the outside decorations last nite ( a tiny tree, & santa & reindeer tree faces) but have yet to start in the house. I went thru the Current catalog we got looking for valentines for Katie's class, & found a xmas tree storage bag so ordered that. The box is a pain, takes about a roll of tape to hold it together, & of course it never went back into the box like it was when I got it...


locks of love

Kevin took Katie to the beauty shop today for a locks of love haircut...her hair is now almost touching her shoulders. her hair is now bouncy & swingy & she is very happy with it.


insurance is good

insurance is a necessity. insurance is one of the reasons I go to work everyday. But it sucks when you have to call the tollfree line on a claim & try to form comprehendable sentences. Even when I write down what I'm going to say, I can screw it up...
kate is refusing to go to tonites ballgame, so will just drop kj & corey off & pick them up. I guess I can be a grownup & miss one pepband performance...
yesterday I was the only non-school-employee volunteer in the craft room at the school xmas party, sent off the world thinking day postcard exchange badge order, went to Dollar General, bank, picked up my wedding rings, ate the new pizza hut pizza, shopped at Orshelins, then went to see Alvin & The Chipmunks.
then today it was back to work...
I should so be a stay-at-home mom...


it's only tuesday?

monday--my riser week---hiking the risers in the snow--with a flashlight in the a.m. when it's still dark---again after work with wet hair---
home varsity BB game--pep band played, & there was a Band Boosters meeting--we had to go. kate wasn't in the mood. she tried really hard to convince me she had to stay home & do her homework. she finally grudgingly came along. (we really need a live-in nanny for such occasions.)
tuesday--risers in the dark--risers with wet hair---the school xmas program---ran out of laundry soap--so bought more at princeton p.m.--& therefore am behind on laundry. I do 2-3 loads everyday to stay caught up. livingroom needs picked up again--kate has a project going on & it's taking over the whole floor.
kevin picked up his gun from shop & had his ankle x-rayed again.


and now...

it's snowing...a lot...on top of the piles of broken tree limbs & frozen slushy roads...



kids went back to school today--in history kj's group is researching xmas around the world---somehow kj got volunteered to bring an egyptian food & a decoration. we made a feta cheese omelet---talk about stink. the beads fell off my little decoration. then the kids tried the stinky feet omelet cold. they weren't real impressed. they had found a recipe for a whole roasted camel--a medium camel stuffed with a goat, 12 chickens, eggs....
1st home BB game tonite--went to watch the pep band play after kevin pulled my car out of the yard w/ the truck---he parked it away from the trees when the ice hit, ice started thawing, & the car was parked in a mudhole.
the kids are arguing while watching wrestling.
last nite kate couldn't go to sleep, I couldn't stay up any longer, I found
the bear
for her. she reported this morning that she did go to sleep &
the bear
the bear
has been with us for years, we took our honeymoon for a day at Worlds of Fun, last day of the season, wearing our winter coats. all the shops had stuff on clearance, kevin bought 2 bears for the babies we planned on having...the small brown bear that I have sewed back together several times & all 3 kids have slept with, & the big brown bear that no one ever really latched onto that lives in one of my family history rubbermaid boxes in the garage with first haircut wisps in baggies & plaster molds of baby hands & feet & baby books & videos of the kids.
koren called last nite, her electricity was back on!


snow day part 2

left early for trenton, ate lunch @ washington street, went to the jewelry store to drop off my wedding rings for some work & to size them up to where they don't cut off circulation. then to our family dentist appt, then onto the family chiropractor appt, then shopping @ pamida & hyvee, then home again, home again, jiggity jog.


snow day

no school: ice/freezing rain. Koren called, her electricity has been out since 6a.m. Ours went off during the night, my alarm didn't go off, I was late to work. It went off "50 hundred times" today while I was @ work, according to kate. we have a yard full of cool old trees. lots of limbs in the yard, & popping & cracking & creaking & crashing. kevin parked the vehicles at the edge of our yard by the neighbors...one of the only places where they aren't under trees. have the lantern going in case electricity quits again. we've been lucky so far...
took tomorrow off, kevin, kj, & I have dentist appts in trenton, then we all have chiropractor appts after.


katie wants a little sister.

she always has wanted a little sister. she understands that I can't have any more babies. and she's ok with that. we can just adopt one. preferably a chinese or black baby because they're so cute.


it's snowing

kids got out of school early. deb wore her backless tennis shoes & packed them full of snow....(some people never learn. it does occasionally still snow in Missouri...)



today was KJ's big day---driving to Liberty in drivers ed. It's a big deal considering most of his driving is done in Mercer, pop. 300some. Today was the 1st time he's been on the interstate. He got to eat chicken strips @ Applebee's, too!



have a shopping excersion planned for tomorrow after the kids get home from school---supper @ Applebee's, winter boot shopping 4 katie, massive driving practice 4 KJ. we've all been looking 4ward to it...kevin is exhausted, he is back to full shifts & massive mandatory overtime...I worked the weekend & my butt is dragging...we'll see how it actually goes.
wednesday KJ & a classmate drive to Liberty & back with their drivers ed teacher.
friday is the first home varsity BB game--kj will have to play in pep band,& I'll have to go watch him. they got awesome new pepband shirts this year.
katie is working on a map of the Mercer square...after Sabrina the Teenage Witch is over, we'll go & make sure she has everything in the right place.
I got the xmas newsletter typed, kate has it decorated, now just need to get it copied, find the wallets I had made, buy xmas stamps, wait 4 the address labels I ordered to get here, address the envelopes...


christmas insanity

I have been a bit manic about Xmas this year. I have planned & shopped & wrapped & decorated early. I have dug out Xmas videos, dvds, & cds. I made my family watch Shrek The Halls. I plan outings to all the new holiday movies. I have bought tons of Xmas candy. I have also filled the calander with Christmasy things to do...tonite's was the all female production of Ms. Scrooge at Princeton...
after this a.m.s ice storm & having no electricity @ work for hours on end...I was still set to go. Till I got home & Katie really didn't want to go. I tried to sweet talk her into it. She just really didn't want to go. So, instead I called for pizza & ran to the grocery store to pick up necessities.
All 3 vehicles are just home from the shop for various ailments. I was driving the Monte just uptown--it started missing again. It died twice on the way home. I barely made it back. I was thanking my lucky stars that Katie didn't let me talk her into driving to Princeton...


flashlight tour of the playground

katie & danielle treated me to a flashlight tour of their school playground, showing me their secret hiding places, explaining the games they play, solving mysteries....until they got tired of listening to me complain about the cold & agreed to go home & have hot cocoa!


and my baby is engaged...

I finally called Koren tonite-they bought the ring Friday, it is getting sized. The ring was on sale & still cost quite a bit more than my wedding--quite possibly more than we spent on groceries the 1st year we were married! I am of course happy for Koren & Cody, a bit sad for my lost youth. I remember the excitement of being engaged, the planning for the future, the dreams & hopes we had. I wish them the best.
Koren is going to apply for the spring break trip to England, there is a Jack the Ripper walk & an optional (costs extra) day in Dublin. The world is my kids' oyster.
You want your kids to have better. Ours do. We've done something right...


girls night out

kate & I headed to trenton listening to cds that kate selected to watch Enchanted. it was a magical movie~only marred by the fact that we planned on having hot dogs there for supper ~and they were out of hotdogs. I instead ordered a combo of popcorn & cokes. kate wasn't happy. and she did have a point~popcorn & hotdogs are not the same thing. and she really doesn't care for coke. a casey's glazed donut saved her from utter starvation on the way home, & we made our own hotdogs about 10p.m. @ home. all's well that ends well...


it's beginning to look a lot like xmas...

I cleaned out a spot for the tree, drug the tree parts in, then got sick & went to bed. Kevin & Kate put it up & decorated it. I took a nap, got up, felt ok, now back to being sick again. Life just doesn't get any better than this...
Koren isn't coming home for Thanksgiving. Katie is upset. I am, too, but I have to be strong for Katie. I assure her that Koren misses us as much as we miss her.
Got a photographer for the Brown Family Xmas, she can't get there till 3:30, though. Hopefully everyone will stay for this wonderful opportunity. Or they can gather in a corner & grumble about deb & her wonderful ideas...


ball games...

Kate & I went to the home junior high basketball games last nite & tonite to sit @ the Athletic Boosters table & sell Mercer Cardinals shorts, shirts, & duffle bags. Last nite I tried to watch some of the boys game, I am evil, if my kids aren't on the team, or cheering, or playing in pepband, I really don't give a flying f*** about the game. I finally wandered to the old gym where Kate was playing with her friends. Tonite there wasn't a teacher willing to watch them in the old gym, so she was bored, I was bored, & she consented to go home, where I can have fun putting away laundry, counting Girl Scout $, & doing dishes. She won Rice Krispie Treats last nite & lemon cookies tonite in the 4-H raffle.
Kevin had a rough nite @ work. For starters, the break room is up 2 flights of stairs. That's pretty much out. He's in a lot of pain. Hopefully it'll get better. I was being a bit impossible & telling him if he could deer hunt, he could do some laundry & some dishes. But now he's back to work, so I'll back off & do it all again. I'm such a martyr.
Left a message with Jody of Jody's Little Photoshop to see if she was available to take a group shot @ the Brown Family Xmas, haven't heard back from her. I finally decided it was what I wanted to do, but she may already be booked.


kevin's 'vacation' comes to an end....

dr. released him today to return to work tomorrow---he'll work 4 hour shifts the first 2 weeks. the limp is better, but it still swells if he's on it awhile.
kj had HDC band tryouts today.
katie is avoiding her homework.
trying to plan the brownie xmas meeting---the girls voted to xmas carol in mercer. I have pipe cleaners & jingle bells for them to make bracelets.


it's almost bedtime...

& another day has come to an end. the kids were late getting home from school, they had a subsitute bus driver, & the town kids got to ride the whole route. Kevin went to Des Moines to pick up his new shoes & inserts the foot dr. made 4 him, then Katie & I walked a lap at the park with him, & Kate shot hoops, it amazes me that she can make them in the basket that is so far over her head!
we're thinking of headin' east this summer, if $ allows....Tennessee. Graceland, civil war battlefields, Ripley's Aquarium, Memphis Zoo....
KJ has HDC band auditions Weds.
Kate & I have a Brownie meeting tomorrow after school. I'm taking my half day off. I feel like I've earned it! Pigs can really run you ragged.
Kevin goes back to dr. Weds. to see if he'll release him to return to work Thursday. His limp is barely noticable now.


Fred Claus

the perfect holiday movie! after I got home from work & Kevin rested up from deer hunting on his still sore ankle, we hustled around, ate supper @ Pizza Hut (KJ & I love stuffed cheese crust), saw Fred Claus, did a famous deb "what the heck we're this close to the grocery store" Hy-Vee run, then came home. we got home 11ish, so put away the freezer stuff, the rest can wait till I get home from work today, unless someone gets bored & does it. (same with putting away laundry & cleaning floors!)
I got The Nativity Story on dvd, I wanted to see it last Xmas, but no one else wanted to go with me, so will try to watch it this holiday. We bought the Betty Crocker gingerbread mix so Katie & I can make a batch of cookies when we get around to it. This summer I bought the seasons of Futurama & Family Guy on dvd that had my favorite xmas episodes on them, will have to find them & watch them, too....plus all the holiday essentials....The Christmas Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Jingle All The Way, the Santa Claus movies, Unaccompanied Minors, Badder Santa, & Deck the Halls when it comes out on dvd.
I'm ready to throw up the tree & decorate, there are already outside displays up in Mercer, but Kevin & the kids protested. KJ reminded me that Thanksgiving is the next holiday. We'll just see....(but 1st I really have to clean those floors...)
I even bought a xmas seek&find book---I keep a stash @ work 4 my breaks...the mindless activity keeps me from thinking (much like my mindless job), but now I have one for home when I'm drying cast iron skillets on the stove, cooking, etc.
the school xmas concert is shaping up, too, the band is working on music, the kids are learning songs....something about Elfis. (Elvis).
KJ's wreck book is coming along 4 drivers ed....a few more pages of unfortunate vehicular crashes & he'll be set. We're at the point now that I'm happy to see a bad wreck...usually the worse it is, the longer the clipping is. It seemed like we had a million clippings, but you start putting them on 8x11 pages, & they don't seem nearly so impressive!
should take my handful of nutritional supplements & cold meds & hit the highway. I have always thought of "going to school" to get another job at some point in the vague future, I had always thought nursing, since that is a job I could get in the area, but have lately been thinking more of computer/business....also a job I could possibly get around here, with better hours & possibly holidays off. (like I'm ever going to go to school anyway.....might as well dream creatively...I'd really like to be a history teacher or an archeologist or work in a book store!)
There is a cool old building on the Mercer square that you'd probably have to win the lottery to make usable, it would be a cool site for a book store, but I don't think a town of 3oo some has much need of a bookstore...it'd probably be hard to convince authors of note to come for book signings, too....


a busy week....

last nite was a mandatory "3 hour" benefits meeting, starting immediately after work, so I didn't get home till about 8:30p.m. not my idea of a fun day---but did the mature thing & signed up 4 insurance & 401k & extra life under the new plan (our company was bought 4 the umpteenth time) like a good mother---kevin said kate was really wanting me---she went to bed on time---all was well---till she woke me from my triaminic cough & cold grape haze with the flu---she had a rough nite---then stayed home today & rested. after work today kevin & I went to princeton & picked up the girl scout candy order---then he sorted & kate & I double-checked. by the time we were done, it was too late to call some of the moms since I knew some of the girls go to bed at 8p.m. will call from work tomorrow. there is an athletic booster meeting tomorrow nite---I missed the 1st one since there was a GS leader mtg @ the same time.
yesteday kevin went to des moines & got fitted for a brace of some kind. he wants to take kj up there & have him evaluated, too. then kevin bought a huge lightup grapevine buck deer & snowflake lites. he has also been working on my car. kj worked at the student council blood drive yesterday, & kevin donated.
need to clean up the remnants of kate's bday party & get ready 4 the "sew much fun" brownie meeting here next tuesday...am seriously thinking of putting up the xmas tree while I'm in the mood.
finally got a chance to peek @ the My Twinn doll we got kate 4 xmas---it has her hairdo, almost her eye color, the sprinkle of freckles, the little scar on her lip---can't wait 2 have her portrait done with the doll @ jody's---just hope she is happy with it!


Happy Birthday Garrett

Katie's last party guest left a little after 11a.m, a couple of hours later we picked up Kelsie & Breanna & drove to Corydon to their classmate Garrett's party. Katie bowled a spare! Then we went to Pamida & Hy-Vee & let the girls play at the "castle park" for awhile. Garrett was happy with his big bag of gifts from Katie---a re-inflating whoopie cushion, squeaky rubber chicken, silly string, flarp, fuzzy dice, etc. His mom came into the hospital in labor the day we took Katie home.
Katie has definitely had a loooonnnnggg weekend. And throw in daylight savings time on top of everything else...

Academic Team

the HDC meet was Saturday, & now the season is over. KJ correctly answered 3 questions! The coach took them to Pizza Hut afterwards to celebrate. I was very proud of KJ for joining the team.
KJ constantly amazes me, he was so very shy when he was young, I remember in 2nd grade when the teachers aid was so excited that KJ got in trouble for talking in class, since they could barely get him to say anything. And he's been in Honor Choir, Drama, & now the Academic Team, all involving getting up in front of people & calling attention to yourself. It is so cool to watch your kids grow & change...

The Spa Party

We ended up with 5 guests...Kate left the party at one point, Kevin & KJ were going to the movies & drove by the park at the edge of our yard, she was sitting alone on a bench, Kevin pep-talked her into going back. Good mom that I am-I was getting the salad supper ready & didn't even know she was gone. The main problem I think was that she had worked so hard on the whole spa theme...& her friends are really more interested in playing babies & house. We muddled thru, everyone ended up with a gift bag of soap, bracelets, & perfume that they made. And I don't think that Katie was any more miserable at this party than she has been at any other....(I hope!)...altho this is the first year she's run away...
I'll do what I always do, the film will come back, I'll scrapbook it, & tell myself what a resounding success it was & get on with my life. Otherwise, I'd be certifiably insane. Somedays I fear I have already reached that point...
Next year she wants to throw a Halloween Birthday Party for her whole class in the basement....


happy birthday, Katie!

Katie turned 9 today. They had a day off school for teachers inservice. She opened one present while I was @ work, then the rest when I got home. She asked 4 Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen dvds...I got a bunch, but not the one she REALLY wanted...so back to amazon.com I go. Baked her requested giant birthday cookie, & the brownie pie for her spa party tomorrow. did massive house cleaning. I think we're ready (as ready as we'll ever be). Kate found more things today that she wants to squeeze into her party. The girls will make their own vial of perfume, friendship bracelets, a scented bar of soap, & their own "brand" of soda pop. We have 4 invited guests (the kits we got make 5.) Will be the smallest birthday party in a long time. Hopefully will be more fun 4 Katie....


happy halloween

spent the day at school, prepping 4 elementary fall festival, ate lunch with katie, helped her get ready 4 costume parade, & worked @ the festival....I think it was the best festival so far, had lots of helpers, & no disasters. {someone did steal the plate of leftover cookies I was bringing home....} katie won the coloring contest!!! she went trick-or-treating & to the haunted house with 2 friends, all the girls wore black & boots. they looked cute. the local gas station had a free BBQ going. the friends & I were rather scared @ the haunted house, kate was a lot calmer than we were. a skeleton touched her "buttocks"....and a witch with a fake knife poked her there. when Scream jumped out of the closet, kate said "hi". she said, "hey, how rude!" when they grabbed her. it seemed like there were about 300 people in that tiny house!
kj had an academic meet.


friday nite

KJ is on Student Council, so had to go the the hayride & dance they were sponsoring tonite. Kate has a friend spending the nite, Kevin took us out to supper. Now the girls are spying on us with their walkie talkies.
Kevin had a dr. appt. today, the dr. told him to take off the walking boot, start walking, using a cane if he needs to to start with, & in 2 weeks they'll see how he's walking. He's in a lot of pain right now. I always found it ironic how I took things for granted every time I had surgery...just getting out of bed was a struggle somedays...picking up your baby...doing laundry...
I think we're ready 4 tomorrow's Brownie Halloween Party.
I slept like a baby last night---took a swig a mite over the stated amount of nighttime Triaminic cough & cold. Kevin said he'd go pick up KJ @ midnite, but he's already sacked out in the chair, so I better hold off on the medicine. His friend Corey will probably need a ride back to his house @ the lake.
He said the Academic Team is talking about dressing up for the meet on Halloween day. He thinks he'd wear the Jamacian hat with dreadlocks & some sunglasses...


and my cold is back....

just what I hoped would happen, of course...
made a Jesse James scarecrow for the Werewolf Woods. KJ has consented to be the Werewolf. Kate wants to have a "not scary" walk thru the woods for the little girls, then a "scary" walk 4 the ones who want to...where KJ will growl & grab someone.
think we have it all ready to go.
the face paint for the school Fall Festival somehow got cancelled....reordered it. it should get here in time...
having breakfast 4 supper-french toast & bacon.
KJ's PS2 is on the fritz.
Kate has a friend over.


today I was thinking

while I showered out at work for my half day...do these things exist anymore?
1. Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo
2. Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
3. Boone's Farm Tickle Pink Wine
4. Heaven Scent perfume (maybe it was Heaven Sent...it was my favorite until I started going out with Kevin, he claimed perfumes & smelly shampoos gave him headaches...)



I was one of 2 leaders who went to the Girl Scout Leader meeting tonite...had to go get gas anyway. Taking my half day tomorrow, getting my fall highlights done, then going to the home academic meet to watch my son!
having lasagna for supper...the best kind...Stouffer's. we tried all our experiments for the Brownie party. they all worked but 1. Kate was looking over her seed beads on the LR floor, I kicked the box, I swept them into a pile, but have yet to pick the teeny tiny beads out of the dust bunnies. the days get away from me. Kevin has a horrible cold, I am getting another one.
it's Red Ribbon Week at school, Kate is trying to put together a cowgirl outfit.


everybody's workin' for the weekend

Friday the kids didn't have school. Kevin took them to the chiropractor.
It's my weekend to work...
got the lights put up in the garage & started decorating our pumpkins...so far have a witch & a cat. Was going to have a pirate, but can't find the pirate scarf, so will probably use KJ's knit Jamacian hat with dreadlocks instead.
Katie went to a friends house & then had a friend over.
KJ wrote a report on Caeser Augustus for World History.
I made homemade chicken pot pie for supper last night.


parent teacher conferences

our children are doing wonderfully in school!
A's & B's.
another rainy wet day.
got the Brownie fall product sale stuff turned in.
Breadeux Pizza 4 supper.
Kate went to play @ a friends, KJ gave a friend a ride home & took me on 1 of the driver's ed routes, we got to watch a train at the crossing. I love to watch trains lumbering through rural crossings.



KJ had an academic meet on this rainy day.
Kevin did the Brownie Fall Product Sales Order.
Katie sewed on her quilt & worked on her spa birthday invites.
Deb ate Washington Street leftovers from Friday for supper.


halloween is in the air...

the brownie party & school party are coming together.
Katie & I are still decorating the garage.
She is very inventive.
I love the cat pumpkin she made!
and her Dead End...Beware sign.
I made a Halloween display in the hallway.
We have little suction cup bats on the front door that keep falling off...
tomorrow KJ has a health career fair to go to during school.
the bookfair is at school this week.
academic meet at Pattonsburg Weds.
parent-teacher conference Thursday.
I have risers all week so have to get up a little earlier.
& it's my weekend to work.


the game plan

last nite KJ drove us to Trenton to eat supper @ Washington Street Food & Drink, then we went to see The Game Plan.
Today it is raining...making breakfast, then plan on doing some shopping in Princeton for an old sheet to make a ghost or 2 (Mom's store), birthday presents for Miss Cuddles, & shop at SJ's Warehouse since we haven't been there in awhile.
Kate has homework to start on, then will probably decorate in the garage. I got on-line & found an incredible Werewolf Costume for the Werewolf Woods. All our old scarecrows are looking a bit rough, the poor devil guys rubber mask is all ripped & broken...we bought it when KJ was a little fart.
My part of the school Fall Festival is going well...need to round up some parent volunteers. Trying to convince Kevin that it would be fun way to spend an afternoon...


I'm up early

to go load feeder pigs. This is the life!
I also emailed the art teacher asking her to do the preschool-sixth grade Halloween coloring contest for the Fall Festival again, & have to do a prize order for the festival to turn in from Oriental Trading Company. will try to do that tonight. I'll write myself a note....


academic meet

I had told KJ I would make every effort to get to the academic meet @ Cainsville tonight. It started @ 4:45, I went to work late so I could go to the Fall Festival Committee Planning Meeting @ school, I got home from work @ 4p.m., fed the dog & cats, threw Kevin's tennis shoe @ him, & bribed Kate into my way of seeing things. We got to school just in time for the meet to start, but it was on the THIRD floor & of course Kevin is still on crutches, he hopped up all the stairs, & we missed KJ, since he got to start the meet & play one quarter, then he was done. It was very interesting, Kevin knew a lot of the answers. Will leave work early in a couple of weeks to go to the Mercer meet. We then went to Bethany Pizza Hut where the waiter wrote our order on his hand & then royally messed it up, but we ended up with hot pizza & we were starving, so all's well that ends well. Now Kate is watching Pushing Daisies, which she really loves.
I joined the Columbia House dvd club so we have a stack of cool dvds to watch, but no time. Kate wanted to have a friend over this afternoon, so moved that to tomorrow. She wanted to have a friend spend the nite last weekend, but we were going to St Joe for Koren's birthday, so put that off till this weekend.
Jody called & left a message that my proofs are ready, so will do that tomorrow. The days seem like a blur. We got a good start on the Werewolf Woods last night, still want to make a big ghost to hang up, & have to decorate the garage. Hopefully it'll all get done.
It's like that car commercial....zoom, zoom, zoom


another day in the life...

kj seemed to have fun today @ the Renaissance Fair. I've always wanted to go....maybe next year. Kate & I started on our Werewolf Woods---then had to go pick up kj, he had to drive 2 friends home, I started feeling crappy & it was almost dark, so I helped kate study for tomorrows science test & we called it a night on the woods. maybe tomorrow...
I love the cooler autumn weather. the leaves are starting to change.
the kids are arguing about how to kill zombies. does life get any better than this?


the garage is finally clean (enough)

Katie had a playdate, so I got the garage finished, a Kirby guy showed up & shampooed our couch, KJ got in a lot of driving, to & from Lineville twice, to & from the lake once. Koren called, she had community service for a fellowship today, & KQ2 News was there & interviewed her. Of course, with dTv, our local channels are KC, so we can't get it. But, cool, nonetheless. Kevin & I did a grocery run, found 3 cool pumpkins---plan on making a pirate, a witch, & a skull pumpkin with directions I found in a magazine. When time permits, will drag out the scarecrows & stuff & decorate the garage & "Werewolf Woods" for the Brownie party. Found a board to make our "Werewolf Woods" sign, just need to get paint & do it.
Almost have my xmas shopping done! Of course, I just shop for Kevin, Kate, Koren, KJ, Miss Cuddles, & Cody.
Koren's birthday pumpkin pie is cooling, Katie is in the shower...the kids have portrait appts in Princeton in the a.m...then we head to St Joe to take Koren out for her birthday.


a warm fuzzy mom moment

today was the All School Variety Show, I took a half day off work, & Kevin, Mom, & I went. Katie sang & danced to Best of Both Worlds with the Brownies, then sang True Friend with Kelsie, & Keep Your Eyes Wide Open with Emily. She was WONDERFUL! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! Kj played in the band.
Hannah Montana would've felt warm & fuzzy, too, if she'd heard the dozen or so of her songs different kids sang! there were 3 High School Musical songs, too. Most of the kids in Katie's class were up on stage in 1 thing or another. Those kids know no fear! the show ran a little over 2 hours. Kj brought 2 friends home, Kate just 1.


a little shut-eye...

When my kids were little, they rarely slept. Well, not when I could sleep. When I worked nites, KJ slept all nite, stayed up most of the day. When I went to days, he stopped sleeping nites. moms get really tired. when Kevin worked 2 jobs & didn't have a day off for over a year, Katie slept with me so I could get some sleep. That was a long time ago, & now she is a big girl. Kevin (in normal times) is only home 2 nites a week, & the "mom" nites Katie went to bed, I went to bed, & everything was fine. Kevin has been home awhile, he watches tv while Kate goes to sleep. I still go to bed, no big deal. He was really tired last nite & went to bed early. I went to bed. Kate woke me up at 12:30a.m., hysterical with insomnia. Got her calmed down & back to bed about 1:30a.m. I used to live on virtually no sleep. Then I went thru some bad insomnia. Since we got the new bed, I've been sleeping like a baby. And I'd forgotten the long nites & blood shot eyes, the yawns that feel like they're pulling you down into the very surface of the earth. It all came back to me last nite. Sometimes you just don't know how good you have it...



katie & I cleaned on the garage more today...I clean the house by dragging stuff out to the garage, then I clean the garage by dragging stuff out to the trashcans.
kj had his 1st academic meet today...they won one, they lost one, he answered a couple of questions & scored some points. football questions are his strong point.


KJ & Corey were in a rainy football game @ the park today with a bunch of kids.
His 1st academic meet is tomorrow @ North Harrison @ 4p.m. I wish I could go, I've never been to one. They'll have one in Mercer the end of the month, will leave early & go to that one. This week I have left early to do a Brownie Dance Practice for Friday's All School Variety Show---Katie will dance & sing to Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds with the troop, & sing duets with 2 friends....Hannah Montana's True Friend with Kelsie, & Anna Sophia Robb's Keep Your Eyes Wide Open from Bridge to Tarabethia (sp.) So, I am taking a 1/2 day off for that. Monday is Koren's 22nd birthday. we plan on going down Sunday to take her out to eat. The kids have Jody pics that a.m....hoping for good weather for outside shots. Monday KJ has a class trip to the KC Renaissance Fair...something that is on my list of things to do.
Katie has settled into 3rd grade. Having her daddy home full time for awhile helps, they have homework well under way by the time I get home. He even checks it for her.
She has been busy with other projects, as well, designing a popsicle stick house, writing song lyrics, & we've been testing the recipes she found for her spa birthday party.
I've been cleaning the garage for the Brownie Halloween party we're throwing. It's time for Ms. Cuddles birthday party, too, we adopted her in October. Need to get my Xmas shopping done, too. I have a "pretty much what everyone wants list."
I'd have more time to get all this stuff done if I didn't have a job...


a whirlwind week

thursday kevin & I journeyed to walmart after groceries. before we left, kj slid the monte carlo off a gravel road & went into the ditch, it took my timid-little-old-lady-driving 3 tries to get it out. had to smoke the tires. then I made him get back in & resume driving. I was going to try to talk him thru getting out, but I am awful at directions. it's just easier to do it myself.
friday was anniversary date nite-kate was a bit miffed that our anniversary was more important to us than her friend danielle coming over to play when they had a 1/2 day of school. we went to trenton, ate at pizza hut, where we always ate on high school dates, & went to see 3:10 To Yuma.
so, today, after I got home from work, kate had invited 2 friends over. she & kelsie are going to sing hannah montana's(or maybe miley cyrus's, now she sings under both names)True Friends in the school talent show friday. {the brownies are also singing & dancing to hannah montana's Best Of Both Worlds} in between numerous fashion shows, they have practiced, & either are really good or just did a sitcom improv for me to make me think they were practicing...after all these years, I am still easily fooled...kj drove me out to pick up the girls, then he drove me to the lake to pick up his friend corey so they could play football. I try valiantly not to grab the wheel or push my imaginary brake or the one that really makes him shake his head & sigh...the grabbing my chest & gasping. but it is hard sometimes.
kate called me @ work today & left a message on the machine...dad had leaned his crutches against a tree & was mowing the yard & she wasn't responsible if he got hurt. he also has been dragging a chair into the bathroom & showering without me spotting him the last 2 days. stubbornness has its uses...
kevin has a horrible headache. he isn't enjoying all the company much.


dr/dentist day

we kept Katie out of school today, Kevin had a.m. xray & dr appts, she had afternoon dentist appt. in Gladstone.
Katie had no cavaties. They showed us an xray of all her teeth, she has tons getting ready to push their way thru. They're even seeing wisdom teeth. And she has the same nice big teeth KJ had, so braces are a definite possibility.
Kevin can put his foot on the ground (contact.) He can eventually very slowly start putting minimal weight on it. He goes back in a month for xrays & a follow up visit. Dr has him off til at least mid-Nov. He also said he might have to use a cane for awhile after he gets rid of crutches, for now xray shows it's mending, so he keeps the boot on & we get on with our little lives.
I signed up Brownies to dance at next Friday's All School Variety Show. Got the 13 original girls registered last night, + 1 new girl, & another new girl whose form I didn't get picked up.
Katie & I are planning a Halloween Party here for the troop.
Since Kevin will be home, I will try to convince him to do the ordering & paperwork for the Girl Scout Fall Product Sale that runs OCtober 1-15. Plus I bought 4 newspapers today for him to go thru & find wreck articles for KJ's drivers ed class. He will be more than happy to go back to work---I am the queen of finding piddly shit for him to do that makes my life easier!


so I dont' know what day it is....

other than that, I am basically a good person...


today kate & I were supposed to ride up with mom to meet brenda's newest baby. then brenda called mom yesterday, the girls had been sick, so she was requesting only adult visitors, so kate & I didn't go today. instead I slept in (again), cleaned house, did laundry, made lunch, watched the rest of the Megasnake Sci-Fi movie, & katie & I cut out the rest of the quilt blocks for our brownie sewing badge coming up, then she started sewing her blocks so I could get a time frame. I love my days off!


a low tire day

had to go to work early to load cull sows---had 1 million pig related things to do---left work & had a low tire, so drove home slowly & stopped in the gas station on way home & got that fixed (I am the worlds worst about changing tires, I can't get the hub cap off, or I can't get the lug nuts off, or I can't get the jack to pop up...I am such a girl sometimes....) one of the Yearbook kids was there, so got our yearbook ordered. For every thing I cross off my list, I add 2 or 3 more.
I want to take Grandma flowers tomorrow for her bday, but I don't get home till 4:30 or so...I don't remember if Hy-Vee still has cut flowers. I might be able to hit Princeton flower shop before they close. Sunday we are going with Mom to meet Brenda's new baby. I meant to call Jody our picture person & get the kids portraits done Saturday....probably too late 4 that now....but need to call & get something set up.
---KJ & his friend Corey were walking by, they have Academic Team Practice after school every night. Kate is finishing her homework & has a friend coming over. She got her foot soaked (sore big toe that the Dr. looked out) & her Rx taken (antibiotics for infected toe & tonsils). Kevin has folded the laundry that I so lovingly left by his chair for him this a.m. life is just peachy.



Kevin is a huge Sandra Bullock fan & often watches Premonition in bed while going to sleep. (remember, he's now home every night...)
This movie always makes me feel guilty. She is a stay-at-home mom, she of course looks fabulous even when they dress her frumpy. She jogs, she inventories her pantry making a shopping list, she puts little stickers on the patio door, she cleans the house, she sorts her laundry...I try to keep a running supply list on the fridge, then transfer it to front door, it usually never makes it to the vehicle, & if I get it that far, I either forget to take it in or forget it's in my pocket.
Yeah, I know she's just a movie mom living in a rambling old fantastically clean house. But she's making me look bad!
I have pledged to spend my day off cleaning house. I have so far looked thru a few newspapers & thrown them away, stripped the beds, & started laundry. I keep picking up the Grundy County History book. Then I look around & sigh & haven't got a whole lot accomplished. And it'll soon be time to make lunch, then have to make sure Kate does her homework....& it'll be bed time before I know it. The days get away from me....


another parade...

we're short @ work, so I "volunteered" to work half a day today, Kevin rode with KJ while he drove to school to get on the bus, I made it to Princeton when the bus was unloading for the band to march in the Calamity Jane Day Parade. Only about half the band showed up. They performed valiantly. Then Kj put in gas @ Casey's & drove home.
Kevin & I journeyed to Bethany Wal-Mart. I always compare it in my mind to the pioneers going after supplies, although it is of course much much easier for me to drive to Wal-Mart. Kevin stayed on his crutches this trip, he got pretty tired towards the end.
Kate & KJ both have bad colds/allergies. She opted to skip the parade today. And to skip Wal-Mart. She's been busy making scrapbook pages.
I read about a lot of cool stuff in Trenton in the new Grundy County History book---the oldest house in Grundy County & a historic stone bridge---both at Crowder State Park---the Grundy County Museum---I'd like to get down there while the weathers cool & check it all out, but who knows. Kevin worries that I spend too much time helping him do things....(I just look at it as yet another excuse why I can't find the time to cook or clean...)



Kevin got bored today, so got his immobolizer off, put on his jeans, got his immobolizer back on, & went for a drive. When I got home, we ran to Princeton to cash refund checks, for me to sign the new Girl Scout Account at the bank, & to Dollar General. He put gas in the truck, I went in & ordered him a Philly Steak.
Katie remembered to bring home her school pictures, KJ as usual forgot his. Corey came over to play PS2 with him, then they went to the park to play football with Levi. Katie did her homework, tried on her jeans to make sure they still fit (they do) & I made supper.
I usually just make supper once or twice a week---I always try to cook on one of Kevin's nites off. The kids & I eat a lot of heat in the oven stuff & sandwiches. Dishes are minimal. Now Kevin is home for awhile, there's a lot more cooking going on....and dishes....I'm like a real mom now!


sept 12 2007

I just got home from work, Kate wanted to go to her friend Danielle's house, she said "I bet you'll be glad to have me out of your hair." That seemed kind of odd. Then she told me on the way there that I should "just go home & rest. We all think you need some rest."
so I get home & tell Kevin, he says he told her that mom was extra busy & didn't need to be running her all over...
I got the yard mowed last night after the Brownie meeting...."helping" little girls make handkerchief dolls seemed like a good idea...Kate & I had a lot of fun doing ours, but it was rather a nightmare yesterday. Several of the girls said they'd keep their dolls forever. we ran out of time, so didn't get to use much of the scrap ribbon & lace I'd accumulated for it.
I went to school yesterday to pick up my little Brownies, I made it for the tail end of the all-school 9/11 ceremony.. The band had already played the nat'l anthem, they'd had a moment of silence, & were singing God Bless America. The Spanish teacher, Mr. Frost, is in the Reserves, he spent time 'over there' after 9/11 & also helped in NY.
Grundy County history books arrived today.


wheelin' around Wal-Mart

Kevin decided to accompany me to Wal-Mart tonight...we slit a pair of his old jeans so he could wear them over the immobilizer-he had been wearing shorts, but it turned off cold . he used one of the courtesy wheelchairs & wheeled himself around like a champ, altho it manuevered about like an Aldi's shopping cart....
then I came home & tackled laundry & dirty floors. put all the stuff 4 tomorrows Brownie meeting by the front door. It's My Favorite Doll show & tell-so Katie had to get Annaleise (My Size Barbie) dressed up & her hair done.
I have about a million things going & nothing under control. But I do have 4 Mike's Hard Lemonades in the fridge & Midol in the cabinent, so there is NOTHING I can't handle!


Kj gets his drivers permit!

I thought he could drive us uptown to get celebration ice cream cones. Kevin thinks drivers ed is the place to learn to drive, not in our vehicles. So, he's a no-go. he doesn't think we should go anyway, because Katie has a friend over & that will make Kj nervous...so, I guess he can drive Katie, Danielle, & I uptown after awhile...in spite of the fact that Kevin thinks it's a bad idea...I've never let that stop me before.


kevin's ankle

he went back to dr. for 1 wk checkup & xrays. dr. showed me on a skeleton where kevin broke his ankle....he took off the bottom piece of the long bone, where the foot hinges in. a very crucial part, absolutely vital for weight bearing. he goes back in 3 weeks for xrays & to see dr. it should be healing by then. Dr. expects that after 6 weeks, he might be able to start putting weight on it. the ankle is a long way from the heart....less circulation=slower mending.


labor day

I always have to work on Labor Day---4th of July---Memorial Day---Thanksgiving---Xmas---the "holidays" that bum me out the worst are my kids birthdays---the most important days in my universe.


mercer homecoming

Mercer's Homecoming Carnival is right up there with Kate's birthday & Xmas!

Thursday nite Kate bought an armband for 3 hours of rides, with a break to dance on stage with her Brownie troop as part of the "hometown entertainment." Friday nite was another armband. Saturday a.m. the Brownies ran the baby show, we came home, then took KJ to school to get suited up to march in the Big Parade, came back after Kevin & got him as close to the square as we could, then I parked the truck & caught up with them, carrying a chair & footstool 4 kevin. Kate got invited to ride on one of the church floats with friends....I always find it ironic that I spend so much $ on sunblock & we always forget to put it on & get fried at Homecoming...KJ bought an armband & went to the afternoon carnival with a friend, then I took the friend home, & Kate & I were back at the nite time carnival. Sunday a.m. KJ & I helped Athletic Boosters pick up trash around the square. He was also a good sport & did a grocery run with me today, we met several of the rides leaving town on our way back. And another Homecoming has come & gone....



I saw on Yahoo that it's the top grossing movie of summer. I kicked in some box office money on it....it was funny, but embarrassing to see with my teenage son. The previews didn't look that bad, so I took kate, too, she spent most of the movie with her fingers in her ears & her face shoved into my side. (lots of sex jokes.)That was also embarrassing. Not one of my better mom moments....



kate & I both thought it was an amazing movie! you just can't beat John Travolta in drag---he makes a prettier woman than I do...
had to work an hour late because of the "heat", when the gestation barn reads over 90 degrees someone has to stay until it reads under 90...I tell myself my kids aren't the only PSF orphans around....& at least their dad has a normal job with days off every week so they get to see him. I know that I spoil my kids, buying them dvds & cds, taking them out to the movies & out to eat....& that it doesn't make up for the time I'm away from them. my friend Martha at work is looking for a different job, too...we're dreamers.


High School Musical 2

Katie has waited all summer for it to come to Disney Channel, & tonight was the big premiere! And the Jonas Brothers are on an all new Hannah Montana....couldn't get much cooler for a star-struck-eight-year-old!


the 2nd day of school

kate decided that maybe 3rd grade isn't so bad after all...


back to school

kj is in 10th grade
& was elected to student council again
katie had a rough 1st day
she's not so sure about 3rd grade...


The Last Weekend of Summer

KJ had a friend sleepover Friday nite, then Saturday Katie went to a birthday/swimming party/sleepover. Sunday night we went to see Underdog at Trenton---it was pretty hot---and the a/c & defroster in my car don't work---but I'm driving it while all other vehicles are busy---so, we braved a ride to the movies, it started storming while we were there, got the kids Sonic to eat on the way home. I drove about 45 the whole way, there was awe-inspiring lightening, howling winds, slashing rain, deb wiping at the windshield with her hand---Kate doesn't like storms. She wasn't having any fun on the way home. But we arrived safely. Kevin called while we were @ Sonic, he had heard a tornado touched down in Princeton.


babysitting Lola

koren & cody are going to colorado on vacation, so koren brought lola 'our grandcat' to stay with us. by the time I got home from work, lola was hid. she resurfaced & there was some hissing under the kitchen table, so lola went to katie's room with all her stuff, & ms. cuddles has the roam of the house. (they are both spoiled only cats, but lola has claws & ms. cuddles doesn't. + ms. cuddles only has 1 eye. she has enough problems!)
after really hating my job for a long, long time, I finally got brave enough today to call about a secretary job here at mercer school---that was already filled. I will start applying 4 stuff. I will. If I didn't have to shower at work & fight crappy winter roads & work with sweat running into my eyes all summer & stay late when it's over 90 degrees & dread every night time phone call because I might be getting called out to the barn 4 whatever---what would that be like...
katie wrote a healing spell for kj & put it on the front door---& his swelling is going down. I thought that was sweet. he is eating real food. he never did take the 'real' pain pills. he's tougher than I am!
kj's friend corey is here. he's part of the family now.


kj's wisdom teeth

they parted ways yesterday morning at Lee's Summit. So far, so good, he got a little sick on the way home---over a 2 hour drive---I had to change the gauze rolls a couple of times on the way----and found out that GermX DOESN'T remove blood from fingernails worth a hoot! swellings not bad today, he's eating chicken noodle soup, pudding, & spaghettio's. he thinks he'll try real food tomorrow.
he doesn't seem as miserable as koren was when she had hers done...
he's a brave little soldier!



the kids get a bit annoyed at me for naming days...
last summer we took them to Omaha Zoo right before school started.
Today I took Koren & KJ to Corydon Aquatic Center. Took lots of
cute pics of them. Then we shopped at Hy-Vee, got KJ a personal
pizza @ Conoco---Kevin called when we were about 10 minutes from home.
Katie's friend Kelsie is @ her Grandma Sheryl's wanting Katie to come
play. She left, KJ helped me put groceries away & we did a driving lesson---
today he left the driveway! pulled into the yard, backed out, & pulled into
the driveway again. By then, his friend Corey had showed up. So they're in his
room playing PS2. It's hard to get the kids away from their friends long enough
to do anything with them...


"Mom, it's smelled like fart in here all day!"

this is how Katie greeted me when I came home from work & a quick grocery store run.
(the source of the fart smell is the roast in the crock pot!) I'm guessing she won't be wanting any for supper....


family fun day

we started this tradition in 2005: spending a day in St Joe in late summer hanging out with koren. today we
liscenced koren's car
shopped 4 back-to-school clothes @ Old Navy & Kohls
had lunch @ Famous Daves
the kids went to see The Simpson Movie,
Kevin & I saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.
(kevin is not a simpsons fan. i can't wait to see spiderpig when it comes to dvd!),
a video game shop where kj browsed & bought games
Stone Cold Creamery (the cool ice cream place in the 'new mall.' I am awful with names, but it's something like that...)
There was a near mutiny about playing miniature golf.
Two family members professed that they really didn't care for miniature golf.
then one of them won a free game!
all in all, a wonderful day of family togetherness!


a medical kind of day

I had to take a full day Medic First Aid Class for work today. I thought about getting down on my knees on the rough carpet at the PSF Center, putting my butt up in the air to lean over a dummy...& I dressed in capri pants & a huge long baggy t-shirt. Some of the girls had on shorts & teeny tiny tank tops. Some had on the lowrider jeans that let people look right down your butt crack & they were trying to save the dummy while hiking their pants up. they looked cute, though.
Kevin took Katie to the dr. today---tonsillitis. He had poison ivy & a sinus infection. His dad has poison ivy, too...they figure they got it while digging out the plugged up baler...or maybe the plugged up mower....
SO YOU WANT TO BE A SUPERHERO premiered tonight. It's one of my shows I have to watch. then the satellite sound went out...have picture, no sound. Katie is frustrated. She doesn't know that once upon a time the TV wasn't that important, some days it wouldn't even be turned on. Back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.


a fun filled day

we went to Hy-Vees Family Fun Day @ Adventureland--free parking pass, free tickets, $10 each spending $. we did water rides, the circus, the magic show, the roller coasters, the waiting in line, & ate @ Applebee's on the way home. We bought 2 magic tricks @ the show to learn & got a picture on the log boat ride (I get my amusement parks confused & can never remember the name of rides in each park...). my entire family declined the photo op when you go in---so they HAD to do the log flume picture. We had already done the old fashioned picture in Branson.
So, now I'm off to work in the rumbling thunder, then straight to the dentist after...another fun filled day?



my Grandma Grace had to move into the nursing home, so my mom & aunts have been going through her lifetime of belongings, cleaning out the house, garage, & shed. Grandma was the keeper of the family history, compiling facts, obits, dates, letters, photographs. I am so grateful for that. She got me interested in family history when I was a newlywed, she loaned me her typewriter & asked me to type up her handwritten notes for her. Grandma kept Grandpa home & took care of him. Her parents moved in with her paternal grandparents when they were married & cared for them until their deaths. That was the way it used to be. Of course, the average life span was much shorter then...
I know Grandma is receiving excellent skilled care. I worked in nursing homes. It's not the worst place in the world to be. But after years of taking care of yourself, having your own schedule, it would be hard to adjust to.


it's beginning to look a lot like xmas....

no, I haven't flipped my lid. my xmas present arrived in the mail today, I tried it on, & my, how marvelous I will look in my new Pepsi hoody sweatshirt after I open it this holiday season! this is the 3rd gift I've purchased so far, the other 2 are wrapped...1 for kevin, 1 for koren & of course I can't say what they are---I am the master of Xmas secrets---usually because I buy the gifts so early I forget what they are! every year I make some kind of goofy homemade gift tags---I've done brown grocery sack gingerbread men, decorated construction paper xmas trees, posterboard xmas ball ornaments...this year our gift tags are aluminum foil stars. how classy is that? {sometimes I really just amaze myself!}
now if I could only manage to finally get my favorite Xmas episodes of Family Guy & Futurama taped so I could watch them @ will...



Koren & Cody were in town 4 the weekend to go to a wedding. It's always a nice surprise to wake up in the a.m. & find Koren asleep in a chair & Animal Planet on the t.v. Just like the good old days.


katie's super summer sleepover

we picked Danielle, Emily, and Nicole up around noon and headed to Prairie Trails Aquatic Center at Corydon, Ia. The girls went down the slide, swam, played ping pong and tennis, ate a snack. They listened to Miley Cyrus on the way there, Hannah Montana on the way home. 92 degrees and sun.
Katie's planned menu was Breadeux Pizza, Breadsticks, and Brownie Bites, Lays Potato Chips, Sour Cream, Lucky Charms and Milk, and Chocolate Chip Cookies filled with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream rolled in Mini Chocolate Chip Sandwiches { from the American Girl Website.}
Katie also had activities and games planned, she even made her own credit cards!!! But it's hard to corral a bunch of 8 year olds, even if you are an 8 year old yourself...they did play babies, spa, office, the fortune wheel, the truth or dare wheel, went outside and came running home from the park because they saw lightning...Danielle decided to go home and left about 9:30. Of course Katie understood, sometimes she just changes her mind about spending the night, too. At 10:20 p.m. Katie told me they were "having a hoot." Doesn't get any better than that!
Long-suffering KJ pretty much kept to himself.


katie blogs continued...

I've already decided what I'm gonna get for my birthday & christmas. I just got my hair thinned. For my birthday I want this American Girl doll that's very detailed. She has blonde hair, & it's layered, & she comes with earrings. Blue eyes, no freckles. For christmas I want Mary Kate & Ashley videos & tv shows. I'm going to have the pool party sleepover whatever . I'm inviting 3 friends not including me. we're going to go to the corydon pool. on november 2nd I'll be turning 9. Now I can do that really high karate kick. whenever I grow up I want to be a chef or a beautician or a singer or a chiropractor or an actor. or a traveler.

School supplies

Wal-Mart had the school supply aisle all set up---& the lists posted---so bought the kids school supplies. 4 once I am on top of it. Kids got haircuts today, it is rainy & cool & feels like autumn {my favorite season--when I can wear shorts & sweatshirts.}
Katie is revising her birthday & xmas lists---the new American Girl catalog arrived yesterday. This weekend is her swim party sleepover---she has cleaned her room & we have all her requested food bought. I kind of laid down the law this summer on her sleepovers---I told her she could have 3 friends over in the middle of summer--& it came a lot sooner than you would think. It has been so nice having my kids & my house to myself---she still has friends over to play & kj still has his friends that come over & stay---but it has been quieter than usual. waaaaaay quieter. life is freakin' sweet.


The Circus is Coming!!!

after taking my mandatory hearing test 4 work 7 months late----had to go to Dollar General for Dog Food & to see if they had any more of the cute camping stickers left so I can make a scrapbook page for our meeting last night---AND THEY DID! as amazingly exciting as that was, there were little coupons on the counter---free child ticket with paid adult admission to the circus! In 2 weeks! In Princeton! Strangely enough, the kids weren't nearly as excited as I was...


deb just read

I will read anything about Abraham Lincoln or Jesse James or William Cullen Bryant---biographies... historical novels...dry scholarly works... Andrew Johnson was the vice-president when Lincoln was assassinated. He took over at an impossible time.
I did learn that the average white American had a life expectancy of 41 during the Civil War.
It always amazes me the # of diaries & personal letters & newspapers & photographs preserved from that era. I always wanted to be one of those historians on sabbatical from their university position writing books on just uncovered important historical documents...but instead I read them.
Think I'll read the new Billy the Kid book next....
At work I have The Gravediggers Daughter in my locker. I like to read on my breaks. I know that is considered rude. So I do it when I'm the only one in the office, usually weekends. My favorite thing about the long-ago data entry clerk job I had was that breaks were staggered, so I had half an hour to read everyday.

Katie Blogs

I improved my swimming when I went to the corydan pool in summer school. we visited
Aunt Mary @ Grandma Janet's. I showed her my designing book. I might start my own band. The band think is really serious because we might have tryouts. I have a summer job @ my friend Kelsie's Grandma's. I do stuff in the basement like clean it & decorate it. Everytime I do something I get $2. I work on it with Kelsie. I'm reading a series of Little Genie Books. There's 4 of them.
Summer school was all field trips on Mondays. There will be a Girl Scout meeting tomorrow. I've been in Girl Scouts for 3 years.


july in the hog barn isn't always fun {as opposed to every other month in the hog barn!}---had to stay 10 minutes late yesterday & 90 minutes late today---until the gestation barn dropped below 93 degrees---there are mister fans & drippers, but the girls still get warm. I shouldn't complain--last summer the had-to-stay temp was 90. most days will hit 90 in g-barn.
made little baggies of rock mix & taped together the plastic/newspapers for situpons for tuesday nights Brownie camping meeting.
kevin bid a different job @ work, so now has different nights off---which royally screwed up the family fun day I'd set up with koren--since he now has to work that day & has no more days to use until october. not even for our anniversary...sigh. so, either koren will try to get another day off & I'll try to get the same day off, or it will just be some of the family. katie was concerned...if dad doesn't go, do I know how to drive to St Joe? he was thinking of trying to switch our Hy-Vee Adventureland trip to a Weds.instead of a Sunday, so he wouldn't have to take the day off, but then I would--& since the managers husband had another leg surgery & can't legally (DWI) drive himself to Liberty for Dr. Appts...it's all a mess. I actually miss my old original manager. God help me! I got to pretty much come & go as I pleased. Not any more.


pizza 4 supper

after a long hot day in the hogbarn, I decided to call our local pizza place & get supper. I kind of lost track of time & apologized 4 being late. She told me she wished I'd been later, my pizza had burnt & she was starting over. So, I ended up getting upgraded from large to boxcar 4 free, + she threw in the 6 breadsticks/6 cans of pop for $2.50 more 4 free. Quite the deal. I read an educational toy catalog that gave me exciting opportunities to play with my kids & be my own boss! but I can't remember the website...I know it's a toy party I went to when Koren was small. And since someone here in town is already a Toy Consultant, a town of 247 probably doesn't need 2 Toy Consultants. But a mommie can dream...
Once Upon A Time I was my own boss & sold Avon. I was also my best customer.
I saved Cinnamin Sticks 4 katie. last time I ate them all! She is swimming at a friends house. Last night she played @ a friends grandma's house till after dark.
kj has a friend over PS2ing.
koren called last nite. cody wants to get married next year. in Jamaica. the original plan was getting engaged after college, getting married after grad school. but then, I was married & a mom by now. I think I have enough in my 401k to borrow to go to Jamaica...that'd be 1 heck of a family vacation! & I thought South Dakota was a trip!


the permit test

kj went to princeton & took the written permit test for the 3rd & 4th times....you can take it twice daily. he only missed 7 on each test this time (5 to pass), but was pretty happy because last time he missed 11 on each test. he had several friends there today that didnt' walk out with permits, either. KJ is such an upbeat kid, nothing much gets him down. I am proud of his resilience.



from kate's latest issue of J-14:
you email your name, address, phone # to winit@j14.com & put the name of prize you want in the subject line:

Bratz autographed Bratz soundtrack

Last Mimzy last mimzy dvd & hairspray ticket

Sweet 16 DVD aly & aj super sweet 16 the movie dvd

Thunderpants (starring Rupert Grint from Harry Potter) THunderpants DVD

good luck~ in the past, my massive contest entering have won koren a my little pony gift set from a tv station in des moines, kj a gameboy game from lays potato chips, & a fiona (of shrek) action figure from cartoon network. plus random area raffle prizes...

Robby Benson

it's weird how something can take you back years---yesterday kevin & the kids were watching I LOVE THE 80s on VH1---they showed some pics of Robby Benson---I'd forgotten how hunky he was! the big blue eyes, the perfectly styled long black hair---I told Katie that High School Musical MegaStar Zac Efron is the modern day version of Robby Benson. she just gave me one of those looks...

found on amazon.com...


(can't wait to get a tv turn to watch them...even with 4 TVs, 3 DVD players, & 3 VCRs, it's hard to get a turn!)


Independence Day

"The fourth of July has not quite dwindled away; it is still a great day-for burning firecrackers!!!"Abraham Lincoln letter to Judge George Robertson, August 15 1855


the dailey's buy a grill....

it's true, in our 23 years of marriage, we've never had a grill. I'm throwing a brownie meeting next week, & I need a fire to make s'mores. so we got a charcoal one, my husband the handyman built it, & we tried it out tonight. pretty awesome. of course, i dropped the first hamburger on the ground, so the Haley The Big Black Dog got it.
fireworks are booming all over outside. we'll go buy ours tomorrow after I get home from work. Lineville Iowa is where we always go, the town is just full of striped tents, it looks like the circus moved in! they have cool big blowups that I mean to pose Katie by every year....& I WILL get it done this year (I hope I remember to take the camera!) & then we'll get soft serve @ Randy's in Lineville. Kate is watching fireworks at Kelsie's grandma Sheryl's tonight.
A girl @ work talked to someone in one of the Lineville fireworks tents---who said sales are $10,000 off from last year. so, we probably can't expect a lot of freebies tossed in our sack...


june 28 2007

vince mcmahon wasn't dead. chris benoit is.


katie goes to hy-vee

on today's summer school field trip, they toured Chariton Hy-Vee Warehouse where Kevin works, then went to the pool in Corydon.
Kevin spent all day in the hayfield, then mowed his grandma's yard & came home to mow ours, but took time out to listen to Katie talk about her day. They got to see Kayla's dad working in the freezer. Everyone thought that was cool.
You might be thinking...whoa! wait a minute! why is kevin mowing your yard, too? because we're borrowing a lawnmower instead of trying to keep ours running. it's the newest Dailey mower, self-propelled & something I'd rather not run thru a fence or into a deep ditch....things that somehow happen when I get on a riding lawnmower.
it feels like summer in the hog barn now. taking my half day tomorrow & plan on taking katie to the pool.


Epic Movie

is now on dTv----stayed up till 12:30 a.m. watching it---then got up @ 6:00a.m. to go to work---I actually lost the dark circles under my eyes on vacation, but have managed to get them back. Anyway, I LOVE Epic Movie---I am of course a huge Johnny Depp fan---Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite character---& the guy who plays Captain Jack Swallows in Epic Movie is GOOD. Plus "Stifler's mother" is a main character---she's in lots of the movies we watch----American Pie, A Cinderella Story, A Series of Unfortunate Events---will have to go see the Adam Sandler/guy off King of Queens as life partners....there's a Brad Pitt Jesse James movie coming out sometime,too, that Koren had heard about...
Now, if Johnny Depp would play Billy the Kid or Jesse James...that's the ticket.


movin' on up

last night we celebrated Fathers Day (Kevin had to work on Fathers Day).
We ate supper @ Applebee's, bought a ceiling fan @ Lowes, saw the new Fantastic 4 movie Rise of the Silver Surfer, & shopped @ Wal-mart.
Kevin had a migrane dr. checkup in Des Moines today, & bought a cool blue ceiling fan for our room. he fixed leaky pipes in the basement, took out old living room ceiling fan, put up new fan, took out our bedroom ceiling fan & put up new fan. one of the old fans goes to kitchen, one to Katie's room eventually---the kids rooms have recessed lighting-putting the fan in Kj's room was a BIG deal.
when I first got home from work, Kevin was relaxing on the front porch in the nice breeze, so we had a Mike's Hard Lemonade & a Michelob Amber Bock happy hour. KJ had fed the dog & cats & done laundry & watched Katie while Kevin was gone. Katie did dishes & finished cleaning up her scrapbook collage project that has dominated the livingroom. All I did was pick up KJ's friend & took him home, kind of make supper, & put the thus-received vacation pics in photoalbums & scrapbooked, & change our sheets. The pics our tour guide (she offered, honestly!) took of us on our cave tour turned out really well, plan on getting one made into a xmas wallet. We did several tours that posed you for pics & sold them to you in cool keepsake folders---she announced a picture spot, then put her hand out to take your camera. totally free!
KJ is convinced that Mr. McMahon isn't really dead. (Wrestling is a BIG deal in our family.) Katie thinks they paused the tape so he could get out of the limo before it blew up. I got onto a wrestling fan website---one of the posters said that Vince was probably hiding out with Eddie Guerreo (I can't spell his name, sorry, Eddie!).
Which reminds me-we were somewhere recently where Katie was talking to a friend. She was telling them about how Jesse James really didn't die, he hid until he was 100 & then told his story & we'd seen it all in a museum. It's cool that she pays attention to the history lessons we expose her to on vacations. Not that I believe that old fart was really Jesse James, but it was a cool story & a cool wax museum. There were 2 Jesse James displays at Branson Ripley Believe It Or Not---one was a mailpouch he'd stolen that was hidden in the wall of a cabin for like 90 years or something---& then a big display of newspaper articles about men claiming to be Jesse in later years.


the last day

& so my vacation comes to an end~9 wonderful days of not-going-to-work~
reading~going to the pool~sleeping in~taking naps~the good life.


the pool

katie had fun swimming. i was cold just sitting there watching her!
She made a new friend, who is the daughter of a woman I worked with years ago. I also worked with her ex-husband, & have a hospital baby pic of this little girl. She gave it to me the day I bought the 1st home pregnancy test with Katie (Kevin didn't think I was pg, so I did 2 home tests, then went to the Dr. Kevin went with me, since I wasn't 'acting pregnant.'----but that's another story.)
so anyway, it's a small world. another girl katie was swimming with is the daughter of someone I knew from high school.
I'm really enjoying sleeping in. need to get on the housework, though. honestly! if I was a stay-home mom I probably still wouldn't have a clean house.
found a magazine article about making oven mitts from jean pockets---taped it to the fridge in my "TO-DO" gallery. so, it's just as good as done. Just because I taped an ad for Worlds of Fun The Patriot ride up there next summer....& some of the recipes have been there longer than that....


left sunday a.m., got home weds. p.m. did everything on our list, plus a few more cool things we found....I love Branson! lots of the attractions offer photos in a holder ($20)....we got these @ Shepard of the Hills, Titanic, Ride the Ducks. We did Hillbilly Picture at Mo's Old Time Photos. Hollywood Wax Museum, Branson Zoo & Aquarium, Predator World, Kirby Van Birch Magic Show, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Cosmic Caverns @ Berryville, Arkansas...{I made the kids pose by the "welcome to Arkansas sign...Grandma & Grandpa Brown took their 3 girls on a family vacation & posed them by state signs...I just love those pictures!}, National Fish & Wildlife Museum & Worlds of Wonder @ Springfield. & Koren's college tour at Springfield.
our hotel had an outside pool & hot tub...only Kate &KJ were brave enough for the pool.
Kate petted an alligator & a snake, fed pygmy goats, potbellied pigs, donkeys, a llama, a Shetland Calf. Kirby & Bambi Van Birch signed a stuffed tiger 4 her. She especially had fun quacking on the Duck. (I think KJ really enjoyed that, too.)
It was a lot of fun, but I think Koren was a bit relieved to get back to her own life.


kj's permit test

he gave it the old Dailey try----you can take it twice a day, & he did. In his defense, I read thru the book helping him study & driving has changed a lot since the days when I took my test in a horse & buggy....I'm amazed that I can actually drive w/o knowing all the acronyms, etc, that the driving book is chock full of.
His older sister had to take the driving part twice. KJ has just set the bar a little higher for Katie....what can she do to top either of her siblings?
made a chiropractor appt. for tomorrow am...i really hurt myself riding rides @ Adventureland. ran into Koren & Cody tonite @ Bethany Wal-Mart.



kj & I went on the Adventureland band trip, he now officially (he thinks!) has a girl friend, Valerie, who will be a junior. (he will be a sophomore.) I chaperoned 3 5th grade girls. Kate & Kevin went fishing.
need to get ready for vacation---find suitcases, vaccum & wash truck, line up the pet sitter, buy film---


let the bodies hit the floor...

after a full day---mom & daughter chiropractor appts, shopping at Pamida (kate scored clothes) & Hy-Vee, doing a recall on the Avalanche at a dealer in Indianola, eating at Applebee's & buying summery shoes @ Famous Footwear, yesterday was our BIG day at WRESTLING ~ SMACKDOWN & ECW filmed live at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines...ECW aired live last night---kevin watched our Tivo of it, & if you pause during the crowd scan on RVD's big entrance, you can see kevin in his bright yellow shirt & kj next to him! The SMACKDOWN will air Friday night. We had 4 signs that were obnoxiously huge...."honoring" CM Punk, Finlay, Kevin Thorn, & Edge. we were a ways back.. I was on the KISS CAM with the complete stranger next to me, we just sat there like idiots until they went on to someone else. (kevin & I were in the outside seats, with the kids between us.) we booed & cheered & generally had a good time. I like checking out the other signs. And listening to smart ass audience remarks---my own husband told Chris Benoit (one of his faves-he likes the old school wrestlers) to rip off MVP's arm & beat him with it!
we got home @ 1 a.m, I had to be at work by 7.
We saw SHREK THE THIRD----I love the Shrek movies. Snow White & her animal friends taking on the evil trees---priceless. This weekend I'll have to go see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Johnny Depp expects it of me.
now kate is waiting on me to play barbies. she has been sequestered in her room getting ready ever since I got home from work...


summer began at 12:25 p.m.

for KATIE & KJ~
school's out for the summer!
we're going to des moines tuesday 4 ECW/Smackdown live wrestling---they'll do the ECW part live on tv, & tape the Smackdown for Friday night.
KATE is signed up for a summer school trip & wants to do the summer reading program at mercer co. library.
we have vacation planned for 1st week of june---there will be a family fun day to st joe to hang out with KOREN at some point~
& would like to do a brownie get together or 2, as well.
KJ isn't playing summer bb. think he plans on playing his PS2 all summer.
I will at some point set our tent up, no one ever sleeps in it, & eventually a storm will blow in & knock it over (I'm not much of a tent-putter-upper.)
KATE is starting her summer off with a birthday party/sleepover @ KELSIE's house. her mom hung up a sheet & got a projector so they can have movie night later. how cool is that?


some mommies just never learn

taking a friend shopping is always a bad idea. no exceptions. ever.
so, took one of kate's friends shopping with us today 4 another friends birthday party tomorrow. they had fun, i guess. one of the things i pride myself on is that my kids know how to properly behave in public places. {not today}. wasn't the worst excursion ever, but i had kind of planned on doing my own thing after work, not entertaining another guest. it's great that my kids are social. it's just wonderful. kate has a birthday party tomorrow after school. it's a sleepover. i'll run her stuff up there after work. she probably won't stay. but that's ok. one of these days it'll just be me & the cat& the laundry piles...& these days will seem like paradise. i always try to be supernice to the guests, hoping that the other mommies will treat my kids the same way. {and knowing how charming my offspring can be @ times....}



we saw SPIDERMAN 3---i have SUCH a problem proofreading before i hit send---

life in the fast lane

spring concert, school play, brownie awards ceremony & family reading night (kj won $20 hyvee gift card in a raffle!) went well. tomorrow is kate's class field trip to blank park zoo in des moines that kevin & i are going on, then will buzz directly from there to graceland college at lamoni, iowa to watch kj's last track meet.
last day of school is next friday. koren called today, her chicago trip went well. she went to a speak-easy dinner theater show (based on prohibition), & to the Field Museum where she got to see a real T-rex skeleton & actual mummies. she's taking finals this week.
kevin had to detour coming home from work this a.m.--water across the highway. lots & lots of rain here. our world is pretty soggy.
took kj & kate to see the 9:45 p.m. show of spideman 3(2hr 20 minutes) @ trenton sat nite---kj got home from his trackmeet late, that was the ONLY nite he could go, he thought...i'm still dragging around. (i had to work this weekend---got home 1 a.m., got up for work @ 6a.m.)
kevin's working on the back yard, filling in the holes that the late, great Snoball The Big White Dog dug over his 11 1/2 years living by the great big tree.



yesterday I stopped on the way home from work to pick up a friend spending the night with katie-kevin meanwhile had left me a voicemail that kj told him that katie had went to play with a friend whose grandma lives by the park. stopped by that grandma's house on the way home, no girls. they'd just talked to them at the park. did a slow drive by. no girls. so, we pull in the driveway, kevin & I have a porch conference, & the girls magically appear from the park, Lindsay runs to meet them, & they're all at the park. Took Lindsay & Kate to MEET THE ROBINSONS. I loved it! they were bored this a.m. & wanted to walk uptown. So I gave them some cash to get a drink at the grocery store on the square & sent my phone with Katie. She called every block or 2 to update me on their progress. They stopped off at Lindsay's grandpa with the golf cart on the way home. Katie thinks that life is very unfair that Lindsay has an Ipod AND a grandpa who lets her drive a golf cart. She came home for awhile, then got picked up to go to a birthday party where she took an overnight bag, but has called home twice to see if I need her to come home for anything. KJ, meanwhile, has had friends over to shoot hoops, they left, & now are loudly playing PS2 in his room.
Today I drug the plastic box containing the strips I'd put together for Koren's denim quilt...I went on a huge quilting rampage in 2005-making a denim quilt for my bed, a pieced Lil' Bratz quilt for Katie, & a wrestling quilt for KJ. then I started a denim quilt for Koren...I have sewed 6 of the 13 strips together. I backed each denim square with a flannel square, so when I put it all together, just have to wash it & it will be a quilt. (undoubtedly a homely quilt that will see a lot of shelf time...) I did a lot of squares that I considered cute---sewing on lace, buttons, embroidered patches, jeans pockets, belt loops, designer labels---
have also finished the Brownie Award Ceremony Rainbow Candle Ceremony Candles (fastening colored ribbons onto taper candles), & put all the text in the Award Ceremony Scrapbooks---ordered the badges. just have to make color copies of them to put in the books with the matching badge requirements & all will be ready.
I even drug in one of my many very heavy rubbermaid trunks from the garage that I fill with Dailey treasures & grandly call FAMILY HISTORY TRUNKS. I went thru all contents & made an inventory list to put inside box---& found the %^$&*! shot record of kj's that I couldn't find when I needed it for his school physical. Being the wonderful mom that I am, I found Koren &Kate's records, figured out the ages they had shots at, & improvised. It was reasonably close....
next week is school book fair, spring concert, KJs school play, 2 all day trackmeets--the next week I (& probably Kevin) are following the bus to Blank Park Zoo inDes Moines on Katie's field trip.
Koren has set up a visit at Springfield college she wants to get her Masters Degree at. Will do that on vacation. Monday is her last day of classes. She rec'd the Barbara Sprong Leadership Challenge, so will get a free credit hour next semester. She is always hustling.


track meet

I'd really like to go to one of KJ's track meets. I didn't make one last year. Not looking good this year, either....they cancelled the Thursday night meet @ Trenton because of the rain (& skiff of snow). They competed at Corydon today. Kj came in 3rd in one of his heats, & they didn't get last in ANYTHING! He really likes track. I should get a pic of him in his track uniform, anyway....
I'm staying up too late transcribing family documents...I have to work the weekend...& finish getting ready for the Brownie Easter Meeting...& make the awards ceremony scrapbooks....got the cutest little notebooks @ Dollar General to make them in. Have to finish planning our vacation to Branson (with a sidetrip for Koren to tour a college where she'd like to get her masters), & a trip to the Iris Farm I mean to go to every year, & we have to decide if we're going to wrestling in Des Moines next month....KJ's favorite wrestler C.M. Punk will be there. He is voting *Y*E*S*. And Kj is getting anxious to take his permit test...he has been 15 a whole month already....what is the deal? Princeton just announced that they'll now test on the FIRST & FIFTH Fridays.....so he can' t go the THIRD Friday like I had planned....Kevin has to take him unless I take a day off. I took Koren for her permit test, & her first driving test attempt. I'd just rather not go thru that again...


rain rain go away

I know we need the rain. I'm just tired of cleaning up tracked in mud, walking thru mud...mud, mud, mud.
actually got the living room cleaned tonight with kate's help, after a shopping trip to Dollar General for Brownie Easter Meeting supplies & a bag of birthday gifts for one of Kate's classmates. she is famous for filling a gift bag with Dollar General gifts---the farting goop, slinkys, cool pens, squishy balls, etc. we played barbies & horses.
good thing we had leftover pizza hut from last nights pizza/movie night----i never did get around to making supper. honestly, how can a MOTHER forget to make supper?
then I started the videotape of old family pictures & documents borrowed from Grandma Grace that I will eventually burn onto dvd, & typed a bunch of stuff in a word file that I will fwd. to Lisa, anyway.
I have learned so far: our great grandma Maggie Webber was a Mormon. Our grandma Grace Brown had 100% spelling awards 3 years running. she had a perfect attendance award. and a reading award. she was a very bright girl.


and another one bites the dust...

and Band Carnival 2007 is over.
have one more dance practice, then a performance for the Brownie Dance Team Thursday night.
Will have an Easter meeting in the next week or 2. Things are winding down.
Had to turn furnace back on. It got downright cold.
Kate & I picked up yard today in prep. for the first mowing.
Katie survived Terra Nova Testing.
KJ's busy with drama & track practice.
All Girl Scout Cookies are delivered. Somehow I ended up collecting $ & filling out deposit slips; the leader will be out of town for a couple of days.
Kate & I are working on our first ever Brownie Awards Ceremony. Will start out with a Rainbow Candlelighting Ceremony, then do the Promise & Brownie Smile Song, present badges, awards, give the girls each a Brownie Year Book that I'm working on (got the idea off the web), doing a summary of each badge we earned, who earned it, & making a copy of the actual badge to put on the page, with quotes from the girls, etc.
Kate thinks someone should do a speech at the Ceremony. I think she' s volunteering. She thinks EVERYONE will want to do a speech. We should vote on it. We have a very democratic troop, lots of voting & pinky swearing. Katie's not the only little girl in Mercer trying to run my life....



kate & I picked up the last 3 raffle donations today. (I admittedly didn't put a lot of effort into it....mailed out 55 letters asking for donations, had several calls for me to pick things up, hit up the ones who always say yes, & just let the rest go. I think I got about 25 donations~several donated more than one thing, so it amounts to quite a bit. kate has stacked up every cake, brownie, & cookie mix we have to bake for the band carnival---it is THIS saturday. ALREADY. I want to do a cool new clue easter egg hunt for kate that was in a magazine--easter is ALMOST HERE ALREADY. have been buying eggs & fillers for the brownie easter egg hunt 4 awhile.
did some actual housework today, too---i love the spring weather, capri pants, open windows, fresh air, green grass, sunshine...kids get april 5-9 for easter break, they added 2 days onto end of year for snow/sick days.
wrestling will be in des moines again in may. kj's new fave wrestler is C.M. Punk. when we went last year it was Rob Van Dam.
I got a cool idea from a girl scout website, working on a sample try-it book, if the leader likes it, will make more. I'm writing what we did to earn each badge, will put in a paper photocopy of each badge, & who earned it. I'm going to get a quote from each girl about what they like best about Brownies & put that in there, too. I have a taking turns story they did, & what they want to be when they grow up from Careers Day. (have a lot of future princesses, pop stars, supermodels, a vet, a magician, a monkey trainer, an archeaologist, & a future president of the united states-my kid, of course!)


march madness

I had the flu 2 days this week~kate was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection~kj now has drama practice in addition to track practice. koren had fun in paris.
brownie dance practices are going well. the girls are really quick on picking up moves.
kate went to a skating birthday party today. she rarely gets to skate, she's not a bike rider, either. she wasn't exactly sure she would go. but, she was ready when they came after her {where was her mother? at work}, when she gets home, we have our last 'civilian' order {as opposed to family order} to deliver, then to walmart for groceries & the stuff on my list for next saturday's band carnival, which I still have several raffle prizes to pick up for....HAS TO BE DONE THIS WEEK! i can't procrastinate any longer. I can use the flu as an excuse, I guess, but that was only 2 days out of the last 6 weeks....my name is Debbie, & I have a problem. I can't organize my time. & now I'm trying to figure out why Disney DVD Club sent me TWO pirates of the caribbean dvds---I already have the dvd. I did order Katie a cd....last week I got a book club order I'm sure I never ordered, with books I wouldn't read...spending lots of time at the post office. (back to the time management issues.....)


girl scout cookies

helped sort them tonight. what a deal. now "just" have to deliver & collect....
found out Weds. that the leader said the troop would dance @ a Relay for Life benefit April 5. Kate is hard at work on a new dance to a Bratz song...BestFriends. It's adorable. do the kids have time to learn it? the girl scout scrapbook I'm putting together is already way overstuffed....going to have to start a 2nd one....
we broke free from Princeton & decided to have our own award ceremony this year. (yeah, us!)...
do your kids watch THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK & CODY on disneychannel? London Tipton always claps her hands & says "yeah, me!" I've picked up that annoying little habit.
have actual green grass in the yard. flowers by the mailbox are poking up, too. i think they're lilies...you'd think i could remember what they are, but i am surprised by them every year!


where has the time gone?

picked up 2nd batch of raffle donations today. still have another stint or 2 of pickups...plus my shopping list of carnival supplies. & keeping track of my receipts....
it is so beautiful & sunny & springy. the mud is drying up. the birds are singing. kate is shooting hoops in the driveway again. it's already TRACK season again....where has the time went?


just my luck

took kate to trenton 3 weeks ago for an a.m. "Depression Era" photo shoot with "American Studios, Inc." out of Chattanooga, Tn. they were running 3 hours late. we had a brownie mtg. to host. we ended up being about 3 min. late after katie's promised mcdonalds drive thru run. she had fun, wore a guazy white dress, made some friends. so, go back tonight after work to pick up this picture & probably buy the proofs. no. they were there LAST WEEK. no one called me. there is no phone # on the card I have. just an address. so, I'll write them. probably nothing will happen. & pictures of my daughter that I was willing to buy will be gathering dust somewhere. I am such a sucker for cool photo promos. NEVER AGAIN. we will stick with Jody's Little Photoshop of Princeton. She does a fabulous job, I know where she lives. I am always happy with the results. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. {just not a lot of new tricks....}


~Katie goes to a last minute birthday party~

I was at work just having the time of my life~Katie got a phone call inviting her to be the guest of the party girls big sister~& Katie, keeping up with her reputation as the perfect party guest~found some of her things, wrapped them up, asked her sleeping dad for permission to go, & was waiting at the door when her ride arrived.
The package of Canadian penpal letters arrived today~we have a meeting the 10th so we can write back. the girls have been beyond excited since I mentioned the possibility of Brownie penpals~& we can tie these in with other activities to earn Try-its~yeah, us!
dishes & laundry beckon. they're always lurking in the background~


tax refund shopping...

took the day off, we had breakfast, drove thru Pershing State Park, did a tour where they made our mattresses, also bought a headboard, & a single bed for kate. then birthday lunch for kevin @ applebee's. walmart-where we bought our longed-for dvd recorder---i have the dream of burning all the vhs of the kids growing up onto dvd---grocery shopping---new balance shoes for me---{kevin smiled & told me i can wear them when i start working at the nursing home-the new boss has made pretty plain how she feels about her entire crew-i can't afford to quit-but if i get shit-canned, all bets are off!} then came home & drug mattresses & box springs in & out & tackled dust bunnies---& made beds. then to the girls district game.
in an amusing sidebar---kevin was waiting in the truck for me after applebee's, he looked down between the seat & the console & found---the bills i thought i mailed last week, that evidently slid off the deal & went under the seat & i conveniently forgot about---
have already had 2 positive replies to my band carnival donation letters! will mail the other 1/2 tomorrow.
kate wasn't thrilled with her new bed. she's still sleeping on the couch. will probably have to put a satellite receiver in her room like we did kj's---what a parent will do.


snow again

when i finally woke up this a.m.---i am the queen of sleeping in when i get the chance!--there was snow on the ground. katie & i cuddled up in the big chair with a quilt & watched Spy Kids 2 on Disney Channel. koren & cody were over for awhile this afternoon & we watched our RV dvd. the wind beat against the house all day.
kj starts track practice tomorrow----this school year is rapidly spiraling to an end. major events left (for us!) are family reading night, band carnival, spring concert, a few brownie meetings, & the school play.
kevin went back to work valentines night. he told someone there that we were going to the Titanic Museum in branson for vacation, the guy told him they had a 3 hour wait. HA! i waited that long for kate's old fashioned portrait @ trenton! a long wait doesn't scare me! (i'm sure kevin realizes that gives me more time for souvenior shopping & picture taking! that probably scares him.)
i cleaned lint out of the outside dryer vent, the dryer now works again....it gives us spells, some little thing will fix it for awhile. kevin has decided it's because we bought an off brand floor model to save $. you know....
"you get what you pay for"
so, didn't run right out & buy one with the tax refund. the drivers side tires on the avalanche keep losing air. that got bumped up on the importance scale. our mechanic is trying to locate a set of tires. he fixed 3 holes in the back one, it still needs air all the time.


HDC Concert

It was awesome. Had to do some hydroplaning thru the downpour to get to Newtown. Kj had on his dress clothes when we arrived, complete with the tie that he tied himself...he did a demonstrative speech a while back in school on tying a tie. I myself don't know how to tie a tie. The kid has outsmarted me yet again....
One of the songs was REVENGE OF THE DUSTBUNNIES, complete with a vaccum cleaner solo. We spotted his baritone at his seat, so were directly in front of him.
District BB at Mercer next week, Kevin will get to go to 2 games on his 2 nights off. He loves BB games.

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