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Taylore Dailey 3 hrs via Instagram · I made a cute baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Bigfoot viewing....

episode 1: there must be a minimum of 4000 living breathing Bigfoots in North America. Bigfoot spotted near Springfield, MO. "I mean, when something comes up in my life like a new job or a new house or a big change in my life-I still have a weird dream about those Bigfoots out there in the woods looking at me."
episode 2:
a man is investigating a family of 5 Bigfoots in southern Missouri.
episode 3: It is cool to be into Bigfoot. Bigfootlunchclub.com Sasquatch Outpost & Museum in Bailey, Colorado. Bigfoot, Yowie, & Yeti Store in Denver, Colorado. Armchair Researcher. (me!)
episode 4: Bigfoot Adventure Weekends at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. It really doesn't matter if Bigfoot, exists this is just fun.
episode 5: end of Season 1.
(exciting, powerful music) best thing about this was the closed captioning....
Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, CA. murals. statues. Bigfoot is everywhere! motels. places to eat. businesses. "You wanna be an honest investigator and hopefully not a diluted mythmaker." Willow Creek Bigfoot Days. (I WANNA GO TO WILLOW CREEK, CALIFORNIA!)
and in spite of all this Bigfoot amazon prime mania, I worked all day, fed the dogs, put out trash, took a nap, planted the iris bulbs, and cleaned the floors. even made myself a bit o' supper. that, my friends, is time management.


haven't had any activity from my Kentucky ghost for awhile....but tonite while I was watching Bigfoot stuff on Amazon Prime, the printer turned itself on....

"There's nothin round here 'cept nothin."

Deb Dailey is watching The Bigfoot Project. Best. Bigfoot. Movie. Ever. (And the theme song???????)
Amazon Prime rocks! also finished watching The Unwonted Sasquatch
and Expedition: Bigfoot! Are We Ready For The Truth?, which of course added another Bigfoot location to my bucket list....


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