update on American Girl Doll

sent off Koren's other American Girl doll for Violet. got this email today....
On Tue, 24 Apr 2018 12:44:19 +0000 (UTC) American Girl Customer Service wrote: > > > Dear Debbie, > > Thank you for sending your doll to our Doll Hospital.  >We know how special > this doll must be to her owner, but unfortunately, we >will not be able > to repair your doll as requested.  While assessing your >doll, we noticed she > has been contaminated in some manner.  Due to safety >concerns, the Doll > Hospital does not clean or repair dolls that have come >into contact with human > or animal contaminants, or other contaminants such as >smoke damage, flood > waters or mold. > > We can, however, rebuild your doll with new parts.  A >new head and a new body > for an 18-inch doll is $88.00, plus shipping of $7.95 >and tax where > applicable.  Even if just one part of the doll is >contaminated, the entire doll > must be rebuilt.  We hope you understand. > > If you would like us to rebuild your doll is it ok for >American Girl to bill > the Visa that was provided on your admission form?  The >other option is for us > to return your doll without repairs or services. > > Please let us know how you would like us to proceed. You >may simply reply to > this email with your response.  We look forward to >hearing back from you. > > Sincerely, > > Doll Hospital Customer Follow Up > Phone: 800-772-0430 > Available Monday – Friday 7am - 10pm Central Time > Saturday and Sunday 9am - 6pm Central Time
so, what is a Grandma to do? rebuild, of course...


first it was Monday, then it was Tuesday...

yesterday we hung out on the patio after I got home from work & chiropractor and Kevin got home from working cows. then he took my truck to Rick's and got that hose hanging down fixed. today was a dentist appt. after work, I had one cavity, Kevin had 3 AND needs a crown. visited mom. ate at El Nopal. Kevin found some cool ringtones, etc. for our phones. now my alarm is a howling wolf. my calls are Party Rock Is In The House Tonight....and my notifications are the Jack Sparrow theme song. bagged up Z's birthday gifts...I went a bit over board. a. bit. Kevin put up the new baby gates with doors in kitchen doorways. they're easy to open, but I can't figure out the closing part. put the trashcan back where it belongs. and the cat food and water.


slept in. finished quilt top. went to Des Moines in search of a new phone, Lord help me. I am awful at change and learning new things.

but my new Google phone is supposed to take amazing pics. got some today, but it was such a beautiful day out. our Verizon person recommended Exile Brewing Company downtown. excellent place!
it was a lovely day for a drive...
and then I had a Bigfoot sighting at Walmart....
bought some sippy cups for Zerelda, an all surface vacuum to keep the floors clean and save on Gramma's old back..a few birthday party things, more cold Rx, cough drops, and Kleenix for KJ, a basket to put my jeans in...etc.


dammit all to hell. I don't want baby gates in the kitchen doorways. I just don't.

but after child proofing and child proofing and child proofing more....just don't want Miss Z in the kitchen when the oven is hot...or the rare occasions when I'm cooking and could trip over her. so, ordered 2 gates with doors like Koren's.
and since I don't want walked on in the bathroom and I don't remember to lock the door....(like I'll remember to turn this sign...)

Grandpa Bernard would've loved this picture!

my weekend off....

Bunnyman is a 2011 horror film written, directed and produced by Carl Lindbergh.
ThanksKilling is a 2008 horror black comedy film. At the first Thanksgiving in 1621, a topless Pilgrim is slain with a tomahawk wielded by an evil demonic turkey, which quips, "Nice tits, bitch!" the topless Pilgrim really threw me. but that wasn't as strange as the turkey killing the Sheriff, making his face into a mask, and then fooling the Sheriff's daughter and her friends when they came to his house. But who am I to judge? the crazier the movie, the more I love it.
I slept in today. then Zerelda and I napped off and on. and she took T.W.O. S.T.E.P.S. I got to see it! that Sam's Choice thin crust philly cheesesteak pizza was pretty good. Kj fed the dogs. Koren called. Katie posted a beautiful selfie.

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