Don't let the good life pass you by...

Blackberry Smoke speaks truth....yesterday left work early to hustle to KC for a concert....James Taylor, to be exact, where I was complimented on my blouse and told I look like Carole King. (must be the hair???) there was a fancy light up shot at a Power & Light bar. a wee hours of the morning breakfast at Waffle House. a Blazer nap, a bed nap, then back to work.
today took a couch nap, and a bed nap, and then played with Z, there was a community kitchen cleaning effort, and ordered Bob Seger tickets. ordering tickets is huge pain in the ass. passwords. expired sessions. but going to concerts....priceless. ain't none of us getting any younger. the time to see the legends is N.O.W.


I don't give a flying hillbilly fuck....to quote Kid Rock.

we spent my day off together....a road trip to Laclede to custom order a new king size mattress and headboard. then ate lunch. and shopped. got a new grill. went to chiropractor.
ordered tickets for our haunted ghost van tour....3. me. Kevin. Taylore. looking into fishing info in Arkansas. Katie wants to fish. booked our 2 day stay in KY for Cyptidcon.

Happiest of birthdays to our little ray of sunshine! Gramma & Papa ♥♥♥♥ you so much! #happyhappyhappybirthday🎈🎈🎈 #oneyearold #zereldajamesdailey


Katie's Graduation Party....

I helped some, and Katie got it all ready in the nick of time. not a lot of family party guests, but looks like the side of the road is parked full....

#mccgrads2018 Miss 4.0

once upon a time, she came here to dance. tonight, she is here to graduate. #mccgrads2018

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