Katie Dailey shared a memory. 13 hrs · I should be out hunting with my dad right now ☹️☹️☹️☹️

I'm pretty lucky to have my dad want to take me hunting all these years even though we've learned I'm deer repellant. 😂 Love you!!

"It was a very.....bad....day...." The Dead Files.

work. chores with snazzy new red bucket. a couch nap.

watched season finale of AHS Cult. then watched mega episodes of Terror in the Woods (Bigfoot, werewolf, ghosts, demon. seems to all be in Ohio or Kentucky) while I tied Zerelda & Ian's xmas quilts. they are now in washer! feeling accomplished! Miss Cuddles 'helps' me by lying on blankets as I tie...
AND learned of a new ghostly thing in Louisville...a state park in the middle of town "E.P." Tom Sawyer, that has the abandoned ruins of Lakeland Asylum...a basement and cave. Louisville is an amazing place...Waverly Hills. Pope Lick Trestle. The Kentucky Derby. AND asylum ruins....if I ever get back, will check this out. AND stay on floor 13 of The Brown Hotel.
AND Peggy & Shelley want to tag along on our trip to Sallie House when we get it planned out. I say the more, the merrier!

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