today is the day. it starts out just like any other day.....reluctantly getting up, brushing my teeth, swallowing a handful of vitamins and supplements, getting dressed,and out the door to that place I have to go to earn $$$$.

but afterwards.....I'll come home like usual, feed the dogs, and then help Katie pack her car to move away into adulthood. (sigh.) I wand my kids to have lives and be happy and successful. That's what Mom's do. but I sure do understand Alaskan Bush People's Ami more each day.....all her little birds live with her. FOREVER.


we tried looking out the office window, but all we saw was an eerie green sky for a couple of minutes....sadly, Peach 4 was left out of the solar eclipse...

Katie got some cool pics for me, though...Kevin is in KC helping the Wills family work on Katie's dorm room. tomorrow is move in day. her fish moved to living room today. she was going to flush them, told me I just didn't need that kind of responsibility. she is at the square for a final night. it is thundering and lightning and pouring down rain. a lot of her friends started college today. this is the week, Class of 2017. lots of sad mamas.
Katie & I watched an interesting documentary on Leith, North Dakota. scary shit. and I made her favorite: my version of chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes. had to stop by store on way home when I knew she wasn't there working anymore and I wasn't feeling very peopley. but I did it.
added this ghost town to my bucket list. on the documentary they had a city hall and town meetings trying to stop the guy who was buying up town lots and trying to take over local politics. these guys walked around town with loaded rifles. while the wife or girlfriend or whatever videotaped them....???


"This is your job right here. This is your career. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a role in society. A lot of people don't got roles. You do. But you will never be happy unless you both appreciate what you have and accept what you are."

lucky Brady, his boss is mentoring him again. God save us all. It's hard to adapt Stephen King to any screen. But they've done a hell of a job here. I couldn't of picked a better Brady. and here I am, hook, line, and sinker episode 1.

Taylore: Those pretty blue eyes just melt my ❤️

yep. they sure do...

Don't. Go. On. A. Couples. Camping. Trip. In. Australia. Ever.

a movie with 5 actors. scary as fuck. they had to spell it out for me...my imagination couldn't come up with the fuel for the truck. I almost got it, then I was like that can't be right....this is the most disturbing thing I've watched since Tusk. (shiver.) I started thinking about Human Centipede, too.....I may never sleep again. Ever.
R.I.P. Pyscho, Marcus, Liz, and Craig.

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