so many shades of green. stinky oozy icky smelly welly green.

all brought to you by the Delta Corona Virus. ugh.

I have always always always been proud of this girl. She is the MLK scholarship honoree from the Metropolitan Community College Blue River Campus. Katie has always pushed herself to succeed. (apparently, that's a Dailey thing....)

Katie tagged me on Facebook in the Metropolitan Community College MLK Awards Ceremony.

she's at 1:14. my friend Tracy messaged me that she saw Katie on the KC news! so going to try to record the 10:00 news.....
each of the 5 campuses chose a recipient. Katie was the honoree from the Blue River Campus! Katie says, "I want to make a positive impact on the lives of others and make the system a little more just." She plans on transferring to MWSU and returning to rural Missouri with her bachelors degree.
this girl has always pushed herself. she is the third in a family of smart kids. her big sister was a Valedictorian. Her brother and sister were both members of National Honor Society and on every. single. honor. roll. (so was her mama....)

Taylore: Our little ray of sunshine is 8 months old today! She loves baby food, mommy, and, daddy! Her favorite word is dada. She loves stuffed animals! She's a wild one! She keeps us on our toes but we wouldn't have it any other way! I love you Zerelda James ♥️

KJ: Zerelda Dailey is 8 months old today. She is able to balance while sitting up, tries to shove everything in her mouth and she is close enough to crawling to dive at my food when I try to eat.


so today there was work.

Katie called while I was walking risers to tell me she has $2500 in scholarship $ the school is refunding to her. so proud of her! she's going to college for free....and they're paying for her future college, as well! then home. fed dogs. swept floors. cleaned toilet. put laundry up. made one of those microwave rice things. made sweet tea. since playing hide from the Schwan's guy is kinda sad by yourself, just bought some ciabatta rolls and ice cream sandwiches. now done for some serious Bigfoot movie watching. think I got one more in me tonight....

American Bigfoot, 2017

Bigfoot is right there when the movie starts. right there outside the house of the bored girl who is gonna make some microwave popcorn. no fucking around here!
I love the way Bigfoot looks! his hair is waaaaaay better than mine! couldn't find of pic of Big Daddy-O. this looks like the baby bigfoot.
a jackass shoots his kid. he impales said jackass on a tree. then he kidnaps a kid for his grieving partner. nothing to see here folks, just a bereaved Bigfoot wandering around, seeking vengeance. trying to film a documentary? he's after you. camping? ditto. a little forest hanky panky? jogging? you're goners. there were some survivors. there were some casualties.
male Bigfoot: Brandon Cole.
female Bigfoot: Zack Duncan.
baby Bigfoot: Peanut Edmonson.
(couldn't find bios on imd. sad face.)
but did find out it was also released with this name....

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