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If you take away the medium a spirit

an episode of Kindred Spirits.

Frank's Box is the original spirit box. wear a blindfold and noise concealing earphones. The other investigator asks questions. you say the answers you receive out loud...and compare notes. they get some pretty interesting stuff!
found this on a blog.... http://www.ghost-tech.com/franks.php
Contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency devices or so called �boxes� as a medium for direct communication has been a huge topic of discussion lately in the paranormal community. The main device I am talking about is obviously "Franks Box" or "The Ghost Box" as its being called now. This device was created by Frank Sumption several years ago as a means to further his interest in EVP research. Frank began experimenting with EVP in the year 2000 which led to using a computer program called EVP maker invented by the German researcher Stefan Bion. (available for download in the software section) After receiving various messages from �computer savvy� spirits relaying messages for other spirits who were not so technologically advanced, Frank came up with the idea to create a device that hopefully all spirits could use. His design was apparent to him almost immediately, but the actual construction of the device has led him to create at least 25 different models to date. Each box is unique in design and construction, but is based on the same principle. Frank�s spirit receiver starts off with a standard white noise generator which is fed through a random voltage circuit of Frank�s own design. The random voltage is linked to an AM radio receiver which reacts to the voltage by tuning to a specific spot on the radio dial. This is known as voltage tuning and is a common function of late 80s and early 90s radio receivers. Though various radio stations are turned in for a split second every so often along with regular static, the devices also allows the spirits to interact with the device and create their own vocals through the receiver and for lack of a better term, talk through the device. A newer version of the box simply tunes back and fourth through the AM band which Frank is calling the �Sweep� method. At first, he believed that the random voltage design is what allowed it to work but after using the sweep method, he has since changed his mind as it seems to do a better job. Frank has made his plans available on the Internet for anyone who is interested in experimenting with his device. He also makes available his own receiver plans for those who want to take it a step further and create the entire box from start to finish. Frank has created at least 25 versions of the box to date and handed them to several individuals for ongoing tests. The initial results have been pretty positive and many people have experienced some kind of communication which they would regard as evidence that the box really works. Unfortunately, the difficult part about Frank�s design is his using the AM radio band as the medium for receiving the voices. This is one fact that makes it easy for any skeptic to debunk the operation of his device. For starters, the device will receive little snippets from various radio stations as it scans through the AM band. At any given minute the device could spew some various words from passing stations that could be put together as a sentence and claimed to be from a spirit when in fact its just audio matrixing. Another possible scenario includes a few parts from Radio Shack and a couple of minutes of assembly could yield a small yet powerful enough transmitter to broadcast over the AM band and inject various words and phrases into the box directly. Definite care should be taken when operating the device to ensure the above scenarios are not part of the equation. Using recorders and other tools, such as an EMF detector, can help legitimize the results. EMF detectors should be placed far enough away as not to cause interference with the box or produce false readings on the detector itself. Does it work? I built a Ghost Box based on the original plans by Frank using the sweep method and an old car stereo from a 91 Nissan NX which turned into Frank�s bundle of wires by the time I was done. The initial test was done in an old building where a small group of us are working on an ongoing EVP project. Although the device functioned as planned we were unable to receive any substantial evidence in the short amount of time that we were able to execute the test. Further tests will be done over the period of the project to see if we can get the kind of results that have been reported by the use of this box. Frank has made the plans for his device available on the web in the EVP_ITC Yahoo group which is moderated by Frank. Yahoo EVP_ITC Group You can also download the plans in PDF format here: Franks Plans

have I already posted this? If so, here I go again. moments from an episode of The Dead Files.

(and I love how I am just watching a ghost show, and learn about something I've never heard of! kind of like going to college for middle aged exhausted women who will never get to go to actual college....)
When Steve asked Scott why they didn't just pack up and move....he replied that he was afraid it was going to follow them. valid point, man.
the house next door burnt to the ground. now you have a ghost. that does make sense to me.
Little Lacey is terrified. that is not good.
(I wonder if Matt ever gets the heebie jeebies prepping the house for Amy's walk?)
Organic witches can protect themselves but don't know they are doing it....
The mom looks freaked too. it's obvious something is going on here.
if being exhausted all the time means you're haunted then I have just diagnosed myself.
You don't sleep but then you wake up in the middle of the night??????
heart attack. sudden death. (I'm pretty sure this is how I'm gonna go. Hopefully I'll get to see the spirit first???
easier for physic vampires to latch onto sensitives.
Amy's grandfather is one of her guides.
Steve is so compassionate. God love him. He's a hugger. and he checks for every possible cause of these hauntings....Rodents. Faulty Wiring. Foundation Troubles. Bad pipes.
ESOTERIC FRATERNITY New York Civil War Veteran and author Hiram Butler wrote Solar Biology late 1800s. Immortality through celibacy.
Esoteric Fraternity The Esoteric Fraternity Formation ~1880s Headquarters Boston, MA; Applegate, CA - Hiram E. Butler Main organ "The Esoteric"; "The Occult and Biological Journal"; "The Review" The Esoteric Fraternity was an American occult order, organised by Hiram E. Butler at Boston in the 1880s (during the same time frame as his founding of the Genii of Nations, Knowledges, and Religions), for the purpose of "the study and unfoldment of the inner and true sense of divine inspiration, the interpretation of the Scriptures — all scriptures."[1]
The Esoteric Fraternity Located at Applegate, CA Originally established in the city Boston in 1887 by Hiram E. Butler and brought to California in 1891 The Esoteric Fraternity was originally known as the Esoteric Publishing Co. Its publication THE BIBLE REVIEW was concurrent with the CHRISTIAN HERALD, the most widely circulated religious publication in the world. The original property was purchased from railroad magnate Leland Stanford in 1892 and was augmented by a land grant from President Grover Cleveland. This grant included the property now known as Our Lady of the Oaks. Many of the buildings date from the 1890s using bricks formed from the property’s rich clay and fired using the manzanita indigenous to the area. Legal problems forced the company to change its name to The Esoteric Fraternity and for some time sold shares of stock as the Esoteric Commonwealth. The residents of the property who were given monastic names by Mr. Butler would seldom number more than a dozen at any one time and probably no more than forty throughout its existence. DEDICATED SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 LORD SHOLTO DOUGLAS NO. 3 E CLAMPUS VITUS AND SO RECORDED
this book is listed on amazon! Solar Biology: A Scientific Method Of Delineating Character; Diagnosing Disease Paperback – June 2, 2008
now, enough background research. back to this episode already in progress....
a PR manifestation makes you haunt yourself. "Repress repress repress."
Come on, guys. Follow Amy's advice. Just. Follow. Amy's. Advice.

Friday night's Christmas movie was All American Christmas Carol.

'cause you can't beat xmas in the trailer park...or a mom who names her kids after her favorite things....Harley. Skoal. & little baby Cheese Doodle.

I only get 3 days off this month. The first, we were on an adventure. Today is the second.

I kind of wanted to go to The Vaile Mansion. haven't went for a couple of years. but I am tired. Kevin is exhausted. so, just gonna be a day home in my jammies. nothing wrong with that. I love this pic of Katie & Vivian at The Vaile...

old pictures, old memories... ❤️🤗❤️🎄🎁🎶☃️🤶🎅

one of the best things about facebook is how they'll pop up your memories....so, hopefully, I'll never ever forget!

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