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found a new ghost series on Amazon Prime: Ghost Stories.

Charlotte Rose the doll and Mr. Ted the teddy. this woman live streams her haunted objects. she had buried these two, they were soaked and stinky. and she dug them up for another live stream and to let them go live with someone else to see what happened. love these British ghost hunters! they put a candle next to the objects. cameras on the objects. evp player by objects. other ghostly detecting gadgets. British ghost hunters like the name Debbie, Deb, Debra...there were 2 in these episodes.

Robert Baca

Robert Baca was born with psychic gifts, but was not encouraged to use them. After surviving a life threatening accident in May of 2000. his life was changed forever, and the use of his psychic abilities could no longer be suppressed. The visions and messages from spirits close to people around him became overwhelming. Using Robert as a communicator to those in the physical world, they insisted upon passing their messages to their loved ones. To seek greater understanding of this, Robert met with a psychic by the name of Terri Harlan who is from Janesville,Iowa, who taught him how to use these gifts to help others. He learned that his gifts were similar to those of world-renowned psychics such as John Edward and James Van Praagh. He has conducted readings and delivered messages from the other side for those who seek this communication and validation of their loved ones who have crossed over. Communication of love and appreciation is often transferred to those who attend the gallery shows and private sessions. Robert is the proud father of three beautiful Angels. "Continually, I am filled with gratitude to be able to help others to connect and communicate in this way. The spiritual world has been, and continues to be, a great teacher for both others and myself. Being involved with this work keeps me connected to the Divine, and offers hope, validation, and appreciation through this important communication to the spiritual realm," Robert said in a recent appearance in Des Moines, IA. For those who are seeking comfort by connecting with the other side, may the pure Light of Love and Divine Protection be with you always! After many television and public appearances, and hundreds of readings. Robert continues to astound believers and skeptics alike. Robert has become one of the best known psychic mediums in the Midwest. Robert can be contacted at: Email us.

note to self:

on upcoming trip to
(MSP) we must check out Cell 76!!!
and when we get to Eureka Springs, Arkansas: must book Room 218 at the Crescent Hotel, haunted by Michael for over 130 years. it was also a former cancer hospital & morgue.
and while we're in town, The Basin Park Hotel is also haunted...
AND The Haunted Eureka Springs Ghost tour complete with EMF meters!
tickets $24.50 per adult. Eureka Springs Paranormal Tours 45 1/2 Spring Street Eureka Springs, AR 72632--- Phone: 479-310-5266--- Website: www.hauntedeurekasprings.com--- E-mail: contact@hauntedeurekasprings.com, contact@esptours.com--- - Take a guided shuttle bus tour of one of the most haunted towns in the United States! Learn to use ancient and modern ghost hunting tools while going on property at various "active" sites along the route. There is a reason that Eureka Springs had more mortuaries and undertakers per capita than virtually any other U.S. city; come find out why! See parts of town most tourists don't know exists and learn about our fascinating and haunted history. You won't view our town the same ever again. **Groups of 5 or more need to contact our customer service for special accommodations.

roads were sketchy. so I wore my pjs under my bibs, strapped on my yaktraks, and, armed with a cold Pepsi and 2 Twinkies, I headed out the door to possibly meet my maker.

(hey, if today is my day, I'm going out my way.) but no problemo. after I went down M & W, they were shut down. multiple vehicles including a semi had slid off. Power of the Twinkie!
so, another slightly scary drive home, fed the critters, made some supper, paid some bills. and will get back up tomorrow to do it all over again. (sigh.)


when you arrive at work and the door is frozen shut...there's your sign.

but like a trio of idiots, we sprayed de-icer on it a couple of times, beat on it with the feed bin mallet, and finally got inside. Kevin is using his 3 days of funeral leave. Koren called, Miss Coralie used the potty today! and she can say potty, too.
my mind wanders at work. I was thinking yesterday about my mom. she wasn't real thrilled about me announcing I was getting married. we were young. her and dad got married young. but when my clearance Montgomery Ward catalog wedding dress got cancelled, she went to Janette's Fabric in Princeton and bought a bunch of patterns to capture every aspect of the dress I'd ordered, and bought bridal satin and lace....she came into The Snack Shack where I was working and showed it all to me. and every day when I'd get home, she'd have more done. mind you, this was a woman who had a full time job milking cows with no days off. and fence to mend. cows to feed. chores. chores. chores. and a houseful of kids. but she jumped right in. she had a friend who made our wedding cake. she helped me make mints. she took me to a guy she knew to buy flowers. she put aside her doubts and tried her best to make me happy. and she made me the perfect wedding dress. I've tried hard to be a good mom, but don't know if I've ever topped my own mom...

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